The Lake House

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The lake was a clear, crystal blue and the pine trees that surrounded it were the greenest I had ever seen. I sat on the porch of my boyfriend’s log cabin with a cup of coffee and a jacket around my shoulders. It was chilly out this morning. The view of the lake was so beautiful from here that I could hardly believe it existed. I had always loved the mountains.

The front door opened and diverted my attention. My boyfriend stepped out of the cabin, wearing his usual black trench coat. He looked as beautiful as ever in the crisp mountain air. His messy black hair stuck up in places, and his dark brown eyes looked tired.

“Hey, babe,” he said before he let out a yawn. He had just woken up. He was still wearing his pajamas under his coat. “How’d you sleep?”

“Since you wore me out last night, I slept really well,” I replied, smiling my usual wicked smile. A similar smiled crossed his lips as he sat down next to me in the swing and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“How about later,” illegal bahis he whispered into my ear, “after it warms up a bit, you and I go down to the lake and go skinny dipping?” I couldn’t hide the smile of approval that played my lips. He turned my head toward his and kissed me deeply, tracing my lips sensually with his tongue. After our lips parted, he stood up and walked inside, leaving me wanting more. *** As later rolled around, I only wanted him more. He had been walking around the house in nothing but boxer shorts all morning. He was a tease and he enjoyed it. His dark golden skin, toned arms, and six-pack abs always excited me.

It was obvious that my body did the same to him.

My skin was much paler than his, and I was thin with a rounded ass, 36C breasts, and a pretty face. I kept that oh-so-attractive hourglass shape that my boyfriend loved so much. I was a little bit shorter than him, but he liked it that way.

He was standing in the kitchen, in his boxers, making a sandwich when illegal bahis siteleri I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I took the initiative by walking up behind him and placing my hands on his hips. As I moved closer to him, one hand felt over his abs as the other reached into his shorts and started stroking his semi-hard cock. He moaned in pleasure as he stopped what he was doing and turned around so I could get better access. I took this as a sign to progress.

Kneeling down, I pulled his shorts down, causing his rock hard cock to spring forward. I took it in my hands once more and started to stroke it more deliberately before licking the head. He moaned again as I licked the length of his shaft. I pulled away before lunging forward again and taking his cock into my mouth. His hips started to buck forward and he started to take control. His hand gripped my hair and he started to fuck my mouth with fast, even strokes. All I had to do was lick when necessary. I could feel myself getting canlı bahis siteleri progressively more turned on.

A few more thrusts and I couldn’t stand it. I needed a cock in my pussy, now! He pulled out of my mouth and I stood up and undressed.

Obviously, he needed release, too, since as soon as my panties dropped, he took me in his arms, leaned me over the sofa and plunged into me without so much as a warning. Instantly, I was in ecstasy. He pumped in and out several times as I felt my orgasm build.

“Oh, Oh, OH,” I exclaimed as I grabbed onto the couch as hard as I could. He started to slow down, delaying my climax. He was teasing me, yet again. He pulled all the way out and plunged back in three times before he resumed the vicious fucking he was giving me before. I felt him lean forward and grab and massage my breasts.

This pushed me over the edge.

“OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed as my climax hit me. “YES, YES! Fuck me, Theo, FUCK ME!”

He pumped violently until he, too, climaxed, squirting his hot cum deep into my pussy. He collapsed on top of me and hugged me to him, exhausted. He held himself inside of me as he shrunk until, finally, with a quiet slurping sound, he pulled out.

We never got to the lake that day.

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