The Lucky Man Ch. 04

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I had been home from Italy only a little over a week, Lynsey and Lisa a couple of days less. I had gone back to work with a bit of a sense of relief. A week in Italy, a week filled with sex, wine, and more sex, had left me needing a break.

I had just got back into the work routine and was happy to do so when I got home one evening and things changed again.

When I got in from work that evening it was very quiet in the house. After I shouted to announce my arrival I heard my wife’s voice answer me from the conservatory at the rear of the house, I walked through and found her sat with my middle daughter Marian.

Marian looked at me in a strange way, it was obvious that something was on her mind. Before I had chance to ask what it was Liz (my wife) said that my other two daughters had been talking with Marian and that she (Marian) had some questions that she would like to ask.

By the tone of her voice and the eye contact we made it was fairly obvious what the questions were going to be about!

Marian looked me in the eyes and came straight to the point. “Dad, Lynsey and Lisa both tell me that you are having sex with them, and that mother knows and approves of it. Is this true?”

What could I say except the truth?

“Yes, it is true, and before Lynsey I had sex a few times with your aunt Janet.” I didn’t know how much she had been told about Lynsey’s relationship with her sister Lisa, whether she knew about the Dom-Sub relationship that they enjoyed, or about the same relationship that my youngest daughter wished to engage in with myself.

“I thought our family was the epitome of normality, I don’t understand how this has happened. I’ll admit that I never expected Lyn to have children with Gerald, but I did think that Lisa would have a family with Bill, then I find out that Bill is primarily gay, and that you are sleeping with them both! And mother approves! Am I the only normal member of this family?”

I laughed, “there isn’t much sleeping involved!”

It was obviously the wrong thing to say.

“So I understand, and don’t be so bloody facetious dad!”

It was time for me to take control of the situation.

“Marian; your sisters, myself, and your mother are all consenting adults, we none of us feel that what we are doing is in any way wrong, and neither do we feel we owe any explanation about it, it’s nobody’s business but our own. It’s not something that was either planned or forced on anyone, it just happened via a series of events and we are all happy with it.”

I think my statement took the wind out of her sails as she gave a long drawn out sigh and replied. “I’m not condemning what you do, I just don’t understand the necessity for any of it. Dad, you’re sixty years old, why do you even think that way, Adrian is forty one and he’s already…”

She stopped at that point and looked as if she might have said too much. She looked over at her mother who then joined in the conversation.

“I’ve already explained the situation darling, just because your dad is his age doesn’t mean he doesn’t have needs, we all have needs, including me, but when our needs become mismatched we need to do something about it, we’ve found a solution that suits us all, why can’t you see that and be happy for us all?”

“I do see that, and I am happy that you are all happy, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I don’t know, I just don’t understand any of it, it’s just a shock to be told these things.”

After a minute or two’s silence she announced that she had to get back to the kids, and after the more or less normal goodbyes she left.

Later that evening Liz gave me her opinion on the earlier conversation. “I think she’s frustrated, she let slip that Adrian wasn’t up to it anymore, or at least that he’s starting to significantly slow down, and I think she’s probably told this to either Lynsey or Lisa and one of them or probably both of them have told her about our arrangements with them.”

I thought she was probably correct but added that I thought having two young children wasn’t helping her situation either. “Do you think she was making overtures? Do you think I should make an offer or push it a bit?”

Liz looked at me with that knowing smile. “Don’t you get enough now? I know you and Lynsey are regular ‘buddies’ and now Lisa is in the mix as well, oh, and I think Janet misses a good fuck now and then as well. Just leave Marian to make up her own mind, if she wants to come to you she’ll do it in her own good time.”

Her own good time took just two weeks. I was at work when I got a call from her, would I call at her home that evening? Adrian would be taking both kids out to swimming lessons so she would be on her own for approximately two hours, she’d like to talk to me.

I arrived at her home at six o’clock, having already been home and eaten with Liz, who suggested that I take a Viagra before going back out to Marian’s.

Her husband had just left, taking the kids with him, he wouldn’t be back until after eight. Marian was nervous, escort bostancı it was easy to tell that as she hustled about fussing over cups of tea and fluffing up cushions. I finally managed to get her to sit and talk.

She wanted to know all the details of the arrangements that I had worked out with her sisters, and a full explanation of why and how it had all started. Satisfied (it seemed) with the answers, she finally talked about herself.

“I don’t know whose fault it is, but Adrian and I seem to be drifting apart in some ways. Our physical activity has just dried up. Either he is too tired, or I am, or the kids are playing up, or something else happens to prevent us getting intimate. Even when we went away a month ago, it only happened the once. Dad I’m only thirty two, Adrian is forty, but I need more than this, I’m getting desperate!”

That was my opening. “Desperate enough to want me to…pleasure you?”

She was sat opposite me, she hung her head and stared at the floor. “Lyn says you’re very…virile?”

“let’s just say that I’m not dead yet, and prefer to fulfil my needs within the family.”

“Yeah, that’s what Lyn says, keep it in the family!”

Time was getting on and it was time to act.

I reached across to her and took hold of her hand. “Marian, would you like me to give you an orgasm, would like me to make love to you?”

Staring at the floor there was a whispered reply. “Yes!”

She hesitated for a few seconds and then “Actually I was just thinking of a good fuck!”

“Well, I think I can accommodate that!”

I stood up and pulled her up from the chair, I made to walk towards the hallway and the stairs but she pulled me back.

“Not up there dad, down here, just in here, if that’s ok?”

Of course I said it was and watched as she reached up under her skirt and pulled off her knickers, which she threw over onto the chair she had been sitting in. She then walked over to the dining area and bent over, resting her arms on the table top. “Do you want to use a condom? There are a couple in the top drawer there if you do.”

I felt perfectly safe without one and told her so as I dropped my trousers and underwear to the floor and came up behind her.

I lifted her skirt and pushed the material up her back out of the way. Her smooth and beautifully formed buttocks were open to my view, they were surprisingly tanned, where I had expected Lilly white skin. I don’t know what she expected, but it was obvious that she hadn’t expected me to do what I did next.

I kissed the very top of her arse crack and then slowly moved downwards, parting the cheeks of her arse to get access to her little entrance. Her squeal of pleasure was very gratifying as I gently licked in and around her anus. I have to admit that this wasn’t the way I had expected Marian to react. Marian had always been the most steady, and respectful of my three daughters, she was always the one who could be relied upon to do the right thing, the one who always had a contingency plan for getting home when the three of them had gone out together, the sensible one.

To her sisters and brother, the boring one!

She wasn’t acting that way now though, her soft little moans had turned into demands. “Lick my arse, get it in there, use a finger! Use two!”

Any sort of anal activity was a thing I’d been denied for years, and in my new lease of life I’d come to thoroughly make the most of it, call it a fetish, I love all anal play. It was plainly obvious that Marian felt the same way as she encouraged me to use her ass like I’d never done to anyone before.

Licking a forefinger I slowly inserted it into her little back passage. The deep moan that accompanied the breech of her sphincter was definitely one of pleasure, it increased in volume as I withdrew and then re -entered that dark little passage. A few strokes in and out, then using two fingers I increased the speed and depth of my penetration. Using my other hand I reached around and cupped her outer vaginal lips. Her mons was soaking, liquid running down her leg which was beginning to twitch as she mumbled “Yes, yes, that’s right, that’s right, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come!”

I could feel her hard clit and her swollen lips and began a double massage, one hand masturbating her while the other was now fucking her arse, deep and hard.

Her orgasm, when it hit her, hit hard. She started to tense up, went almost rigid and then seemed to collapse in on herself as she shook and shuddered before flopping forwards onto the table top and laying there gasping for breath.

“Oh yes, oh yes, now fuck me dad, put your cock in me and fuck me hard!”

While playing with her ass I had become very hard, my seven inches sticking not up or curling downwards but sticking straight out. I wasn’t done playing with her yet though as I lowered my mouth a little to her now soaking pussy. Her cum was dribbling down her inner thigh as I pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked her perineum before lapping up ümraniye escort her moisture directly from her open vagina. Pulling her back towards me I teased her by licking between her holes, first her pussy and then her ass, pushing my tongue into her as deep as I could manage.

The teasing had its desired effect, my daughter’s legs started to shake again as she cried out that she was going to cum again! As Marian began to mewl and gasp I pulled her further back from the table, used my feet to push hers further apart, and then rammed my hard cock deep into her. In one thrust I was balls deep in her pussy and I gripped her hips as she shuddered and moaned her orgasm around my cock.

She leaned towards the table, gripping it with both hands as she cried “fuck me dad! fuck me hard!”

I obliged, not gently or with any restraint, I hammered into her as she begged and cried for more. As I fucked my daughter I looked down, seeing my cock disappearing into her pussy and watching her star shaped hole opening slightly as it did so. I was so tempted to pull out of her pussy and go into her ass, a move I was pretty sure she would like, but I felt myself on the verge of cumming and there was something else that I wanted to do.

I pulled out and stepped back. “Turn around and kneel on the floor!”

Marian did as I told her, and she obviously knew why she was doing it as she looked up at me, smiled, and opened her mouth wide. She didn’t close her eyes as I stood over her and jacked off until I erupted, spurting my cum all over her upturned face and into her mouth. Two or three powerful spurts followed by as many much less dramatic, then she leaned forward and took my softening member into her hot mouth. She licked and sucked me clean, all the time with the remnants of my cum running down her face.

She gave a huge sigh, stood up, looked over at her mantle clock and told me that Adrian and the kids would be back in a few minutes. That was my signal to leave. I could have stayed, but with what we had just done I thought it best to go, so hastily getting dressed I departed.

The very next evening when I got home from work I found a message on my message app with a large mp4 file attached, it was from Marian.

Intrigued, all I could do was open the file.

I sat in front of my computer and watched myself and Marian from the previous evening, every move, every word, caught on video. As I watched I wondered why she had done this, it was as damaging to her as it could be to me I soon had my answer.

As I saw myself leave Marian turned to the camera. “Keep watching please dad, it’s important.”

Nothing happened for a few minutes and I was just about to fast forward the video when I saw Adrian and the kids come into the room. He hustled them out into the kitchen and I heard him getting them their suppers before he came back into the room and stood with Marian.

“Did he come?”

She laughed out loud. “Oh yes, he came all right!” She wiped a finger down her still cum covered face and scooped a finger full of my cum into her mouth.

“Good, was it as good as we hoped?”

“Even better!” She then approached the camera and it went off, only to come back on with both of them sat on the sofa facing the now repositioned camera.

“Dad, I lied, I lied about the problems Adrian and I are having. We are not having problems as such, only unrequited desires and needs.”

Adrian then took up the narrative.

“We’ve been talking for a while about adding some extra spice to our sex life, Marian wanted to try sex with another man, and I felt a desire to watch while she did it, with the option of maybe joining in if we both felt that way inclined.”

Back to Marian. “We thought about asking Lisa if she and Bill would be interested in having a foursome, it seemed only right to offer Lisa the chance to get it on with Aid’ if Bill was to have sex with me. But when I brought the subject up she told me that Bill probably wouldn’t be interested and she told me why.” She paused for a moment or two then went on. “A couple of weeks ago,, after you were all back from Italy, nearly a month after I talked to her she came round with Lyn and told me about your arrangements with them. They both seemed to think that you would be perfect for our needs, but I have to say that we were both very skeptical!”

Adrian then took over again.

“We set up last night’s meeting with the idea of checking you out, making sure that Lyn and Lisa weren’t exaggerating about your willingness, or, to be honest, about your virility. We’re both very happy with the results, and we hope that you can forgive our deception.”

Marian smiled at the camera, then gave her husband a kiss before taking her turn to speak. “Dad, what we did last night was fantastic, and I really want to do it all again, and more, with Aid’ In the room watching, he’d love to see you fuck me in real life, wouldn’t you love?” She turned to Adrian as he nodded his head in the affirmative .

“Mum, I know you like to kartal escort bayan watch dad with Lyn, and I know that you will watch this video with dad. I hope you liked watching me with dad and both Adrian and I are ok with you doing that, maybe you and Aid’ could watch us together! I’ll ring you, love you both!” The screen went blank.


Later that evening Liz and I sat and talked, after watching the video together. I was torn. I had the feeling that things were getting out of hand, out of control. What had started as an uncomplicated way of me getting the occasional sexual relief had escalated into almost a fulltime porn job.

When I started having sex with my eldest daughter it had just been the two of us, both frustrated and both working out our frustrations with each other. That had eventually included my wife observing us, her voyeuristic needs also being alleviated by doing so, and yes, both Lyn and myself got a kick out of performing in front of her.

My recent short break to Italy had changed things, and my perception of the relationships between my family members. I’d known for a long time that Lyn was bisexual and had a girlfriend, but to be confronted with the fact that her girlfriend was my own youngest daughter, Lyn’s own younger sister, and that she was totally submissive had been an eye opener and a shock. From having sex with one daughter I now had a second daughter, not only willing but eager to please, in every way imaginable. Now this!

I hadn’t taken Lisa up on her offer, or more accurately ‘wish’ to be my sexual submissive, at least not yet, the opportunity simply hadn’t arisen, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to, eventually. But Marian’s sudden entry into the mix was confusing and just a little over the top for me. Marian, my oh so sensible middle daughter wanted me to ‘cuckold’ her husband, she wanted me to have sex with her while her husband watched from the sidelines. Having sex with my daughter while my wife watched was one thing, but having sex with another daughter while her husband watched was another thing entirely! I wasn’t sure I could, or would even want to do it.

Liz’s opinion was that I should consider myself to be an extremely lucky man. Not only were my three daughters happy and willing to have sex with me, but they were all willing to share their most intimate thoughts and fantasies with me, it was an indicator of just how much they loved me. And, I was doubly lucky in that I was still able to ‘keep up with them’! I was fit and healthy and my daughters had all now seen fit to share themselves with me.

I was still thinking things over the following day when I got an email from Lisa.

“Dad, I’ve included a few links to videos that I’d like you to watch with a view to planning my birthday next month. Don’t show mum.”

This was unusual, Lisa knew very well that the agreement I had with her mother was that I hid nothing from her. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her so I decided to honour my agreement and watch the videos with Liz.

We sat together and watched them, there were five in all, and I, if not Liz, was fairly shocked by them. Bondage, sadism, masochism, they had it all. The giving of extreme sexual violence was the main theme running through all the videos. At the end of each video was a short interview with the recipient, who in each case stated that she was so turned on by the actions and events that (as one said) “every cell in my body felt like it was having its own orgasm!”

“Is this what she wants me to do to her? It seems more like abuse than sex!”

Liz just looked at me, “You must have seen this sort of stuff before, I thought Lyn was her Dom, doesn’t she do this sort of thing?”

“Not like that, no, at least not that I’ve ever seen. She ties her up a bit, orders her about and gives her a good backside walloping but nothing that extreme. That was serious abuse!”

“No, it’s not abuse if you are only doing what she asks you to do in the first place.”

“Well I can’t do those things to her and I’m not going to even try!”

“Of course you are, and I’m going to help you!”


“Don’t you get it? Why do you think she told you not to tell me? She knows full well that you will watch those videos with me. It’s obvious, part of her fantasy scenario is that I don’t know as far as she is concerned but then I make an appearance, she screams ‘no’ ‘no’ and then I help you, it’s all part of her fantasy!”

“I don’t know…!”

“Come on, we study these videos then we buy a few little bits and bobs, give Lisa what she wants and have some fun doing it!”

Fun doing it! Who was this person masquerading as my wife?

We spent the remainder of the evening discussing bondage, masochism, and my wife’s sudden interest in sexual activity that previously she would never have admitted existed, never mind taken an interest in! Also discussed was my continued reluctance to agree to be involved in my daughter’s fantasy. I needed to talk to my youngest daughter, in detail, I have to admit that I was unhappy with the whole idea. At one point I turned to Liz and asked why it was that she had this sudden change in the way she looked at sex and the permutations that were being suggested. Her answer surprised me.

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