The Monkey’s Penis Ch. 10

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David Moreno finds things becoming surreal as a relic of antiquity collides with his everyday life. He finally figures out what is going on and tries to turn the tables. But watch out …

See No Evil: Contains sexually explicit and politically incorrect material. If you shouldn’t be reading this, or if it might offend you, simply stop now.

Legalese: All actors and actresses are over the age of consent. Proof of age is on file. Any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. This is all fantasy, and the actors are all professionals — do not try any of this at home.

Archiving: You are welcome to discreetly repost or archive this, just do not change it, steal from it or claim credit for it.

Author’s Rambling: This story comes in two parts, a yin swing and a yang swing — the acolyte at the beginning of the tale will tell you that this is the way of the universe.

Live well!

10. Circumstantial Horniness

David stood there, holding the monkey’s penis, having supposedly been told all of its secrets. but he just felt bewildered.

And he shouldn’t. He held in his hand the greatest sexual tool in the known universe. The things it could do! Why lose sleep over how it did them?

First things first. He held up the penis — the monkey’s, not his. “Mom, these other two have used you more than enough, Katie trying to humiliate you and Paul trying to molest you — at least in the other world.” His brow furrowed. “The, uhm, one that would have happened if Katie hadn’t shown up at his door. Or whatever.”

He pressed the penis forward with renewed determination. “Anyway. Let Mom be restored back to innocence with no lingering harm from what these two have done.” He thought a second: he intended to have some fun with Katie and maybe with a few cheerleaders over the next couple days. “And let her be okay with sex. It’s a natural thing, Mom.”

He turned to Paul. “Sorry about this, Paul. But, then, after you described what you WOULD have done to my mom if you’d gotten the chance, I don’t feel TOO sorry. Let Paul stay here on the floor, a pitiful human toad, so that he can’t go out and blab about the penis while I’m still having fun with it.”

He turned to his girlfriend. “Katie. What can I say? Horny sexpot.”

“And me. Let my cock stay this huge, with cum that makes women melt. But let my mom be immune to that last bit.” He didn’t want a repeat of her earlier performance! “And if Katie didn’t wish it already, give me great stamina.”

He nodded. “That about does it for now. Mom, Paul’s going to sleep over on the floor tonight.”

“That’s good, dear.”

“And Katie … let’s go fuck.”

“Oh, goodie!” she clapped her hands.

“You kids have a good night,” Lydia smiled. “Would you like me to make you any hot chocolate before I turn in?”

“I think,” David grinned at his girlfriend, “that we’re going to be a little too busy for that, Mom.”

“Sleep tight, then. And have good sex.”


The rest of the night involved lots of rhythmic motions and bodily fluids for David and Katie.

The next morning, David’s entire room had a light coating of splattered jism, and Katie was rutting along the length of his hard-again cock.

There was a knock at his door, which opened to his mother’s smiling face. “Rise and shine, you two. Oop. I see that David has already risen and little Katie is shining along its length.” She glanced around the room at the goo-lined ceiling and walls. “My, David! What a copious semen producer you’ve been! I’m going to have to get a sponge and bucket in here and mop. Well, you two finish up and come on out to breakfast. You don’t get any nutrition eating each other out, you know.” She stepped back out.

Half an hour later, there was another knock and Lydia re-entered. Katie was humping her son’s leg, running her hands up and down the length of his hard-on. “Come on, you two. You’re going to fuck the day away.”

Katie looked tiredly at her to see that she wore an apron and was carrying a bucket and sponge. “It’s June Cleaver,” she looked back at David. “You gonna cleave her beaver?”

“Katie?! That’s my mom you’re talking about!”

“Sorry.” She started running her hands over his rod again. “Just give me some more goo!”

“Ah, ah,” Lydia said, walking over and wetting the sponge in the bucket. “I need to wipe that off, Katie. If your pussy juices stay on it too long, it will irritate the skin.” She tapped the younger girl’s hands to shoo them off her son’s pecker.

“Mrs Moreno! I’m busy USING that!”

“Well, you can just pause a moment while I clean it.” She wiped off her son’s hard-on with the sponge while Katie crossed her arms and frowned.

“There now. That will even FEEL cleaner.”

“David! I don’t like her in the room when I’m HUMPING you!”

“Mom, could you give us a few more minutes of privacy, please?”

“Yes, dear,” she picked up her bucket. “But you two need to come out and eat something.”

Two hours later, there was another knock, and Lydia kartal escort entered again. “Are you two lusty kids still humping? Well, I ran to the foodstore and I’ve fixed some oysters and eggs for brunch. Gotta keep up your protein intake if you’re going to hump all day long.” She bent over to wipe a semen glob off the floor with her fingers.

“Oooh!” Katie growled that her pleasure ride was being interrupted again. She grabbed David’s cannon, roughly aimed it, then pulled back on the skin to fire it.

Blat! Mrs Moreno caught the discharge on the top of her head. She stood back up smiling and wagging her finger. “You kids …,” she grinned. “Here, I brought Katie something to tide her cunt through brunch.” She pulled a neon pink tube out of her apron and held it forward. Twisting the bottom started it vibrating. “You can stuff it up your puss, and it should keep you purring through the meal.” She stepped over to the younger woman and helped her insert it up her hole.

“Oo-o-oh,” Katie shivered.

“Did you buy that when you went out, Mom? I didn’t wish for any vibrators to appear in the house.”

“Oh, no, silly. I’ve had the Pink Bandit for years. I just could never tell you about him. Since sex wasn’t …,” she shrugged and lowered her voice to a whisper, “you know, okay.”

David’s astonishment showed in the dumb look he got on his face.

“Sweetie, you’re re-inflating already.”

“Sorry, Mom.”

Lydia shook her head. “Well, you HAVE to come eat something.” She gripped the skin firmly and stroked back and forth a few times.

“Oooh! Oh!” Blat!

“Now think about your grandmother until you’re done eating.” Kate was distracted by the pink hummer between her legs, so Lydia took her by the wrist and led the two children out to the kitchen table, then served three plates of oysters and eggs, taking a seat across from her son to eat with the two lustbirds.

“C’mon, Katie, eat,” Lydia told the distracted girl a couple minutes later. Numbly, Katie began slowly pouring oysters down her throat.

“Well, I had the nicest surprise last night,” Lydia smiled between oysters. “I’m a virgin again.”

David sprayed the table with the oyster that had been in his mouth.

“Yep,” she giggled at her son’s reaction. “I got my cherry back. You asked for me to have my innocence restored. Let me tell you, it makes a girl feel all fresh and clean when that happens!” She poured another oyster in her mouth, then shook the empty shell at her son. “Now if you could just bottle that in a douche …! One rinse and you have your maidenhead back, just like Aphrodite.” She took a sip of water, then frowned as she felt something between her legs. “David?! Is that you?!”

“Sorry, Mom,” he blushed darkly.

“Does it …,” she frowned, “Does it get you all hard talking about your mother’s cherry? Ooh!” She wriggled her hips as the cockhead at her pelvis grew, pushing forward six inches. “I guess it DOES!”

“I’m sorry, Mom! I’ll– “

She grabbed the head to keep it from leaving. “It’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s just weird to think that my own son could hump me from all the way across the table. I mean … you’re just so HUGE, David! Oooh!” She smiled. “And getting huger as I talk!”

“How– how in the world did you find out? About the– uhm– that you’re– “

“About the happy hymen? Well, David, you and Katie here” — Katie sat in a daze, pushed there by the unstoppable stimulating power of the Pink Bandit — “were really going AT it last night. Your screams and gasps and humps and bumps just got me kind of horny. So I frigged myself a bit. Let me tell you,” she nodded her head, “I got off more than a few times listening to you two fuck like animals!”


“Yes, sweetie?”

“I thought I fixed things … so you were back to normal. Were you like this before?”

“Oh, honey, I just couldn’t admit it to you — or even to myself most of the time. But now … sex is okay! It’s natural.”

David just looked astonished.


“Hmm … yeah?” David nodded dumbly.

“You’re getting longer.” She grabbed his cockhead when he started to jerk away. “No, you don’t have to move it … but if you extend one more inch, you’re going to be inside.”

“I– I can move it, Mom,” David said, slightly panicked.

“No, we can leave it here until we’re finished eating.”

“I’m, uhm, done.”

“Well, I’m not. You and your stiffie can keep me company while I have the rest of these peckers … I mean, oysters.”

“Yes, uhm, ma’am.”

Lydia poured a few more shells down her throat.

David studied his mother as she ate, her pink dress, her cream apron, her pretty eyes, her mussed hair. He realized that her hair was drying mussed because of the semen mousse he had inadvertently applied earlier. His mother … was wearing … his jism … like some sick scalp treatment!

There was a ripping sound from under the table.

“Score, beaver cleaver,” his mother grinned.

“Whungh?!” his voice cracked.

“That was my panties, sweetie. And you’ve parted maltepe escort bayan my lips.” She slid her hips forward four inches, then back. “Feel me? I sure as sex can feel you, David!”


“Not a virgin again any MORE!” she grinned. “I wish you had made sex okay the day you turned eighteen, baby. We’ve missed almost two years of fun fucking! WE need to MAKE UP for lost time!” She nodded, then slid her hips forward and backward again.

“But Mom! You’re supposed to be immune to the scent of my cum!”

“Maybe. But I’m not immune to sex! Okay, here we go!” She gripped his erection near the head so it couldn’t get away, then wriggled her pussy around on it. “Mmmmmm ….”


“I– I’m sorry, Mom!”

Lydia smiled as she wiped off part of the jism that splattered her face. “Now THAT is an ejaculation to make a mother proud!”

Katie, who had been sitting in a hummed-up trance, began wrinkling her nose.

“Oops. We’re waking Katie up. Look, David, you’ve serviced your mother with your fantastic tool. I’m sated for a while now. You take Katie back and get a couple hours of sleep.”

“But– “

“You take her. Now, before your scent on me brings her out of her stupor. And leave the vibrator inside her while you nap, like a pacifier, so she can get some sleep.”

“I guess … I AM feeling kind of tired.”

“Go nap.”

David stood and led the entranced, vibrating Katie back to the bedroom.

After a couple hours’ nap, he headed back out.

And raised his eyebrows.

Paul was laying on his back on the floor, pants around his ankles, knees in the air, feet on the floor, tongue hanging out on his cheek as he panted. David’s mother was sitting on the floor in her pink dress and cream apron about three feet from Paul, her right arm fully extended, wearing a latex glove while she fingered Paul’s little erection.

“Please! … Mrs! … Moreno! …,” Paul gasped.

“I told you no, Paul. It feels like being one of those workers that collect bull semen just doing this. Anything more than this would be like bestiality.”

“Mom?!” David’s voice cracked.

“Oh, hi, sweetie,” she smiled and waved with her free hand, continuing to finger the penis, then shrugged at David’s bewilderment. “He just looked so pathetic.”

Paul’s leg started to kick.


“Just a second, honey. Here … we … go ….”

A pearly glob arced through the air and landed on the carpet. Lydia stood, smiled and pulled off the latex glove. Paul laid there, eyes rolled back in his head, tongue hanging out.

“Well, I have a cum spot to scrub up now,” Lydia smiled, heading toward her cleaning bucket.

“Did Paul ASK you to do that, Mom?!”

“Oh, no, honey. He wanted me to suck him. But I just wasn’t going to do that.”

David frowned, then marched back to his room and brought out the penis. “Paul, you little turd.”

Paul was beginning to regain consciousness.

“If you’re going to beg others to service you, you can service them first.” He raised the penis. “Let you answer only to ‘Muff’ or ‘Muffy’ because you exist only to lap muff. And let your nose grow to dildo-size and vibrate when you get excited.”

“Whuh?” Paul asked as his nose extended eight inches.

“Oh, David,” Lydia said, returning with her cleaning bucket and scrub brush. “Now you’ve made him a freak.”

“Like he wasn’t before?”

“Well, more of a freak.”

There was a knock at the door.

David sighed. “Mom, could you get that? I should get Muffy here out of sight.”

“Sure, sweetie.”

David patted his thigh. “C’mon, Muffy. Let’s go back to the bedroom. I’ll let you get Katie warmed up for me.” Paul trotted up the hall with David.

Lydia opened the door to a woman in her mid-thirties with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a cream-colored skirt and jacket. “Hello,” the woman smiled. “My name is Doctor Mulholland. I teach English at the college. I believe your son is in one of my classes.”

“Hello,” Lydia smiled back. “Do professors make house calls nowadays?”

“Oh, no. Not really. But David is a good student, and I don’t want him to fall behind in his lessons. So I brought them by.”

“Please step inside. David’s in the back, humping his girlfriend Katie. Why don’t you tell me the assignments and I’ll pass them on.”

Professor Mulholland would have been stunned that a mother would be so open about her son’s sex life, except that she was stunned by the scent coming from Lydia’s hair.

“Excuse me?” Lydia giggled as Professor Mulholland stepped close and pulled several strands of Lydia’s hair to her nose to smell.

“This is … uhm … WHAT are you using on your hair?!”

“Oh, nothing special. You think it smells nice?”

“Nice?! It’s just … OHGOD! Mmmmm!”

Lydia realized the other woman had put some of the hair in her mouth and was licking it. “Uhm, excuse me,” Lydia tried to step away, feeling uncomfortable now.

“No! Please don’t … don’t take it away … MMMMMMM ….”

“Lady! escort pendik PLEASE don’t chew my hair!”

“I’m not … mmmmmm … chewing. I’m sucking. You have … something on it … mmmmm ….

“Look! This isn’t–!”

“Here!” Professor Mulholland opened her purse, fumbling, and pulled out several bills. “I have five hundred dollars.” She pressed them into Lydia’s hand. “They’re yours! Just let me keep … mmmmmm …. smelling ….”

Frowning at the woman’s strange behavior, Lydia stood still to let her smell another minute.

The professor’s purse dropped to the ground as she stuffed more hair in her mouth, licking and sucking.

“Okay, that’s about … ow … enough,” Lydia said finally.

“No, please! Wait! I have more money!” Professor Mulholland squatted to retrieve her purse, but gasped and pulled up the front of Lydia’s skirt and apron. “What IS that?!” she asked as she tried to press her face to the other woman’s retreating crotch.

“Lady! You’re scaring me!”

“Please! Please!” Professor Mulholland dumped her purse on the floor and pulled out her checkbook. “I have more money. Please!” She started scribbling. “I have six thousand dollars in the bank. It’s all yours.” She held out the check. “Just let me ….” She knee-walked forward and tried to press her face to pussy, “… let me SMELL! PLEASE!”

Lydia slapped the other woman’s reaching hands away. “I’ll LET you smell, BUT … you have to BEHAVE yourself!”

“Yes! Yes! Anything! Please let me smell!”

“Clasp your hands behind your back first. I don’t trust you. Now keep them that way.” She stepped toward the professor, who buried her nose at Lydia’s tattered panties.

Within a half minute, the professor’s tongue came out. Lydia wasn’t sure about that at first, but the more the tongue worked at her clit, the more she was okay with it.

Another minute later, the professor unclasped her hands and reached up to grab Lydia’s butt cheeks to more firmly press face to puss.

Another half minute later, the professor’s fingers began playing with Lydia’s anus. Lydia gasped and raised her brows, but again found herself becoming more okay with that as the moments passed.

“God! … mmmmph! … you … mmmmm! … smell GOOD! And taste … mmmmm ….”

“Aaah! … My! Ah! … Yes! Right there!” Lydia opened her eyes to see her son standing at the end of the hallway, watching her. Blushing, she shrugged. “Sex is okay now.” Sheepish grin.

“But with my professor, Mom?! How did you STAND being a prude before, Mom?! I make sex okay and you turn into one steaming, lusting fuck bunny!”

Lydia shrugged and blushed again. What could she say?

Professor Mulholland pulled her face back from the crotch that was nearly licked clean of goodie and realized that her student was watching her eat out his mother. “Uhm, hi, David.” She waved feebly, then pulled her hair out of her face and back behind her ear.

“Professor, were you eating out my mom?!”

“No!” Professor Mulholland saw that David had a towel wrapped around his waist and over a broomstick or something that he was holding underneath. “David, this probably looks like … uhm … I don’t know what … I, uhm ….”

“You want more?”

“More, uhm, what?”

“Mom’s hair treatment.”

“You have MORE?! WHERE?! Yes! Please!”

“What will you give me for it?”

Professor Mulholland turned to her purse and remembered she had already given all her money to David’s mom. And drained her bank account. She turned back to David, unsure. “I will give you an ‘A’. You don’t even have to SHOW UP for another class, and I will guarantee you an ‘A’, David!”

“Mmmm … nah.”

“My car!” She snatched her keys from her purse contents pile on the floor. “You can HAVE my car!”

“Mmmm … nah.”

“Then WHAT?! What do you WANT?!”

“Come give me a kiss, professor.”

Professor Mulholland stood and stepped toward him, but then hesitated. “David, I– we– I’m your professor, David. We can’t just– “

David took his hand off that broomstick under his blanket and held it out.

That SCENT! She snatched his hand and eagerly licked the pearly liquid off his finger, then pressed her lips hard to his, her tongue entering his mouth to dance.

“You like teacher’s mouth, David?” she gasped when she broke for air. “Give me some more juice and we can neck … yeah, we can neck every time you get me some!”

David looked like he was considering it. “Mmmmm ….”

“And pet! You can PET me! I’ll even unbutton my blouse, though my bra and panties have to stay on. But we can pet. Don’t you want to do that? Every schoolboy wants to neck with his teacher and pet her boobs!”

“Mmmm ….”

“Ohgod, David! I will even SUCK you, okay?! You can put your THING in my MOUTH! I’ll suck you off, okay? Just let me have more of that juice!”

“Take off some of your clothes, Professor. Let me see what I’m purchasing.”

Professor Mulholland began stripping clothes, and she didn’t stop at her underwear ….

“Not bad …,” David nodded

“And I’m your TEACHER, David, too! Don’t forget that! You have the chance to DO your teacher! Oop, that finger just slipped right up inside there, didn’t it? Don’t you want to follow it, David? Up there inside me? Up teacher’s cunt? Just … give me some more juice!”

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