The Internship

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All the characters in this story are 18 years or older.


One Friday night, Stacey Wilson was sitting with a group of friends in the food court at the mall, lingering for the last few minutes before her shift started. They were in the midst of a typical “girl” conversation.

Janey, the loudest of the bunch, said “Jesus, Jason fucked me so hard the other night I thought I was going to pass out.”

They all burst out laughing.

“Wow, Janey, don’t hold back.”

“Aaaaand she’s off. So how many times did you come?”

“Fuck if I know. I’m not kidding. We were doing it, missionary style, you know, and just when we were both getting into it he pulled out, yanked me to my hands and knees, and just started slamming into me from behind.”

Stacey listened and laughed along with the rest of her friends, but in reality she was getting angry and irritated. She glanced at her watch.

“Oh, are we keeping you from something, Miss Manager?”

Marie looked at her. “You know, why is it the hottest girl at this table never wants to talk about sex?”

Stacey opened her mouth to say something but one of the others broke in.

“Yeah, why is that? Come on, you must be hiding something. You must have lost all that weight for a reason.”

“How did you do it, anyway?” Janey was eying her with a little more than casual envy. There was real jealousy in her face.

“I told you. Stopped eating junk. Started working out. It really wasn’t that hard once I put my mind to it.”

“Yeah, well, even if I ran marathons, I’d never have your body. So what’s the deal? Don’t tell us you’re just sitting alone every night because I know Mark asked for your number the other night.”

“I don’t have time for that. In fact, I have to get going.”

Marie chimed in, “Well I wouldn’t mind sitting at home every night if my father was as hot as yours.”

The other girls giggled.

Stacey blushed a deep red and glared at her.

“So what, does your Dad ever bring any women home? Come on! How can he stay single?”

Stacey’s father, Dave, was a handsome and very successful businessman, and her friends were always teasing her about him. He owned and ran several high-end car dealerships and repair shops, specializing in Porsche and Mercedes. He’d built the whole business up from scratch and everyone in Raleigh, NC knew who he was.

“He dates. He just doesn’t bring anyone home.”

Janey seemed to be goading her. “Come on, I bet he’s out there right now screwing his brains out!”

Stacey felt like she was about to explode. Fucking Janey. She was so goddamned crude. She stood up. “I have to go. Great lunch—see you later guys.”

She hated the way they talked about her father. It always bothered her. She didn’t like them talking about him at all. Her father was … not like other men. Certainly not like any of the guys she had dated or they talked about. He was, in her mind, perfect and she worshipped the ground he walked on.

Stacey was only 19, but she’d already been promoted to manager of an expensive clothing store. She’d been working there since she was 16, and she adored her job. Someday she wanted to own her own boutique because she absolutely loved clothes—especially now that she’d lost all that weight and could finally wear all the beautiful things she sold.

She’d had a rare argument with her father when she graduated high school, because he wanted her to go right to college, but she refused. She loved her work and she wanted to stay with this company. After much discussion, they’d reached a compromise. She’d work two years, then she would be going to school and she would be getting her MBA, period. She could have her little job at the mall, make some connections and impress the right people, but his daughter was too damned smart to stay there for much longer.


Stacey and her father lived in a modest two story brick house, but it was located in the nicest neighborhood in town, at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac. As she did every day, Stacey breathed a sigh of relief to be away from the noisy mall and all the people. Arriving home, she felt nothing but warmth and pleasure knowing she had returned to the protective cocoon of her Daddy’s abode. She’d never known her mother, but she had never felt the need for one. She loved her father with her entire being.

She saw that no lights were on, so she assumed he was not home. And inside in the kitchen she found a note: “Honey—I’ll be working late tonight. Hope things went well at the store.”

She took a long, hot shower, came with a towel wrapped around body and flopped down on her back on her bed. She spread her legs wide, starting to feel warmth spread through her body as raw emotion consumed her. Again she felt anger. Just because she didn’t like to talk about sex in the way her friends did, did not mean she didn’t think about it.

She did think about it. The only problem was, the only man she wanted was her Daddy. Yes, innocent Stacey lusted after her handsome father, but bostancı escort she could not acknowledge that her thoughts were sinful since every fiber of her being screamed that this was simply meant to be.

At that moment, she couldn’t get her friends’ questions out of her head. Was her father out there screwing some wanton woman—instead of her? Was he “banging her head against the headboard” and making her “practically pass out?” She sighed in frustration, tormented and turned on by the tantalizing mystery of her father’s sex life, which obsessed her. Her fantasy filled in the gaps for her, picturing him at that moment teasing some woman’s breasts with his tongue—squeezing them tight together into two huge soft mounds topped with hard pink nipples, just like hers were now. Taking those nipples in his mouth and sucking them, feasting on them, moaning as he licked and sucked.

Her nipples ached for her father’s hot hungry mouth. She held her own tits seductively, wanting to offer them to him and turn him on with how beautiful they were. The burning pleasure that flooded her body thinking about her father was so delicious and decadent, so warm and beautiful, even though it was teasing her into madness… it was making her writhe and squirm and twist on the bed, then open her legs. She so longed to spread them wide for Daddy while he watched and lusted after his daughter’s swollen pink slit.

At these moments Stacey simply could not understand the way her friends talked about “fucking” in such crude terms. What were they getting at? It seemed to have nothing to do with this—this pulsating, tormenting orgasmic bliss filling her up and making her whole pussy throb with lust. What did this have to do with those ridiculous sexual encounters she’d had with boys her age? Stacey was no longer a virgin—technically—but even she knew it was in name only. She knew what she had experienced was just sex, and not the raw lust entwined with love that she felt for her father.

She was dripping wet, as she always was when she thought about him—his big, strong body, his soft, sensuous lips, … his thighs and shoulders … his arms spreading her legs wide open in front of him, so he could see her… she was so wet … wetter than she had ever gotten for any boy … she opened and closed her legs, working her little pussy… aching for that big hard cock between her father’s legs …! Her pussy exploded into a violent orgasm as she thought of it. She came repeatedly, squeezing her tits, rubbing her nipples, wanting her father so badly to be there doing it to her, doing it for her …

She came hard thinking of her beloved father and prayed her friends would never guess this dirty little secret; never guessed her incestuous thoughts and desires!


Stacey’s thoughts about what her father was doing at that moment were not that far from the truth.

As she was squeezing her nipples and writhing in bed thinking about him, he had his thick, hard cock buried deep in the ass of his current lover. Janine was a horned-up married woman with a limp dick husband who was always out of town. Dave was fucking her ass hard, and close to coming. He had one knee up to get some leverage, getting in good and deep. Her ass was squeezing him tight, milking it as it throbbed inside her. His eyes were closed and his teeth were clenched, his powerful, muscular body frighteningly tense. He looked like a man in pain as he relentlessly drove his dick into the tight sweet ass of this woman.

But it wasn’t her ass which was making him pant and moan and groan. He wasn’t even seeing Janine. His eyes were closed and he was totally focused on his daughter. He knew this was so wrong, but he couldn’t stop these thoughts from coming into his head right at these moments, when he was fucking and just about to come.

Stacey was the sole occupant of his mind as he pumped his cock in and out of Janine’s hot puckered hole. Dave realized it wasn’t just Stacey’s gorgeous beauty or even her hot body… no, it was the fact that she was his daughter that aroused his cock more than it had ever been in his life. Oh fuck he could not help it; the incestuous lust flooded and controlled his mind. He felt his cock surge with desire inside Janine’s spectacular ass, thinking about his little girl. His arousal was especially heightened when he thought how badly she needed to be fucked. He could tell. He knew women. He saw how hot and horny and frustrated she was. He knew, and God did he want to be the one to give her the cock she craved.

He groaned out loud as he pounded into Janine, who cried out, wondering to herself why he was so hot and intense and into it tonight. Why was he fucking the shit out of her like never before? She didn’t know he was thinking of his lusty, sensuous daughter.

The thought of Stacey and what he could do with her, what he wanted to do with her, made the cum explode deep and powerfully in Janine’s ass, as his hips violently bucked against her and he roared and grunted like she’d never heard him before. Every ümraniye escort bayan spurt and throb of his cock was due to thinking about Stacey—thinking about fucking his daughter, fucking her and fucking her until she screamed for him to give her his cum like he was now…


While Stacey slept in the following morning, Dave got up early and headed to his treadmill. He’d had a few too many drinks the night before and wanted to work some of it off. He was 45 and liked to keep his 6′, 180 lb body in good shape.

As he ran, his mind drifted to the problems with his business that were seriously bothering him.

He suspected that one of his trusted employees, Fred, was skimming funds off the top. Embezzlement, that’s what the fuck it was; it was embarrassing and hurtful, when he suspected someone in whom he had placed so much trust. But to determine specifically, and more important to prove it undeniably, that was the real task. Why was that so hard?

Dave had started out as a lowly mechanic. He got hired right out of high school, and had quickly discovered he loved working on expensive, well-made cars. They were his passion. A finely made piece of machinery like a Mercedes, Porsche or BMW made the blood pump though his veins. He studied them until he knew them intricately and technically. Pretty soon customers came asking for him, he started picking up all kinds of extra work, and eventually he had enough saved up to start his own business. It had all grown from there.

Now he had investors and an extensive network of employees with varying responsibilities in his thriving enterprise. It was a far cry from his humble beginnings, when it was just him, scared out of his wits having to take care of a child all on his own. Sometimes when Dave thought of those early days with Stacey it brought back all the old panic, when he never thought he could work hard enough to make enough money.

He couldn’t stand most of the assholes he dealt with in the business world—shallow fucks who either kissed his ass or scorned him because he hadn’t been born to the country club life. Thank God he had Stacey to keep him grounded.

Stacey. That was the other problem.

Jesus H. Christ. What the fuck was he going to do about this raging hard-on he had for her? He ran harder and faster, remembering the goddamned out of control thoughts he’d had about her last night. This had been happening a lot, lately. He simply couldn’t control it, no matter how much he fucked other women.

The maddening thing was he knew Stacey was feeling it, too, which made it all the more frustrating. She was constantly sending him signals that she wanted him, but he thought she didn’t have a clue she was doing it. Her sensual nature was just like his own, and every time they were together now sexual tension was thick in the air. The way she dressed, the way she gazed at him, the way she touched him—it was getting too much for him to take. Every encounter with her was a slow, hot tease. But could he really fuck his own daughter?

At least, that is what Dave told himself. If he had probed a little deeper, he might have found that what was really holding him back was not the taboo, which he’d already broken a million times in his mind. No, he would have had to realize he was just a little bit afraid of the strength of these incestuous thoughts and the things he wanted to do. He’d always kept his … “intense” sexual nature totally separate from the things he loved, which is why he never brought women home or talked to Stacey about his sex life. And when those things collided together, like they did when those thoughts came into his head last night … Christ!

He finished his workout and took a shower, then came down to make some coffee and wondered where the hell Stacey was. Was she even up yet?

Meanwhile, Stacey was up in her room, getting dressed. As with her father this morning, the daylight tended to dim the naughty thoughts that obsessed her when she was alone and thinking about him. When she was alone, she could indulge those thoughts, but … it was her father! Her rich, sexy father, who she knew “dated”, and had a bevy of gorgeous women continuously lusting after him and his money. She knew in her heart none of these harlots deserved such a man … the one man she absolutely adored.

She came downstairs seeking coffee and breakfast; her main hunger, of course, was to see her sexy, manly father. She glowed when she saw his thick black curly hair, dark eyes, and big powerful body smelling of his wonderful musky cologne. She was so entranced with his physical presence!

Dave saw her come down and smiled. “Well good morning.”

“Morning, Daddy.”

As usual, Dave too was struck by her. Her beauty combined with her natural sexual allure would arouse the libido of any man, even her father. She was just so fucking beautiful. He forgot about the paper and his coffee and lost himself in contemplation of his little girl, who had flowered into the most becoming woman.

She was lithe kartal escort and graceful, with slender arms and the most fantastic legs he’d ever seen leading up to smooth, wide hips and a full, rounded ass. Underneath all that weight she actually had the delicate frame of dancer—well, except for those ample breasts, which were now braless and jiggling in a tight pink tank top. She had thick, wavy light brown hair that cascaded halfway down her back and the most striking crystal-like green eyes; fuck those eyes were like liquid jade pools, just so mesmerizing. Today she was wearing white shorts that showed off her long, toned and tanned legs, which seemed even longer because they were clad in high strappy sandals. She had a way of dressing and carrying herself that was hot without being slutty.

She yawned and stretched and shook out her luxurious hair. Every movement just exuded a latent, simmering sensuality directed right at him. Within her portrayed innocence was a vixen who knew exactly what she was doing with her prey. Her whole demeanor oozed sexuality; it lured him and attracted him even as he thought, can I really deflower this girl and show her what sex is all about?

Just then an idea occurred to him. Why hadn’t he thought of this before?

Dave announced with a fatherly tone, “I have an idea I want to shoot by you.”

“What’s that?” she inquired.

“Why don’t you come work for me? At the office.”

Stunned Stacey shot back, “And give up my job at the mall? You’re crazy!”

“Hold on, hold on. I didn’t say quit your job. I just said come work for me.”

Confused now, but quite curious she asked, “What do you mean?”

“See if you can change your schedule. Work three days at the store during the week, and the other two days … with me.”

Stacey said “Hmmm … What would I be doing?”

“Well,” he said, thinking on his feet, at which he was so adept, “You need more experience before you head off to school in the fall. I think I can help you.”

“What kind of experience?”

Dave was searching for anything. “Do you even know how to set up a spreadsheet?”

“What’s that?”

He laughed. “Trust me, you need this basic knowledge. I’ll set you up to intern with my accountants. You need some background in analyzing financial statements. The schools you’ve applied to will be expecting you to know this! In fact I should have thought of it a long time ago.”

Stacey said, “I don’t know. It might be a problem.” Meanwhile biting her lower lip, the thought of spending more time with Daddy would not only be pleasurable, but it would keep him away from those whores he fucked who had desires to have his cock under their control. How quickly jealously had taken hold of her!

Dave authoritatively waved it off. “If there’s a problem, tell them to call me. I know the owner. On second thought, maybe I’ll just call Gary and talk to him.” He reached for his cell phone.

Stacey grabbed Dave’s hand to stop him from calling and pleaded, “No! Don’t do that! I’ll talk to them. You really think this is a good idea?” A jolt ran straight to Dave’s cock when she grabbed his hand.

“I do. You need it. I know what I’m talking about.”

Stacey never doubted the business acumen of her Daddy; if he said this was a good move, it was. She firmly agreed then to get the mall store’s cooperation, “Ok. I’ll talk to them, but Daddy, let your little girl handle this, please.”

The truth was, Dave did want a little spy in his accounting department, to observe and help him uncover the source of his ruptured cash flow. He’d put her in the office right next to his. He’d keep an eye on her and she could keep an eye on Fred. But then, of course, there was the fact that he could be around her more. They’d share a commute, come home together, be at the office all day.

“Let’s say you’ll start on Monday. Sound good?”

Stacey came over and hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, inhaling his sexy cologne. “Thank you, Daddy.” But she stayed in his arms, leaning on his broad chest, unwilling to let go, cuddling up to him as she used to.

Dave held her small waist for a lot longer than he should have, enjoying the feel of her hair a lot more than he should have. She unconsciously pushed her breasts against him and leaned her tempting frame into him, sighing. He and she both felt that there was some sort of … deal being made here, to “be together” more. It allowed Stacey to stay in his arms drowsily gazing at him, and Dave to keep his hand on her lower back, looking at her as a subdued but clear message of wicked lust seemed to pass between them.

It thrilled Stacey to the core as she felt it, for she knew he did, too.

Knowingly or not, Dave had just taken the first step towards sleeping with his daughter, and his cock tormented him as he felt her supple and delighted response. He held her for a while, both of them unconsciously turning the other on, but keeping the fiction of “work” as a sexy lie between them.

The lustful moment seemed to grow, until both father and daughter felt snapped back to reality, with some fear and hesitation. Stacey drew back abruptly and separated from him, suddenly embarrassed. Dave cleared his throat. He patted her on the back. “Ok, back to breakfast. Daddy has some things he needs to do.”

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