The Mirror Ch. 04: Web Cam Show

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Amanda missed Eric. He was a thousand miles away on business, on something he needed to do to have a better place at work but still… It had been a week and she missed him.

Sure they talked over the phone, but he was in a hurry or tired or ready to go out with coworkers or… whatever. She didn’t listen anymore.

She rolled to the other side of the bed, his side. She twisted some curls in her finger. She removed her t shirt and pulled off her bra. She weighed her breasts in her hands for a moment and reached for her strawberry flavored lip gloss on her night stand. She rubbed it on her lips and then smiled and rubbed some on her nipples; she felt them grow and tingle under her touch.

She lowered her laced panties to barely cover her mound.

Amanda looked around and reached for her phone. She turned it on and off twice, then pushed the camera button. She set the timer for 5 seconds and posed holding her luscious breasts in her palms, only nipples showing between fingers. Snap. Her lips half open and her desire evident. Amanda hesitated for a moment and then she shared it with Eric.

She threw herself bored on the bed and ran her finger from her glossed mouth down her throat and between her breasts, down her belly button and into the small stubble of her pussy hair… Ding! A sound. Her ringtone. She picked it up.

“Hey Eric!”

“Hey baby, how are you? What was that…”

“Skype me in twenty.” And she hung up.

She giggled thinking of Eric’s expression! First, a sexy picture and then an order, a sexy invitation. Boy, he sure was getting hot flashes now if not a hard on!

Amanda stood up and messed her hair with her hands. She looked at her reflection in the mirror; her heavy, firm breasts looked provoking, her skin was glowing in the dim lit bedroom, her panties rolled on her hips really low, outlining her lips and her hips inviting. She opened her drawers and found a black canlı bahis fishnet top that left nothing to the imagination. Good. She’d wear that one and she picked a matching thong, sprayed some perfume and put on a seductive smile. She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, the red wine bottle she was looking for was full up to one third. She grabbed it and went back to the bedroom swaying her hips, still smiling.

Amanda set up her laptop and checked her angle, moved it a bit and launched Skype. She reached her lip balm again, put on some more and spread some around her nipples and reached grinning, her pussy lips, rubbing the strawberry flavored balm there too. She was ready.

The Skype dial tone filled the room. Eric. She accepted the call and there he was, in his hotel room, smiling and muttering a ‘hi babe.’

Amanda didn’t answer back, she pressed the play key on her phone and his favorite slow music started to play. Lights were out and only two large candles were outlining Amanda’s body, who started to move slowly to the music.

She covered her breasts with her hands over the see-through and squeezed them gently, like he would have. She threw her head back, oh, that was beginning to feel good. Amanda ran a finger through her breasts and reached her slit, then circled her clit a bit and went up… She opened her eyes to see Eric a little blushing, a little openmouthed and a lot aroused. Good.

Her nipples were piercing the fishnet garment and she pulled it off, slowly letting her breasts free. Eric was silent at the other end, the camera giving an even sexier edge to her curved body.

She was wet, the thong was clinging and her hands were touching her mound more and more often.

Amanda was letting out small moans. She rolled on the bed, giving a glimpse of her ass to her lover and raised her legs to remove her thong. She turned to the camera, eyes half closed and put a finger bahis siteleri in her mouth, slowly twisting it and wetting it while Eric couldn’t swallow properly and was undressing fast. Amanda ran her wet finger around her nipples, letting out small cries as she did, the slightly colder finger on the heated flesh. When she reached her clit, she didn’t stop but went straight into her hole, feeling her pussy opening and circling it slowly.

Her lips slightly open, lost in her overwhelming desires, Amanda couldn’t see Eric having his hard cock in his hand, his own formerly bright lit hotel room now almost dark and his eyes focused on her show…

The song playing wasn’t over yet and Amanda was moving her hips to the music, fucking slowly an invisible lover underneath her. Small beads of sweat were forming as she was trying to drive her building up pleasure to a slower path. Damn Eric, he was always making her want to be his own, personal slut.

She reached for that bottle of wine, turned to the camera and nodded a cheers to her lover. Amanda drunk a sip from the bottle and the little left she poured it over her tits, watching openmouthed the red fluid make its way on her quivering belly and finally into her slit. She felt a pleasurable stinging on her clit and permitted her hand to rub. She heard Eric breathing quickly.

When the last drop was spent on her body, Amanda slowly got on her back and opened her thighs. Eric was stroking himself, not knowing when this show was going to end, wanting it badly to last.

While the candles were flickering, Amanda slowly licked the neck of the empty bottle and dragged it on her body. Eric saw her opening her pussy lips and placing the neck on her entrance. Oh my God, this was going to be hotter than he expected. She slowly circled it and tried to open herself, inch by inch. The shadows on her thighs and the green bottle made it difficult for Eric to actually bahis şirketleri see how her lips were pushed and pressed but he definitely saw an inch of the bottle inside her and heard her moanings, partly from pain and partly from the remaining wine drops that were entering her.

Eric could see now her legs bent and her pussy invaded by a bottle, her hands caressing the soft skin inside her thighs and the bottle slowly going more and more inside her… Oh God she was fucking herself with a wine bottle! Her back arched a little and her head was turned to one side. Amanda’s breath was fast and between her aroused state and the new sensations, she took a glance at her mirror; she looked ecstatic and extremely provocative.

She pushed the bottle in and out some times, moaning louder each time and finally pulled it out and fetched it to her lips, oh, sweet and sour, pussy, wine, juices, arousal, and sex. She started sucking it and Eric was heard through the speakers “Amanda, I want to fill your sweet cunt with my hot cum… Baby, you are so sexy, I can’t hold myself. Cum with me, baby…”

All her pores of her skin were up, ready to scream. She pushed the bottle away and placed her palm on her mound and rubbed, edging, licking her lips, stopping and starting to rub again. Her voice was low and she repeated ‘Eric’ continuously, while she was circling her entrance and stopping when she was about to explode.

But Eric’s moan of pleasure as he was cumming made her lose control, one touch that went astray and her body was at a state of orgasmic bliss, a current running in her veins and a breathing that couldn’t be controlled. “Yes, yes, yes…” was heard from the speakers as Eric was unable to end his convulsions.

Amanda came as hard as she could remember, as raw as she could have it.

When she had her breath back she crawled to the screen and whispered “Eric, stay with me please” and they both slept with their screens on, on wrinkled sheets and their rooms filled with their odor.


Dedicated to a friend whose name will always taste different.

Always a big ‘Thank you’ goes to my editor, he’s the best!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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