The Girls Next Door – 10 Bills Birthday Pt 2

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“Hey, hey, everyone listen.” They were all looking at her now. “I asked Bill to take my virginity but he said I had to ask all of you first. Please say yes.” All of the girls there started yelling ‘YES’ or ‘Bust her cherry’. She looked at me, almost pleading. “Now?” I stood up, picked her 90 pound soaking wet body up and walked towards the door with a bunch of women chanting ‘Do Her, Do Her.’

The Girls Next Door – 10
Bills Birthday Pt 2

I carried her to the bedroom and stood her on the bed. “1st I get number 51.” I untied the side string on the bottom of her bikini and dropped it to the floor. She was standing with her small shaved mound even with my face. Put your left foot on the head board.” That opened her lips slightly and I could see she was wet already. I reached out and gently laid a finger in her slit. As soon as I touched her she jumped.

“I’m sorry no one has touched me there before. I just smiled at her and slipped the finger the length of her slit several times before bringing it to my lips and tasting it. She was sweet, musky, salty and tart all at the same time.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?” she shook her head no. I put my finger in her slit again and this time held it up to her. She was hesitant but finally put it in her mouth and sucked it like it was my penis.

“Mmmm, do you have something bigger?”

“I do but that is later.” I bent my head to her mound and kissed it then put my lips on her tiny hooded clit and sucked on it. She shook almost violently.

“OH MY GOD, I didn’t….I never….OH GOD DO THAT AGAIN.” I sucked again, harder, and felt her legs wobbling. I picked her up and laid her on the edge of the bed. She watched as I stepped back and lowered my shorts. When my fat 8” came into her view, her eyes went wide and she gasped.

“It’s your turn now. Are you sure you want to do this. I’ll understand if you want to change your mind.” She sat up and reached towards my shaft. When her fingers touched my shaft it jumped and startled her. She wrapped her hand around it then looked up at me.

“It’s so warm and big. I don’t think it will fit inside me.” she slowly slid her hand the length of it and felt it grow as she did. “Wow, how much bigger will it get?

“We’ll find out in a little while.” I pushed her back down on the bed and bent over her resting on my elbows as I kissed her lips and cheeks. She was moaning softly as I moved to her neck but when I took a breast in my mouth she gasped and her back arched. When I ran my tongue around her nipple she tried to press it harder to my mouth. Her breasts were small, just small mounds with large areola and inch long nipples. they fit completely in my mouth. When I switched to the other breast and sucked hard on that nipple she put her hands behind my head and pulled me hard to her breast.

“Oh Mr. Bill no one has ever made me feel like this. Do it some more. Suck on my breasts.” After a few more minutes of teasing her breasts with my mouth I took both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, rolling and pinching as I kissed down her trembling stomach to her mound. As I put my mouth on her slit and slipped my tongue in it, I squeezed and pulled on the nipples. “Oh damn, oh damn what are you doing to me.” her body went stiff and she squirted me with her juices. So much came out if it hadn’t tasted so good I would have thought she lost control of her bladder.

“Do you always squirt like that?”

“Never that much, I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s not a bad thing, it just surprised me.” I took a leg in each hand, held then straight up and spread them in a V. “Put your hands on your ankles and hold them there.” When she had gripped them I stood back and looked at her now open slit with the tiny brown hole below. I looked like it winked at me.

“What are you looking at?”

“A tiny slice of heaven.” I bent down and spread her small outer lips then kissed each of the inner lips before sucking on them. As I continued sucking she started moaning. When I stopped and moved to her tiny clit she moaned louder still. While I sucked on her clit I wet an index finger in her slit and rubbed it over her tiny crinkled ass ring.

“What are you doing? That’s dirty.” I continued rubbing it as she squirmed against my finger.

“It’s not dirty, just different.” I went back to playing with her clit while I rubbed her ass. I put my tongue at her tight, tight little opening to her vagina and pushed in. I hit her barrier and pushed it with my tongue. She was still holding her ankles but her arms and legs were shaking.

“OH, what was that? What did you touch?

“That was your hymen.” I stabbed it again and pushed my finger past her anal ring at the same time. She shook all over.

“OH GOD, OH GOD. WHAT is that? What did you put in my butt?” I kept on stabbing my tongue at her hymen and she continued to shake but now she was having another orgasm and squirting. Her anus would squeeze and relax in my finger. I stroked it in time with the contractions and soon had the entire finger in her bowel and she was trying to push her ass up to meet it. Oh damn that feels so….so….good. Finger my butt and lick my pussy. Don’t stop, Please don’t stop.” She had another small orgasm and I stood up.

I looked down at her still shaking, as I stroked my shaft hard. Her eyes were wide as I rolled a condom on and laid it between her legs and rubbed it on her slit. I wiped two fingers in her slit and used them to wet the rest of my shaft. I put the tip at her entrance and pushed in slowly, watching her inner lips stretch around the the crown entered her she yelled.

“STOP, STOP, IT’S TOO BIG. YOU’LL RIP ME IN HALF.” I stopped and waited a moment. She was taking short rapid breaths. I waited for her breathing to slow.

“Does it hurt? If it does tell me to quit and I will.” She was still shaking but had not let go of her ankles. In fact it looked like she spread them more.

“It doesn’t hurt now. It was just stretching me so much. Don’t quit now, Please. I want you to make me a woman.”I eased in about another ½” and my dick hit her barrier. She grimaced. “I felt that. Is that my cherry?”

Yes darling. We can do it quickly or slowly. Either way it will hurt. It’s just that one way won’t last as long. It has to be your choice.”

“Please do it quick and let’s get it over with.” I pulled back slightly and rammed my shaft past her barrier and all the way until I hit the back of her cervix with 2” still not in her. “OOOOOWWWWWW, GOD IT HURTS. STOP, STOP.” I remained still and watched tears flow from her eyes. Her hot vergin vagina was so tight it felt light a piece of velvet was being tightened around my shaft. I took her hands from her ankles and put her legs around my waist. I reached under her shoulders and pulled her up to me. I held her close as I held her up still impaled on my shaft, turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. I held her tight and rubbed her back until she put her lips on mine and kissed me as she started rocking in my lap.

“Are you alright?”

“I feel like you’re in my throat, but there is only a little pain and it is going away. Just be gentle for a while.” I put her hands on my shoulder and grabbed her tiny waist. I lifted her slightly and lowered her back down. I did this again and again until I was lifting her almost off of my shaft before dropping her back down. Every time she went down my dick bottomed in her with 2” still outside, leaving her supported by my shaft in her pussy. “I…feel…your…cock…hit……something…each…time…it…goes….in. Her tight sleeve was clenching my shaft making it difficult to delay much longer.

I stood up again and laid her back down on the bed, pulling her legs up to my shoulders. I grabbed her thighs and started hammering her hole, driving my dick into her. she was rubbing her tiny tits as she was overcome by her biggest orgasm. Her back arched as her head went back. “OOOOOHHHHH FUCK ME, FUCK ME. I WANT YOUR COCK DEEP IN ME. FUCK ME. FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR COCK. MAKE ME CUM.” I rammed into her one more time and loosed a load of my cum into the condom. When I was finished I looked down and saw her eyes closed and her arms limp on her chest.

I pulled my dick out and put her legs down. I moved her so she was laying with her head on the pillows and pulled a blanket over her. I put her bikini bottom on the night stand next to her then gave her a kiss. I pulled the bloody condom off and disposed of it. As an afterthought, I wet a wash cloth with warm water and went back to the bed and cleaned her mound and thighs. She never opened an eye. I pulled on my shorts and closed the door behind me as I left.

I was met by Kathy and Lorraine in the kitchen. Both were now topless and playing with the chains. “Daddy, mommy told us to find you and bring you out, we have another surprise for you.” I didn’t think I could handle many more surprises. They led me out the front door where I saw my truck with the trailer had been pulled into the drive and the trailer doors were open. I couldn’t see any more because of all the topless or nude women clustered in front of me.

My four wives walked up to me wearing nothing except for Amanda’s jewelry. “We know your birthday is next weekend but the only way we could surprise you was to have your party early. We’ve been working on this since CJ’s party, all of these girls volunteered to help. Now we want to give you your birthday present. Ok ladies let him see it.” They opened a lane to the drive and there on the drive was a new Harley Cvo Ultra Classic Electra Glide. I was speechless. I grabbed my wives and hugged them.

“How, where, when?” I couldn’t even put a sentence together. They led me over to the bike and handed me the keys. All of the girls were crowding around looking at the bike, wishing me happy birthday and asking for rides. They all wanted to sit on it and Anna had her camera taking pictures. I found Amanda and pulled her to me. “I love it. Care to tell me what all you have been up to?”

“Later lover, for now just enjoy. Your wives and daughters are responsible for yesterdays treat and you’re present. Everything else was put together by the rest of the girls here. Make sure you thank them.” When everyone headed back to the deck I told Amanda I had to check on Lela and went back inside. When I entered the bedroom I found her still asleep snuggling to one of the large pillows. I stripped of my shorts and climbed in next to her. When I tried to pull her close she woke up and turned to face me.

“How long have I been asleep?”

Just a little while, how do you feel?

“I feel fabulous.” She rolled me on my back and straddled me. “Will you do me one more time, Please?”

“Do you, what’s that?”

“Do I have to beg? Please put that big fat cock of your in me and fuck me again, please?”

“What do I get?” she smiled and slid down my body until my shaft was in her face. She put her hands on it and kissed the tip.

“I’ve never done this before so if I do it wrong let me know.” She put her lips on the tip again and gave it a long sensuous kiss. She stared at me as I watched her stretch her lips on the head then pull off with a pop. She did it again then started kissing her way down one side of the shaft. When she reached the bottom she cupped my balls and kissed her way across them. She kissed her way back up the other side of the shaft then licked the underside of it like a large lollipop. Mmmmm, this is tastes good. I could lick this all day.” She moved back to the tip and teased my piss hole with the tip of her tongue. She put her lips on it and slid them down past the head and kept going. With barely half of it in, it hit the back of her mouth and she gagged. She popped up quick, took a couple of quick breaths and slid her mouth back down on my shaft. She bobbed her head up and down gagging each time I hit her throat.

Her hands were busy stroking my shaft that she could not get in and rubbing my balls or dragging her nails lightly around them. For a virgin with no ‘experience’ she was giving one hell of a blow job. I was getting close to shooting and doing my best to delay but every time she dragged he nails across my balls or around my shaft I wanted to let go. She stroked my shaft frantically as she drove it against her throat, held it there and scratched my balls. I blasted my cum in her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could but even with her lips tight on my shaft some leaked out on her chin and my shaft. When my dick stopped jerking she pulled her mouth of and licked it clean. Then she wiped my cum off her chin with a finger and licked I clean. “Well Mr. Bill did I do a good job?”

“What I want to know is where a girl who claims to have no experience learns to give a fantastic blow job?”

“When Anna said she was going to put my name in the contest I had a lady I know bet me a dildo and a porn movie about blow jobs.” She blushed and looked down for a second. “I’ve been practicing for the last week in case I got picked. Was it really good?”

“It was damn good.” I pulled her up to me and held her for a while. “I want to do what you asked. I want to put my big fat cock in you and fuck you again, but I need a while to get my energy back to give you what you want. Let’s get dressed and go back out to the party.” We walked out the back door with me holding Lela’s hand but a couple of the girls whisked her away from me to a group sitting in the shade by the volleyball court. I sat down in a chair by the shaded deck table and looked around at all of the young women on the deck and around the back yard.

Amanda walked up and sat on my lap. “You are a popular fellow. They have been waiting for you to out so they could get all the details from your virgin sacrifice.” I looked at her and she laughed. “She doesn’t know it but her name was the only one in the box. Anna talked to the other girls that wanted in and convinced them they would get something on another weekend if they agreed. I think she plans on putting you out to stud.” Now she was laughing like crazy. “Just kidding, she won fair and square. But you should have seen the look on your face.”

“You know I’ll get even.”

“Oooohhh, you know I’m scared.” While she kissed me I gave a little tug on the labia dangles hanging outside her bikini bottom. She almost jumped off my lap. “Hey that’s not fair.” But she just went back to kissing me. I pulled on them some more and she moaned into my mouth and ground her butt in my lap. “Your mine tonight.” She got up wiggled her butt in my face and walked away.

As the afternoon wore on I sat in the shade and watched girls running, jumping and swimming. There were bare breasts and bare pussy’s all around. If that wasn’t enough, they all came over sat it my lap and told me how much they like having a place to go and do what they wanted. They told me that none of my girls had talked them into anything this weekend. They remember the spanking my girls got during the first party. Half of them still had their bottoms on but all were topless. Some of them came in pairs to introduce me to their partners. They said this was the only place they could have time together without worrying. They also said they weren’t lesbians, they were bisexual. They loved good sex with either sex.

At one point the busty blonde that had told me to pick her as the model for the cake came and sat straddling my lap. She was topless still and the tiny strip of cloth that was the bottom had disappeared between her lips. She was rocking her mound against the bulge in my shorts. She was so wet it was leaving a spot in my shorts. She unbuttoned my shorts, slid her hand in and wrapped it around my shaft. She leaned forward pressing her breasts to my chest and nibbled my ear. She whispered to me. “I want you to fuck me like you did that little girl. I won’t pass out like she did and you will get everything you want.”

She kept nibbling on my ear and neck as she rubbed and squeezed my shaft. “Take off those shorts and I’ll sit here in your lap with your cock in one of my holes and make you cum without anyone knowing what we’re doing. OR you can meet me in one of the rooms and I will give you a blow job that will make you beg for more.” This blonde goddess had me almost ready to blow a load and my dick was still in my pants. “Meet me inside in ten minutes.” She pulled her hand from my shorts, put her hand under her bikini bottom and rubbed her slit. She put them to my lips and I licked her nectar from them. “There’s more where that came from.” She stood up and walked away from me. She had a beautiful round ass that had just the right amount of wiggle as she walked. It helped that the tiny bottom she was wearing was pulled between her butt cheeks and was almost invisible.

Lorraine came up and sat on my lap. She put her arms around my neck, laid her head against mine and just sat there. After a moment she sat up and gave me a serious look. “Daddy, can I ask you something?”

“Sure baby girl what is it?”

“Well some of the other girls have been talking about you. I told them all about you but they don’t believe me daddy. They want me…um…to…well…you see…Damn it daddy they want me to ask you to take you shorts off so they know I’m not lying. Please Daddy, Please.” I looked around and saw a lot of the girls watching us, whispering and grinning. Oh hell why not.

“Get up daughter.” Lorraine stood up and I stood next to her. If you want them off you have to do it.” She got excited and started to reach for my shorts. “Without using your hands.” She snatched her hand back and looked puzzled. When she realized the top button was undone she got on her knees. Put her hands on my waist and started trying to pull the zipper down with her teeth. While she worked on that I looked at the girls that had been watch us and saw most had their mouths open, watching Lorraine with her mouth in my crotch. When she finally got the zipper down she started working my shorts down until they fell to my feet. I stepped out of them and Lorraine turned us sideways to the other girls. She stroked my dick to make sure it was as hard as it would get as she smiled at them, turned back to me and swallowed the entire length of my shaft.

I was watching them as she ran my dick in and out of her mouth. They had a look that was a mix of amazement and jealousy. Lorraine pulled my dick out, kissed the tip and stood up. “Thank you Daddy, I think they believe me now.” She kissed me on the cheek and strutted over to her new fans.

I walked back in the house and heard water running in my bathroom. I walked in and found the mysterious blonde in my shower. I grabbed one of my blue pills then stood and watched as she soaped her body. She moved her hands to her crotch and moaned as she slid two fingers into her pussy. She had her back to me so she was completely surprised when I stepped up to her and put my hand over hers. She opened her eyes, put her arms around my and rubbed her body against me. “You were almost too late.”

“Somehow I doubt anyone could ever be late with you. By the way, what’s your name? I can’t keep asking about the beautiful busty blonde.”

“Beautiful busty blonde sounds good to me, but if you must know, I’m Darlene but for the next half hour you can call me your little cock sucker. She pulled me out of the shower and toweled us off then led me to the bed. I sat down and she put my face between those round, firm 36DD’s and squeezed them. They were definitely real. I could get lost in that cleavage. I lay back pulling her with me so I could enjoy those large tasty melons hanging above me. It took both hands to reach around one breast as I massaged it and licked around her 3” areolas.

She slid down putting those large globes on my chest and sliding them in circles as she went. “You like my big tits don’t you? You like sucking on my nipples and squeezing my tits. I bet you want to put that fat cock between them and stroke it until you shoot your cum all over them and my mouth.” She slid further down and incased my shaft between her breasts and slid them up and down, fucking my shaft. At the bottom of each stroke she licked of the drop of pre-cum that had collected then ran it around the entire head.

After a dozen or so strokes she released my shaft from the warm grasp of her breasts and placed her lips on the tip, kissing it softly. She looked up at me as she stretched her lips over the head then swallowed my entire shaft in one stroke. She slid up and down the entire shaft for several minutes then stopped with the head just in her throat. After a pause she started humming. I could feel the vibrations in my balls. She kept humming as she fucked her throat on my dick. She grabbed my balls as I bottomed in her humming throat and I blasted cum directly in her gullet. She held me all the way down until my dick stopped jerking and pumping tuzla escort cum. She pulled it out and her eyes got big. “Damn you’re still hard. What next?”

“Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to OD on pleasure?”

“Talk is cheap old man.”

I got up laid her on the bed, pulled her legs up into a V and told her to hold her ankles. I knelt between her legs and spread her slit with my thumbs and started sucking on her inner lips.”Oh shit. You don’t waste any time. Damn that feels good. As I switched back and forth between the lips her legs started shaking and she hunched her crotch up towards my face. I quickly put my lips on her nub and sucked it between then as I flicked it with my tongue. “OH GOD, I’m CUUMMIINNGGG. I sucked harder and she clamped her legs on my head as her body shook. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. That’s it, that’s the spot. Don’t stop, don’t stop.” I lashed her clit with my tongueand plunged two fingers into the sopping wet entrance to her pussy. “OH DAMN, it’s not stopping.”

She was gasping for air and her body ways trembling when I stopped and stood up. “What…are…you doing? …..Don’t….. Stop….. Now. I spread her legs and put the head of my dick to the entrance to her pussy. I buried my shaft deep in one stroke and began deep stroking her. Christ old man, are you trying to make me bow legged jamming you fat cock in me that way?”

“I’ve just started little girl. I think in a couple of hours you’ll be unconscious or begging me to stop.”

“Seriously? Bring it on.” I pushed her legs back to her chest and pounded my shaft into her pussy. I could feel it hitting the wall of her cervix. Every time I bottomed in her she grunted. After a few minutes the groans changed to a steady moan. I moved one hand to her slit and squeezed her nub out of its hood and rolled it between my thumb and fore finger. She jumped and arched her back. I squeezed it some more and her head went back as another orgasm over took her. “I’m cumming again. Oh fuck I need you, I need you. Please don’t stop.”

Without taking my dick out of her I rolled her over with her feet on the floor. I pushed her down on her breasts and rammed hard into her from behind. As I fucked her hard and deep I wet the fingers of one hand in her slit then moved them to her crinkled brown asshole. I rubbed her juices around the outside the slid one finger in past her sphincter. She jumped and tried to move away at first but as I slowly stroked it in her ass she started pushing back against my dick and finger. When I felt her anal ring relax a little I slipped in a second finger and kept stroking.

“Put something bigger in my ass. Don’t make me wait. Fuck my ass now.” I pulled my dick out of her pussy and put the tip to her pulsing pucker. I eased the head in then rammed my full 8” deep into her bowels. “It’s …so ….big…..give …me …a minute.” I didn’t wait. I pushed her head into the covers and pounded repeatedly into her ass. She tried to yell but the covers muffled her voice. I pounded her ass for 5 minutes before I stopped and let her up.

“Not a bad start for and old man. Huh, little girl?” I pulled my dick out of her ass and drove it back into her pussy. Five minutes later she was taking deep breaths and shaking when she looked back at me.

“Can you give my pussy a break?”

“Are you sure?” she nodded yes so I took my dick out, turned her around and rolled her over with her head over the edge of the bed and guided my dick to her lips.

“What the……mmmmfffgggtt” was all that came out as I held her head tilted down and shoved my dick into her mouth. I pushed deeper and deeper until I was stroking the length of my shaft in her throat and she had her hands on my hips pulling me in. she pushed me back until my dick came out. She moved me so she could suck on my balls as she stroked my shaft with her hand. I felt I was closed to cumming again so I pulled her off my balls and turned her around again.

I pushed her legs back to her sides and pushed my dick into her ass again. “Oh my god, fuck my ass, fill me with your cock again. Fuck me hard. Just fuck me.” I drove my dick in her ass over and over as I put my thumb in her pussy and rubbed her clit with my fingers. She was moving her hips back against my dick when I blasted her bowels with cum. When the hot, stick gobs hit her insides she went stiff and her juices poured from her pussy around my thumb. “Oh, oh, oh. Your cock is so hot in my ass and I can feel you’re cum hot on my insides.” Before she quit shaking I pulled out of her ass and shoved my still hard dick into her pussy and fucked her some more.

She was gasping again. “Does….that……ever….get soft? Do…I…get…a break?”

“Are you begging the old man to stop, little girl?”

“No….Fuck me…..old man.” I fucked her harder and faster as I rubbed her clit. When she looked like she was about to have another orgasm I pulled out and turned her around again. “Please don’t stop, please I’m so close. Don’t stop.” I put my dick in her mouth and she sucked greedily. As she sucked my dick and bobbed her head on my shaft I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. She started moaning on my cock as she took my balls in her hand rubbing and squeezing them. I took her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, pinching and rolling them. As I pulled on them she put one hand in her crotch and drove two fingers in her wet hole. Again her body shook and I could she her fingers covered in her juices and she groaned with my dick deep in her throat.

Before she calmed down from her orgasm again I climbed on the bed, rolled her to her knees and filled her ass with my dick again. oh shit your fucking my ass again please I need to rest. Please.”

“all you have to do is beg the old man to stop fucking you. Is that what you want, little girl?”

“Yes, Pplleeaassee stop fucking me, please. I can’t take any more of your cock tonight. Please stop.” I pulled my dick out of her ass and rolled her to her side then moved close to her and held her. She turned in my arms and pressed her body to me. “I’m sorry. I won’t call you an old man again. None of the boys my age have ever fucked me that much or that good. Thank you. I will remember this evening for a long time. Can I lay here for awhile and rest?”

“You can rest as long as you need.” I lay there holding her until she fell asleep then covered her and left making sure I closed the door to the room. When I went to the living room I was met by Lorraine and Kathy.

“Mommy sent us to bring you out front.” They hugged my arms and led me out the front door. All of the young women from the party were gathered together and I could just see over the top of them that my truck with the trailer had been pulled out into the drive and the doors on the trailer were open. My four young wives were standing in the front, Amanda spoke for the group.

We know how much you like your bike and going on rides so we got you something special.” I was thinking they bought a trailer for the two bikes I had. “Ladies it’s time.” They all started yelling ‘Happy Birthday as they separated so I could see what they were hiding. It was a trailer but sitting behind it was a two tone red Harley Ultra Classic® Electra Glide.

I grabbed Amanda and hugged her, “Who…where…when.” I couldn’t make a coherent sentence. She told me to get on it and she would tell me about it later. She handed me the keys as I walked to the bike. I sat on it with no clothes on, who knew. I hit the starter and listened to it roar. When I shut it off all of the women crowded around to look at it and ask when they could have a ride. “Anna, dear come here.” I heard a squeal in the back and she pushed thru the crowd.

“Yes dear?”

“I think the seat behind me is reserved for you.” She squealed again then climbed up behind me and hugged me tight.

“Thank you for letting me be first.” I sat on the bike for probably half an hour while all of the women took turns climbing up behind me. When Anna got off she grabbed her camera and took pictures of everyone. After I got off, some of the women had Anna take pictures of them posing topless or nude like the girls you see in the bike magazines. They said they were for me to remember them by. When everyone was done and went back out to the deck, Amanda came up and put her arms around me.

We picked up the trailer Friday and spent the night at a hotel so you wouldn’t know. By the way Lorraine and Kathy said they really enjoy babysitting you. We went to the dealer to pick up the bike Saturday morning. You should have seen the place. Beside the 4 of us in short shorts and bikini tops, five of the girls here tonight, dressed the same way, went with us to ‘Negotiate’. Nine of us in one dealer ship got a lot of attention. Not to mention a hell of a discount and freebees. Of course part of it was because three of the girls that went with us agreed to model on bikes on weekends in bikinis for free. Like they said they get to show off in front of who knows how many guys in the tiniest bikinis they have. It’s as close to naked in public as they can legally get and they’ll have protection. The trailer holds five bikes but as you found out Anna just wants to ride with you so we only need I more and some licenses.”

She helped me put the bike back in the trailer and we backed it under the carport for the night. We went back out to the party. I sat in one of the chairs from the patio set and just surveyed the party. I noticed a couple of girls had left but there were still more than twenty on the deck and still playing volleyball. Most of the girls were topless at least half were wearing just skin. I saw several pairs of girls sitting away from the crowd. I got up and walked over to one couple, a slim Hispanic and a full figured, very attractive black girl, and sat down next to them.

They looked at me for a moment, not sure what to say, then introduced themselves. The black girls name was Keisha. The other girl was Christina. “Nice to meet you, I just wanted you to know that no one here will judge you. Alissa and CJ wanted to have these girl only get parties so everyone would a place to relax and have fun. You don’t have to sit in the shadows. If anyone does say anything let the girls or me know and we will make sure it stops. We want you to feel safe while you are here.”

As I started to get up Keisha whispered something to Christina. “She wants to know.”

“Sorry but if she wants to know something she has to ask herself.” Keisha opened her mouth so speak then looked down at the ground. “I don’t bite. When you’re ready come find me and we’ll talk.” I started to get up again when she looked up.

“No wait.” I sat back down. “Do you like girls of color?”

“I love girls regardless of their skin color. Why do you ask?”

Your girls are all white, and I’m the only black girl here.”

‘First, CJ and Anna are Hispanic. As far as I know most, if not all of the girls here play sports with them and Alissa. I assume you are on one of the girls teams. Are there other blacks on the teams?”


I looked around and spotted two of my girls. “Alissa, CJ, come over here for a minute, please.” When they were standing in front of us I asked, “Did you invite everyone on your teams to this get together?”

“Yes dear we did, just like you told us.”

“Do you know why they aren’t here?”

“Most said they already had plans they couldn’t get out of and two said their boyfriends didn’t want them to.”

“Who were the two.” Alissa gave us the names and Keisha told us those were the girls she was asking about. I told my girls thanks and they went back to their friends.

Keisha said “My boyfriend did the same thing but I decided I needed time to myself. He doesn’t know about Christina. He would explode if he did.”

“Maybe you need a different boyfriend?”

“You don’t know LaMond.”

“It’s your choice but like I said you’re welcome here.” I found Amanda and we went inside to talk. “You know some of these girls have boyfriends that are running their lives?”

“Alissa brought it up once some time back and we talked about it. She never told me who it was.”

“Just make sure our girls tell their friends if they have problems their welcome here, if they want help.” She hugged me and we sat down on the couch. “Tomorrow I want to take Anna out for the day on the bike. Do you mind?”

“Not if I get the next available date with you.” She laughed and snuggled to me.

“What do you think about the four of you taking a class for a motorcycle license? Then I can get a couple more bikes and we can all go together.”

“I already have a license.”

“I know, but you could help the others and be their moral support.”

“Alright, I’ll find a class that has openings.” We sat on the couch for awhile enjoying the quite until the driveway alarm chimed. I looked out the window and saw I car with two people in it. I hurried into the bedroom and pulled on some shorts and a shirt. I told Amanda to get dressed and come out in a few minutes. I slipped on some sandals I had by the front door as I went out. I got to the driveway as to young male blacks got out of the car. “Can I help you?”

“I’m here to get my girlfriend.” He definitely had an attitude

“And her name would be?”

“Keisha Brown. Just tell her to get out here.” Yep definitely has an attitude. I turned and saw Amanda come out of the front door and told her to go get Keisha and tell her LaMond was here.
“How do you know my name?”

“Keisha told me about you. I don’t think she’s ready to leave.”

“That’s none of your business.” It took about five minutes before Amanda and Keisha appeared. Keisha had put on shorts and a loose tank top. I noticed Anna standing back by the corner taking pictures with her camera. LaMond saw her and yelled “Get in the car.”

I looked at them and they were standing close to the front door not moving. “Keisha do you want to go with him now?” she looked at Amanda then me and shook her head no.

“I said get in the car.” When she didn’t move her started towards her and I stepped in front of him.

“She said no.” I saw his fists clench just before he swung at me. Bad move on his part. I side stepped the blow, grabbed his wrist and let his momentum carry him to the ground. I put a foot on his back and pulled his arm backward against my thigh and twisted his wrist back. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and jerked his arm, causing him to scream in pain. “One more step and you buddy here won’t be able to hold his arm up before you get to prison.”

I let up on the pressure and told Amanda to call 911. She said she already had. Pretty soon we heard sirens and the sheriffs arrived. They took LaMond and I told them his buddy had tossed something in the bushes by the car. One of the deputies looked and found a loaded 9mm. the cuffed the other guy. He was yelling “It’s not mine.” I pointed to a camera under my carport.

“Its motion activated and has been recording since you pulled in.” By the time they took statements and towed the car it was dark. Amanda, Anna, Keisha and I went inside. We had Alissa and CJ tell the rest of the girls what happened and let them know they didn’t have to leave. The four of us sat down in the living room to talk. Keisha was visibly upset.

I don’t know what to do. No one is home at my house. My folks and older brother are in Louisiana until Monday visiting family. I don’t want to be there alone if he shows up.” Amanda told her she could stay with us until Monday. She would have Alissa and Anna go home with her tomorrow to get some clothes and she could ride to school with them Monday.

“Amanda will give you our phone numbers. If he causes you any problems call us or have your parents call.”

“I have one more question. Would I be alright if….aaaa…..Christina stays with me?”

“I think the bed is big enough.” Keisha blushed and thanked us. Anna took her and showed her which room she could use as Amanda and I went outside to the deck. Everyone was subdued when we got there and everyone was dressed. Christina came up to me wanting to know what was happening.

“Her boyfriend and his buddy are in jail for assault and being a felon in possession of a weapon. His friend is headed back to prison and he won’t be able to bond until Monday.” The others had gathered around to listen so I turned to them. “Amanda and I said we want this to be a place you could come, play and feel safe. I’m doing what I can but you have to look out for each other also. You can’t let your sisters be taken advantage of by punks like LaMond.”

Anna and Keisha came out of the house and all of the attention turned to her. Christina gave her a big hug and the other girls were offering her sympathy and any help she needed. Anna walked me over to one of the loungers and sat down with me. “Why is Darlene sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms?”

“She thought she was hot but when I tried to give her what you got on the houseboat she didn’t last an hour.” Her eyes got big and she had the biggest shit eating grin I had ever seen.

“Really?” then she pushed me back on the lounger. Laid on top of me and smothered me with kisses. “I saw her in there and was getting jealous because I thought you might want to replace me with someone older and more experienced.”

“Baby girl no one can ever replace you. In fact tomorrow I’m taking the bike for its first ride and I was going to ask you to be my biker chick, unless you already have a date?”

She was smothering me again and talking between kisses. “Thank you…..thank you……I’ll….. Be…. The…….biker…..chick… could…..want.” She sat up beaming. “I have just the outfit for tomorrow. I’m going to make it really special for us.” We got up when some of the girls started leaving and wanted to say goodbye. Most of them just wanted to let ma and Amanda know they appreciated what we did. Some wanted to know when they could get a ride on the bike. I told them when we had the next play day I would give them all rides.

By 9pm the only people left were my four wives and two ‘Daughters along with Keisha and her partner Christina, Darlene sound asleep still, and two more girls that had asked Amanda if they could stay in one of the spare rooms instead of driving home. It had been one heck of a day but I wasn’t ready to call it a night so I went into the family room and turned on some news. Soon I had Anna on my lap them Amanda came in and sat next to us. Before long all my wives and both daughters were sitting around me talking about the wedding, where we could go for our family honeymoon and most important at the moment, when they were going to take the course so they could get motorcycle licenses. I told them I would take Wednesday of and take them sopping for the helmets and jackets. Fred at my favorite leather store was going to love this.

About 10pm Keisha and Christina walked in wrapped in towels. “We don’t have anything to sleep in. can we borrow a couple of big shirts or something?” Anna jumped up and led them off to find something. When they came back both girls were wearing sheer baby dolls and no panties. Keisha sat in my lap and put her arms around my neck giving me a close up look at her caramel colored breasts with their dark chocolate areola and nickel sized nipples. They looked so damn suckable. She hugged me holding my face firmly against those warm, firm melons.

I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me and the rest of the girls. When the word gets out I doubt if anyone turns down an invitation again. You know I have never made out or had sex with a white guy but I would do you in a minute.” She looked around at my family. “That is if your girls would let me.”

“Sorry but as much as I would love to take you up on that offer, my dance card is full for this weekend, can I have a rain check?” she hugged her breasts to my face again, got up and wiggled her cute bubble ass at me as she turned away.

“See you tomorrow,” She grabbed Christina and dragged her off to their room. Lorraine and Cathy got up and asked me if they could go to bed also. I told them they could and each of them sat their naked body in my lap gave me a big hug and kissed me goodnight. Finally I was alone with just my four young wives.

“Well today was interesting. Does anyone have anything we need to talk about before we call it a day?” they said they wanted to have another get together in two weeks with a Hawaiian theme. Grass skirts, lei’s, a roast pig, the whole enchilada. Alissa said she would furnish the food and have each of the girls dress for the occasion. When no one said anything else I said “I have a hot date tomorrow with a hot biker chick so I need to rest. Let’s go to bed.” I declared a ‘No Sex’ night that was met with groans but when they piled into bed around me they were asleep in less than five minutes. I wasn’t the only one tuzla escort bayan that needed rest.

I woke up in the morning to the smell of breakfast and lips on mine. I opened my eyes to Anna kneeling over me. “Time to get up big boy, its 9am. You need to eat so we can get going. We have to get on the road.” I didn’t move fast enough so she threw the covers off and tried to pull me out of bed. I grabbed her, pulled her on top of me and kissed her.

“You’re in and awfully big hurry this morning?”

“I’m excited. I want our first ride to start early and end late. Get up. Let’s go.” I got up and reached for a pair of shorts. “You don’t need those. You’ll be the only one wearing anything.” I walked out of the bedroom with Anna to find naked girls everywhere. Besides my six there were 5 from the party. Darlene was up, Keisha and Christine were setting the table and two brunettes I had not met were in the kitchen with Amanda and CJ. They had put the extensions in the table so there was enough room for everyone.

I sat down at one end of the table and Anna, as was usual took the seat to my left. The two brunettes brought plates of food to the tables and I got a good look at them. They could have been sisters they looked so much alike. They were tall, athletic, had breasts that looked like 34C’s, and shaved pussies. They came over and said thanks for letting them stay last night gave me a quick kiss and went back to the kitchen. When all the food was on the table and everyone sat down I looked around at the sea of breasts and wondered how I had gotten so fortunate.

Anna kept trying to hurry me up. She was anxious to get on the bike and go for a ride. When I finished, I told everyone, “Sorry ladies nut I have been reminded that I have a hot date waiting for me so I have to leave now.” I went to get dressed and Anna disappeared. The next time I saw her was after was after I got my new bike out of the trailer and collected our helmets and jackets.

She walked out the front door with Amanda beside her. She had on 4” heels, low rise jeans that looked painted on and a sheer black lace, cropped camisole that looked too small for her 34D breasts. It barely covered her nipples and they showed thru the material. There was a lot of bare skin between the bottom of it and the waist of her jeans. With her make-up done and her hair pulled back in a pony tail, no one that looked above her chest would think she was 4 weeks from turning 16.

She walked up to me carrying a small overnight bag. She set it down and put her arms around my neck. After she kissed me she whispered “How do you like your biker girl? Do I look naughty enough?”

Darling you look totally hot. Somebody will probably try to screw your brains out today.”

“You always know the right thing to say.” I put the bag in one of the saddlebags and handed her a jacket and helmet. “Do I have to?”

“For now yes.” she put them on and got up behind me. Amanda gave us hugs and whispered something to Anna. We’ll probably be back late.”

Amanda winked at Anna. “We’ll see.” Their scheming again so I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens. I asked Anna where she wanted to go.

“Let’s go to San Antonio to the river walk. We can walk around together and see the sites. We can eat dinner while we watch the boats.”

“Ok, hang on baby girl.” Two hours later we arrived in downtown San Antonio. “Where do you want to go first sweetie?

“I want to get a hotel room and have sex on the balcony.”

“I have to work tomorrow, dear.”

“Mama wife gave me her credit card to pay for the room and said to tell you can afford to take the time off for a special night with your biker chick.”

“Can I win this?”

“Nope, Mama Wife also said to tell you we voted and you lost.”

You wives seem to do a lot of voting without me. What’s that all about?”

“You just slow things down sweetie. Now where are we going to get a room? I’m feeling needy.” We checked several hotels and when she found out what it would cost for a room with a walkout balcony she settled for one the third floor with a big bay window. We went up to the room and the first thing she did was throw the curtains wide open and stood looking at the river walk below. “We have a great view but I know what will make it better.” She turned the radio on and went back to stand in front of the window facing me.

She was slow dancing to the music, sliding her hands over her body, slipping up the bottom of the camisole to give tantalizing glimpses of her breasts. She slowly pulled the camisole up and over her head and dropping it to the floor. She swayed to the music as she put her hands on her breasts, rubbing and squeezing before she moved them down to unbutton her jeans. She turned to face the window as she slid them sensuously over her hips, stepped out of her heels and bent down pushing them to her ankles so she could step out of them. She stepped back into her heels and went back to rubbing her body as she swayed to the music.

She put one hand between her legs and as she turned to face me I could see the moisture on her fingers as they slid in and out of her bald pussy. She crooked a finger at me. “Come join me husband, I want you.” I move to her and started to put my arms around her but she stopped me. She started unbuttoning my shirt and kissing her way down my chest. My shirt joined her clothes on the floor as she went to her knees and started on my pants. When my shaft flopped free and hit her forehead, she smiled and turned us sideways to the window. She took my hard shaft in her hand and planted a big wet kiss on the tip. “It makes me feel so slutty being naked in front of a big window holding your big fat thingy in my hand and kissing it. Anybody looking from across the street is going to get a real good show.” She put another big kiss on the head then stretched her lips around it.

She put her hands on my hips and stroked my shaft between her lips taking more in with each stroke until her lips were on the base of it. She held it deep with her throat clenching as she swallowed around my dick. She deep throated me for several minutes then pulled back and held up my dick, licking the bottom of my shaft and moving down to caress my balls with her tongue. She looked up at me as she stroked my dick faster. “Look at my pretty teen face, Daddy. Don’t you want to shoot gobs of cum on it?” she licked pre-cum from the tip of my dick, put her lips over the purple head and sucked it like a straw without missing a stroke. “Come on Daddy give anyone watching a good show. Cover my face with your hot sperm. I felt that surge in my dick just before I shoot.

“I’m cumming darling.” My dick spewed ropes of my sticky goo. She aimed my dick like a hose and my cum hit all over her face. When the last was dribbling out she sucked me deep into her throat and milked the last drops. She pulled my shaft from her throat and continued stroking it as she faced the window smiling. She used her other hand to wipe cum from her face and put it in her mouth. When she was done she looked back at me.

“Daddy I want you to fuck me now. Fuck me right here in front of the window. Will you do that for your little girl Daddy, Please?”

“Take my pants off.” Anna stopped stroking my shaft long enough to take off my shoes and help me step out of my pants. When they were gone she turned back to my dick stroking it back to it full length. She stood up gave me a quick kiss and turned to the window. She bent forward resting her hands on the window.

“Fuck me now Daddy. Don’t make me wait, put your big at thingy in my teen pussy and fuck me.” I stepped behind her and rubbed the head of my dick thru her sopping wet slit causing her to moan. I put the tip against the opening to her hot hole and she groaned.

“Is this what you want little girl? Does this make you feel slutty enough?” I shoved my dick all the way into that wet velvet sleeve and held it. Her legs shook and she gasped for a breath.

“Oh Daddy….your thingy…..feels….so good….in my little pussy. Now fuck your little slut and fill her with your hot goo.” I held her hips and hammered my dick into her causing her to grunt each time I hit bottom. I kept on driving into her as I reached beneath her and squeezed her clit out of its hood and rubbed it hard. Her legs shook and she was breathing fast as her orgasm started. I hammered into her not giving her a chance to calm down. “DADDY, I’M CUMMING. CUM WITH ME. FILL ME.”

“I drove into her one final time and spewed cum into her womb as her inner muscles milked my shaft. “I’m filling you baby slut, can you feel my hot cum in your cunt?”

“Yes Daddy and if feels soooo good. Hold me I think I’m falling.” I put my arms around her and pulled her back to my chest as her wobbly legs gave out. She leaned her head back on my shoulder and placed one hand on my cheek. “Thank you lover, it made me so hot sucking and fucking in front of the window. I saw someone across the street watching and it just made me want you more.” She was supporting herself on her legs again as my soft shaft slid out or her wet hole. We moved to the bed and lay down. She was lying with one leg across me, her head on my shoulder and her hand was holding my dick. “Bill, I love you so much. Thank you for bringing me down here and giving me this day with you. I have another treat for you at dinner so can we just lay here and rest for a while before we go?”

“We can do whatever your heart desires, but I have one question first. Why do you call me Daddy?”

“Amanda told us about you and the ‘Nasty School Girls’. She said you were smiling when they came in wearing the outfits but when they started calling you Daddy you really got excited. It works. You seem to rreeeaaalllly like pretending you screwing your own daughter. Now can we get some rest? You’re going to need it later.

I woke up about 6pm and kissed Anna awake. “Hey sleepy head, wanna join daddy in the shower then go get dinner?” she snuggled tighter to me and rubbed my soft dick.

“Can I just stay here and snack?”

“I thought you had a treat for me at dinner?”

“I do but I wanted a treat now.”

“It’s Sunday, everything closes in about four hours.” She slid down and took my limp shaft in her mouth sucking and stroking until it pointed at the ceiling then got up smiling at me.

“That’s so you’ll know what you’re missing.”

“I bet Daddy gets it later tonight anyway.” She stuck her nose in the air and headed for the shower. When I caught up and got in with her, I tried to put my arms around her.

“Don’t Daddy, We don’t have time. we have to get ready for dinner.” The problem was she couldn’t keep from laughing. After we soaped and rinsed each other, several times, she grabbed her travel bag and locked herself in the bathroom. I got dressed and waited, and waited. When she finally came out was I surprised. She had on the black lace camisole she wore earlier, a black micro mini pleated skirt and her 4”heels. What topped it all off was the wig and sunglasses. She had on the short black wig and large sunglasses she had worn the night we all went for Italian food. Her nipples were visible thru the lace top, her skirt was so short that if she bent over you could see heaven and when she spun around for me to look at her I saw that she was only wearing a lace g-string that barely covered her slit with a tiny string in her but crack.

“Does Daddy like? I got this just for you.” I was almost speechless. She looked so hot it took a moment for me to make get my mouth to work.

“You’re gorgeous. Is that all your wearing?”

“Yes Daddy. It’s only a couple of blocks so we can walk and you can show me off.” She wouldn’t tell me where we were going so I just went where she led. She told me I was walking to fast. I needed to slow down and enjoy the evening. We strolled along the walkway. I had my right arm around her with my hand on the bare skin below her breast. She had one arm behind me with her hand tucked inside the waist band of my pants and the other hand over mine below her breast. As we walked she would move my hand to her breast and rub it over her erect nipple.

As a young couple neared us, she slapped my hand and feigned embarrassment. “Bill stop that.” The couple smiled as they passed but we heard the girl say “John, stop it. Wait till we’re home.” It looked like I was not the only one having a good evening. I was paying more attention to her breasts as we walked so I was surprised when we stopped.

“We’re here.” I looked up and we were in front of all places, a Hooters Restaurant. “I thought you might like a few for comparison.” She rubbed my hand over her breast one more time before we walked in. Anna told them we wanted a booth and they seated us in one of those cured ones in a corner. Anna slid in so she was on my left side and nudged me until we were sitting in the middle facing out.

Our server was a buxom, especially for this place, red head that was about 5’10” in her sneakers with a 36DD chest. She said her name was Janine. She took our drink order and left. As she left I was admiring her cute ass in her tight orange shorts. “I thought you might enjoy the scenery while we ate.” Janine came back with our drinks and as she leaned over the table to set them down It looked like her breast were about to fall out of her shirt. Anna had her hand in my lap and squeezed my thigh hard and I jumped. “Don’t stare. I’m right here. Look at my breasts.” I guess I looked like a deer in head lights.

Janine laughed and said “She’s right. You should be looking at hers. They look perfect.” She looked at Anna. “You should apply for a job. You would make great tips.”

“Thanks but I have my hands full taking care of Bill. Beside we’re only here for tonight. We live in Austin. I just brought him down here for his birthday.” She held her hand to hide her mouth from me and then in one of those stage whispers said, “He said we needed to get out of the hotel and take a break.”

Janine smiled at me. “I bet he did.” I grinned at her for a moment and then told her we wanted two dozen oysters for a starter. She winked at Anna. “I think break time is about to be over.” When she left to turn in our order Anna took my left hand and put it on her thigh. She slowly slid it up until I could feel the sopping wet material of her tiny g-string. She took her hand away and put it on my leg, rubbing until she reached my hard shaft. She gave it a gentle squeeze then let her hand just rest on it.

I moved her g-string aside and cupped her mound with my hand. She leaned against me and gave a little moan. I slipped two fingers into her slit and rubbed the length of it. Janine brought our oysters just as I slipped those two fingers into Anna’s love hole, “OH MY.”

Janine put the platter down and said “Their good but I didn’t think they looked that good.” Then she looked up and saw Anna’s flushed face and giggled. “I guess she didn’t mean the oysters.” Anna sat up and took a drink of water.

“Wow, I don’t know what came over me.” Janine just gave her a knowing looked and left. I took my warm wet fingers from her hole and held them up to her. She put them to her mouth and sucked her juices off. “Daddy I’m supposed to be giving you treats.”

“Baby girl you are a treat.” She turned and gave me a passionate kiss. She turned back around and picked up one of the oysters and held it to my mouth.

“I guess we’ll find out tonight if these really work.” We started on them and had eaten about half when Janine came back to our table.

“Are you to ready to order?” we ordered a big plate of Cajun wing and she left again. Anna slid out saying she needed to go to the ladies room. I saw her, a couple of minutes later, on the other side of the restaurant talking to Janine. When she came back I asked her what was up and she told me it was girl talk. As we finished the oysters Janine brought our wings. “These will be good for you two. You don’t want something heavy on your stomach tonight.” She gave us a quick grin and walked away.

“I know you’re up to something but I haven’t figured out what it is.” We finished dinner and Janine brought our check and one of those, small, foam takeout boxes.

“This is for you two to share later.” I paid the bill and as we got up to leave Anna said she had to make another stop in the ladies room. I walked out front to wait. Anna came out giggling.

“Two guys just tried to pick me up. They offered me $200 and you should have seen the look on their face when I said ‘Let’s go out front and ask my husband.” We were still laughing when Janine appeared with the foam box in her hand. She gave it to Anna who said, “Did you get the tip I left on the table?”

“I did. Thank you.” Then she whispered something to Anna and walked back inside.

“More girl talk I suppose?” she didn’t say anything she just pulled my arm around her and we started back to the hotel. It was getting towards dusk as we walked and the boats were still running and lit up. We walked across each of the little bridges as we zigzagged back to the hotel. If a boat was close Anna would lean out and wave at the passengers. We were on one where the stones were just more than waist high waiting for an approaching boat when I stepped close behind her and put my hand under her skirt. The thong she had been wearing was gone. No one was nearby so I slipped my zipper down and pulled out my shaft, keeping it beneath her skirt. I slid it between her legs.

“Mmmmm, Daddy. You feel so hard. Put it in me, put it all in me.” I pulled back and just as she waved to the boat I put the tip of my dick to her little crinkled ass and drove it all the way deep in her bowels. “OOOOHHHH.” The passengers on the boat thought she was hollering at them so some of the hollered ‘Oohhhh’ back. Her legs were wobbling and if she had not been leaning on the ridge she would have fallen. When the boat had passed she leaned her head back to my shoulder and once she had caught her breath, spoke to me softly. “Daddy your thingy feels so good filling my ass. I think we need to get back to our room so you can finish ravishing it.”

I pulled my dick from her ass and zipped it back in my pants. Once I had made sure her skirt was down I backed up and took in the picture of her standing there. “You are my beautiful baby slut. I’m going to ravish all your holes tonight but first I think we should find something to wipe your juices that are running down your legs.” She looked down at her thighs and giggled.

“I do look like a slut don’t I?” She opened the foam box that she had set on the ledge and pulled out a wadded piece of red cloth. When she unfolded it, I could see it was a pair of red lace panties. She used them to wipe her legs and put them back in the box.

“Whose are those?”

“Daddy you’re not that dumb.”

“Just making sure, why did she give them to us?”

“She liked us and wanted you to have something to remember her by.” We walked on back to the hotel and by the time we got to our room it was almost 10pm. She still had to cross every bridge and wave at boats. When we got in the room Anna went in the bathroom and came back out with a glass of water in one hand and when she opened the other one she was holding one of my blue pills. “I want this night to be one you never forget.” While I took the pill she slipped off her camisole, turned on the radio and walked over by the window. She was again dancing and rubbing her body, wearing her skirt, heels and black wig.

“Take of your clothes Daddy and come here, please?” I stripped and walked over to her. She had me sit on the end of the bed and pushed my legs apart. She knelt down between them and started stroking my dick. “Daddy I want you to fuck me all night. Not hard like at the lake, but fuck me all night long. Like I said before Daddy, I want this to be the best birthday ever.” She held my dick up as she stroked it so she could lick my balls like a cat cleaning itself. I had my hands on her head petting and stroking her hair. She licked up and down my shaft, paying extra attention to the triangle under the head. She kissed the tip and tried to work the tip of her tongue into my piss hole.

“God baby slut I love the way you suck my dick.” She slipped her lips just over the head and stopped. She sucked like it was a giant straw as she worked her tongue over and around it. She held that position as she stroked the rest of my shaft. She pulled it out of her mouth with a loud pop and looked up at me as she continued stroking.

“Daddy, I have another present for you. It’s supposed to be here any minute. I hope you like it.”

“If you picked it out I know I’ll love it.”

“I sure hope so. Can I sit in your lap until it gets here and you just hold me?”

“Sure baby slut, come up here.” She stood up and turned her back to me.

“Put your thingy escort tuzla in my ass so I can keep it warm for you.” I put the head of my dick to her little asshole and she sat down, slowly impaling herself with 8” of fat dick. “Ooohhhh DDaaddddyy, I hope you like the feeling of your big fat thingy in my ass as much as I do.” She leaned back against my chest, put my hands on her breasts and laid her head back on my shoulder. “Daddy hold me, squeeze my titties and keep me safe.” Her anal ring was tightening and relaxing as I held her tight. We weren’t moving but the sensations she was putting to my shaft were heaven. I could do this all night.

We had been sitting together for approximately 10 minutes when there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” A voice said “Delivery for Anna.”

“I’ll get it Daddy.” She stood up jerking my erect shaft from her ass. “OOOWWW, next time I’ll get up slower.” She was rubbing her ass as she went to the door. She opened the door but I couldn’t see who she was talking to. I hoped whoever it was enjoyed her being topless. Then she opened the door and in walked Janine from Hooters. “Daddy this is the other present I promised you.” She was looking at me sitting on the end of the bed with my dick pointed at the ceiling.

“Hhhmmm, I seem to be over dressed.” She had on some low heels, tight blue shorts and a tube top that barely covered her glorious 36DD’s. “Someone want to help me out of these clothes.” Anna walked her over to stand in front of me, then stood behind her and pulled the tube top up over her head and tossed it on the floor. She reached around her and cupped those golden globes. “Daddy, don’t these look so delicious and suckable?” she moved her hands down and hooked her thumbs in Janine’s shorts and slid the down.

Janine stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Her mound was shaved as bare as a newborn except for a 1” strip of short red hair, a natural redhead. She had me stand up, gave me a hug and kiss. “Happy birthday, when I saw you give you daughter that orgasm at the table, I knew I wanted some of that. When she came to me and asked if I would come help her make your birthday special I jumped at the chance. So why don’t you just lay back and let us take care of you.”

I crawled up and lay down in the middle of the bed. Anna and Janine lay down on either side of me and started kissing and rubbing me. They worked their way down until they were laying with their heads on my thighs and their hip next to my chest. As they started kissing my dick and ball sack I slipped a hand along each of their thighs as they spread their legs to give me access. I slid two fingers into each of their holes and stroked as deep as I could. When Anna slipped her lips over the head of my dick I rubbed my thumb over her little nub and she moaned softly as she pushed her mound against my hand. She took my dick from between her lips and offered it to Janine.

She swabbed the head with her tongue then wasted no time swallowing my shaft. It bumped her throat several times before easing farther down with each stroke. When her nose hit my ball sack where Anna was licking I pulled her leg across my chest and settled her delicious looking slit on my mouth. I licked the length of her slit then sucked her clit between my lips. As I lashed it with my tongue she pressed her shaking mound to my face and groaned on my dick. Suddenly she lifted her head pulling my shaft from her mouth. “OH FUCK, SUCK MY CLIT, SUCK IT HARD. I’M CUMMING. SUCK ME.” Her whole body was shaking as she sat up grinding her pussy into my face with her juices flowing into my mouth. She must have used a flavored douche because she tasted of sweet strawberries. As I sucked in her girl cum I felt Anna deep throating my shaft.

When Janine came down from her orgasm she rolled off of me and lay on her back next to me breathing heavy. “Oh damn that was the best I have felt in some time. Can I get you cloned?” she rolled to her side and watched Anna sliding my dick down her throat. I felt my balls tighten as I reached that point of no return. As I started to shoot my cum in Anna’s mouth I heard Janine tell her “Save me some.” Anna pulled my dick out until just the tip was between her lips as I shot a full load. Her cheeks bulged as she strained not to swallow. When my dick stopped jerking she took her lips away and let Janine lick up the last bit that was dribbling out.

Anna sat up and pulled Janine up to her, kissing her and pushing my cum into her mouth. they tongued each other’s mouths with my cum for a minute then turned to me with their tongues out to show me that they each had a puddle of my goo then they swallowed and licked their lips. “Doesn’t my Daddy taste good tonight?”

Delicious, but now I want to taste you, beautiful.” She pulled Anna on top of her in a sixty nine. I watched as they attached each other’s love mounds with their tongues. Suddenly Anna threw her head back.

“OH DADDY, she’s sucking on my little clitty. Put your thingy in my ass and finish what you started. Please Daddy?” I got up and moved behind Anna and looked down at Janine’s face as she attacked Anna’s pussy whith her tongue and fingers. I sgqatted down with my shaft pointed at Janine and she stopped working on Anna’s pussy and took my dick in her mouth. When she had stroked it several times making it wet and slick I pulled it out and drove it into Anna’s wet hole. “NO DADDY. Put it in my ass, I want to feel you fill my ass as she eats my pussy.”

I pulled my dick back out, lined it up with her anal ring and pushed it all the way in as Janine again assaulted her pussy and clit. “Oh damn, her licking one hole as you fuck the other one is making me tingle all over. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck my ass and make me cum as she sucks my pussy. Daddy I’m so close, fuck me harder.” I held on to her hips and drove my shaft as deep and hard as I could. She was pushing back against me and grinding on Janine. Just as Anna’s orgasm started, Janine jerked and clamped her legs on Anna’s head. Anna’s yell was muffled by Janine’s pussy being tight against her mouth. Both their bodies were trembling and I could see Janine’s face was wet with Anna’s girl cum.

When Anna’s sphincter stopped clenching my dick I pulled out and it dropped on Janine’s forehead. She took in one hand stroking it as she sucked on the head. Anna moved off of her and I slid her until her head was just over the edge of the bed. As I put my dick in her mouth Anna lay down with her head next to Janine’s. I pushed my shaft in Janine’s mouth until I felt the head enter her throat. I was fucking her throat when Anna said, “Daddy I can see her throat stretch when your big cock goes in it. Does mine to that to?”

I pulled out of Janine and pressed my shaft into Anna’s mouth and down her throat. Janine put her hand on Anna and said “I never saw how much our throats stretched with a big cock in them. Do mine again.” I spent the next ten minutes fucking one throat then the other. Janine put her hands on my hips and held me with my shaft deep in her throat and started swallowing around me. The feeling was like having her grab my shaft at the base with her thumb and forefinger in a tight circle, pulling them to the end an over the head and starting over again.

She stroked my shaft this way several more times before I felt my groin tighten. “I ready to cum ladies.” Anna pushed me back pulling my shaft out of Janine’s mouth.

“Cum on us daddy, Cover our faces with your cream.” I stroked my dick aiming it like a hose at their faces. The first blast hit Janine on her nose, the second landed on Anna’s right eye. They started giggling as the next three blasts hit their cheeks and chins. As it slowed to a dribble, I wiped it off on their foreheads. Janine rolled on top of Anna and they took turns licking my cum off each other faces. When they were done they sat up hugging, cheek to check and looked at me grinning, Janine looked down at my still hard shaft.

“I see the parties not over yet, birthday boy, what’s next?” Anna turned to face Janine and gave her a kiss.

“You got to taste Daddy after he fucked my ass, can he do your ass to I can taste him?”

“Only, if he promises to fuck my pussy and make me cum first.” They were cheek to cheek again looking my way.

“Ok, I promise” I pulled Janine off the bed and had her put her heels on, and stand at the end of the bed, facing the head board. I had her lean forward until she could put her hands on the bed and spread her legs. I knelt down behind her, spread her cheeks and looked at her lips peeking out like flower petals. I put my lips to her and sucked on them, feeling her shiver. It sounded like she was purring as I lapped her juices from her slit then ran my tongue around the entrance to her heavenly hole.

As I continue probing her honey hole and slit with my tongue, Anna slides under her and pulls me down to a kiss. “Daddy, can we share her?” She puts her lips to Janine’s clit and I move my tongue up through her slit and then circle it around her pucker. She shivers some more and I push the tip into her tight orifice. Her legs are shaking as I stand and bring my shaft to her slit. Anna takes it in her hand and guides me to her mouth. She sucks it into her mouth and coats it with saliva making it slick. She pulls it out, puts it to Janine’s hole and with her other hand pulls me forward.

I pushed my dick deep into Janine’s hot sleeve and held it there. She wasn’t as tight as my Anna but her muscles were still working my shaft with a fabulous motion. I let Anna lick her clit and pussy where my dick was penetrating her for a moment before withdrawing and driving back in hard. “OH DAMN. You can be my Daddy to if you’ll keep pounding me like that.” I held her hips and continued to ram into her. Each time I thrust in she just grunted, “UNHG, UNGH, UNGH.” Her hole was getting slicker with each stroke and I sped up. Anna put her tongue at the point my dick was disappearing into Janine’s pussy and licked. I stop and let her lick and suck my balls.

Janine cried out “Don’t stop now. I want to cum. Fuck me hard.” I pulled all the way out and jammed my shaft into her and kept pounding her hard. Anna suck on her clit and drove her over the edge. She shook and lay down on Anna. Her hole flooded and her juice flowed around my dick. And was lapping up all she could but some was running across her cheeks. While Janine was still shaking I pulled my dick out of her.

“I kept my promise, so now I’m going to fuck your pretty ass. Are you ready?”

“Just do it all at once and get it over with.” I put to finger into her still dripping pussy and then rubbed them over and around her pucker. I slid one finger all the way in and she just moaned and wiggled her ass. “More please. Give me more.” I put my dick to her ass and with one push buried all 8” in her bowels. “No more! No more. That’s all I can take.” Anna spoke from under her.

“There isn’t anymore Daddy’s dick is all the way in your ass and it looks wonderful from here. Fuck her daddy I want to taste you’re cum from her ass.” I drove in deep and slow until I felt her sphincter relax a little then fucked her ass in a frenzy. Soon her legs were so wobbly that her tits on Anna’s body, my dick in her ass and my hands on her hips were what were holding her up.

She was gasping for air when her head came up. “OOHHH GGOOODD, OOHHH GGOOODD, II’MM CCUUMMIINNG, fill me with your cock and sperm. I shot anther load of my baby makers deep in her bowels and kept my dick in her as she lay down on Anna completely. “I’m sorry I can’t hold myself up.” I finally pulled my hard shaft from her ass and Anna grabbed it.

“Let me Daddy, I want to taste her juices on your dick.” She put one hand behind me and pulled me to her as she licked and sucked my shaft clean. As she finished a dollop of my cum dripped out of Janine’s ass that had not quiet closed from the reaming I had just given it. Anna put her hands on her butt and pulled her mouth up and started sucking my cum out of Janine’s ass. Janine jerked and moaned as Anna licked her clean. When she was done, Janine rolled onto her back and Anna turned around to lie next to her.

I stood admiring the freshly fucked nudes on the bed as I stroked my shaft. “What would you beautiful ladies like next?” Anna placed a hand on Janine’s pussy and kissed a breast.

“Are you ready for Daddy to fuck your pussy again or should we give him another special blow job?”

“My pussy needs a rest. What kind of special did you have in mind?” Anna got up and stood between Janine’s legs. She took her by the ankles, lifted them and pushed them back to her sides. She got on her knees astraddle Janine and rubbed her pussy against Janine’s, then she bent down and they shared a lust filled kiss.

“Daddy, come here, please, so we can taste your cock.” I climbed up on the bed went to my knees with my dick between their lips. Janine licked the bottom of my shaft as Anna took care of the top. Anna took the head in her mouth as Janine moved to sucking on my balls. Anna bobbed on the head my cock as she stroked the rest. Janine was sucking one ball at a time. I held Anna’s head and pushed my dick down her throat until she jerked back gasping for air. “Oh hold me longer, Daddy it feels so thrilling as I run out of breath.”As soon as she got her breath she dove back down on my cock I wrapped my hands in her hair and held her on my dick until she pounded on my thighs with her fists.

She pulled up wheezing and taking deep breaths. With a raspy voice she said, “Oh damn Daddy that was fabulous. Can we do it again?” She dove on my dick again and I held her hard. She pounded on me and kept pounding. I released her as her strikes grew weak. She pulled off gasping for air and tears flowing from her eyes. “God that was exciting. I saw spots and almost blacked out. I feel so exhilarated. Daddy will you do it just one more time, just like that?”

“Baby girl I don’t want you hurt.” She looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Please Daddy just one more time. I won’t ask again, I promise.” And she sucked my shaft down her throat with her hands on my hips pulling her mouth tight to my pubes. I gave in and wrapped her brunette hair around my hands and pulled. I heard “UMPFT” around my shaft and held her down. I released her again as her strikes became feeble. She rolled onto her back with her eyes closed, gasping, but not moving. Her breathing slowed but she still had not moved. I bent down and kissed her.

“Baby are you ok?”

“I’m better than ok. I’m freakin fabulous, Daddy. That’s the best throat fuck ever.” She turned to Janine. “Do you want Daddy to fuck your throat like he just did me?” Janine rolled on top of Anna.

“Only if you promise not to let him go too far.” Anna grabbed my shaft in one hand, guiding it to Janine’s mouth as she pulled me to them with the other. I stopped as the head entered and let her run her tongue around it. Anna pulled harder and I slipped my entire shaft down her throat. I pulled out and stroked her throat for several minutes then stopped.

“Are you ready to try this?” She didn’t take my dick out, she just nodded, put one hand on my hip and pulled. When the head was deep in her throat she kept on pulling so I couldn’t back up. I grabbed the back of her head and held her tight like I had Anna. When she started slapping my legs I let her up. She took two deep breaths.

“Longer, hold me longer.” Then she swallowed me deep in her throat again. She started slapping my legs again I held on. When she started hitting me with her fists I waited until she slowed before letting her breath. She turned and looked at Anna. “Oh damn, that is soooo different. One more time, Please. Do it longer, but be careful.” Choke her with my cock down her throat but be careful? She put my dick back in her mouth and I deep stroked her several times before ramming it down and holding it.

This one was more than I could take. My cum boiled up and shot into her stomach as she beat on my legs. I finished cumming just as her arms went slack. I pulled my shaft out and immediately she gasped and inhaled deeply. When she could talk she smiled at me and Anna. “Fuck, I have never let anyone do that to me but it was great. Your cock down my throat, chocking me really got my adrenalin going.” I lay down in the middle of the bed. Janine straddled me and instantly sat down on my dick and started riding it. “I need your cock, all of it and I need it now.”

She was pumping my shaft into her hole as she supported herself with her hands on my chest. Just as I started to reach for her breasts Anna straddled me and lowered her dripping pussy lips to my mouth, pinning my arms with her legs. “Here Daddy, it’s my turn.” She leaned forward and was kissing Janine as she rubbed her lips back and forth from my nose to my bottom lip. My nose was filled with her intoxicating scent. Suddenly she stopped and with her pussy covering my mouth and nose she sat down hard cutting off my air.

As I fought for air Janine was pounding her love sleeve down hard on my shaft. It was strangely exhilarating not being in control. As suddenly as she had sat on me she rose up. I got three quick deep breaths and she sat back down. I heard her giggle and talk to Janine. “I hope daddy likes this to.” This time she did not raise up until I started thrashing around and trying to throw her off. She let me breath and I heard her again. “One more time Daddy just like us.” Then she sat back down. Her nectar was flowing into my mouth and I lapped it up as long as I could before I got worried about breathing.

Janine’s pussy was clutching my dick as she continued to ride. Just as I started to panic I shot another smaller load of my seed into Janine. “Oh fuck I’m cumming and he’s filling me again.” Anna Rose off of me and as I tried to catch my breath she lay down next to me and Janine lay down on my chest. When we were all breathing normal again she rolled off and lay with her back against me. I spooned to her back with one hand holding a breast. Anna snuggled up to my back with an arm over me.

She was kissing my shoulder as she talked. “Well husband has this been a good birthday for you?” Janine turned her head to me.

“Husband? I thought she was your daughter.”

“It’s a game we play. Two of my wives like to call me daddy around other people or during sex.”

“Two??? How many are there?”

Anna said, “There are four of us that live with him and two ‘Daughters’ that spend occasional weekends.”

“And you still have time to come down here and have sex with all night?”

“It started out as a day trip with my dearly beloved, on the bike they got for my birthday. When we got here I found out it was a setup by my wives so Anna could give me her present, looks like she made you part of it.”

“Well if you want another ‘Daughter’ to spend those occasional weekends Anna has my phone number and you and your wives are welcome at my house any weekend as long as you fuck me like you did tonight.”

“Thank you. It’s now one in the morning and if you’re rested we can start again.” Janine gave Anna a puzzled look.

“Is it always like this?”

“The four of us wore him down one night. But we all slept in the next day until the middle of the afternoon.”

Janine said, “What do you want?”

“I want Anna’s tight teen pussy on my dick and your luscious lips on my balls.” Janine Rose up and slid down between my legs as Anna straddled me. “Turn around I want to play with your cute round ass as you ride my shaft.” Anna turned her butt towards me and lowered her wet, warm sleeve onto my shaft as Janine sucked one of my balls into her mouth. I had my hands full of teen ass. I spread her cheeks so I could see her little pucker and my dick sliding in her pussy below it. I put a thumb in my mouth to wet it and put to her tight anus just as Janine sucked a little too hard on one of my testicles causing me to jam it all the way in. Anna’s ass clamped on my thumb as I jerked my hips up driving my cock deep into her.

“Mmmmmm, drive that cock into me.” Anna was riding me fast and hard as Janine sucked both of my testicles into her mouth. I felt Janine’s fingers touch my dick as she teased Anna’s clit. “That’s it rub my clit…Make me cum.” I was pumping my thumb in her ass and approaching release as Janine moved her mouth to the point my dick was disappearing in to Anna and licked the juices that were beginning to flow. I didn’t have much left in me but I shot what seed was left into Anna and my dick pumped even though there was no more.

When it stopped twitching I pulled my thumb from Anna’s ass with a pop and she rolled off, joining Janine licking my cum slick dick clean. When they were done they moved up to lay next to me with their heads on my shoulders. I asked Janine when she had to leave. “I have to be at work by eleven so if we wake up by eight I can get one more ride on you wonderful man meat before I leave.” I set the alarm and with two soft hands on my shaft drifted off to sleep.

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