The Great Life

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Kyle sat in the living room, getting a fantastic blowjob from Melanie, her pussy leaking his cum from their rough fuck session just a few minutes before. His head lay back as he ran his fingers through her hair. She hummed as she blew him, her tongue massaging the underside of his cock.

He groaned softly as he could finally no longer hold back, shooting his thick and hot load down her throat, many hard pumps of scalding semen oozing down her throat like milk before she pulled off, smiling at seeing his dick hard again.

She mounted him and they both moaned, his cock sliding in with the cum he had filled her with as he sucked her tits, Melanie bouncing on his dick with great speed. They kissed furiously and he gushed another ocean of cum into her.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned as he pulled out, his dick finally completely soft.

Melanie smiled and rubbed her bloated belly, watching Kyle’s dick throb after his great climax. Emily then came in through the back door, wearing a green bikini and matching heels. Her tits were covered in dried and semi dried cum, Kyle grinning as he saw her.

“Good night huh?” he asked.

She smiled and turned her purse over on the table, wads and wads of cash spilling out. “Great night. You ought to sign me up for bachelor parties more often.”

He smiled and began to count the proceeds, almost $8,000. He and Emily then kissed. “Great work honey,” he said.

Emily curtsied and smiled, heading into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Kyle then began to fuck Melanie again in the missionary position, fondling her heavy tits while slamming his cock into her pussy. She cried out and clawed his back, Kyle fucking her faster and faster.

The phone then rang on the table behind the couch and he answered.

“Anderson residence,” he grunted, spreading Melanie’s legs wider.

“Yes,” a male voice replied, a sound Kyle recognized as jacking off present in the background, “I would like to rent one of your sluts for the evening.”

“Is that right?” Kyle asked, having Melanie get onto the floor on all fours and he shoved his dick canlı bahis in her ass.

“Yes,” the man panted.

“And just what kind of slut are you craving?” Kyle asked, pounding her ass in.

Melanie screamed out, Kyle slapped her golden hams as she reached back to fondle his swinging nuts. Kyle made the arrangements with the caller and proceeded to fuck the shit out of Melanie, driving her to a fifth and final explosive orgasm before he finally drained his nuts into her asshole.

Her arms went out and she fell face first onto the cum soaked carpet, happy and warm as Kyle’s cum flowed through her. He then walked to the orgy room and approached Selena, getting fucked by Ronnie as he drank from her bloated milk tanks.

“You’re up baby,” Kyle told her as he kissed her forehead.

She nodded, breathless after her now 18-year-old blossoming stud fucked her to a third orgasm. Kyle grinned and ruffled Ronnie’s hair, the boy smiling up at him. Victoria then bounced up, cum sliding and dripping down her tits as she drank some from an ornate wine glass.

Three men then staggered painfully from one of the adjoining private session rooms. They paid the fee and hobbled out, Victoria grinning as she drank their hard earned seed. Kyle smiled and shook his head, heading upstairs to get ready for a long day of breeding.


Upon arriving home, having left a series of cum flooded homes and apartments after fucking every bitch in them senseless, Kyle entered the house to find his family going at it, smoking, drinking and fucking in beautiful harmony.

Justice came up and shook her ass for Kyle, smiling as he pulled down his shorts, his beefy huge cock sprouting free. She wasted no time, pulling him to an empty spot on the couch, Thomas fucking Marie’s ass nearby.

Justice then got to her knees between Kyle’s legs and began to stroke him, loving the feel of him getting hard in her delicate hands.

“Can I suck it now Daddy?” Justice asked, staring hungrily at the pillar of man meat before her.

“Oh yeah baby, take me down!” Kyle said, his slutty maid bahis siteleri Maria bringing him a beer.

Justice then leaned down and slowly licked the head of his cock. Kyle groaned and lay his head back as she twirled her tongue around and around, slowly stroking his shaft to the underside of the tip and to the base. She then closed her lips over his head and Kyle groaned, Justice sucking the sensitive head before taking him all the way down.

“That’s it baby, ohhhhh yeah.” Kyle groaned, Justice now sucking from his tip to the root, pulling off and stroking him with her saliva. She then began to suck his nuts, proving her worth as one of his sluts by fitting both massive balls into her mouth, working them like two jawbreakers.

She then returned to his throbbing dick, sucking it powerfully as her cheeks puffed out, saliva running down Kyle’s dick, over his balls and onto the floor as his thick cock pounded down her throat. Kyle grunted and gripped her hair, his nuts slapping against her chin.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” he shouted, Justice pulling off and opening her mouth. Kyle stood and began to jack his cock fast, throwing his head back and crying out as he shot a steady stream of cum onto Justice’s face. Several pumps shot into her mouth, oozing down her throat.

She saw his cock didn’t go soft however and she followed his eyes to her big black ass. She smiled and got on all fours, smirking back at him as she slapped his fat cock against her fat ass.

“Ready to slam that big white battering ram up my big black ass?” Justice asked, giving it a wiggle.

“Oh yeah,” Kyle replied, spreading the beautiful cheeks apart. “I’m gonna fuck this ass so hard…”

She bit her lip and shook it again, Kyle loving to hear them clap together. He then positioned himself over her hole, stroking in their mixed juices onto his cock. Kyle gently pushed the head in, letting out a satisfied sigh along with Justice. He sank deeper and deeper, sliding in to his root, his balls nestled against her ass.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. He thrust deep within her bahis şirketleri powerful rear end and then came back up. Slowly was the way he wanted to go at first, again he pushed into her and now he moved his hands on her lower back. Justice opened her eyes looking over her shoulder at the slight hint of what was about to come.


In that instance from looking in her eyes and the teasing of her voice, Kyle slammed down and now he began to thrash that powerful ass. Over and over he pumped into her tight hole as hard and as fast he could. Pound after pound her cheeks rippled with the feel of his skin pushing into it over and over. Justice gritted her teeth before crying out to him loudly.

“OHHHHHHH, YES!! OHHHHH!” Justice cried, “FUCK ME!”

Kyle complied, slapping her ass maniacally as he fucked her and fucked her hard. He couldn’t slow down, lost in the magic of her black ass. Several of the families stopped their own fucking to watch, jacking off and fingering themselves.

She was so tight and hot, fingering her pussy as her hung master slammed his dick up her ass. She screamed and came almost nonstop, Kyle following soon after, cumming violently in her ass.

Justice groaned as the hot substance filled her, gushing into her ass like a waterfall. Her ass tightened, nearly breaking Kyle’s dick off as he gripped her hair, fucking her throughout his orgasm. She screamed as he unloaded what had to be over a gallon of cum into her ass, the sticky sperm overflowing over his nuts and over her pussy.

Both of them were a high wave of pleasure, each seeing stars. After one further amazing burst, he pulled out, beyond exhausted.


Three Days Later

Kyle panted as he pulled his flaccid dick from Justice’s cum stuffed pussy after a hot porn for her debut scene on the website. As the filming wrapped up, Kyle helped her from the mattress and kissed her.

“That was really fun!” she exclaimed.

“Sure was,” Kyle replied with a grin, “you nearly had me exploding when you rode that ass on my cock!”

She smiled and shook it for him. “Always ready for a deposit, Big Daddy.”

He gave it a smack as she walked off, headed upstairs for lunch. He then looked down at his cock, once again and ready for action. Kyle then grinned to himself. Life was good.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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