The Incentive Plan

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The person I am now is a far cry from the person I was two years ago. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll start the story at the beginning and hope you find it interesting.

In high school, I was an all-star quarterback. I loved football and I played even on days where we didn’t have a game. I’d gather up some of my friends, we’d find an empty field and play a makeshift game. I knew all about the legends like Johnny Unitas and Terry Bradshaw and Joe Namath. I think I was initially more pissed at OJ for tarnishing his legend than for the horrific crimes he committed. I was a football nut.

I was on the fast track to a football scholarship when a few months before graduation, I blew out my knee. They could fix it and I’d be able to walk normally again with some therapy and after a few months, but no more football. I was really bummed because I honestly knew I’d play in the NFL. Coach had told me as much.

I owe that man a lot. I didn’t want to go to university because I saw no point. All I had ever wanted to do is play. He insisted I go to night classes and, to my complete surprise, he offered me a job as Assistant Coach. At 19 I was going to be coaching football. Not my dream, but a close second. Coach was and is, a great guy. He’s more like a father to me then my own dad, who was conspicuous by how absent he often was. I accepted his offer and moved into my own place. Once I settled in to my new life, I got hit by lightning.

Lightning in the form of Julia Schmidt, a transfer student from Germany. A blue-eyed blonde honey who was 17 when we met. She joined the cheerleading squad and damned if she wasn’t forward enough to ask me out. I didn’t know that I was playing with fire. There was only 18 months between us, so I said sure. It got hot and heavy pretty fast and by the time Julia turned 18, I knew what I wanted from her. It had started as a fling but I was crazy about Julia and she was just as nuts about me. Even her dad liked me because not only did I know football, I knew European football (soccer) and could talk knowledgably about it with him. Her mom liked me because she could feed me as much food as she liked and I would always want seconds. Her kid brother liked me because he wanted to play football when he went to high school and I helped coach his team on weekends.

The only fly in the ointment was the school. They really didn’t like me. Or rather, they didn’t like one of their teachers dating one of their students. The both of us were over 18 and we weren’t doing anything illegal. They just said it set a bad precedent. I never understood how. All of the other teachers were a lot older than I was, I was an exception, kind of a “student teacher”. The school board decided to make it an issue and I was turfed. Out of a job again at the tender age of 19. I couldn’t afford my apartment and go to school at night. I sure as hell wasn’t moving back home with my parents. I have to give Julia credit, she came through like a champ. “I’ll always stand by you, Carl,” my gorgeous girlfriend said to me. “My family adores you, why don’t you come and live with us until you find another job?”

I looked at this girl I loved so much and knew what I had to do. I got down on one knee and said “You have a deal, but only if I move in with you as your husband. I don’t know what my life is going to be like over the next few years, but I know it won’t be anywhere near as good if you’re not in it.” It was then I noticed she was giggling and tears were running down her face.

“You don’t listen very well, dumbkopf, I said yes about a minute ago,” she sobbed and threw her arms around me. I hugged this woman I loved even more than sports and secretly promised I would do something to make her proud. Luckily for me, another one of my teachers came to my rescue.

An English professor I had at college read a paper I had written about Unitas and commented that the structure and research was very good. “I think you have the talent to be a good sports writer,” he told me. “You should think about it, if you’re interested, I can get you a paid internship at the Clarion.”

The Clarion was — is — our local newspaper and it’s well respected for its sports coverage. At the time, the reason for that was a reporter named Chuck Kim. If I knew most sports stats, Chuck knew them all. He could tell you where Namath had a birthmark or where Pete Rose got his first haircut. I told my professor I wanted the opportunity and two days later, I was interning with Chuck Kim. He became my mentor and friend and remains so to this day, even after his retirement.

I liked writing and I remember the thrill of seeing my first by-line. It happened only a week before my wedding to Julia so it was an early wedding gift for me, although from the way my fiancée carried on, you’d have thought it was her gift too. Maybe it was. After a year, I was writing almost as much as Chuck and the LoCs we got at the paper complimented my work. I believe it’s because I was canlı bahis thorough and unbiased, even though I do have my favorite teams. Don’t we all?

During the first few months of our marriage and my internship, Julia made a home for us in her parents’ home. We saved our money wisely and thank God we did! We hadn’t been married for 4 months when my wife announced she was pregnant. I was hit by lightning again. A husband and reporter by age 20 and a dad by age 21? I did anything and everything I could to earn extra money and both sets of parents were great. By the time Janis arrived, a 7 pound, 6 ounce baby, we had a new apartment with as much baby stuff as we’d ever need. Julia was now studying so that she could work as a portrait photographer, turning a beloved hobby into a well-paying career. In a few years, we’d have a nice income. We decided if we were both going to be working and studying to advance ourselves, we’d better stop with the one child. We both love being parents, but it was the right choice for us and Janis is a delightful young woman who was rarely any trouble.

I’ve always been healthy and thank God I was because I might not have survived otherwise. My beautiful wife is an excellent cook and she cooks more than enough food for the three of us. Over the years of doing a sedentary job, I began packing on the pounds. My cholesterol was good and so was my heart, but as I edged my way to 40, we knew that couldn’t last forever. Friends at the paper were worried because I was nearly 300 pounds on a 6’1″ frame. I didn’t have a gut or waddle, I just got big all the way around. Julia and Janis made one big mistake at first, they nagged me about it.

“The pair of you eat the same food I do and you both have very healthy appetites,” I groused. “Why aren’t the two of you as big as houses?” Of course, like anyone with a problem I was fishing for a way out.

“Because mom swims and bikes to her classes and I swim and am on the cheerleading squad,” my good-natured daughter told me. “You used to be active Daddy, but you aren’t anymore. We both love you and we’re not willing to lose you to a heart attack before you turn 50.” It was a very real fear as my own father had suffered a near-fatal attack only 2 years earlier. Janis was almost hysterical at the thought of losing her granddaddy. “Opa is 65 and he’s in better shape than you are right now.”

“She’s right Carl,” my wife said of her father. “He still plays soccer with his friends twice a week.”

“Because he can play soccer,” I complained again. “I can’t do that with my bum knee.”

“You could swim and play other sports and walk,” Julia countered. “We’re smart women, darling. We won’t give up until the two of us convince you that you need to lose some weight.”

If I had known how they planned to do that, I might well have caved in right there and then. Perhaps not, because it might not have been as much fun if I had given in so quickly.

I knew they were right but I didn’t like exercise, not any more. I liked my wife’s cooking and I kept telling myself I wasn’t at any risk. Of course, those are the lies we overweight people all tell ourselves. Like the one about being “big boned”. No one’s bones were as big as mine unless they were a dinosaur.

I had no idea how difficult a chore I was facing but for the reward my wife and daughter gave me, I would have faced down Cerberus himself at the gates of Hades.

It was the end of a particularly long week and I was a bit grumpy. We’d enjoyed a nice meal and I was about to watch television when I heard two sets of footsteps coming down the stairs. I’d heard the girls go upstairs earlier and a bit of laughter, yet I had no idea what the two of them were getting up to. I was about to find out. I felt one set of hands on my shoulders and a soft kiss was placed on my left cheek. Another set of hands, another kiss and then I heard high heels on our hardwood floors. My wife and daughter were now both standing in front of me with big, naughty grins on their lovely faces.

Julia was standing there in a gorgeous, mauve bra and panty set with silver stiletto heels. Our daughter was wearing a tiny white peignoir and her heels were white to match. I assumed they had been shopping earlier that day and wanted to show me their new finery. I’ve seen my daughter in sexy clothes before, we’re a very open family. That was not what they had in mind.

“We have a proposition for you, Carl,” Julia said to me, sitting down on one side of me and resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yes Daddy, we do,” Janis said as she sat down on the other side of me and mimicked her mom’s actions. “Do you want to tell him Mommy, or shall I?”

“I’ll do it,” Julia grinned. She turned my face towards hers and spoke. “Darling, you have to lose weight and you have to stop being so stubborn about it. So, your daughter and I decided to figure out a way to help you. The only thing you love more than sports or food is sex, am I right?”

She bahis siteleri was. Julia and I are very passionate people and were even more passionate in the first few years after Janis was born. We were even swingers for a while, enjoying “the lifestyle” until we simply got too busy with our careers and the raising of a child.

“So, darling, we have a proposition of a highly sexual nature. The more weight you lose, the more sex you get. For every 5 pounds you lose, you can have me — OR Janis — for one night of sex with no rules. Anything goes. For every 10 pounds you lose, you can have the both of us. We’ll dress like this for you, we’ll be your slaves for the night — anything, understand?”

I looked over at Janis and she barely blinked. I thought this might be some crazy practical joke but they were serious. “Babe, I can’t do that with Janis — that’s incest!” I protested.

“Oh, screw that,” Julia laughed. “I’ve seen you checking Janis out and I don’t blame you — she’s gorgeous. You’ve had sex with a mother and daughter before, remember back in our swinging days?”

I did remember — Valerie and her daughter Tera, only it wasn’t until after I was fucking the older woman that I found out their relationship. Still, it hadn’t stopped me — I had kept on going even when the pair of them started making out. I had confessed to Julia at the end of the night that I found it very arousing to watch.

“Naughty daddy,” Janis giggled and snuggled in closer. “Mom told me that story a few months ago when we’d both had a bit too much wine. She thought that I’d freak out but I told her that I thought I had a wonderful father who would be drop-dead sexy if he dropped some of his extra pounds. We started talking and over time, we worked out this little scheme. Now Daddy, are you going to be the smart man I think you are and take us up on the offer or are you going to continue to weigh more than this couch?”

This was, in so many words, an offer “too good to refuse”. I shook my head and saw the faces of my wife and daughter brighten. “Good choice,” Julia said, giving me a happy nod. “We’re going to show you just what kind of things you can expect once you start losing the weight. Come here, Janis sweetheart.” I watched in amazement as my daughter left my side and joined her mother. They started kissing and it was the damned sexiest thing I had ever seen. I reached for Janis and she stopped kissing her mother for a minute. “Uh-uh Daddy, you don’t get me until you lose those first 5 pounds. You can fuck Mommy if she wants to let you, but I’m saving my body as your reward. You can watch a preview of what you might see if you lose 10 though.” I saw my daughter remove my wife’s dainty lingerie and crawl between her legs. Our daughter started eating her mother’s pussy and it didn’t look like a first-time thing either. She laved my wife’s pussy with a skill that made me understand she’d been with other women before — had it been one of her girlfriends or with Julia? I really didn’t care and my cock was rock-hard. After they made love for a few minutes, my wife returning our daughter’s favors, she took pity on me and gave me one of the best blow jobs she had ever treated me to. I slept like a rock that night and with a huge smile on my face.

The next morning, I just had toast and a half grapefruit for breakfast, along with coffee. As I went into the garage, I re-thought driving to work. It was only a twenty minute walk. It was damned cold out there, just 30 degrees, but I walked all the way. The girls had provided me with the incentive I needed. For lunch, I had a salad with vinaigrette instead of my usual burger or pizza slice. My co-workers looked at me like I’d gone off the deep end, although my secretary gave me a big “thumb’s up”. She told me that she’d spoken with the girls about my diet. I wondered just how much my pretty brunette Angelica knew about the way the girls were pushing me to take off the poundage.

It took me about 2 weeks to lose the initial 5 pounds. The doctor cautioned me not to lose it too fast, that could be just as hard on my heart as gaining it. Julia and Janis were ear-to-ear grins when I weighed myself. Janis raced upstairs and I looked at Julia. “Are you sure you really want to do this?” I asked her, giving her a chance to back out. “I’ll continue with the diet anyway, you know once I start something, I finish it.”

Julia slapped the back of my head. “Don’t be an idiot, your daughter wants you to fuck her. She’s a gorgeous young thing and if you pass that up, I’m taking your place. Go upstairs and screw your little girl and be noisy. When I take you to bed tonight, I’m going to see if I can be just as noisy as she’ll probably be.”

Being a “man of size” meant climbing stairs got me winded most times, but I think I may have neared my daughter’s speed when climbing. I went to my bedroom until I heard Janis say “In here, Daddy.” My daughter was in her own room and that made me pause for a minute. Could I really go bahis şirketleri through with this? When I entered her room, my question was answered.

Janis was sitting in her favorite chair, the one she used to sit in when I’d read her bedtime stories. She had looked so innocent and sweet as a child, but no longer. She had now styled her hair and put on a bit of makeup. She was wearing a wild black body stocking and black high heels with gold earrings and the necklace Julia had bought her for her 18th birthday. If I had any doubts about fucking my daughter, they vanished in an instant.

“Do I look sexy, Daddy?” Janis asked, standing up. The body stocking left nothing to the imagination, it was sheer where it needed to be and had an opening at her pussy. I could fuck her while she wore it if I so desired. In heels, she was close to my height and Janis threw her arms around me. “I’m going to be a total slut for you tonight Daddy, if that’s what you want. I’ll suck your cock and you can fuck me from behind or I’ll be on top — whatever. I’m honoring my promise, Daddy. Tonight, you get anything you want. But go easy on me Daddy, I’m not as strong as you are.”

I decided to test that out for the rest of the evening. I picked up my slender daughter and carried her to the bed. The thought of fucking my sexy baby girl on her own bed was kinky enough to get me half-way stiff already. I began removing my clothes and Janis smiled with every article I took off. “You’ve still got muscles, Daddy,” she flattered me. “You’re going to be quite the stud when you lose the weight. I may not want to stop fucking you by then, Mom might have a bit of competition.”

I hadn’t thought about that until that moment. Once I lost the weight, would I still be able to fuck both of these women or would life return to normal? I shunted that thought to one side and let my daughter crawl on top of me. “Eat my pussy, Daddy,” she grinned. “Lick my fucking cunt and then I’ll take you halfway around the world and back. I’m a great fuck Daddy, you’re about to find that out.”

My daughter’s lurid comments were better than Viagra, but it was her body that was the real turn-on. Easily as beautiful as her still-sexy mother, Janis’ pussy was shaved and tasty. I licked it from top to bottom and could have kept going all night if she hadn’t fallen away from me, gasping for air.

“Oh my fucking GOD, Daddy, you are wonderful,” Janis panted. “I think this deal is gonna be as good for me as it is for you. You made me cum Daddy, you wonderful fucker, you made your daughter cum. Now let me see if I can’t do the same thing for you!”

“Hey, you two, you’re making an awful racket!” I heard Julia call upstairs, teasing us both.

“It’s all Daddy’s fault,” Janis called back down and then, she moved close to my cock. She took it in her tiny hand and examined it. “What a lovely cock Daddy, it’s so thick and firm. I’m just going to make it a bit bigger and then, we can fuck. I’m finally going to fuck my handsome, darling Daddy.” I remembered what Julia had said earlier — had this all been a ruse so that my wife and daughter could share me? Who cared? I was coming out of it on the winning side either way you looked at it.

My little girl sucked my cock with gusto and I had to hold off from cumming in her mouth. Fortunately, years of practice with her mother had taught me a few tricks in that regard. She pouted a little and then, she went to grab a condom. “Don’t need those sweetheart, but good for you for thinking of it,” I told her. She chuckled and nodded. A few years after she was born, I made sure that Julia and I couldn’t have any more kids. For the first time since that day, I had regrets. It might have been nice if she’d had a younger sister I could have fucked when the time was right. What a pervert I was already becoming!

My beautiful daughter straddled my waist and then lowered her model-perfect body on to my hard cock. She pulled the top of the body stocking away and I got to suck on her gorgeous, peach-perfect tits with the coral-pink nipples. She was sighing and letting out little mewls of pleasure as she rode her horny Daddy. I was groaning myself because for the first time in over a decade, I was fucking a pussy that didn’t belong to my wife and it was so damned tight!

I spent a few hours in bed with Janis and I think she might have learned a few things from the old man. I fucked her doggy style and we showered together before I said good night. I went to my own room, threw on a robe and went downstairs to my wife. She was wearing a very satisfied smirk on her lovely face. “That was only the beginning,” Julia chuckled. “Wait until you see what happens when you lose the next five, we’re going to blow your fucking mind.” We tried to watch TV for a while but we couldn’t keep it up. The pair of us were simply too horny. Julia and I ended up going upstairs and fucking until 1 AM. I hadn’t seen my wife this aroused in years. It was a very bleary-eyed Carl who walked to his office the next morning and this time, I was glad of the morning chill. I think it helped snap me awake. I saw the smile on Angel’s face and once again, I believed she might have known more than she was letting on.

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