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It’s been said millions of time as a lure to join in an adventure…”come to the biggest, or come to the favorite, or come to the best~ Insert topic here”.

I have decided to start a new trend. I have decided to cum to the best fantasy recently shared with me. I am going to print your photo on a life-sized page and read the fantasy as it was shared.

We stood in a room that used to hold special memories and even a secret or two prior to this arrival. The sounds of you working one floor down got my attention. I decided to put my bra back on and mosey on down to see what the banging was about. We stood and said hello – with the deepest eye contact. I knew my smile was a bit tainted with desire, but to see yours reflected back was enough to start the moisture in my panties.

Words are a faded memory, but the feeling I had as you stood, neglecting your work with a tool in your hand keeps me going. The masculinity of your stance, the smell of your hormones pouring through your skin brought me to an inhibition I’d not ever realized being beside you. I shared more than with most.

The unasked question with regard to my desires for you was answered many times over in many ways. Yes, I have yearned for you and masturbated to the visuals of you in my mind. Over and Over. Yes, I have wanted to know the taste of you.

We continued our conversation as a reminiscence of you visiting my room years back. I reminded you of a certain book that made you blush when you saw it in my room. You did not remember, but I saw it then as a chance of an ice breaker that instead made us both uneasy. This time around, I reminded you of it and mentioned I’d not read it yet. No need, as I write those types of stories on my own.

An eyebrow was raised. In a voice unlike your own, you confirmed the type and style of writing. Somehow this confession was simple for, you. Most would not think talk of a story would generate a sexual interaction and this was no different. Intentions were unclear, yet the stories were solidly of a sexual nature…your interest kept me talking. Offer of sharing one or two of the hundreds got you going a bit. I refused a tempting glance at your cock to see whether our conversation was exciting you or if I was the only one.

You probed further into the content…even wondered whether any were written about you. Most certainly.

Here is the way that one went…

Upon our first encounter, my panties filled with a hot and wet sensation. I could feel my lips pulsate with my visions of “being with you”. Intermittently, I pulsated my muscles with a clench that would squeeze your cock like no other. But we had only just met.

That night, I fell asleep with visions of canlı bahis you beside me, holding me while you whispered in my ear until I fell asleep in your arms. When we would awaken, you would ease your cock between my legs from behind and massage my breast until I responded…but this was only the second day of my building on a fantasy. Time will allow more detail, I thought to myself.

On the second afternoon with you in my presence, I began to let my guard down and approach you a bit more than usual. It could not go without comment that I found you in your snug t-shirt to be a new turn on for me. The strength of your torso, the physique on display was one of substance. A substance that was making me high. Being intoxicated by your appearance paled in comparison to the high I felt when we spoke and exchanged a bit of physical contact.

The contact was nominal, but still it sent a tingle to places I had not felt in a long time. A brush of your muscular arm against mine; walking so close behind me that I could feel the bulge in your pants against my ass, or even a gentle stroke of my hair caused me to feel a bit more want for you. Once you were around me, you looked back for my reaction. I blushed and it brought a certain gleam to my eye that you thought you had seen before. It was a look filled with desire. My posture was one of readiness.

Taking a stance, you poured us each a glass of your wine of choice then invited me to join you on the porch. I accepted and followed along. The first glass was good for breaking the ice. Conversation flowed smoothly as the second glass was poured. We toasted for the fun of it. It enabled us to lock eyes and sip through the moment. I could not resist the temptation to lick the corner of my lips after the long hard swallow. Under your breath, you suggested “maybe she does swallow”…

By the third pour, we were on our way to another location. It took several minutes to walk down the road to the barn. It was a refurbished old building with a distinct charm all its own. Rebuilt interior to accommodate a few couches and entertainment area, it was a new sexual destination zone.

We plunked ourselves on the overstuffed couch. You landed first, and as I lowered myself, you flipped a leg up to land beneath me. it was a perfect fit, the way my knees bent over yours, causing my legs to separate. The inside of my lower thigh was comforted by your strong hand. You pulled it towards you and edged your way up my leg. As soon as you felt a twitch in my thigh, you stopped the motion and relaxed until I became more comfortable with you.

Conversation was light, though in short time, we were speaking of potential experiences and fantasies. With no surprise, bahis siteleri we learned that ours overlapped and even complimented one another’s. You took the glass from my hand and pulled me closer.

I could feel my heart race as you eased an arm around my shoulders and pressed your fingertips into the tender flesh of my thigh. Sitting so close, smelling your enticing scent was driving me wild. Summoning enough nerve, finally – I referred back to your sigh of an inquiry as to my preferences…”yes, for you, I do” I whispered seductively.

You nearly choked on your wine as you got the news. Evidently, it IS every man’s desire to have his bounty swallowed by a passionate woman.

Expressions of desire led us to experiment right here and now. Your hand eased up my thigh until you could slip a fingertip beneath the elastic of my panties. The wetness bolted your eyes wide open~I smiled and thrust my hips up to press your fingers harder against me. A moan escaped on your heavy breath.

Our subtle staring contest quickly became a strong embrace, sealed with a most passionate kiss. In a seated dance, my leg slid up along your leg, your hand eased in sync to it and pressed hard inside me. My chest pressed out against you in pleasure, as a silent request for you to pay it some attention.

Assessment of your hands in this position, you could not do it – I cupped one breast from underneath and rubbed a fingertip across my nipple. Easy to see, it was instantly hard and pressing through my thin lace bra. With one little shove up, it was closer to your face. Perfect fit in your mouth – and a perfect bite through the layers of clothing. A deep sigh escaped me as I released my tit to pull the bra and blouse from it. The feel of your bare tongue and wet slick saliva excited me to the next level. Your now-sopping hand was proof.

When you pulled your fingers out of me, I could still feel the sensation. Your knuckles pummeled my lips as you rubbed my viscous nectar across your fingertips. You smeared it across my bare breast and proceeded to suckle it off. As your fingers returned to my drenched pussy, I nearly came on contact. We needed to adjust so that I could hold out longer.

Re-engaging in another tongue filled kiss, we shifted and eased me over your leg until I straddled your lap. Being the gentleman you are, you allowed me to carefully and methodically unbutton your pants. A shift of your boxers exposed your cock to me. It took some effort to free that hard member from your pants in this position. The reward was worth every second of getting it done. I inched up along your body until your cock lay neatly between my sweet wet lips. A grind forward and back lubed you just bahis şirketleri right. The way you buried your face between my breasts made me wetter and wetter until I eventually poured over and saturated you. The trickle of nectar around your shaft to your balls sent you to a new level.

As tightly as you pulled me to your body, we could still not get close enough to feel each other as deeply as needed to ease some of the tension. Grinding on you without the anticipated penetration built the sensations and intensified the urges to go further.

Propping myself to my knees caused confusion and a bit of worry in you that I was stopping the fun before any type of climax for either of us…it was time to shift a little bit. You would not let me go before one more kiss and a handful of hair from the back of my head to pull me closer. My head tilted back to let you know how I enjoyed it. Although I insisted silently on moving my position, your hand kept firm on my mane. You let me adjust.

Before you knew, it, I was sucking my own juices off your cock. Long, methodical swipes of my soft tongue up and down your shaft cleaned you pretty well. A sneak peek up your body revealed that you were watching every move I made. It was fun to see the motions that created the sensations. I performed it all for you. The display of ecstasy could be felt in the pulsations of your cock. I proceeded with my own fun.

I caught you pressing your tongue over your flushed lips as if you were tasting me. I let go of your thigh and reached between mine. When my hand reached your mouth, your eyes widened and mouth fell agape. Not to take my fingers, but in disbelief of what may be next! That I might be about to offer my wet fingers to you was all the thrill you could imagine. I inserted my two fingers. Strumming your tongue as you sucked them clean, I began to distract you again with an abrupt head bob until your cock was nearly filling my throat. Slowly, I receded and let your cock slip from my lips.

Three more laps of your cock and a gentle-then-firm sucking of your engorged head and you were already cumming. I pulled my face off your cock after the first surge in my mouth. After the first, I help my head back a bit to offer you a fun moment of having a live target. You grabbed hold of your own cock as we both strapped our fingers around it (though mine were mostly cupping your balls) a few jerks and a beautiful grunt-like moan kept my attention strong. I extended my tongue – certain that you were going to hit your mark. I was right, and caught each blast of joy. The moment I closed my lips for a quick swallow, you gave it your best shot and sprayed my face and neck all at once.

Just as you finished, an exploring fingertip collected some of your nectar, smeared it on a nipple and then to your mouth with a less than generous taste, just before the viscosity shifted. You chased it with your own fingertip full of my flavors…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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