The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 54

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Chapter 54

Annie’s Tales — Part 4

Annie awoke with a start, a feeling of fear and dread rolling through her. She was breathing hard and even sweating a little, she noticed. She was lying on her side so she rolled onto her back to look over at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was only 4:22 in the morning. It was still dark outside. She was alone in her bed, a rare thing since she and her son had stepped up their relationship over the summer.

For more than a month, Annie had been sleeping with either her son Tim, or his friend Ray, in an on-going love-triangle. Maybe she should instead think of it as a sex-triangle, for she dearly loved her son, she didn’t have those same emotions for Ray. He was a stud, no doubt, but little more than that. And for him, Annie felt that she was little more than a cum-dump, or surrogate mother possibly, as Ray didn’t enjoy a nurturing home life. Tim had all but given her to his friend, and for the most part, Annie didn’t mind. Until she and Tim had started their affair, Annie hadn’t been having sex with anyone.

She rolled back onto her side and the dream that had startled her awake began to play back in her mind. An ache began on her chest as she realized that she had been dreaming about her late father. She had dearly loved her father, and at times missed him greatly. Even though she hated him equally for what he had done to her, for what he had put her through. That time had been a false alarm, because she hadn’t known at the time that her father had taken precautions long before. The fear and anxiety that filled her for more than a week as a teenager had returned to her.


The week of anxiety that she suffered through after that night had been her fault, she knew that now. All she had to do was to talk to her mother, to let her know about her real fear instead of letting her assume that her mood had been caused by her father.

Up until that fateful night, Annie wasn’t sure about what was being told to her about her family. She never seemed to grasp the concept of incest. She had grown up with her family loving and making love together, all around her. It was only natural. It wasn’t until her mother had come to her bedroom and sat with her on her bed that the way her father and mother loved each other, the ways her aunts and uncles loved each other, and the way they all loved each other, would be viewed to others as wrong. Annie couldn’t grasp the idea that when her mother made love to her uncle, or her father made love to her aunts, could ever be wrong. Yes, she admitted that it had been odd when she walked in on her father and uncle Hugo making love to her cousin, Ginger. Ginger was only nineteen at the time, about to leave for college. Annie had never thought about that dynamic, of parents making love to their children, or uncles making love to their nieces.

Her mother had told her much that night. She was eighteen then, and in a few months, she would be leaving for college herself. Until then, the only sexual contact she’d even had within the family had been with her younger cousin, Glenn, and even then, it had only been a bit of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” stuff. She could remember touching his, and him touching hers, but that was all.

Like many girls her age, Annie wasn’t a virgin anymore. She’d had a couple of boy-friends in school, and had lost her virginity to one due to the “third date rule”. Dutifully, each boy she dated in school made it to three dates, but few ever went longer. Her mother was aware of her sexual activity, as it had been openly discussed throughout her life. There were few secrets in the family, although few outside the family were aware of the goings on within.

“You’ll be leaving us soon, Annie,” her mother Greta reminded her. Annie lover her mother’s deep southern accent and wished that she had one herself. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, however, didn’t give her much accent at all. They were both dressed ready for bed. It was after ten and Annie’s sister Charlotte was out on a date. “Your father would like to come to you tonight,” her mother said with a soothing voice. She stroked back Annie’s curly red hair and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. “He would like to make love to his beautiful daughter before she leaves us.” Again, her mother kissed her cheek.

“I don’t know, mom,” Annie sighed. “It feels strange. Even wrong.”

Her head was turned to face her mother then. “Annie. Family love is the most powerful, binding, and beautiful love. Without it, families fall apart. Believe me, I come from one such family. Why do you think we never hear from my family? We don’t love each other, is why. We never did. We’ll not have that in this family.”

Annie remained on her bed after her mother stood. The nightgown her mother wore was thin and showed her that her mother wore nothing underneath. The dark triangle at the bottom of her belly, and the dark circles that capped her breasts were both plainly in view. It was strangely erotic to her. Maybe that was why she finally agreed kartal escort to having her father join her.

“Okay, mom,” Annie sighed. “I’ll go to dad, and make love to him.” She started to rise, but her mother held her back.

“No, Annie. Your father will come to you.” She leaned in and gave Annie a kiss, this time full on the mouth. It was warm and deep, and full of love. Annie wanted to melt for her mother then, to let her mother take her into her arms, to make love to her. Instead, she watched as her elegant, erotic mother slipped from her room.

Annie climbed into bed and lay down. She could feel her heart beating hard in her chest. She was frightened. When the door to her room clicked shut, she just about jumped. She looked over and saw her big, handsome father standing in the shadows. He was naked, she saw, and his cock hung frighteningly from his groin. She’d seen him naked on many occasions, and using his tool on her mother, aunts, and cousin, but this was the first time that she would be the object of his desires.

“I love you, Annie,” his deep voice came through the dim of her room. He stepped up to the edge of her bed and looked down upon her. “What we do this night is the most intimate and loving a father and daughter can be. After, all will change between us, you’ll see. It is a strange and wonderful thing, the way we will see each other afterward. For generations, the Van Winkles have been anointing the next generation in such manner. After my mother came to me, I no longer saw her as a mother to me, but as a woman I loved and desired. I was then an equal to my father and his brothers, and was given the same privileges as they were. I would love my mother, and aunts and cousins, and even my sisters, in a much deeper way for the rest of all our lives. Tonight, I will guide you into that new world, my dear, sweet Annie.”

With that said, she watched her father slowly slide into her bed beside her. His big hands had her undressed in seconds, it seemed to her. As if in a fog, Annie moved to her father’s gentle words and guiding hands. She rolled onto her side, facing the window away from him. She felt his hairy thighs on the backs of hers, as well as the hard push of his manhood against her butt. Her took hold of her left thigh and lifted her leg. She felt the cool of the air brush across her red-furred pussy. She was damp.

“Just relax and let me make love to you as a father to his daughter,” her father said. “And then, after, we’ll make love as a man to a young woman.” Her father knew that she wasn’t a virgin, so he wasn’t going to take his time and be easy with her. After, when she had talked with her mother about it, she was told that her father had long hoped to be her first, to take her virginity. It had hurt him that she’d given such a precious gift to a boy she no longer loved.

Annie felt her father’s cock push against her vagina. She gasped and began to tremble, more so than on the night Larry Moore had popped her cherry in the back seat of his parent’s Impala. She felt her father move behind her and then her body began to open, accepting him in.

“Ooohh, Daddy,” she moaned into her pillow as his thick cock, so much thicker than any of the boys she had been with, began to wedge into her. Her body began to ache as her pussy walls were stretched wide to allow him in. “Oooohhh, it hurts, Daddy,” she groaned. Tears began to drip from her eyes.

“Just relax, baby-girl,” he told her. His hand stroked her hip. “Rub your clit, Annie. Pleasure yourself.” Obediently, she reached between her thighs and began to rub her hard, little bud. She often masturbated and used those very same movements to stimulate herself, to try and move her attention to pleasure from the pain of her father’s penetration.

“That’s it, Annie. You’re beginning to juice up for me,” her father whispered. He was still pushing into her body, a slow inch by inch, as her vagina began to stretch more, allowing him entry. To Jonas, her young pussy was as tight as any virgin’s, even though he was not taking it. He imagined the pain she felt as he forced his way into her, and wanted her to feel it, as a punishment for denying him this rite of passage. He loved his daughters more than any, save his own wife, and would never harm them in any way. This, he didn’t consider harm, but a necessary transition of life.

“Take your father, Annie!” Jonas moaned. He pushed harder than before, thrusting another full inch into her trembling body. “Oh, sweet god, I love you, Annie!” he roared, and then with a tightened grip on her thigh, he shoved the remaining inches of his massive cock into her belly.

“Daaaddyyyyy!” Annie screamed. Her entire body convulsed, but she couldn’t escape the hot penetrator that filled her. She continued to attack her clit with her fingers, but the pain had overwhelmed her. She imagined this was what child-birth must feel like, only reversed. Her body quivered and sweat began to form allover her, even though the air conditioning was keeping her room cool. The heat radiating maltepe escort bayan from her father’s manhood, now buried to the hilt within her, had diving her body temperature up. She was huffing for air as if she’d just finished a mile run in gym class. The pain overwhelmed her, and she might even have passed out for a moment.

When her senses began to return, Annie felt her body being jolted ever so gently, in a steady rhythm. Her mouth was dry from hanging open as she panted and she tried to swallow. She had her eyes closed, and when she opened them she saw her father poised above her. He was smiling lovingly down at her. “I love you, Annie,” he whispered, and then his mouth came down to hers and he kissed her. His tongue slipped between her lips and as hers reciprocated, she reached up and ran her hands though his thick, graying hair.

Annie felt her father moving within her. The pain was gone and now she only felt fullness as his mighty manhood worked within her vaginal grip. She was now very wet and her father’s cock slid easily and smoothly along her vibrating chute. He pulled his mouth from hers for a moment and told her, “That was one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever seen a woman enjoy.” Annie felt the energy of her climax in her body, something she’d never experienced with another boy. And yet, it had been ten times as powerful as any she’d ever given herself! It had to be, if she couldn’t remember much of any of it.

The bed sheet beneath her skinny butt was damp, she realized. She knew it had to have been her juices, for her father had yet to climax. He was still working her pussy with his steel-bar-hard cock in a slow, steady rhythm, and deep within her, she recognized that her fires were still lit. It wouldn’t be much longer before her father made her orgasm again.

“Ooohh, Daddy! I love you!” she moaned. “Make me cum. Please, Daddy. Make me cum again.”

Jonas smiled down at her and with a grin said, “I will, baby-girl. Don’t you worry about that. I’ll make you cum again.” Jonas pushed up, and now supported above her, he began to drive deeper into her, with harder, faster thrusts. Annie’s pussy was leaking steadily around his shaft, providing enough lubrication for him to pound her as hard as he did her mother. Greta loved it, and even begged for him to pound her harder. Someday, Annie just might echo her mother beneath him, begging for him to pound her with everything he had.

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” Annie grunted beneath her father. Her pussy ached but vibrated with such energy that she knew that she would be climaxing soon. She wanted it. She wanted her father to make her orgasm. Her mother’s words from earlier returned to her, and she knew that what she had said was true. This was not her father violating her, but a big, strong man making love to her. She considered his face and saw his desire for her, and knew that she reflected the same. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

Jonas growled, knowing that she had crossed that transition point finally. He leaned down and kissed her again, no longer her father, but her lover. His cock throbbed. He was nearing his release. “I’m getting close, Annie,” he moaned into her mouth.

Those words set off her own orgasm, knowing that her father was about to fill her with his semen. “Oooohhh, Daaaddyyyyy! Yeeeesssssss!” she cried out as her pussy convulsed around his mighty shaft. Her mind spun as her orgasm overwhelmed her again, and she felt the bed spinning beneath her.

“Cuummmingggg!” Jonas roared and held his cock deep within his daughter’s body. His hot seed blasted out and flooded her womb. She felt the heat of his semen as it flowed, filling her.

“Oooohhh! God no!” she screamed. “No, Daddy, no! Not inside me! Not inside me!” Try as she might, she couldn’t push her father away. Her body vibrated through the aftershock of her climax. His cock pulsed in her vaginal grip, forcing more semen into her. The fear of her getting pregnant suddenly overwhelmed her and she began to howl. “Nooooooohhh, god noooooooooo!”

Annie had always taken precautions with her boyfriends. They had always worn a condom. She had always been protected. Until her father had sent his semen into her, she had never experienced the flood of heat that warmed her from the inside out. In an instant, she knew that she had been seeded, and quite possibly she would get pregnant from her father. She knew her cycle, and she was very fertile. As her father finally began to relax atop her, and even as his mouth touched her flesh, kissing her face and neck, she began to cry.

When her father had slipped from her finally, Annie rolled away from him and curled up on her side. She hugged her knees up to her chest as she continued to sob. She felt his semen leaking from her ravaged pussy and hoped that enough dipped out before any found her fertile eggs. Her father kissed her again, on her shoulder. His hand caressed lightly down her side and across her hip. She knew that he had no idea why she was crying. She couldn’t tell him, escort pendik either. “I love you, Annie,” he said a moment later. She had to fight to reply.

“I love you, too, Daddy,” she told him. She wasn’t lying, for she loved her father very much. More so that they had made love, she knew. More so that she might bear his child.

She felt him rise from the bed and then he said, “I’ll send your mother in,” before she heard him pass through her bedroom door.


The emotions that dream had brought up in her sent Annie to the pharmacy soon after she climbed out of bed. She called in to work to take a sick day. She left the house in a pair of sweatpants and a wrinkled t-shirt. She hadn’t even taken the time to pull on a bra. Although the words her doctor had told her, so many years ago, echoed in her mind as she drove, she anxiety she once held in her chest ached just as deeply. As the pharmacy came into view, she felt the need to throw up, and as she pulled into the parking lot, she stopped quick and opened the car door. She vomited. It wasn’t the first time that week, either. Being sick in the morning. Throwing up before leaving for work. It took three days before the absurd idea had even entered her mind. After her dream the night before, her anxiety level had peaked. She had to know.

The store had been open less than ten minutes. She made her way to the back, where the items she was looking for were kept. She purchased a home pregnancy test and Annie didn’t want wait, instead taking the time to slip into the public bathroom to administer it. The results were a shock, to say the very least. She sat in the stall for nearly fifteen minutes, until the sales lady asked if she was alright.

“I’m fine, thank you,” Annie replied. “I’m sorry,” she added as she stepped from the stall. It was plain to the sales lady that she’d been crying. Annie rushed past and headed for her car. She drove to the far side of the lot and parked. Her mind spun with the implications. Just the afternoon before, she had made love to her son. The night before that, it had been his friend and her lover Ray, that had spent the evening in her bed. She still held the long, white test unit. Again, she looked at the results.

“This is impossible,” she moaned as she took in the sight of the blue X in the little window. “I can’t be pregnant!” she added, and then dropped the offending item into her purse. She felt her nerves tingling as anxiety washed through her. Once back home, she made sure Tim had left for work before she sat down at the table with the phone book and searched for the number to her gynecologist. Ten minutes later, she had an appointment for the next afternoon. Until then, Annie would be on edge.

If she wasn’t being bedded by one of the young men, she was being taken by both. Annie seldom went a day without getting her fill of protein injected, whether orally, anally, or vaginally, for she had become a wonton slut when it came to satisfying her young men. And they never failed to take care of her needs either. That evening, for the first time in weeks, Annie resisted her son’s advances. “I’m really not feeling well, Tim,” she told him.

“What is it, Mom?” he asked over dinner, which she had barely touched.

“It’s my stomach, I think. I might have an ulcer developing,” she lied. “I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow afternoon, so I might be late getting home.” She pushed away from the table and told him, “I need to get some rest.”

“At least we know you can’t be pregnant,” Tim laughed as she walked away, and the words stung her. As she lay in bed, she thought about the ramifications of being pregnant, especially since there was every chance that the baby was her son’s. As she thought about it, she realized that it may very well have been Ray who had gotten her pregnant, or any of the boys she had been gangbanged by back in June, even. The window could include any of them, and the gynecologist would be able to narrow that down some, but she feared she would never know for sure. And once she began to show, there would be no hiding it, not with the way she and her son had been living of late.

Annie slept fitfully and when the morning finally came, she again felt the wave of nausea wash through her. She spent ten minutes on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet before she finally was able to climb into the shower. Tim was gone when she finally made her way to the kitchen, where she made herself toast and a strong cup of coffee, which helped her stomach settle somewhat. She noticed that her hands trembled ever so slightly as she thought about what the consequences might be for her, and her son.

Having already called in to take the day off, Annie took her time getting ready for the day and her doctor’s visit. By the time she pulled up in front of the clinic, it was nearly 1:30 in the afternoon. Her appointment was for 2pm, but she had been instructed to come in a bit early to fill out the forms. Inside, she dutifully filled out the medical paperwork while sitting in a hard cushioned chair. The View was on the television, though none of the others waiting seemed to be watching it. Annie took note that there were two young women, teens really, sitting beside older women who had to be their mothers. Nobody seemed to be smiling. Annie knew she wasn’t, either.

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