The Garden

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It was a hot summer’s day and as few clothes as possible were the order of the day. Simon had resurrected an old habit of wearing cut-off jeans as shorts, remembering Julie’s reaction when she first new him and had commented very positively on his tight fitting shorts. He’d done the same again, cutting the legs high and removing the pocket linings and, what with the fraying edges and rips over the buttocks, didn’t leave much to the imagination – his bulge being very obvious. Julie had put on her new bikini; it was yellow and consisted of a high-cut thong and a string tied, triangle top. She’d never normally wear this style, but Simon had badgered her into getting one. She was actually quite pleased with the way it fitted, covering each breast but allowing their shape to be very natural. And as always, she new that Simon would be pleased at being able to see as much of them as possible!

Simon had made a large jug of Pimms and taken it out into the garden, where he had set up the sun-loungers and table. He set the drink down with two tall glasses and was just settling into one of the loungers when Julie appeared carrying the sun lotion. He looked at her longingly; very impressed with the way she filled out the bikini, so much so that he gave a complimentary wolf whistle.

She sat down and Simon offered her a drink, which she took gladly and had several large gulps of the cool liquid. Then she angled the seat back and started to soak up the sun’s rays. After a little while she realised that she hadn’t put any sun lotion on, so she asked, “Honey, could you do me a favour and pass the lotion?”

“I’ll do better than that; I’ll even put it on you!”

He stood up and pulled up his flies, which he’d earlier lowered, but left the button tantalisingly undone. Taking the bottle in his hand, canlı bahis he stepped across to Julie and knelt down.

He poured a generous amount of the white, creamy liquid into the palm of his hand and spread it over the lower part of her left leg. Then, starting with her feet, he began working it in, slowly moving up the leg to the knee and then repeating the action on the other. He poured more lotion into one hand and spread it over his other, before running both up Julie’s thighs with his fingers spread open. He moved up the outside until he reached the narrow ties of the thong, then rolled onto the tops and smoothed his hands back down to her knees. Then, after exerting a small amount of pressure to ease her legs slightly open, slid his fingers to her inner thighs and ran his hands up towards the tiny triangle of material covering her. He teasingly ran his fingers up either side, giving a gentle push on the side of her lips with his thumbs, and Julie gave a responsive moan.

Once he was satisfied that her legs were glistening all over, he turned his attention to her arms, taking each hand in turn and smoothing the lotion upwards and onto her shoulders. As he reached her neck, he reached around behind and pulled the simple knot to release the upper string of the bikini top. The triangles remained in place, just, and he lotioned her neck, shoulders and upper chest.

“Let me get this out of the way” said Julie as she sat forward, reached behind her, and unfastened the remaining tie to her top. She dropped it to one side and laid back into the lounger.

Simon took more lotion and started to massage it into both breasts in a circular motion, starting from the outside and working in to the hard nubs appearing in the middle. He tweaked each nipple and rubbed lotion into them with his thumb bahis siteleri and forefingers, then cupped them both and circled around them with his thumbs. Julie’s eyes were shut but her hands had moved onto the small yellow triangle covering her sex. The material itself was beginning to fold in between her swelling lips, leaving almost nothing to the imagination and her fingers were rubbing up and down that fold.

Simon continued to massage and kneed those luscious globes, but his eyes were transfixed on Julie’s fingers as they worked their way under the pants, forcing them to one side, and into her cleft. A middle finger was now circling round and over her clitoris, which stood hard and proud. He removed one hand from a breast and gently placed it over Julie’s, with a finger next to hers, so that he was following her circling motion. As this continued, Julie raised her knees, placing her feet flat on the lounger and spreading her legs wide open. Simon could see every detail of her sex – the swollen, pink lips that were wide open as if offering a kiss, the hard clitoris that was receiving all the attention, and the intriguing deep hole that always fitted around Simon’s cock as if it was a glove.

Keeping his hand with Julie’s, he moved around to the front of the lounger and knelt down. Then he leaned forward, gently pulling Julie’s hand away, but immediately replacing it with his tongue. He licked up and down the inside of those lips and around the focus of Julie’s attention, then he sucked it into his mouth and, very gently, nibbled on it.

Julie was writhing on the lounger and her hands clasped his head, holding his mouth over her, forcing him to continue – which he willingly did! He sucked and licked and nibbled, while Julie bucked beneath him, pushing herself as a far into his mouth bahis şirketleri as possible. She could feel her orgasm building with every touch of his tongue on her clitoris, and she wanted it, oh, how she wanted it! And then… Agghhhh!! She convulsed, pushing even harder against Simon’s mouth – her orgasm making nearly every muscle in her body tense up. Then she was still, motionless, holding his head between her legs as he very gently licked some of the juice that had flowed from within her.

After awhile she released the pressure on Simon’s head allowing him to lean back but, as he was starting to stand up, she grabbed at his shorts. “We’re not finished yet, sexy!” she exclaimed, pulling herself up by his pockets and, in doing so, causing his flies to come open.

She spun him around and pushed him backwards onto the lounger, at the same time pulling his shorts down to his ankles and off. His shaft was rock-hard and glistening from the pre-cum that had oozed from the tip. She smiled and said, “Let’s put that somewhere out of the sun, don’t want it getting sunburn!”

She turned her bottom towards him and settled backwards towards his lap. Reaching between her legs, she took hold of his pole, lined it up with her hole, and then sat down impaling herself on it.

By placing a hand on each of the arms of the lounger, she could raise herself up, and she started to slide up and down his delicious, fat cock – she loved the way he filled her. She could feel the tip starting to jerk and she new he would soon loose control. She moved harder and faster, delighting in the feeling of power, but also in the fact that she was giving him so much pleasure.

He began to spurt his load into her but, when he was on his second explosion, she lifted off him, allowing a jet of semen to spray over the outside of her sex and over her legs. She reached down with a hand, ran a finger through the sticky fluid, and brought it up to her mouth. She sucked it off, giving a satisfied moan and saying, “My kind of sun lotion!”

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