The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 10

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 10

Joan’s Tales — Part 1

Joan and Tom Kuykendall arrived in Regal Bay as young newlyweds. They had married the spring before, right out of college. He had attended Boston College and graduated with a degree in naval engineering. She graduated from Boston University with degrees in advertising and marketing. Tom had initially wanted to settle down on the east coast, but Joan convinced him otherwise.

Joan was born and raised in the Irish neighborhoods of Boston, and still had close family ties with her native land. In particular, Joan’s cousins Deirdre and Teagan O’Riley had come to America to study music at Boston University, and the three young women became very close during their school years. Joan split the sisters in age, with Deirdre a year older and Teagan a year younger. However, with Joan taking post-graduate courses, she remained in school for a couple more years after the sisters had graduated. During that time, Deirdre married and took a teaching position at Regal Bay University. Following her sister across the country, Teagan was able to hire in as an assistant music director at one of the two middle schools. When told of an advertising agency relocating to the growing community by her cousins, Joan convinced her new husband to take a chance. Tom managed to land an entry-level position as the dockyard soon after they arrived. The young couple was welcomed into the community with open arms and started their family soon after.

During their years in Regal Bay, Joan mothered two sons and three daughters, with her oldest, Michael, born during that first winter. A year later, Joan gave birth to her first daughter, Janet, and in the next six years she gave birth to three more children; Julie, Jewel, and Mitchell, her youngest. During this span of time, Joan worked hard to move up in the agency. Her husband worked just as hard, eventually hiring on at the Gen. Bradley Military Research Center. The substantial raise in his pay was welcome in the greatly expanded household.

Giving birth to so many children in such a short time had taken its toll on Joan’s once athletically slim body. After seeing her youngest off to begin school, Joan, now a 35-year-old woman, began to obsessively work out, initially on her own, but soon she was a member of one of the newest and latest chains of gyms that began to pop up across the country. By the time she had entered her forties, Joan had finally regained the figure that she had known as a graduate student. Tall, blonde, slim, and reasonably attractive, Joan began to notice that men were taking a notice of her once again. She even began to see men much younger than herself eyeing her when she walked along the beach in shorts and a swimming top. Her breasts were by no means large, but they were an ample 36-dd cup, and with a figure that showed off her matronly wide hips and long legs, Joan enjoyed the attention she was able to draw.

The next two years saw substantial changes take place in Joan’s life. First, she learned that Tom had been cheating on her. Behind her back, Tom had been seeing his secretary when he had told Joan that he was working through weekends at the facility. As it turned out, he had been sleeping with the young woman very nearly from the first day on the job. After nearly six years, Tom decided he would rather be with her than the mother of his five children. So he filed for divorce.

For her part, in the year following the break-up of her marriage, Joan all but attacked every guy she could. Within weeks of their divorce, Joan had more than doubled the number of men she’d slept with in her life, and soon had added two women to the list as well. She let her sexual bounds be opened by anyone who cared to give her a good time. She also became aware, through her cousin Deirdre no less, about the secret, sinful society of mature women in Regal Bay who playfully preyed upon the younger men of the area. Though not a formal member of the group, Joan nevertheless enjoyed a wonderful awakening in their company.

During that time, her oldest son Michael came out during a holiday gathering. He was eighteen, and proud to announce that he was gay. This, of course, shocked just about everyone in the family, with the exception of Janet, who announced that she too was gay just a year later.

By the time Joan reached her 45th birthday, she was divorced, with two children in college and three still living at home, and starting a new job. Her cousin Deirdre had told her of a position at the university that had opened up. Joan jumped at the opportunity and in short order she was instructing two classes a day in Advertising and Marketing. She was also enjoying a steady diet of young men, a few as young as her youngest daughters.

Of the three children still living with her, Jewel and Mitchell were still in high school, whereas Julie had decided against attending college and went to work in the mall as so many of her friends had after graduation. Jewel did, however, canlı bahis work, and as a senior she was allowed to take the afternoons to earn credits while at work. She had landed a part-time job working for one of Joan’s friends in the community, Olivia Wilson, in her dress shop. Jewel was learning a valuable trade skill while also earning a few dollars for her weekends.

Jewel wanted nothing more than to hang-out, enjoy her teen-aged years, and put off worrying about a future career until well after she graduated high school. Her grades were good enough for college, but she insisted whenever asked that she wasn’t spending a single extra day in school that wasn’t required by law. That was fine with Joan. Putting two children through college was draining enough, even with Tom’s monthly alimony check.

With no classes scheduled for her Wednesday afternoon, Joan left campus a few hours early. She had an aerobics session scheduled for later in the evening, with the hope of an after work-out treat at the hands of a young employee of the gym who had eyes for her, but until then she wanted to relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon on the sofa, reading a book. She had expected to arrive home to find an empty house. Julie worked full-time and after that she would usually hang out with friends who would keep her out until late. Mitch always hung out after school with friends until his mother called him home for dinner. And four days a week Jewel was supposed to be at work with Olivia. Instead, Joan arrived home to find Jewel in her bedroom with a boy.

When Joan realized that her daughter was home and not alone, she sneaked a peak into her daughter’s bedroom through the crack left in the partially closed door. What she saw was Jewel on her knees, her back to the door, and stripped down to her white panties. The young man was Brent Everson, the son of Darwin Everson, who owned the Everson Music Works. Jewel was kneeling between Brent’s naked knees while he was leaning back onto his elbows across Jewel’s bed, his bare feet on the floor to either side of Jewel’s kneeling form. He was obviously naked from the waist down. Joan saw his jeans and underwear to the side, piled up with most of Jewel’s own clothing. From the up-down-up-down motion of Jewel’s head, Joan was well aware that her daughter was enjoying a mouth full of tasty young cock.

Joan turned quietly away from her daughter’s bedroom door after watching for a few more moments, and slipped across the hallway into her own bedroom. Once inside she closed the door gently. Joan turned and looked at herself in the tall mirror attached to the backside of the door. What she saw was a horny woman in need of a little action. The muffled moans filtering across the hallway didn’t help any.

Joan stared into her own eyes for a few brief moments, and then stripped off her black and gray dress, which she had worn to work. A moment later she was down to her black stockings and bodice. Again, she looked herself over in the mirror. Her breasts were pushed high and firmly cupped in the bodice. She turned to admire her tight little ass and strong thighs, the product of many hours on the treadmill down at the gym. Her short blonde hair was tastefully cut for her age. Her belly was still rather flat, and her face, though mature and lightly lined, smiled with a slight wickedness back at her from the mirror. Joan had wanted to have a little fun that night. She might as well stay home for it, she thought.

Returning to the hallway and her daughter’s bedroom door, Joan paused long enough to listen to the soft moans Brent was making inside. Carefully, and as quietly as she could, she opened the door once again to find that Brent had moved into the big pillow-chair Jewel had bought years ago. Brent was still wearing his black t-shirt, with the Metallica logo in blood-red across his broad chest. His head was rolled back and his eyes shut, obviously enjoying the leisurely blow job he was getting from Jewel. Jewel herself was to the side of the pillow-chair, still on her knees, but had now shed her panties all together. She was completely naked and Brent’s left hand stroked her small butt as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. From this new angle, Joan saw that Brent was indeed well endowed, with a lengthy cock that took on a slight left-hand curve. That might be why Jewel was to his left, Joan reasoned, to better slide her mouth down its curved length, as her small fist stroked what remained of his shaft below her lips.

Joan watched her daughter for only a few seconds before making her presence known by stepping into the bedroom and right up next to the big pillow-chair. “Are we having fun?” she asked.

Brent’s eyes flashed open and he gasped loudly at the sudden appearance of his girl-friend’s mother, just an arm’s length away. Jewel lifted her mouth free of Brent’s cock to look up at her intrusive mother, though continued to stroke his shaft in her left hand.

“I was,” Jewel replied. “What about you, Brent? Are you having fun?” Her hand bahis siteleri continued to steadily stroke his cock, even as it began to whither.

Brent, also looking up at Joan, nodded slightly at Jewel’s question. Then, with a combination of startled fright and excited lust flashing through his eyes, he took in Joan’s own near-nakedness. It helped that Joan hadn’t said anything to halt the proceedings.

“Not bad,” Joan said after another, awkward moment passed. Although her eyes were on Brent’s lap, and the semi-hard cock still wrapped in her daughter’s fist, she had also complimenting her daughter’s technique as well as choice. “Not bad at all,” she added with a not-so-subtle lick of her lips.

“You want to take over for a few minutes, Mom?” Jewel asked suddenly. The question all but sent Brent into convulsions. His girl-friend openly asking her mother if she wanted to suck his cock was just about too much to handle. Brent had heard that Jewel was something of a freak when it came to sex, but bringing her mother in was over the top.

Joan grinned at her daughter’s suggestion and said, “I’d love to, darling,” and slipped to her own knees before the stunned young man.

“My jaw was beginning to ache,” Jewel told Brent with a smile. “Besides, I can’t remember the last time I watched my mom give head. She taught me, you know.” She winked at Brent as she moved aside. For his part, Brent was stunned and couldn’t believe what he was hearing, or what he was seeing. Jewel, well versed in her mother’s sexual eccentricities, grinned at her boy-friend while she tilted Brent’s knob towards her mother’s hungry features.

Joan grinned wider as she reached out for his cock. Her longer fingers, tipped with ruby-red painted nails, replaced Jewel’s around Brent’s shaft. He visibly shuddered and gasped as the exchange took place. Jewel leaned her blonde head into her boy-friend’s shoulder. They watched together as her mother open wide and gulped his cock down to the base in a single plunge. Joan’s nose pressed into Brent’s pubic bone, tickled by his kinky dark hairs, as she hummed around the shaft filling her mouth. Jewel admired the way her mother could deep-throat nearly any cock with little effort. It was a skill the younger woman was unable to do for her lovers. Yet. With more practice, she would be able to match her mother, she knew.

Joan’s tongue slithered around Brent’s long, narrow shaft, and she purred happily as he began to moan. Brent rolled his hips upward almost involuntarily to try and force another inch into his girl-friend’s mother’s mouth. Joan wrapped her fingers around his scrotum and pulled downward, while slowly lifting her mouth up his shaft’s length. Her lips were tight around the boy’s flesh and she sucked hard, giving him the maximum enjoyment. Brent groaned loudly as Joan held his sensitive knob in her mouth and flicked her tongue around and across it.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jewel whispered into his ear, getting only a quick series of nods in response. “She’s one hell of a cock sucker, my mom.” Jewel was proud of her mother, at least when it came to sex.

As Joan began to bob her head up and down in Brent’s lap, Jewel stroked her fingers along the strip of flesh beneath his balls to his asshole. She hadn’t played with a boy’s asshole yet, but had heard her mother talk about how it really got a guy off sometimes. Not that Jewel was ready to get Brent off right away. When her mother again backed up and off Brent’s throbbing cock, Jewel insisted, “My turn!”, and pulled her boy-friend’s cock from her mother’s grip. Jewel gulped Brent’s tool back into her mouth and resumed her own cock-sucking.

Joan watched with admiration as her young daughter sucked a young man’s cock. This wasn’t the first time she’d been so close to see the delight in her daughter’s face as she gobbled up a long tube of man-meat. Jewel’s eyes fluttered shut as she went as deep as she could, and then began to bob up and down steadily. Joan wrapped her fingers around the base of Brent’s shaft as her daughter gulped mouthfuls of cock. Jewel, too, hummed as she sucked cock. Like mother, like daughter, Brent thought.

Jewel wanted to impress her mother, and tried to push her lover’s cock into her throat, but started to gag immediately and had to pull off.

“Nice try, baby girl,” Joan said. Both women laughed, and Joan leaned across Brent’s lap to give Jewel a light kiss full on the mouth. She then told her daughter, “The ability to deep-throat a hard cock will come to you in time, with much more practice.” Joan then took hold of Brent’s cock, opened her mouth, and with a wink to her daughter, again gulped every inch of the hard cock into her throat.

“Oh, fuck!” Brent croaked as his knob bounced against Joan’s tonsils. Her blonde head began to bob up and down his full length, making him groan deep from within his chest. Jewel pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply, thrusting her tongue seemingly as far down his throat as his cock was down her mother’s.

When bahis şirketleri Brent’s cock suddenly twitched in her throat and a salty tang of thick pre-cum filled her mouth, Joan knew it was time to move on. She lifted off his pulsing cock and squeezed it tight at the base. Jewel finished off the deep kiss and turned to smile lovingly at her mother. Brent had his head back and was moaning, obviously on the edge of blasting his hot load. Jewel leaned in and began to lick at his knob, also tasting his salty pre-cum. Joan warned, “If you keep it up, he is going to blow.”

Jewel gave him one last lick and then settled back to give Brent a moment to catch his breath and regain a little control.

“This is fun,” Jewel said to both her mother and boy-friend.

“Yes, it is,” Joan agreed. “What about you, Brent?” she then asked. “Are you having fun?”

“Oh, hell yes!” he grunted. “This is amazing!”

“Are you okay now?” Joan asked. “Got everything under control?”

Brent took a deep breath and then answered, “I think so.”

“Good. Why don’t you go ahead and mount him, dear?” she told her daughter. “Take this hot young stud for a ride.”

Jewel giggled and moved quickly to straddle her boy-friend, all while her mother watched. Jewel lowered her dripping, furry pink pussy into contact with Brent’s post of man-flesh, held upright in her mother’s hand, and then slowly lowered herself into his lap.

“So good,” Jewel sighed as his cock wedged upward into her body, opening her vagina inch by inch as she settled onto his flesh-post.

“Uuummm,” Brent sighed beneath her, feeling her heated cunt wrap around his shaft. It wasn’t the first-time Jewel had ridden him in such a manner. The first time had been in his father’s BMW, in the garage at his house, after a dinner date, with his parents watching television. He had lasted all of three minutes that time, and still they had only just gotten their clothing straightened back up before his mother looked in to see what they were up to.

This time it was Jewel’s mother looking in on them, and not to catch them but to join them. As Jewel began to ride Brent’s cock with a steady up-down fuck-rhythm in the big pillow chair, Joan encouraged her on. “That’s a girl. Ride that big dick. Feel every inch of him inside you. It’s so good, isn’t it? Having a cock slipping up and down your cunt chute is the best feeling in the world.”

Jewel’s breasts were small, capped with tiny dark nipples that rode like little pebbles at the peak of them. Brent reached around to stroke his hands across them a couple of times, returning his hands to Jewel’s hips afterward. It was looking as if he might lose control again, and Joan toyed with the idea of pulling Jewel off. Instead, she decided to let the boy blow off his first, pent up load inside her daughter. They were dating, after all, and she should get the first thick blast of cum. It would give them a little better control over his second, and being a young stud, he wasn’t likely to lose his hard-on too quickly, not with a pair of hot women attending to him afterward.

Joan directed Jewel, “Spin around and face Brent, darling,” and the young lovers managed to remain coupled together as they twisted and turned around. Soon, Jewel was once again riding Brent’s cock for all she was worth, driving him towards an inevitable explosion. Joan gave him a little something extra by leaning in to capture one of her daughter’s nipples between her teeth. With Brent looking on just inches away, mother sucked on daughter’s tit. He reached up and began to stroke the older woman’s blonde hair.

“Oh, God! I’m going to cum,” Jewel moaned, announcing her orgasm. That was all it took to set Brent off. He began howl as his cock pulsed and began to fill Jewel’s belly with white-hot cum. “Me, too,” he grunted. “I’m cumming!”

As the young lovers rode out their mutual orgasm, Joan moved to lay back on her daughter’s bed. She pushed off her black panties and pulled her knees back and wide. Her hairy pussy, in need of a trimming, was damp with her vaginal dew. Joan pulled her slit open and began to massage her thick clit and long opening as she watched the young lovers kiss and grind their bodies together just a few feet away. The scent of both her daughter’s pussy and Brent’s thick cum began to fill the bedroom, and made Joan even more excited to be a part of this lustful afternoon’s activities.

“How about one of you getting over here and giving me a little pleasure,” she pleaded. “Watching you two lovers fuck has gotten my pussy dripping wet.”

“How about it?” Jewel asked Brent. “Want to fuck my mom, also?”

Brent gave his girl-friend a serious look, but when she twitched her vaginal muscles around his cock, an act that sent a spike of excitement through his groin, Brent nodded in response. Jewel all but leaped from his lap then and took his hand in hers.

“Come on, then. Give the old bitch a good ride.” Jewel laughed as she watched her boy-friend, his dripping cock waving semi-hard from his crotch, as he struggled to get up from the deep pillow-chair. She then told her mother, “Let him lay down, Mom. I don’t think he has the energy left to pile-drive that big hairy pussy!”

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