The Hike

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Ken walked around the lake when he couldn’t get Shannan’s attention. He knew she was probably sleeping in the hammock. When he arrived at the clearing he had left her, he could hear her moaning and whimpering in her sleep. The sight of her writhing legs and heaving chest made his cock twitch in his shorts. She was having what appeared to be a very erotic dream.

He nearly stopped from reaching out to wake her, when he thought he heard her whisper his name in her sleep. She seemed to be moaning. He thought it silly that he could be jealous of himself, but here he was being upstaged even in her dreams, cuckolded by himself.

Finally he sensed her lulling into a less intense slumber and he decided to wake her. A gentle rain had been falling and she was sleeping right through it. He did not want her to catch a cold. Ken helped her from the hammock, dried her off, and covered her with the spare poncho he had carried. They packed up there things and headed back to the campsite as the rain slowly drifted back into a drizzle.

Ken decided that he should tell Shannan about the bear threat, and that it would be wise to pack up their site earlier than planned and move on. She agreed silently, distracted in her own thoughts as they walked back to the camp. He wondered if she was musing over her dream. It must have been very vivid and intense.

Back at the camp, they packed the gear quickly. The load was a bit heavy since everything was damped. Ken looked over the map and spotted a campsite not far. It was a fairly level hike, but it would be a tough one with the heavy wet gear on their backs. They were ready to hike by 10:00 AM

Every ten minutes or so, they briefly stopped to catch their breath and to admire the beauty of the wilderness. The temperature was much cooler now, but they didn’t notice. The thick vegetation at the bottom of the mountain gave way to new strains of flora, weather-beaten from the continual stress placed upon it by the altitude. Shannan grabbed Ken’s arm to signal a breather. They both heard what sounded like horse hooves snapping twigs above them. They looked behind them, but could see no one. For a brief moment they held their breath. Their sense of hearing had grown much more acute during the hike. They listened intently for signs of life behind them. They heard none, turned, and tramped on for another hundred yards.

“Ken! Do you hear that?”

They stood together quietly, catching their breath as they listened. The faint sound of rapidly rushing water was barely discernible. They continued on with renewed energy, eager to discover the latest miracle that Mother Nature would offer them. As they approached, the roar of the swiftly falling water was almost deafening contrasted with the silence of the trail a few hundred yards back. Before them, a glacial river, thirty or so feet wide, had converged into a waterfall scarcely six feet across. Through countless centuries before, the power of the water had burrowed a sharp channel into the rock that was at least twenty feet deep. The rapids cascaded down the cliff and through the channel at a dizzying pace. Mounds of white foam, complete with a multitude of miniature rainbows, crashed endlessly down to the rocky stream bed some fifty feet below them. There were huge boulders all around, worn smooth from the billions of gallons of water that had passed over them through eons of time.

“This looks like a delightful place to eat lunch,” Ken remarked between breaths.

“OooooWeeeee!… I thought… you’d never ask,” she added with a wink and a smile. She sat down on a huge smooth boulder at the very edge of the channel. Ken joined her there, throwing the pack to the ground a few feet behind them.

They ate lunch quietly and Ken broke the silence by taking Shannan’s hand and asking her about her dream. She smiled demurely at him and slipped away. He followed her. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her in his direction. She resisted for a moment, but then she voluntarily scooted over the smooth surface of the cool rock to be close to him. They looked deep into each other’s eyes for a moment and then kissed with a passion neither had experienced before. In that very instant of time, a sharp jolt of electricity formed in he head of his penis and quickly radiated throughout his body.

They were sweaty from the hike. It didn’t matter. Ken and Shannan clawed at each other’s clothes. He removed her sweatshirt and as she raised her ass off the rock, he jerked her shorts off and threw them over his shoulder. He helped her pull off his sweatshirt, exposing the moisture caught in the hair on his heaving chest. He reached down and slid his pants and briefs off in one motion. Free at last, his hardening cock swayed tantalizingly before her. He turned to her and with trembling hands, helped her remove her panties.

Finally, he pulled off her bra to expose her breasts and quickly sought them with his eager mouth. The cool mountain air, coupled with the passion she felt, hardened her nipples immediately. halkalı escort She quivered with anticipation she had been harboring since the hike began. He fondled her breasts sensually. In a moment, he stood up and extended a hand to her. She grabbed his hand, stood up and they embraced tightly. Ken bent his knees to lower his body a few inches. Her pussy was very hot by now and he felt her warmth as he wedged his cock between her thighs. He grabbed her ass with both hands and she jumped up, encircling his waist tightly with her legs. Their hips began to thrust toward each other spasmodically.

Ken held on tightly, trying to maintain his balance. He carried her thirty feet or so to a spot immediately behind a cluster of anemic trees which were twisted and worn by the altitude. Gently he lowered her to the bed of soft humus below. . .

Chris was proud of himself. He had just caught and arrested yet another poacher in the backcountry. With the information he received from the illegal hunter, He saddled his horse and made for the cascade of Coral Canyon, hoping to catch a few more poachers. He rounded the first hill and saw the couple he had registered two days ago with hiking and camping permits. They were on their honeymoon. They should have hiked much further than this by now. Suddenly a grin spread on his face as he remembered how lovestruck they were. They probably set down camp at the first waterfall they found. He decided not to disturb them.

Chris rode on for another hour. He met two people that were eating lunch. They introduced themselves as Bill and Sharon. Their permits seemed to be in perfect order, and they had even invited him to share their lunch, but he was on a mission. He waved good-bye and rode on toward the cascades.

At last, Chris heard the waterfall. He picked up the pace, and rode along the ridge, looking for signs of poachers. He tied off his mount and decided to go the rest of the way on foot. When he arrived at the falls, he walked tentatively to the edge of the chasm to view its splendor. After a few moments he acclimated to the sound of the rushing water. His resolve was renewed and he turned once again to continue the arduous journey. His head did a slight double take as he noticed several articles of clothing jettisoned near a large boulder. It was then he thought he heard a moan coming from the trees beyond. . .

“Mmmmmmm! … I want you so much!” Shannan looked up longingly at Ken as he carefully knelt beside her as she lay on the soft earth. “Ooooh… Ken,” she moaned once again. Ken reached down and caressed her hair. In the same movement, he put his hand under her neck, pulling her head upward so they could kiss. Their lips met and their tongues probed deeply into each other’s mouth. There was no mistaking the communication. It was time. Shannan found his cock as they kissed. She felt the delightful periodic twinges deep within her, and with each jolt, alternated between feeling the length of his shaft lightly with her fingers and encircling it to masturbate him suggestively. . .

Chris approached cautiously. He again heard the moans from behind the trees, and knew immediately what was happening. He suddenly felt flushed and weak, almost stumbling as he sought refuge behind one of the larger pines. He looked around it discreetly. He saw them there, scarcely twelve feet away. Chris reddened immediately, rapidly drawing in his breath as he quickly stepped back behind the tree. He could not drag his curious eyes from the sight. The couple seemed lost in their passion. Chris was distracted as he peered at them. There was something very familiar about the woman. . .

Ken sought the hand that had captured his hard dick. Having found it, he commanded… “Wait! Not so fast!”

Shannan shuddered again as she retracted her hand to his thigh but could not restrain herself from stroking the area sensually. The fingers of both his hands played over her body like a keyboard instrument. At first he barely touched her and as she shivered, he increased the pressure with the palms of his hands to erase the trail of goose bumps he created a few seconds before. Kneeling beside her at her thighs, his extended arms permitted him to touch her ankles and neck at the same time.

Slowly, he drew his arms together and extended them in a fresh patterns, leaving tingly trails of flesh in their wake. Shannan watched the expression on Ken’s face lovingly. She arched her loins upward hoping he would touch her hot pussy, but he did not. He bypassed it each time, choosing an alternate route, first down one thigh; then the other. She closed her eyes a few seconds at a time, her face distorted with pleasure. She spread her legs and arched again to afford Ken the best possible view of her cunt. Again, she closed her eyes and moaned, hoping that he would feel her aching clit as he explored her body with his hands. Slowly, she opened her eyes again, looking down the length of her quivering body. Suddenly, her eyes widened haramidere escort and at the same time every muscle in her body stiffened. Ken felt her muscles contract and followed the trail of her gaze to the park ranger standing about thirty yards behind them. . .

Chris regained his composure a little, but as he once again peeked from behind the tree, he felt himself beginning to get erect. He was breathing more rapidly and felt flushed. He moved one hand down to his pants and began stroking his engorged cock that was pulsing beneath the khaki fabric. He had a clear view of the woman’s pussy. He delighted at how the dark hair was neatly trimmed, in a triangle shape, ending at a point just above her clit. There was no hair at all around her slit. Chris watched intently as the man sensually massaged her writhing body. His eyes sharpened and he could see her labia began to spread to reveal a beautiful heart-shaped set of inner lips. Her cunt began to glisten with hot juice as she arched her ass even higher, her pussy yearning for the man’s loving touch. Chris was very aroused now. He unzipped his pants and slipped his hand inside and stroked his hard cock. It had been months since he had been laid. That was the only drawback to the quiet solitude of the forest.

Shannan was the first to see Chris standing there, his hand stroking his massive cock. His khaki pants had slid down around his ankles and he seemed lost in his own revelry. She eyed his cock and knew exactly who it was. There was only one man in the world with a cock like that. She was startled yet somehow simultaneously pleased as she managed a guttural moan of welcome. As Ken felt her tense up, his eyes also turned to see Chris stroking his thick cock. Chris’s eyes were closed and he swayed as he pumped it back and forth, now using two hands.

Sharp waves of warmth emanated outward from Shannan’s loins as she watched her old lover masturbate. She stroked her new lover’s cock and looked down at it. While not as long, it was almost as thick, and Shannan had a sudden wicked thought. Ken’s cock jerked as if it had a mind of its own, when she whispered up to him, “I want to fuck both of you.”

“Come over here, Chris,” Shannan smiled. Chris blushed when he realized he had been discovered, but grinned when he finally made the connection of who the woman was. The two men nodded at each other, feeling awkward, but too horny to worry about this strange situation. Chris kicked off his pants and walked over to join them. Ken stood, but decided not to shake Chris’s hand. Shannan stood and grabbed each of the thick cocks presented to her. She kneeled before them to compare them. They each had unique features and she was faced with the dilemma of which one to sample first. Like a girl in an ice cream shop, she decided a double dip was the answer.

She slid her lips around Ken’s cock and swallowed his member in a slow swirling vacuum. She pumped her mouth up and down on it several times making it slick with her saliva. She nearly giggled when she looked up and saw Ken’s eyes roll back and noticed he was swaying under the power she had bewitched him with. She sucked him for a few more moments and kept Chris hard my pinching the hood of his penis playfully with her finger and thumb.

She pulled Ken’s cock from her mouth and it made and audible pop when she broke the seal of her lips. His cock was slick with her saliva and she pumped it back and forth with one fist. She could not quite encircle it with her hand, so she twisted her grip, being sure to stroke along the underside, teasing his frenulumn.

She looked at Chris’s cock with a mixture of fear and hunger. She wanted him bad, but wasn’t sure she could handle all of that meat. He smiled, his voice halting — almost whispering. He motioned her forward and Shannan kissed the tip of his cock and twirled her tongue, catlike along the hood. Chris moaned and she decided to try and take him inside her mouth. She managed to get the first three inches in, before her jaw convulsed under the strain. She backed off of him and popped her jaw, gaining a little more leverage and began to simply suck the first half of his cock in and out. She allowed some of the drool to drip into the palm she had been resting on his scrotum, and then moved that hand up to the bottom of his thick root. She then fist-fucked his cock to the same cadence that she was sucking him, her hand twisting and twirling in time with her mouth. Soon both men were moaning loudly.

She alternated sucking both of them. Wondering which she could make cumm first. When she sensed Chris’s cock loading up she pinched the base of his cock tightly to back him off. She wanted this to last a bit longer. Both men were shuddering and rocking on their feet. Ken almost stumbled, so she helped them both lay down before someone got hurt. She kneeled between them and leaned over Chris’s cock. She started sucking him, eventually managing to handle his full length and girth. Ken had ikitelli escort a clear view of her wet pink pussy lips protruding from between her flexing ass cheeks as she bent up and down sucking Chris’s cock.

Ken immediately moved his right hand and placed it on her eager, twitching pussy. He slipped his fingers down her pubic hair until his middle finger hovered directly over her waiting slit. He cupped his hand over her mound, slowly inserting his middle finger into the warm wet depths beyond. He was amazed at what an ideal position this was for access to her pussy. He looked at Shannan and wondered if she had ever been with two men. He fingered her very slowly and could here her cooing around the ranger’s cock. He decided to explore her limits a bit further and wet the fingers of his other hand in his mouth. He spread her ass cheeks and pressed his thumb against her anus. Shannan moaned deeply around Chris’s cock and seemed to shimmy against his thumb so he pushed it a little further inside.

Shannan pulled off of Chris’s cock for a moment and smiled back at him.

“I have never done that before, but, I think I might want to try.”

Ken stared at her blankly. He had never done that before, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to try. His paradigms were already being tossed about just being present for this menage a trois.

Shannan sensed his discomfort and yet a new resolve had taken over her. She lifted and straddled Chris’s hips and then lowered her very wet pussy down on his thick cock. Ken watched with amazement as she managed to take all of it inside her. She winced, yet grunted and lowered herself completely down on him and stopped to catch her breath. When she regained composure, she turned and instructed Ken to come over to her. He stood and his cock seemed to aim right for her lips as if she had guided it with a tractor beam. She sucked Ken all the way in with one gulp and started bobbing her head back and forth. Ken reached and helped her steady herself as she started to also bounce up and down on Chris. Once she had Ken lathered, she instructed him to get behind her. She leaned forward on Chris and arched her butt into the air. Ken straddled the four legs and squatted until the tip of his cock brushed her anus. She smiled back at him and nodded and he took a quick breath and pushed forward.

The sensation was incredible. Ken had never felt anything quite like this as her sphincter opened and slowly drew him deep inside her. He felt his cock bottom out in a small chamber that seemed perfectly fit for the hood of his penis. Shannan was rocking gently back and forth trying to get used to the two-pronged maneuver she had just invited. It took all of her focus to fight the power of the taboo. She was glad she let her curiosity win out. What was before impossible, was now suddenly possible. In fact it was incredible. She had two cocks deep inside her and each one was planted against her G-spot. No lover had ever been able to reach this glorious spot on his own, but these two men hit it at the same time. Shannan’s mind whirled as her orgasm exploded inside her.

Chris took the brunt of Shannan’s orgasm. He erupted inside her at the same time, as her pubic muscles roared around his cock in fury. He was spent. Ken watched as the two lovers writhed with pleasure and stood very still, not sure what to do. Shannan slowly crawled forward lifting off both cocks very carefully. Chris was already in a slumber thanks to his intense orgasm.

She smiled back at Ken and thanked him. She knew he was very uncomfortable. She led him over to the stream and washed his cock off and played with it until it was very stiff and hard. Ken pushed her against a mossy rock and began to fuck her very slowly in the spray of the cascade. Chris had rose from his brief exhaustion and sat beside them to watch with great pleasure as Ken continued to fuck Shannan passionately. Ken was glad she could now concentrate on him totally, focusing intently on their motion together. He bent down and, as they moved together, he licked her pert nipples that rose and fell with her large tits that swayed in circles as he thrust into her.

Chris leaned over and kissed Shannan, while Ken fucked into her, then sat back down to watch. Ken groaned while they made love, he alternated between a kneeling position and one where he was draped completely over her. She felt his hot breath on her neck. He cupped her face tenderly in his hands, kissing her, whispering unheard words in her ear. The intensity of their lovemaking increased. When his body rose again to assume the kneeling position, they were fucking wildly. Chris reached between them and massaged her clit as their bodies periodically parted.

“Does it… feel good…, baby?” Ken looked deeply into her eyes as he queried her between halting breaths.

“Ooohhh … Yessssss!… Fuck me hard, Ken! … Fuck me! … Fuck me!!…”

She writhed and squirmed with tireless passion, grimacing with pleasure. She screamed out to the world from the depths of her soul. Every muscle tensed as she pushed against him as hard as she could. Her orgasm flooded over her and she cried out loudly once again — an inextricably mixed combination of moaning, crying, and laughing — spewing from her in a stream of primal communication originating deep in her diaphragm. Ken continued to fuck Shannan harder and faster.

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