The Love Tree

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I picked up my sister Sally from a party in our old neighbourhood. The morning sun was already rising ready to roast us once more in this mid-summer heatwave.

Sis came out to the car wearing a long crepe white summer dress, which was quite transparent letting me see that she had at least kept her underwear on for once.

“Good Party?” I asked.

“Not bad, a bit disappointing, I was hoping Paul King was going to be there.”

Paul King, that was a blast from the past.

“I thought as he was still living in this estate he’d be at the party,” added Sis.

“So that’s why you’ve got all your goods on display,” I laughed.

“Hey!” She rebuked as she struggled to cover her ample tits, cleavage and panties shining through her dress in the harsh morning light.

“I always thought you two would get together, he was always banging on about you at college.”

“Really?” She cried incredulously, “You’re kidding, why didn’t you tell me?”

“You were surrounded by suitors at the time, why should I tell you about one more?”

“They were only after my tits and ass, Paul was different, he was a real gent.” Sis mused for a while before asking, “Did he really fancy me?”

“He certainly did, he was always going on about you, he even carved his desire up in the Love tree.”

The love tree stood in a little wood just opposite Paul’s house. It was very easy to climb high up and many lovelorn teens climbed high into the tree and carved their hearts desire into the bark. There were many hearts with arrows through them with, “Sue and Mark” or, “Jane 4 Peter” all over the tree.

“Do you know where he carved it on the tree?” Sally asked.

“I think so.”

“Let’s go and see it,” Sally excitedly gushed swept up in the romance times gone by.

“That was years ago, the bark would have grown over by now and anyway how are you going to climb the tree in that dress?”

“I’ve some trainers in the back and I’ll tuck my dress into my panties.”

“You will, will you,” I smirked, “okay then.”

We were soon climbing the tree with Sis insisting I went up first so I couldn’t study her undies. “I know what a perv you are,” she declared. I didn’t mind because if she slipped I would be below her to catch and stop her fall.

We got high up in the tree, passing many old and some new declarations of unrequited love. Eventually, we found Pauls carving healing in the bark. ‘Paul loves Sally’ it simply said with three kisses etched underneath.

“That’s so romantic,” gushed Sally, “God, if only I knew.”

I took a picture with my phone for her and started to make our way down. Sis again insisted she went first against my will.

“You could fall and this time I won’t be able to catch you,”

“No, I’m going first,” and off she went. I was worried as I had climbed this tree hundreds of times as a teen and knew every step to take. Sis, on the other hand, didn’t. She was doing well until the last ten feet when she slipped and fell.

I breathed a sigh of relief as her dress had snagged in enough branches and twigs to break her fall and leave her tangling just three feet from the ground. I raced down and jumped to the floor and turned to see Sis dangling helplessly with her dress pulled up clear of her white cotton panties.

“Are you okay?” I asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah! Just a few scratches and wounded pride.”

I looked on and began to laugh as I could see her camel toe firmly etched against the cotton of her white panties.

“Stop gawping and get me down!” She hollered as she kicked her feet and swayed slightly above the ground. She was completely helpless and I saw an Ideal opportunity to study her panties.

“Nice panties,” I teased as I stood head high to her white panties sexily stretched tight over her pussy.

“Don’t look you pervert!” She scolded angrily, “Just hurry up and get me down.”

I laughed as she wriggled her exposed hips and kicked her legs.

“Do you remember?” I said deliberately leaving the question open.

“Never mind that, just get me down you bastard and stop looking at my undies!” canlı bahis She demanded.

“Hey! I don’t think you’re in any position to talk to me like that, apologise at once.”

“Just get me down!” She shouted.

“You apologise or I’ll just leave you hanging there until the first person comes along to free you.”

“Stop fucking around and get me down,” she yelled angrily.

“Okay I’m off,” I said and turned to go.

“Sure you are!”

I called her bluff and walked away, “good luck,” I wished as I waved without looking at her.

“Come back, come back you bastard!”

I carried on walking and got out of sight so she couldn’t see me and yet I could see her for safety. I watched her through the foliage as she kicked her legs, her camel toe clearly on view even from this distance.

“Sorry, sorry, come back,” she cried. I gave it thirty seconds to make her grovel and then nonchalantly come back smirking all over my face.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, will you please let me down?”

I sat down on a nearby log and looked straight up between her legs.

“Will you stop staring at my panties?” She reprimanded.

“No, I’ll look at them as much as I want, I think they’re rather sexy!”

“You bastard,” she blurted.

“That may be so but what are you going to do if I leave you?” Sis fell silent as she ruminated what could happen.

“Just think a sex staved male could be out for a walk or girl for that matter.”

Sis groaned, “What do you want?”

“Do you remember a few years back when you and your friends pinned me to the floor and took my trousers and pants down?”

“Oh come on we were just playing and wanted to see if the rumours about your big cock were true, we were just playing.”

“You saw how big I was but you didn’t need to squeeze my balls or pull my foreskin back.”

“We were just playing!” She argued as I stood my eyes at the same level as her panties. I got right in close and made sure she could feel my breath on her pussy. Sis groaned and sighed as she wriggled in embarrassment wafting the smell of her moistening sex.

Eventually, her panties came to a halt before my eyes.

“Oh stop staring, please!” Sis begged, “let me down.”

“Why should I?” I asked taking in a huge intake off breath from her pantie area, “You didn’t stop when I asked you to.”

I grinned to myself out of view under my sister’s uplifted dress and teased her with a gentle caress along her inner thighs. She instantly jumped into life.

“What are you doing you pervert?” She hissed swinging way in an impossible attempt to wriggle free.

“Just having a feel before I pull your panties down.”

“What! No, don’t please, what can I do for you?” She pleaded.

“What can you do for me?” I reiterated as I stood back and looked at her flushed face, “Let me think?”

I stood pretending to mull over all sorts of sexy scenarios, sniggering at non-existent schemes just to make sister blush.

“You bastard you would have me do something for you.”

“Why not, you made me cum?” I accused pretending I was reliving a horrific memory. In truth, I had enjoyed every second especially as her friend Kim was part of her team who had pinned me down.

I had a crush on her for years and just knowing she was rolling my balls and tickling my ass was the main reason I cum. It was Sis who was doing all the wrist work, true, but I was old enough then to withstand a bully wank, especially from Sis.

“You enjoyed it!” Sis desperately blurted.

“Yes I did and I think you’ll enjoy this too!”

“No! Please!”

I stepped up to her panties again as she tried to swing free and kick her legs at me. I easily stopped that. I put my arms between her flailing legs and pushed them open. I brought my hand up and gently brushed the gusset of her panties.

“Why Sis, you’re soaking wet, you shameless hussy you!”

“Oh!” She helplessly murmured as I continued to stroke her panties from the gusset up the front and onto her belly.

“My god you’re so wet, I must have a taste.”


I bahis siteleri stiffened my tongue and pointed it out and pushed sisters panties onto her camel toe. I moved up and down it and she couldn’t help give way the pleasure she was getting. She sighed involuntarily as her body stiffened.

“Hmm you taste delicious, even just a little moisture through your panties, I can’t wait until I have your panties down and get stuck right into your honey pot!”

“Oh god!” She lamented in resignation as I stood back and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed unable to take the embarrassment.

“Its time for your panties to come down,” I declared laughing.

“Don’t!” Was all she could say.

“Why not? If you open your eyes, look me in the face and give a good reason why not, I’ll let you keep your panties on,” I taunted.


“I promise.”

Sis met my eyes, her pupils were big and beaming from her red flushed face. “Please don’t because I’ll die,” she pleaded.

I looked up at her begging eyes and took my time. “Well, I’ve heard your appeal and I’ve decided to let you down.”

“Oh! thank you,” she sighed in relief, “thank you, I won’t forget this.”

“Sorry, I’ve changed my mind, your panties are coming down!”

“No! Don’t,” she yelled.

My hands caressed her outer thighs up over her panties until I hooked both thumbs over her waistband.


“No don’t do it, please!”



I made a bogus start on lowering her panties.

“Don’t, please! I’m begging, I’m begging, please don’t.”

“That’s really good begging, I must admit but sorry, I want your panties down!” And with that, I stripped her panties down to her knees.

“You bastard!” She cried.

“Oh, Sis, nice bush! What a sexy trimmed pussy you have!” I commended stroking her lightly haired sex.

“You fucking bastard you wait!” She threatened and started to twist again but unable to kick her legs as much as her panties were binding her knees.

“You need to keep the noise down or someone may come along,” I sniggered as I took my phone from my pocket filming her struggling.

“Let’s take a look at your ass.” I chuckled.

“Oh no!”

I went around the back and studied her peachy plum ass. “Nice ass!” I complimented, “I especially like the white bits,” I laughed.

Sis was an avid sunbather and I was a bit surprised she hadn’t tanned her bottom for some reason. She was always sunbathing topless in her back garden and if I ever dropped in to see her on spec I’d always get a good look at her large breasts along with the rest of the houses in the street, ogling her from the safety of their bedrooms.

“Has it ever been spanked?” I asked as I glared at her aspirin white bottom, which practically begged to be reddened. Sis kept quiet and so I took my opportunity and spanked it hard! Sis cried out aloud as the crack of my hand snaped across her firm ass.

“Answer me when I ask you something. Has your ass ever been spanked?”

“No!” She yelled defiantly! She deserved a spank just for the arrogant way she answered. I spanked her again this time hard enough to make her sway.

“Stop hitting me,” she protested.

“Well answer then, have you ever had this splendid white ass spanked?

“Yes, okay, yes it’s been spanked regularly!”

“Oh, kinky Sis!” I taunted, “I bet it glows like a hot ember. Does it?”

“How the hell do I know? My ass is behind me…” Her words trailed off as she knew what she would be in for. I gave her a hearty six of the best. The spanks made her swing and made sure I spanked her when her ass was on the return journey for added impact. My how she hollered!

I viewed my handy work as her bum glowed bright red with my palm prints all over it. “Now has it been rimmed?” I asked as I spread her ass cheeks and examined her starfish.

“Oh please get me down, I’ll tell you everything,” Sis offered.

‘No, I’ll never have a chance to have your ass like this again.”

I faced her pussy and slowly inserted my middle finger into her moist haven.

“No bahis şirketleri don’t please take it out,” she pleaded.

“What?” I asked as I slowly plunged my finger into the depths of her cunt.

“Take it out!” She wailed.

I slowly started to withdraw and then stopped,” My god Sis you are soaking, are you sure you want me to evacuate?”

“Yes, get it out!” She cried.

Just then I felt her fanny flood upon my finger. “My word Sis your pussy is telling me differently!” Once more I pushed upwards into her soft warm moist pussy.

I gently rubbed her clit with my thumb and then slowly started to withdraw. I introduced a second finger and slowly pushed on up again, rubbing her clit all the way. She let out a long breathy sigh of exhalation.

“Oh, naughty Sis!” I teased and slowly accelerated my two-finger fucking. Again her pussy flooded with juice and she groaned loudly in pleasure. Her body relaxed as she surrendered to being skewered on my fingers and thumb and her noises of resentment became excitingly orgasmic.

I spat on my other hand and then I let it rove in behind her. I spread her ass cheeks and then slowly circled her buttonhole with the tip of my index finger. Sis couldn’t help but react, her knees involuntarily came together in a wave of pleasure and she writhed in her swinging prison!

I pushed and I felt her buttonhole give away as my finger probed into her ass. She cried out in ecstasy her legs visibly trembling. I introduced a third finger as by now she was dripping with pleasure and was so wet and gaping she could easily accommodate it.

“You are such a naughty girl,” I taunted.

Sis groaned on and then rasped, “Please, finish me off.”

“What, was that?” I asked as I pushed my fingers knuckle deep into her and stopped.

“Please, please finish me off!” She cried louder.

I played a deaf ear and kept my fingers buried in her feeling her gush around them. Sis rocked her head in a silent protest trying to swing on my invading fingers to try and bring herself off. Eventually, she gasped and panted in frustrated exhaustion.

“Have we finished?” I asked and then smiled teasingly.

She could only groan.

Once more I started my slow finger fucking and she wriggled a squirmed on my erotic invasion.

“Mercy, mercy, mercy!” She cried.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked almost withdrawing my fingers.

“No! No! No!” She raged.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Please!” She pleaded.

“I don’t know if I should?”

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Please, I’m begging you!”

“You’re what?” I softly teased with a huge smile.

“Begging! I’m begging, I’m begging!” She quickly reeled off.

“Where do you want my fingers?” I cruelly asked.

“In me! Deep in me!” She gasped.

“Deep in where?” I sadistically asked as I brought my fingers down almost out of her, teasing her lips with my fingertips.

“Deep in me!”


“Deep in my cunt, deep in my cunt!” She cried.

“Off we go then!” And I pushed hard and fast into her, finger fucking her ass at the same time. My fingers soppily plunged in and out, pushing her into heavenly erotic torture. She rocked on my fingers gasping, her legs juddering like crazy as if she were about to cum.

I had her screwed and skewered for over fifteen minutes and her knees trembled and her head rocked out of control. Her eyes closed, her body quivering on my hand. I smiled at her excitement. I then dealt the final blow. I went onto her pussy with my tongue and she instantly screamed out her orgasm, her body stiffening in time to the waves of pleasure coursing through her.

Sis sighed with delight, her face smooth and tranquil from the soothing effect of her orgasm. I looked at her in triumph and saw her face flush with fear.

“Get me down quick!”

I looked in her direction and there about ten feet away was a man with his trousers down masturbating. I quickly unhooked Sis from her sling and stood with a protecting arm around her.

The man flexed away, his hand a blur on his cock and he soon croaked and shot his seed onto the ground. We watched as his dying spurts dribbled onto the ground. He looked up embarrassed and pushed his turgid spent cock back into his trousers.

“Hello Sally,” he shyly greeted.


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