The Love Of Peggy Ch. 02

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Peggy and I left for the dance early about 6:30PM. We had dinner first and talked about how long we had both wanted to do what we did with each other that afternoon. It seems that Peggy wanted me as much as I wanted her ever since she was 12 years old and found her sex drive. I couldn’t get over the fact that I had missed 7 years with her, because of my lack of understanding women as a young teenager.

She told me she would be scared to even say hi fearing I would make fun of how tall she was or how thin she was back then. I smiled and told her: “Well baby you sure did fill out fine!”

She smiled and thanked me before saying: “ You know we did cum together the very first time. That must account for something strong between us.”

I said: “I think its called lust!” We both laughed! I said: “Well we were animals this afternoon fucking hard and fast and long! But, I would like us to take our time the next time and make love rather than fuck like crazy animals. But, it was hot wasn’t it?”

She said: “Yes it was the best I have ever done with the few guys I have been with, and there hasn’t been many. But, you’re right Bud, we should go slow and take our time the next time. But your mouth and tongue drove me wild this afternoon! I hope we can do that again!”

I laughed and told her: “If you like I’ll get under this table and lick you crazy right now. I’m so hard right now I could explode!” I was going to tell her about the mirror and then decided not to say anything.

Peggy smiled and then moaned thinking about me eating her pussy under the table. She said: “Well that’s the best offer I have had today baby! But, let’s wait until we get home and we’re in bed!”

We held hands and kissed and touched each other all during dinner. She looked beautiful as she had put on a short, tight, black skirt and white silk blouse. She had fixed her hair letting the waves fall over her shoulders. Her makeup was perfect and it was the first time I had seen her with any on since she had arrived 3 weeks ago. She looked like a million bucks! I couldn’t stop staring at her even when she told me again that it was nice to stare.

We took over 2 hours to eat and talk and play with each other! She was a dream come true for me. We were alone in the back of this dark place eating dinner and explored our new relationship. Her hands were all over my cock squeezing it and playing with it. I told her to take it out but she wouldn’t do it.

She asking me how she did when we made love. I just moaned and told her: “I never had any woman move like you did. And when you lifted us both up off the bed . . well god, you were fantastic!”

I asked her if I did what she liked and she moaned and told me: “I loved every second of it even if she was scared someone would catch us!”

She blushed a little and said: “Especially your tongue baby! I loved your tongue! It drove me wild!”

We talked about what we both liked in the way of lovemaking and she told me everything that turned her on and made her hot and made her cum! She had a special thing she likes better than anything else, she told me she loved the way I eat her pussy! She then blushed when I told her I was going to do that again before she went to bed tonight.

In fact if she wants, I would be happy to eat her every night and day for as long as she stayed with us. She touched my face and bent in and kissed me. She laughed and to told me: “I may never leave!” I said: “Good!” I paid the bill and we were off to the dance!

We arrived there about 9:30PM and as soon as we found my sister and her boyfriend we ordered a drink and started to dance. It seemed like we only stopped to get another drink or to cool off.

My sister and her boyfriend had the table almost all to themselves. We both kissed and held each other during the slow songs. There are never enough slow songs. At one point I cupped her breast and squeezed it as I felt her hand slid between my legs and squeeze my cock! She kissed me and opened her mouth to take my tongue. She moaned when she felt my cock grow and how hard it was becoming as it pressed against her body! But we stayed on the dance floor almost all night. We danced to almost every song and before we knew it 2AM came and the place was closing down.

We met up with Bev and her boyfriend Jeff to get something to eat at the dinner on the highway. It was summer and everyone still out was dressed in shorts and not much else. At this point, Peggy felt a little over dressed with her skirt. I told her she could take it off I didn’t care! She told me and you’ll be bailing me out for indecent exposure! I told her there was nothing indecent about her body! But we had a good time with my sister and Jeff before leaving them again to go our own way.

We decided not to go home yet and drove down the coast a little Seashore Park. By the time we arrived it was close to 5AM so we decided to sit in the car and talk waiting for the sun to rise!

Peggy reclined her seat and canlı bahis lay back looking up at the sky. There seem to be a million stars visible that night and for once in my life my convertible was useful. We watched the stars and listen to the ocean waves breaking as we kissed and gently touched each other. I ran my hand over her face and told her again how beautiful she was, she really was quiet spectacular with the light of the moon shinning on her face and neck. Her body was a goddess’s body!She smiled over at me when I told her that and then she bent in and kissed me long and very softly. I kissed her back and we both sighed from the touch of our lips and tongues together. She placed her hand on my face and told me: “I could get very use to this treatment Bud. I love the way you treat me babe!”

I told her: “I have never had a woman like you before in my life and I love it!”

We stayed like that just kissing and touching and talking to each other. Her arms were around my neck and on my shoulder as I slowly move my hand from around her waist and cupped each breast gently! I softly and very slowly stroked her breast on the outside of her silk blouse. But with no bra on and the silk material soon had her nipples grow hard. My touch was slow and gentle just like I want our love making to be.

She whispered in my ear that she loved the way I touched her breasts! I ran her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers making each one even harder. She softly moaned and told me: “That’s very nice Bud! You do have a touch baby, very nice!”

I whispered: “I love touching you Peggy! I can’t seem to stop it!”

She whispered: “Who wants you too stop? Not me! I could just lay here with you forever baby letting you stroke my body!”

My cock was crying for relief! As I began to unbutton and open her blouse, she smiled and she moved against me. Her back rested on my chest and she closed her eyes as my hand slid inside the blouse and cupped her breast. I could feel her fullness and weight of the breast and the thickness of the nipple at the end of it! I told her she had perfect breasts! She smiled and said: “They’re not round enough for Hollywood!”

I told her they were perfect for me! Now touching skin to skin, her nipple grew longer and harder as the breeze blew over it! I moved the breast completely out of her blouse and watched my hand lift and squeeze it. I lifted it up so the nipple stuck out over the palm of my hand. I whispered in her ear: “Perfect! You are perfect baby! Fuck Hollywood!”

She laughed a little. Then she sighed as I turned her a little and my lips circled her nipple as I began to suck it! She held my head in her left arm as she dropped her other hand to my cock. She sighed: “You are so hard baby! Damn you feel like steel baby! Does it hurt?”

I smiled and told her: “Only when I laugh!” We both laughed, I continued to hold and squeeze her breast and she continued to play with my cock! As I suck on her breast she undid my slacks and slid my hard cock out freeing it!

“Oh yes! That’s much better”, I told her! She smiled at me as it throbbed in her hand. I could feel the summer breeze blowing over the wet cock head. She told me to lay back. I moved my hand off of her body and reclined in seat all the way as she moved over me. I watched as she slowly bent her head down and I felt her lips lock over my hard mushroom cock head! I moaned loudly! She inhaled and I felt a strong suction being done on the head and maybe 2 or 3 inches of my cock!

I moaned her name and used my hands to slowly pushing and guide her head down so her mouth could take more and more of my shaft! Shifting in my seat I moved my body around so she would have more room away from the steering wheel. She hummed and licked on the cock head and I felt shocks go through my body as her hands stroked the shaft, which her mouth didn’t cover. Her other hand cupped my nuts, which were swollen with cum! She smiled up at me once when I moaned loudly! She popped the head out from her cheek and moved up to kiss me.

Her hand never stopped pumping my cock. Her tongue flew into my mouth as I pulled her body over more on to me. She whispered: “Oh Bud I want you so bad right now I want you to cum for me! I want to suck you dry baby!” I moaned as she squeezed my shaft and cock head as she fucked my mouth with her tongue. My hands held both of her tits squeezing the nipples as they hung down over my chest! Her hand was in unison with my hand and she squeezing my cock as I milked her nipples. God I felt so hard!

She moved back dropping her mouth over my cock again. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked hard on the head. Her thumb and index finger wrapped around the shaft and became a blur as she pumped the shaft squeezing it as she stroked it. My nuts were tight in my sack and she cupped and felt the weight of them just like I had done with her breasts! She gently rubbed and squeezed my nuts as she sucked hard on my cock! I knew she was going make bahis siteleri me cum in a few more seconds. I told her: “Baby! I’m about to cum! If you don’t want it all over you, you better stop or lock your mouth over the head!”

She moaned and covered the big swollen cock head with her mouth! She pushed down at the base of my cock stretching the skin around the top tight, making me even more sensitive! Then she bit the shaft just under the head with her teeth. She popped the head out of her mouth again and asked me: “Are you ready baby? Cum for me baby!”

I just moaned something that sounded like: “Yes!” She covered the head again with her lips forming a strong vacuum and sucked and sucked and sucked as she swallowed almost all of my cock down her throat! She then sucked just the head harder than she had done before as her hand flew up and down up and down the shaft stroking me hard and fast!

I arched and began to spew into her beautiful mouth! I felt like my insides were going into her mouth my cum shots were so hard! She grunted as the first couple of shots were that strong but she never stopped sucking!! She smiled up at me with those bright beautiful eyes as she gulped down all of the cum I had. A little dribbled around the shaft and the corners of her lips. I had arched my back and lifted my ass up off the car seat as I fucked her mouth until I had finished my climax! She finished me off but continued to suck on me until I have no more cum to give her. When she finally removed the deflating head from her lips she kissed the head and licked and wiped the drips of cum off her lips with the cock head and her tongue. She then sucked it clean before moving up and kissing me.

She shoved her tongue into my mouth letting me taste my own cum just like I did to her when I ate her pussy! She curled next to me and looked my in the eye and asked: “Feel better Bud? Well how was it? Did I do good?”

I held her and moaned: “Wonderful! I loved it baby! You were fantastic” She smiled and we again rested! I sat with my back against the door, and she laded back against my chest! We sat there watching the first rays of sun break the horizon. She didn’t bother to put her breasts back inside her blouse and they were both out for me to play with! This girl was unbelievable.

I left my soft cock out and felt it rest against her back. I played with her nipples as we watched the sun break above the water. I reached down and pulled her skirt up as she lifted her ass up and the skirt slid up around her panty line. I whispered: “Open your legs for me.”

She slid one leg over the edge of the seat and I bent her other leg at the knee placing her foot behind the headrest. She lay against me as my hand slowly stroked over her panties. They were soaking wet with her excitement.

I whispered: “Pull your panties over for me baby!” She moaned and I licked her neck as I whispered: “I want to rub your pussy and make you cum! Let me make you cum Peggy! Let me make love to your pussy, right here! Right now! I can’t wait until we get home. I want to see you cum! Let me make you cum baby!”

She turned ½ way and kissed me hard! She licked my lips with her tongue and said: “ Yes!! Oh yes baby! Do it! Make me cum!”

She lay back against me and we both watched as her fingers hooked the side of her panties and pulled them out of the way and my fingers stroked her pussy. My hand felt her hot wet pussy and I worked 2 fingers into her hole as my thumb stroked her clit! She arched a few times as she neared an orgasm!

I watched my hand as it worked on her snatch and then she held her hand over my hand and we both stroked her pussy just like she wanted it stroked. Finally she moaned and then grunted as she arched her ass and back high off the seat and cried: “OH BUD! OH GOD BABY! OH YES! OH YES! OH GOD BUD I’m CUMMING!! AHHH! AHHHH!! AHHH!!!AHHHHH!!!! AHHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

I watched as her body humped and humped on my hand as three fingers were buried all the way inside her pussy and she climaxed on them!! She was panting and gasping for air as she finally stopped cumming! My hand and her legs and pussy were covered with her cum! My car seat was also wet. But, God she looked so good as her body fucked my hand.

I was hard as hell again as she finally put her ass back down on the seat and slowly pulled my hand off her pussy! I took my hand and hers to my mouth and licked all the fingers and hands cleaning her cum off of them! She smiled at me and stroked my face as I sucked her fingers.

I kissed her and said: “Come on we’ll go to the beach and make love. But, just then, we heard a car pull up and we covered ourselves. We saw a bunch of surfer guys get out and run down to the water with their boards. We watched then for awhile before adjusting ourselves and I started the car. To many people on the beach to be able to fuck!

She rubbed the back of my neck as I drove us home. She moved over and kissed my neck as bahis şirketleri she whispered: “You own me now baby! And, I will collect!”

I smiled and told her: Well when we get back, you get into bed and wait for me to come over and pay you back!”

She laughed and then sighed as my hand dropped in her lap. I could feel the heat of her pussy on the outside of her skirt! She lifted up a little and I moved my hand under the skirt! Her panties were still off and she was still sticky and very wet! I ran my fingers over her mound and then took them to my lips. I moved them back into her.

She lifted again and moved her skirt up. She opened her legs and I played with her beautiful pussy all the way home rubbing it and then licking my fingers. At one point she held my fingers deep inside her and humped gently on them. I’m sure she was getting off again.

I asked her if she just got off and she just smiled and licked my neck! When we got home no one was there, since it was Thursday, they were all at work! We ran upstairs and as I took off her clothes she took off my clothes. It was very sexy and as she slid my shorts down over my cock it sprang up at her face. She kissed the head a few times before I pulled her up.

When we were both nude we stepped into the shower and began to wash each other. As I washed her back I kissed her neck and reached around to cup her full soft breasts! She pushed back against me feeling my cock against her ass. She sighed: “Oh Bud! I love you!”

I turned her around and said: “What did you just say?”

She smiled and said: “Don’t look so shocked! You think I would let a guy do this with me if I didn’t have really strong feelings for him?”

I smiled and said: “Well I love you too baby! I want you to know that I love you too!” She pulled us together and kissed me hard and long! My cock was riding up between her thighs and I knew I was really in love not lust!

We held each other for a while and then I told her turn around and let me wash your back. She kissed me one last time and turned around for me. I started with her neck and slid my hands down her back and shoulders washing her. As I worked my way down her magnificent body, I knelt in the tub. My face was even with her ass. God her legs were so long and so shapely! Her beautiful ass stuck out at me, so round, so high and so solid. It was spectacular. I washed it and under it just touching her pussy with the tips of my fingers. I saw Peggy open her legs for me.

I smiled and kissed her ass and then bit it! She jumped and told me: “No biting Bud! I laughed and bit her again! She told me she was going to bit my cock if I didn’t stop!

I let the water run down her body and watched as the soap went over her ass and ran down her legs. I started soaping her thighs working my hands under her ass and between her smooth thighs. I cupped her pussy and washed it slow and easy for a while until I heard her finally say: “Bud! I think it’s clean baby!”

I sat back on my feet as I worked my hands down her long silky legs. And then as I looked I saw her slit and pink pussy lips between her legs under her ass just like I had dreamed about! I said: “You know what?”

She said: “What?”

I told her: “This is just like in my fantasy dream about you!” She asked: “Fantasy? You had a fantasy , a dream about me? What was your fantasy Bud?”

I said: “Washing you just like this. I dreamed that I took my finger and ran it up and down your pussy, like this!” I moved my hand and finger under her ass and stroked her pussy. She held my hand as I slipped a finger into her pussy watching it disappear.

I said: “Then you bent way over for me.” She bent over until she looked at me between her legs. Her ass and pussy stuck up and out for me. I used both hands now to work on her cunt! It was wet and I washed the soap off as it stood right in front of my face. I bent in and licked up the entire length of her slit!

She sighed and asked: “Was this part of your dream?”

I stopped licking and said: “Yes, I licked your pussy in the shower until you went crazy and had an orgasm standing here!” The shower ran and warm water ran over both of us as I worked on that so beautiful pussy! My fingers and hands and mouth and tongue and lips stroked and licked and kissed and make love to her pussy. I looked up and saw her squeezing her tits! Finally I told her to turn around. She did and I buried my face into her snatch and shoved my tongue as deep into her as I could get it. I used my fingers to open and spread her outer and inner lips as I licked and sucked her. Time went by maybe 20 or 30 minutes and I never stopped making love to her cunt.

I had her turn around again so her ass was facing me again. I inserted my index finger into her ass hole as my mouth covered her pussy! I heard moan I heard her sigh, she called my name just like she did when she masturbated with that vibrator last week. She had to put her hands against the wall in order to stop falling a couple of times.

She told me she was so hot! She wanted me to stand up and fuck her but I told her: “Soon baby! We’ll fuck soon. Right now I’m paying you back for that fantastic job you did for me at the beach!”

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