The Gift Ch. 01

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Will had been watching Katelyn for weeks – the nightly routine of settling in to watch her undress, brush her hair, sing into the mirror, and talk on the phone. It was all too fascinating. He knew her habits better than he knew his own. She liked to eat strawberries while dangling nearly upside down off her bed. She always did her homework at 10 PM. She loved being naked, but she practiced her yoga in her underwear.

She wore a silky red thong set on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plain cotton on every other day of the week, black lace on Saturdays, and on Sundays – nothing. She was mesmerizing, and it drove him mad before he realized that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, James, the boy across the street, mowed the lawn, or at least he tried to; on Sundays, Tim, little peeping-James’s dad, sat drinking beers unashamedly staring into her bedroom from his front porch. But of all the people who watched his daughter, it was Will who had the best view.

It just after her 18th birthday that Will first realized what a striking beauty Katelyn had become. He suddenly began noticing how well she filled her jeans and the lovely glimpse of the porcelain curve of her beast when the tiny tops she wore rose as she lifted her arms to him for a hug. But none of this prepared him for a frontal assault the day he walked into her room unannounced to ask a question.

“Hey, Kate,” he began as he turned the knob and opened her door, “I…holy shit.”

She stood with the sunlight cascading around her, perfectly outlined and her auburn hair glowing. Her smooth skin uninterrupted as it flowed from delicate ankle to shapely calf to plump thigh, rounding out at her generous hips framing the ginger patch of her sex. The narrowness of her waist and the flat pan of her stomach drew his eyes up to her breasts. They were as lovely as he’d imagined: smooth, firm, with small pink nipples jutting upward. And still his eyes rose to see the crystalline blue eyes, wide with horror, and the rapidly spreading blush of her embarrassment before she dove for her bed and the shelter of the blanket that lay on top.

“Dad!” she cried from beneath the cover, “Get out! Oh my god, don’t you know how to knock?”

“Sorry!” he said slowly as he blacked out of the room and closed the door like a man asleep. He laid his head against the cool wood of her door and said, “I’m so sorry Katelyn. I just need to know…um, you know what, uh, never mind. I’ll, uh, I’ll find it myself.”

He walked down the hall to his bedroom and collapsed into the easy chair canlı bahis next to his reading lamp. Running a shaky hand through his thinning hair, his mind assaulted him with her image. And from that moment on, he was hooked.

It was at least two weeks of driving her crazy with accidental walk-ins before he hit upon the idea that would satisfy his need without her knowledge. He nearly slapped himself upside the head when he finally thought of it; but instead of potentially looking insane at work, he simply clocked out and hit the nearest Radio Shack. Almost immediately the pimply clerk knew exactly what Will wanted and led him to a corner of the store.

“Now these,” he said showing Will a model he’d seen in most gas stations, “will record at least a 120° angle view of the area you want under surveillance.”

“Do you have anything a little more…inconspicuous?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” he replied, “These over here are the so called ‘Nanny cams.’ We’ve got ones that look like bears, clocks, or even a VCR/DVD player.”

“That’s the one – the DVD player. Does it work?”

“Oh, you bet. Works just like any other, well, except for that fact that you’re not just watching it, it’s watching you.”

“I’ll take it.”


Later that night, as he and Katelyn ate dinner in front of the TV, he hit the mute button when a commercial come on and turned to her.


“Yeah, daddy?” she looked at him worriedly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Um, I just wanted to say I’m sorry about, well, you know.”

“It’s okay, daddy. I understand.” She smiled, “You know, boys have been stubbing their toes around me for a while – I’m used to it.” She forked another bite of fettuccini.

“Thanks, hon. But I feel bad, so I got you something.”


“I got you that DVD player you’ve been wanting.” She squealed and nearly upset her plate. “But wait, before you get excited, it may not be the exact brand you wanted.”

“Oh, daddy, I don’t care. Thank you so much!” she set her plate down on the side table to hug him, “Where is it? Can I have it now?”

Holding his plate to the side as she stayed glued to his neck, he tried not to imagine her breasts pressed into his chest, as he laughed and said, “Finish your dinner first and then do the dishes. I’ll go set it up as soon as I’m done.”

He left her waltzing to the kitchen as he carried the unopened box to her room. The clerk’s instructions replayed in his head as he chose the perfect bahis siteleri spot for the player – right across from her bed. When he finished in her room, he walked the few steps down the hall to his room and closed the door before assembling the most important parts that accompanied the player: the receiver. He turned his television to channel 3, and there, in streaming, glorious color was Katelyn’s bedroom; he could even see their cat, Harmony, reclining on the windowsill cleaning her ebony paws in the fading twilight. He stuck his head out his door and yelled, “Okay, I think it’s ready, Kate.”

He heard another squeal from the kitchen and smiled at her as she raced down the hall. He closed his door and turned to his television in time to see her do a little dance in front of the set up. This was perfect. He saw her leave her room, and then he heard a knock on his door.

“Yes?” he asked as he opened the door to her beaming face.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said as she kissed him over and over again, “I just wanted to know if I could borrow some movies? I’m gonna watch movies in my room tonight!”

“Sure,” he replied closing the door, “just give me a second.”

He chose three movies he knew she would like and put two of them on the bed. The third case, a movie he was almost sure she would watch before the night was over, he opened and removed the silver DVD and gently tossed it on the bed. Moving to his night stand, he opened the bottom drawer where he kept his nightly specials and choose one of the tamer films and replaced the removed movie with it. Returning to his bed, he collected the other cases and opened his door. She was still waiting there.

“Here you go honey,” he said smiling at her joy and his secret, “Enjoy.”

“Thanks, daddy,” she said with another kiss and skipped down the hall to her bedroom and closed the door.

Closing and locking the door, Will sat in his chair for the next few hours enchanted. She fiddled with her hair, called a few friends, and danced around the room while the first video played. The sight of her shapely ass in clinging panties prancing around her room made his dick swell beneath his sensible khakis. Shifting his position to ease the discomfort, he watched her remove the first film and go for the one he had replaced. He leaned forward to touch the swaying nipple on the screen as she bent to insert the DVD into the player. She ran back to her bed and jumped into it, making those gorgeous breasts bounce beneath their slight covering bahis şirketleri of her red wavy hair. As the movie began, she relaxed on the bed, but her father leaned even farther forward as he hoped she would enjoy the gift he had given her.

As the scene began to unfold on screen, Katelyn sat up curious; Will’s dick pressed even more insistently against his trousers, ignoring this he continued to watch as she continued to watch. He could see her breasts rise and fall in a quicker rhythm as the couple on screen undressed each other and the blonde star went down on the sturdy pool boy. Katelyn’s hand drifted up her leg as she unconsciously began stroking her inner thigh. When the pool boy opened the blonde from behind to show her wet pussy before sliding his dick into her, Katelyn’s hand slipped from her thigh to her panties, and she slid a finger into her own slickness.

Will could barely restrain himself; he tore his fly open and pulled out his throbbing dick. He grabbed some lube from the bottom drawer of his nightstand next to him, and sliding his pants down below his ass, his squeezed the lube into his hand and smoothed it onto his dick and balls, never taking his eyes off the screen as Katelyn threw her head back and dipped her fingers deep into her pussy. He shuddered watching her pleasure herself and slid his cupped hand down his aching dick.

Katelyn stood and removed her panties, then quickly resumed her place. She knelt facing the TV, one hand squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples, the other deeply buried in her burning pussy. She threw her head back as the pleasure overcame her but quickly looked back at the screen, watching the pool boy’s thick cock sliding in and out of the moaning blonde’s dripping pussy. As he pulled out and grabbed the blonde’s hair to shoot his come all over her face and open mouth, Katelyn rubbed her swollen clit furiously, panting and crying out as she came. A blush suffused her face and neck as her entire body clenched on the wave of the orgasm; her thighs tensed as her pussy was involuntarily thrust forward.

Will came just as she reached her peak. His hand gripping his glistening, engorged dick, he cried out with her, shooting come at her arched body on the screen. He came like he had never had sex before; the orgasm outlasting his natural length, surpassing even that time when he had smoked weed with his ex-wife. As he came out of his post-come coma a few minutes later, he shook his head at the wonder of wanting his daughter, but he knew that night he would never be satisfied with just watching her. He had to bury himself deep within her, feel her grasping pussy walls throb around his cock; he needed to fuck his daughter. He just didn’t know how he was going to do it.

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