The Hitchhiker Ch. 02

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Sean slid into the tub beside Amanda, “Are you enjoying yourself? How’s the water? I hope I didn’t make it too hot for you,” Sean said as he repositioned himself in front of her.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Amanda whispered as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled Sean into her.

She had many questions still swarming in her mind, the biggest being why he was pretending to be someone else, a bum on the side of the road. Amanda decided to put all questions to the back of her mind for now as she enjoyed some romantic time with Sean.

As Amanda sat up to pull Sean to her he grabbed the bottle of body wash, squeezed some into his palm and rubbed this hands together making a gentle lather then began rubbing his hands up and down Amanda’s back.

Amanda squirmed in her seat as Sean’s hands passed over some of her ticklish spots.

“Oh my God! She’s sweet, considerate, helpful, an outdoor lover and she’s ticklish too? I can’t believe it and she hasn’t even pushed me away yet. This is heaven,” Sean thought to himself as his hands spread the lather around her back and slowly guided his hands to her front.

Amanda relished in the attention Sean was giving her, letting out a soft sigh as she relaxed more with every touch. When his hands reached her stomach, finding her naval, Amanda let out a soft flirty giggle and arched her back to expose more of her soft curves.

Sean was intent on covering every visible inch of her flesh with the thick lather and when Amanda arched her back his hands immediately drifted up to her breasts. He gently cupped them, one in either hand and gave a gentle squeeze as he pressed his thumbs over her pert nipples.

“Oooh, don’t stop Sean,” Amanda said in a deep sexy voice as she arched her back even more.

Sean spent quite a bit of time cleansing her breasts and nipples before staggering one hand away easing it to her neck and shoulders. He alternated hands, one on her shoulders while the other gave great attention to one breast then he would switch and do the other side of her neck.

Amanda could bare it no longer; she had to feel him too. She lifted her bottom from the seat and straddled one leg over each of his thighs and slid herself onto his lap. With her arms encircling his neck she scooted close enough that her nipples were touching his chest.

With this, Sean slid his hands to her bottom and began his intense massage of her cheeks.

Amanda began flexing her hips toward him in hopes his hands would venture toward her front again and rub against her swollen clit, but unfortunately for her he was being a total gentleman with his movements.

After her bottom was cleansed thoroughly Sean slid from beneath Amanda and continued the cleansing of her body. He raised one leg and rested her foot on his shoulder as he massaged her thigh then calf, eventually working his way to her toes. When the first leg was covered in lather he lowered that leg to the water and lifted the other leg, repeating the same procedure.

When he felt she had been thoroughly cleansed he rinsed his hands and reached for the shampoo and conditioner. He put a dollop of shampoo into his palm, rubbed his hands gently then began smoothing the shampoo into her hair.

Sean massaged her scalp with his fingertips as he moved the foamy lather throughout güvenilir bahis her long hair. Sean found himself becoming distracted a few times as he nibbled on her neck and Amanda would shudder as the electrifying sensations eroded her senses.

Sean rinsed her hair with clean water from the faucet then repeated his movements using the conditioner then rinsing again. When he finished her hair, Sean told her to relax some more as he cleansed himself.

“Oh no you don’t,” Amanda slyly said and continued, “What makes you think you can have all the fun while I lay here enjoying your touching? It’s your turn now baby, time to switch places,” she said, the water splashing onto the marble floor as she pulled Sean to the seat of the tub and she got in front of him. Amanda applied a thick layer of lather over Sean’s chest, down his sides and around his back, getting as much as she could reach without standing over him. After finishing his back she returned her attention to his front, especially his erect nipples. Each time she passed over his nipples with her lathered fingertips he would shudder from the intense pleasure she was delivering to him. Just as he was getting use to the feeling of her hands exciting him she glided her hands down his chest and began spreading his thighs.

Sean abruptly stopped Amanda from going any further saying, “If you continue, I am guaranteed to explode right here and now. I would rather save that for later if you don’t mind,” leaning in to kiss her with a kiss that left her lightheaded and gasping for air.

Amanda, reluctant to move her hands from his thighs, let Sean take charge of the situation. He backed from her, rinsing then stood and stepped from the tub and grabbed his robe, which hung on the back of the chair beside the tub.

“Are you gonna stay in there for a while longer?” Sean said, smiling a broad smile, then continued… “Or do you want your robe now?”

Amanda began to rise from the water, reaching for her robe. Sean hesitated handing it to her as his eyes engulfed the vision before him.

“C’mon now, it’s getting cold in here, can I please have my robe Sean?” Amanda asked with a giggle in her voice.

Sean helped her with the robe then taking her hand, led her to another large room on the second floor of the mansion.

The room was huge, beveled glass windows making up two of the four walls. The glass went almost from floor to ceiling. Black leather furniture was placed in a horseshoe layout. The sofa was facing a large open fireplace.

Amanda walked over to the fireplace admiring the beauty and noticed she could see right through to the other side. The fireplace was constructed from stones and cement in a rectangular form that connected to a brick wall that separated the two rooms. “You can have a seat on the sofa if you’d like,” Sean told her, “I have something I need to tend to. I will be right back,” he said as he walked out of the room.

Taking a seat on the large sofa Amanda couldn’t help but become very nervous. “I know the owners of this beautiful home are gonna come walking in here any minute,” she thought to herself, still unsure if what Sean told her about him being the owner was true or not.

As Amanda waited for Sean to return she glanced around the room. When getting up from the sofa she noticed large paintings türkçe bahis hanging on the brick wall on either side of the fireplace and as she walked toward them she thought one of the paintings resembled Sean slightly and the painting of the female had his eyes and nose.

“Well, perhaps he’s telling me the truth, sort of,” she said to herself then continued. “Perhaps it belongs to his family, or perhaps he works here or they are family friends, oh I don’t know, I just hope he’s not making all this up to impress me,” she said, this time thinking aloud. “I was impressed with him as a person before we ever came here and that’s what counts,” she concluded just as she noticed Sean standing beside the sofa, grinning like a little boy in a candy store.

Sean returned while Amanda was looking around the room and without her noticing he had set a basket of logs beside the fireplace and a black bear rug in front of it. On the rug was a bucket of ice holding a bottle of wine, beside the ice bucket stood two etched wine glasses.

“Come over here and sit with me,” Sean told Amanda, taking her by the hand leading her to the bear rug. “Please make yourself comfortable,” he added while he stacked some kindling and logs on the grill and lit it, then closed the screen and returned to the rug, sitting beside Amanda.

Amanda starred at him, speechless and in awe at the surroundings and events that have taken place since her car broke down. After a few moments, staring into Sean’s eyes she began to speak, but Sean silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Please, let me go first,” he said as he opened the wine, pouring her glass then his.

“I know you are probably thinking, what the hell is this guy doing in a house like this and wondering why I brought you here. Let me explain, please,” He said.

Sean continued, “Amanda, please don’t worry, this is my home and yes I do own it outright. I was born up here. My great grandfather emigrated here from Germany. He met his wife and had 4 children, one of them a son. My grandfather was born and raised up here in Phoenix, not too far from Old Victoria. He worked in the copper mines and died when a shaft gave way. My grandmother moved her children to Charlevoix, Michigan after my grandfather passed. My father met my mother while on vacation at Mackinaw Island. She lived up here in Munising and when they fell in love he moved up here also so he could be closer to her.”

“They married, raised a family of seven and when us kids got old enough they sent us to college. I attended Lake State and received a master’s degree in business with a bachelor’s in forestry. I returned home after graduation to help my mother,” he explained, pausing to brush a lock of wet hair from Amanda’s face and tucking it behind her ear.

“I worked any job I could to save enough money to build a diner.” Sean paused again, smiled then winked at her before continuing, “My sister moved up here after her divorce to be the cook and her youngest son was busboy. My mother was happy to have some of her children back home with her, but unfortunately she died a few years later from an infection in her leg. The night before she died she called me to her room and said, “Sean dear, I’m ready to go now.”

“At first I had no idea what she was talking about and asked her where she wanted to go, but then güvenilir bahis siteleri she started to talk again, “I’m ready to go home to be with your father, oh I miss him so. I do hope you understand Sean. I’m an old lady now, I’ve lived a good long life, but now I want to be with your father again.”

“With that last ragged sentence mother closed here eyes for good. I knew she was with my father when she smiled,” Sean added.

Amanda started to speak, “oh Sean, I’m so sor…”

He hushed her once again saying, “wait,” and he continued once more.

“After mother died I was able to save even more money because I didn’t have her expenses on my plate as well as my own. I saved enough to purchase a few homes and a small grocery store. I lived in mother’s house with my sister and her son until she met and remarried then I knew it was time for me to be on my own once again.”

“After her wedding I became very lonely, always going home to a quiet house got to me after a while so I began looking for a partner to share my life with. I finally had the time and money to show a woman a good time, but the women I kept running into were more into my money and possessions than they were me as a person. That’s when I began taking another approach to finding someone to love me, that’s when I began hitching,” Sean paused to take a sip of his wine, turning to watch the blaze in the fireplace.

Sean continued telling Amanda about how he got where he is today. “I thought it might be easier if I started down state, so I packed my duffle bag and headed to Charlevoix. I hitched rides whenever I could, stopped to eat in all sorts of restaurants, but no luck. I was called everything under the sun, from a bum to a vagrant by the locals there. Finally they ran me out of town and I returned back here and started walking the roads. I would go home on occasion to rest and refresh myself, but I spent most of my time outdoors, walking and searching.”

“I never thought I would ever come across anyone who understood me and wanted me for the man I really am,” Sean said, taking another sip from his wine glass then refilling it and Amanda’s as well.

After he finished refilling Amanda’s wine glass and putting the bottle back on the ice he turned to Amanda, held her hand and said, “that’s when I met you.”

Amanda set her glass on the tile in front of the fireplace then turned to face Sean, reaching up to caress his cheek, wiping a tear from his face then said, “I’m glad you found me. I love you more than anything Sean and I hope you can trust me when I say I don’t want you for your money or your possessions.”

Amanda paused to lean in and give Sean a sensual kiss then paused to give him a hug. Sean quivered when he felt Amanda’s breath roll down his neck.

Their hug lasted for several minutes, but then Amanda pulled away and continued to speak saying, “I was first attracted to you when I saw you at the motel my first night in the UP. I couldn’t get you out of my mind after inviting you to share my table at that diner.”

The butterflies began fluttering wildly in her stomach now as Amanda continued telling Sean her true feelings. “I think I fell in love with you when you came back to help me when my car was on fire and when you shared your food with me while we searched for help. You never left my side and that meant a lot to me,” she added.

Sean leaned in to wipe the tears that flowed off Amanda’s cheeks then taking her in his arms, lying her gently to the rug and kissing her with a desire and passion he’d never felt before.

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