The Keeper

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Squinting against the warm spring sun, Annabelle pulled her long chestnut hair from its twist at the nape of her neck. Her sensible heels clicked lightly against the paving stones at the entrance to the zoo as Steve, the gateman, smiled at her “Good aftanoon Annabelle, knew you’d be out since tha rain cleared up.” Touching two fingers to the bill of his cap and winking, he didn’t ask to see her annual pass.

Annabelle liked to take her lunch to the zoo. Nature rejuvenated her, and the warmth of spring made staying indoors unbearable. The antics of the spider monkeys amused her, and the Tuesday piranha feedings were not to be missed. But Anna’s favorite exhibit was in the bamboo shrouded Asian section of the zoo – the tiger’s exhibit.

On most afternoons they were out languishing in the sunny areas … stretched gracefully over cool grass or warm boulders. Despite the fact that a tiger does not need the excuse of insanity to stalk humans as prey, she felt a kinship with them. Her stress melted away and was replaced by a calm power when she gazed into their lucid yellow eyes.

She sensed something different as soon as she neared the enclosure. Usually the tigers were independent, distancing themselves from one another. She glanced at the placard announcing that only 400 Sumatran tigers remained in the wild; stressing that all tigers in this enclosure had been bred in captivity. Yet – something untamed was tangible in the air today as Anne took a seat on her favorite bench.

The females were sniffing the air excitedly and pacing. Their movements, always sensual, depicted more sexual arousal than Anne could remember seeing. The males roamed, marking their territory and snapping at the lusty females. Annabelle assumed it was the awakening of spring – it was certainly having its effects on her. Running a hand down the front of her slim brown suit to chase away any stray crumbs, she stood – thinking tomorrow might be another good day to see what her feline friends were up to.

* * *

Cool rain splattered outside the covered viewing area as Annabelle approached the tigers the next day. She pulled her wool wrap closer around her shoulders, wishing for the promising spring weather of the previous day. Rather than sitting, she stood sipping warm soup from a Styrofoam cup. The enclosure appeared to be empty but for one tiger. He wasn’t one of those familiar to her from her many previous visits. His coat was darker, and his musculature was apparent under the thick fur.

Anna’s eyes followed him as he paced restlessly in the enclosure as if looking for a way out. Suddenly, he looked toward the viewing area, and his nostrils flared slightly as he sniffed in Anna’s direction. She realized she was holding her breath as he moved down a small hill towards where she stood. The tiger’s eyes were locked on hers’ as he approached the glass, sniffing. His posture was restless, tail twitching. The glass fogged as Anna breathed out – she felt what he was feeling – restless, trapped, and anxious. Anna brought her right hand up to the glass, and remembering the sign’s claim that all the zoo’s tigers had been born in captivity, she whispered “You don’t belong here, do you.”

“He’s not from here” the quiet male voice behind her made Anna jump. She spun around to see a man wearing the same khaki shirt all the workers wore at the zoo. He stood about half a foot over her in her conservative heels. She took in his honey complexion and glossy dark hair, but it was his eyes that startled her almost as much as his approach had. They complimented his hair and skin perfectly, and their depths reflected a certain strength and wisdom that reminded her of meeting the eyes of the tigers he spoke to her of.

“You mean, from another zoo … or …” she questioned him, wondering if he would answer, or simply ask her to leave. She had often seen exhibits closed to give a new animal time to adjust.

“Come back tonight as the zoo is closing, and I will tell you more. Tell the gateman that Kersen said to let you in.”

* * *

Annabelle worked late that night, nervously anticipating what the story was behind this new tiger, and why the mysterious Kresen wanted to tell her after the zoo had closed. She new some of the keepers at the zoo fairly well, but she had never even seen him before.

Her smart dark grey suit fell out of place in the sparkling sunset. The clouds were finally dissolving, and warm orange light reflected in every drop of rain left clinging to leaves and railings. The gates were closed, but Annabelle canlı bahis saw Steve walking towards her from the other side, a ring of keys jangling in his hand.

“Kresen said …”

“… to let Annabelle in after closing.” Steve interrupted, punctuating his statement with a wink. “I knew he had to be talkin’ about Annabelle when he described ya.”

Anna got the eerie feeling that this stranger knew more about her than she did about him. A nervous excitement flickered like electricity down her spine. As she approached the tiger’s enclosure, she saw Kresen waiting in a golf-cart painted green and sporting mud tires. “Would you like to see where the tigers live? They are rumored to be your favorite, due to your frequent visits …”

Annabelle blinked, trying to swallow past the mild anxiety she felt rising in her throat. She managed a nod, imagining that this must be what it felt like to live in the zoo – having others analyzing your habits. She tried not to notice Kresen’s eyes following her movements as she slid into the seat next to him and smoothed the skirt of her suit. He drove them onto a well worn dirt path next to the tiger’s enclosure, to a gate partially camouflaged on either side by tall stands of bamboo. He passed an ID much like her work badge before a grey box, which caused the gate to slide open and allow the cart to pass through. A second gate and she recognized that they were inside the tiger’s enclosure.

“Is it …” Annabelle started, somewhat alarmed.

“Safe? Yes – the tigers each have their own separate enclosures and are secure.” Kresen stared seriously into her eyes as he answered the question she never finished asking.

Shifting uncomfortably under his calm gaze, she remembered why she was here. “So, you were going to tell me about this new tiger?”

Kresen placed a hand on the shoulder closest to him “Yes. Annabelle, you have nothing to worry about here – you can relax.” Despite her anxiety, his touch was reassuring, and Annabelle felt herself calming despite her misgivings about this strange meeting.

Springing lightly from the cart, Kresen began explaining the new tiger “You were correct about Rokan – he is from the Berbak National Park on Sumatra. He did not find the park, recently reduced in size, to be suitable and would not stay put. I was called upon to move him before he did something to endanger himself.”

Anna was familiar with the plight of Sumatran tigers from her time spent at their enclosure. She knew they were endangered, and that reserves existed to protect them, but that those were shrinking. Kresen had turned to approach one of the gated areas, and she followed him.

Rokan paced impatiently inside, as if he expected the walls surrounding him to have perhaps vanished when he next passed by. Anna approached fearlessly, placing her hands on the fence. She felt an odd connection with this tiger, and she knew he would not hurt her. She didn’t flinch as he approached and sniffed her hands, and she did not look away when he stared directly into her face before continuing his pacing.

“I don’t think Rokan is happy here” Annabelle turned to Kresen. “Those of us that are strong can adapt” he answered as she turned back to watch the tiger pace. Anna felt as much as heard him move closely behind her. “That is part of the reason I asked you to come, you remind me of the tigers. You were meant for a different life than that which you lead.”

He was right; her straight-laced career, her sensible shoes, and her tailored suits left her tired at the end of the day. A thrill ran through her as she felt his fingers at the back of her neck. “Shhhh, its ok … I’m not going to hurt you” Kresen reassured her as he pressed his fingers more firmly at the base of her skull, massaging her tight neck. Almost instantly she felt herself start to relax – while at the same time a new kind of excitement started to build deep inside her.

As he continued rubbing her neck, Kresen used his other hand to release her shining hair from the tight bun it had been trapped in all day. Anna shook her head to release it in cascading mahogany waves. His hands moved from her neck to massage her scalp, and she sighed as she leaned her head back. “You feel trapped as they – you need to be released” he whispered in her ear, his breath causing her skin to tingle. And she knew he was right. She needed to break out of the quiet life she had been leading. She wasn’t sure how he knew her, but he did. She knew nothing about him, but her instinct told her to trust, and so she bahis siteleri did.

Annabelle let out a low moan as she let go of her worries. Kresen took her by the shoulders and turned her to face him. He looked deeply into her eyes before lowering his hands to her hips and pulling her closer to him. He closed the gap between them, sealing his lips to Anna’s, kissing her gently. The need in her body awoke, and she responded to him … pressing the front of her body against his as she gripped the backs of his elbows. The kiss intensified into a hungry expression of mutual desire, their tongues reaching tentatively at first into each others mouths … more deeply as they continued.

Kresen pulled back from her, holding her by the waist at arm’s length. “What else can we release …” he mused, his hands sliding smoothly over the front of her suit jacket to the three buttons holding it closed. The movement of his fingers was sensual as he freed her from her jacket. One of his hands moved under her jacket, caressing the curve of her waist through the lace of her camisole. The other hand slid up her neck to her jaw, drawing her ear so close to his lips that she could feel them move as he whispered “More?”

In answer, Annabelle started with the top button of his work shirt. She growled with delight to find that he was not wearing an undershirt. “Yesss, there she is” Kresen answered her growl, pushing her jacket from her shoulders. Anna felt more awake, more alive, than she could remember. She pulled the hem of his shirt from his belted khaki pants, pushing it aside to openly admire his sculpted chest. His skin was velvety smooth under her fingertips. She ran her hands over the ridges of muscle, lightly clawing them with her nails. Kresen grunted, placing a hand on the back of her head and pulling her to him once again, their chests separated only by the soft lace of her camisole.

As they kissed hungrily, Anna could feel his growing arousal pressing against her. She moaned into his mouth, and moved her hand down from where it was gripping his shoulder to feel the length of him through his functional pants. He pulled away from her soft lips and smiled into her starving eyes “My, I have awoken a hungry tigress, haven’t I?”

She was enjoying the slow progression of their intimacy, but she couldn’t take it anymore. In her lacey camisole, grey skirt, and sensible heels – she dropped to her knees on the ground to show him just how hungry she was. She groaned as she ran a hand up the front of his khaki pants, stopping to tug impatiently at the belt. “I didn’t mean you had to …” a look akin to concern lit his eyes “I want to” Annabelle firmly stated as she freed the button. Only the zipper to go … her breathing was shallow and quick with anticipation. No undershirt, no underpants … she dragged his pants to his knees and eyed her prey.

His cock was the same warm tone as his skin, but the skin was softer. She lightly teased his length with her nose and lips, aching with anticipation. One arm snaked behind his leg to pull him closer to her, while her opposite hand moved up the inside of his thigh. Her fingers slid into the dark hair covering his balls, and she poised her open mouth at the head of his penis, turning her eyes up to watch his face as she slid her tongue out to sample him. Kresen groaned and leaned back, wrapping a hand in her warm brown hair. It was all the encouragement she needed.

She moaned as she slid her mouth slowly down the length of his cock. Sucking in a breath, she went as far as she could – her lips nearly encircling the base. His hand tightened in her hair, and she slowly started moving up and down. His moan only made her hungrier, and she slid her tongue firmly against the sensitive underside of his manhood. Slowly she reached a pace, moving up and down his length, his hips bucking lightly against her. She groaned against him, savoring the delicacy of his unique taste. Kresen pulled her head away from his groin – spittle and pre-cum strung between her open mouth and the tip of his erection.

“You aren’t the only hungry beast in this jungle” he muttered, sinking to his knees in front of her on the ground. “Good” she replied, pulling his hands to her breasts, sighing as his palms brushed her prickling nipples. He moved his hands to her waist and with aching slowness pulled her camisole over her head. Her long hair settled across her bare shoulders, not quite long enough to cover her exposed breasts. His slightly calloused hands cupped her average sized but perky breasts, bahis şirketleri his thumbs stimulating her rigid tan nubs. He lowered his head to her chest, teasing her before sucking her into his mouth. He reached around and deftly unclasped and unzipped her skirt.

“Stand up” Kresen commanded. Annabelle gave him a look that said “Only because I want to.” His wicked grin told her he knew he was playing with fire, ordering her, and that excited her more. She stood, letting her skirt slide to the ground. He pressed his face close to her panty-clad crotch, inhaling her scent as he closed his eyes. His tongue played around the edge of the cloth running between her thighs. It was almost more than she could take, and she grabbed his head and pulled it closer. His mouth closed on the front of her moist panties, his tongue pressing against her clit through the fabric. He hooked his thumbs through the waistband and pulled her underwear down her legs.

Annabelle could feel his breath against her clitoris, and it was driving her insane. She groaned with need, willing herself not to grind into his face. His fingers gently parted her outer lips, and he made low sound of approval in his throat. Finally – his warm wet tongue was against her clit. Her knees nearly buckled as she let herself go to the smooth rhythmic coaxing of his mouth. Anna’s breath began coming in short bursts, every breath out accompanied my low groaning. Her hips bucked forward involuntarily, and her grip in Kresen’s hair bordered on painful. The first electric shocks radiated from her solar plexus and she smiled – knowing what was coming. An almost inhuman sound escaped from deep within her as the waves of pleasure rushed through her body.

Annabelle dropped breathless to her knees, pulling Kresen’s face to her with both hands, greedily tasting herself on his lips. He matched her appetite, delving his tongue into her mouth as if he would eat her alive.

Suddenly, Kresen stood, hastily jerking off his shoes to remove the pants now puddled at his ankles. Anna slid her feet from her shoes, and he was on top of her, pushing her into the lush wet grass. The cool dampness of the approaching evening against her back was a sharp contrast to the sweaty warmth of his chest against her breasts. He sat back, admiring the creature he’d help unleash, now lying naked on the ground, looking up at him lustfully. Cock in hand, he paused at the entrance to her womanhood, just letting the tip caress her. “More?” he asked her with a half smile, though he already knew her answer. She thrust her hips forward, trying to impale herself on his shaft. Giving in, he plunged into to her warm silky darkness. She smiled and shuddered at the feel of him pressing against her walls. He paused, familiarizing himself with the sensation of being wrapped in her delicacy before slowly beginning to move his hips against her – holding back just a little lest he spill his core into her too soon.

Her groans echoed around them as she began to lose control of her body to the awareness of him filling and surrounding her. Kresen’s pace slowly increased, and sound of his body slamming into to hers’, the feeling of his genitals pressing against her ass brought out her response as she raised herself to meet each of his driving blows. The picture of them naked in the grass, mating like animals was what finally sent her over the edge. Anna’s back arched into him, her pussy contracting rhythmically around him, pulling him with her. He groaned and bucked as he emptied himself into her, their tense bodies straining together as the echo of their combined cries faded.

They collapsed together into a spent tangle in the grass mashed flat by their desire. Annabelle became aware of heavy breathing coming neither from her nor from Kresen. She turned her gaze to the enclosure, where Rokan sat watchfully, panting.

* * *

Kresen took Annabelle back to the gate in the cart. It was dark by now, and the zoo seemed deserted other than the hum of the electric motor and the cries of the nocturnal inhabitants. He kissed her once more at the gate, bringing her memories of what had just happened back to the surface, but breaking the contact before she became too aroused.

At home, Anna did not question what had happened. She tried not to think about if she should try to see Kresen again. She let herself languish in the memories of the evening, and slept better than she could remember ever sleeping.

* * *

Carrying her lunch, Annabelle could feel the blush creeping into her cheeks as Steve waved her over. He seemed to have something urgent to say, and she was afraid what it may be. “Your new friend got called back to Berbak … poachers. But he insisted I tell ya’ that he always comes back to check on his tigers.”

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