The Meeting

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They had met in a club, as she always met men. He had danced with her, followed her movements, let himself be led to the inevitable end in her bedroom. She told herself she needed them, these men that came into her home at night and were gone before morning.

He knew what was to come, his hands had found their way to her breasts and her bottom before they exited the club. She didn’t mind, and did everything to let him know she didn’t. He whispered in her ear, kissed her neck, while his hands tugged at the hem of her skirt. She moaned in response to his actions letting him know that it wouldn’t end at this. He licked the sweat of her chest with one hand feeling the hardness of her left nipple.

She led him towards the exit, past the more conservative couples. He saw their looks, as he walked towards the green sign with his left hand firmly on her right buttock. Her eyes gleamed as she passed by the bouncer who gave her a knowing wink.

Once outside he pushed her against a wall his left hand now well under her skirt and his right sneaking under her blouse. She pulled him closer and whispered between moans into his ear: “not here, my place…” He kissed her hard, his left hand now probing the wet patch between her legs, but his right hand left her breast and he turned away from her to beckoning a yellow cab.

As the cab pulled over he pulled her towards it, opening the door in front her. She quickly got inside not paying any attention to the cab drivers looks. He entered after her and slammed the door shut behind him. “Where to?” The cab driver asked. She told him the street and turned her attention back towards her man for the night.

He was oblivious to where they were going. She felt his hands again probing her body, but she didn’t care. The cab driver adjusted his rear mirror and pulled away from the kerb. They didn’t know nor care that they had his lustful eyes on them. He kissed her once again, this time longer and more intense. She illegal bahis closed her eyes and kissed him back while her hands explored his chest. He was practically lying on top of her as his hand pushed the hem of her skirt up towards her waist probing under her cotton panties. Her hands followed the buttons of his shirt lower, towards his jeans. His right hand now grasping her left buttock he unbuttoned the top of her blouse with his left. She felt his tongue follow her jawline, his kisses going lower and lower. He had now unbuttoned the top four buttons of her blouse and his hand had free access to her left breast. Her hands now found the bulge in his jeans and her fingers traced its outline marvelling at her luck. His left hand pushed his way into her bra cupping her left breast pulling it out of its cup. Her nipple was hard as stone as he kissed his way towards it, licking the sweat of her chest.

The taxi pulled over in front of her apartment, the driver not able to tear his eyes from the images in his rear view mirror. He pulled out a wrinkled note from his jeans and gave it to the driver, not looking; knowing it would be enough. “Keep the change.” He said as he opened the door and pulled her out of the cab. She straightened out her clothes as best she could and led the way up the stairs to the door. As she fumbled with the keys, he kissed the back of her neck while his hands were doing their magic. She finally got the door open and threw herself inside pulling her with him. He reached out and grabbing the door slammed it behind them.

She was now kissing his face as her hands fumbled with his belt. He pushed the first door on his left and seeing it was the bedroom pushed her inside. She stumbled on the carpet and fell backwards onto her large bed. The curtains were open and the neon lights of the stripjoints shun upon her body making it glow in the dark. She was now lying on her back with her feet still on the floor the bed ending at her knees. illegal bahis siteleri He bent down and ripped open her blouse revealing her firm breast in the white bra and a flat stomach. She flung her arms backward over her head, stretching her young body for him to view. He kissed her on the stomach while his hands pushed her skirt towards her waist showing her beautiful legs and black cotton panties. She lay there on the bed and looked at him as he explored her body. His hands now pulled down her panties revealing a perfectly formed, bald shaved mound.

Her nipples stood now erect almost pushing through her bra as she felt the tip of his tongue on the inside of her thigh tracing its way upwards her now moist mound. His tongue found a drip of her juices and he tasted her salty taste as he followed the path of her lower lips. She trembled as he found the spot and he stopped to examine it more thoroughly. When he felt her tremble he moved on upwards keeping her on the utmost edge of pleasure, climbing on top of her as his hands grabbed her bra and pulled it apart. She was now completely naked except for the thin band on her waist that was her skirt. He was now kneeling on the bed and he rose above her to look at her in all her beauty. She was now completely soaked with sweat on most part of her body and other fluids on a small patch of it. The neon lights played on her shining skin and he smiled as he stretched out and pulled his shirt over his head. She looked upon his chest every muscle in its place his stomach perfectly flat and smiled again at her luck. Then she rose and pulled him onto the bed with a smile. “Now it’s your turn.”

He lay back on his back as her fingers traced the outlines of his muscles going downwards finally reaching the top of his jeans. This time she didn’t fumble with his belt and soon only a pair of boxers divided her hands from his rod. She let her hands run up and down on it touching it lightly through the soft fabric. canlı bahis siteleri Finally she pulled the boxers off, and met his member as it rose up with her tongue. She found a drop of white nectar on the tip and soon she had tasted him as he had tasted her. He first felt the tip of her tongue then he felt her mouth enveloping him and her hands running up and down on his body. Her tongue played on top of his rod as she moved her head up and down her lips completely engulfing his member. Soon it grew even more and she sucked the tip of it as her left hand cupped his sack of nectar and her right moved rhythmically up and down.

He knew he would soon explode as her tongue moved up and down his rod so he reached down and grabbed her hair pulling her head up towards him meeting her with a kiss. Their respective nectars mixed in their mouths and they looked each other in the eyes for the first time. They both knew they needed each other badly and as her hand pointed his member towards her mound his hands grabbed her waist and he prepared to push her down onto his rod. The tip of his member found the entrance and she slowly lowered herself onto him, her warmth engulfed the tip of his pillar and he could not bare it any more. He pushed her downwards making her take his whole length on the first thrust. She gasped with pain but as he thrust the second time there was only pleasure left. She rode him wildly and when she climaxed he exploded within her and she fell down into his arms. They lay there, in eachothers arms, kissing and fondling until she fell asleep. As he heard her breath even out, he quietly got up and got dressed. He looked at her one more time before he left her lying peacefully on the wrinkled bed. Her one breast revealed and her feet sticking out from under the covers. Then he left sure that they would never meet again.

At dawn she woke up as the suns first rays played upon her body. She was alone, as every morning having only a memory of what had happened in the night. In half an hour she had showered and was dressed in her conservative business suit. As they stood besides each other in the elevator to their office they were still both sure they would never meet again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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