The Game

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A distant thump, the door opening and closing. I look over at the clock, it’s 2:30 in the morning. “Fuck!”

Is tomorrow a game? I can’t remember. I’m so tired. I hear rustling. And his steps moving down the hall. I can feel his presence, he’s standing in the doorway and so I pretend to be sleeping.

Fuck. I’m angry, trying to keep my breathing calm.

We have a deal.

My eyes are closed and I don’t move, but I am laying in the right position for him. He’s standing close, “Sara, Sara.” He’s drunk. His shadow looming, god he is a big guy.

I feel his cock in the dark drag across my cheek in a liquid smear.

“Sara, I got a game tomorrow.” Silence, I don’t move, his cock head is bobbing against my lips pushing and tapping. I press my tongue out and touch him with just the tip and he pushes harder as his length slips inside.

My hard little boy, my mouth opening wet, lazy and liquid as I hear a thug’s growl: “All RIGHT, DO it.”

He is moving closer, and his rough hands are pulling at me. I turn slightly, keeping eyes closed. Running my tongue along the underside of his cock, I can feel a thick vein, the hole at his tip. I can feel his giant school ring, drag cold across my breast as he squeezes me, squeezing my tits. He breaths, “Ohhhh, Sara, thanks.”

He fucks into my mouth a little faster, too fast, slow down so I reach out and hold his hip with my hand. He holds still at my touch and I lean up on an elbow, begin to bob on his shaft. Drawing him in and out. There is a light through the window, my eyes adjusting I can see him now and look up at him, our eyes meet. I can imagine how I look. He holds me by the the back of the neck and aids my progress.

Jason has a little problem, well not so little. He plays football, he’s a big thick headed guy who gets nervous for the games. And so, this method of relief has emerged between us. He gets a hard on, a hard on that never goes down. It’s been a crazy, and painful, problem. Erect, my little brother can barely fit into his nut cup!! He tried his hand but to no avail, not enough release. So he pleaded with me, and we have a deal.

His hand swings across my left cheek, a gentle caress, he is feeling the bulge of his cock head slide in and out. I press deep on him until his cock presses into my throat, and I can literally feel the vibration of his moan. His wiry hairs tickle my nose as I take all of him deep. He’s pumping again and I let him as his hand wanders down across my breast and lower. The ‘deal’ is relief, but his wandering hands! I shake my head, uh uh. No touchy touchy. Hard to talk with your mouth full. He settles for my tit which I’ve allowed. He squeezes my nipples which get so sensitive and his pumping becomes a nice long stroke, I lick and suck, nibble and suck. Scrape my teeth on him, not long and his hands are wandering again.

Oh fuck it.

I lift my knee up, let my thighs spread apart, with the heat of his cock pumping in my mouth, keeping a steady friction, and his fingers are playing with my nice trim bush, Ohhhhh! Now I am moaning, he’s opening my cunt. My pussy spreads wet and slippery, god I am getting horny. His fingers sliding on me now, oh fucking god. I let him.

His hand clamping down, I am far too familiar with him to try or want to fight. Hurry up, now I need him to cum. It is a race with his finger in me, one I do NOT want him to win. Cum!! Even as my cebeci escort hips undulate around his deviant hand mashing my cunt.

“I love this,” he says. “I love watching you. You’re so beautiful.”

He’s sweet and I smile as much as I can. He turns sweet, I like that. I am turning hungry and ravenous and picture something larger than his finger inside me. Cum dammit! I am lifting my ass up from the bed and following his hand with my hungry little slit.

He puts his thumb diagonally across my clit and I about explode, am pumping him furiously and gripping his ass with my claws, he cums faster when I scratch him. My nails dig in and I feel his cock jump. He’s close! He’s really close! The guys tease him about the nail scratches on his ass, and he won’t tell them who it is.

He better not ever!

His palm is cupping and squeezing my cunt, his thumb diddling my clit and he buries his middle finger to the hilt in me as I buck against his hand. I am so hot and clamp my legs on his hand. His cock is twitching and I claw him good, can feel his skin dig in my nails.

“Ohhh God!”

His cock is spurting, cumming in thick ribbons down my throat. I don’t want a mess. No! Am drinking as fast as I can, god dammit. His spurts leaking down my chin and I can’t take him fast enough, his spray cascades across my neck. Fuck. He’s moaning and lets go of my puss, and my brain is all NOOOOOO! Don’t let go, keep touching me. I want to cum now, horny as hell. His cock is pulling out of my mouth, softening.

He’s standing there with pants around his knees. He says, “Leave your mouth open.” He likes to see his cum. Such an egotist. I hold my mouth open for him, the display, though its mostly swallowed but he can see his handiwork running down my face and neck.

“You got me in the hair,” I say.

My sheet is down around my thighs, and I am laying naked. He’s seeing more and more of me in this game. His cock is soft now, and this one time will generally do the trick. He’s out of breath and fumbling with his pants.

Then he does something remarkable, for a guy, for my dumb little brother. He takes his hand from my face and dips his fingers into the glass of wine that is sitting on my night stand. I can see his fingers in the deep red from in the glass turning all pink and transparent on his skin. I should be yelling at him for ruining my wine!

But he wets my lips with it, rubbing the wine into my skin, across my mouth. His hand moves slowly down my neck following the trail of cum, smearing his cum into my skin, mixing it with the wine, and then around my lips again. Cum and wine. I hold my mouth slack against his touch, as he smears the liquids into my mouth. Running his fingers across my teeth, from left to right, back along the lower teeth from right to left.

“I love your mouth sis. You got a wicked one.”

My other mouth is more wicked, I think to myself.

He presses his thumb on my tongue which prompts me to begin sucking him again, just sucking on his hand, like I want it all again (I do this time). He is smiling as he lets go.

He holds his palm out. He says, “Dry me off.” I take my napkin and run it across his hands and it comes back all pink. I feel like a virgin, like he has done something amazing.

I have this moment of yielding, of wanting everything.

This ‘Deal’ is turning into something, cebeci escort bayan I want. I need.

Are you hard?

How could I ever totally give myself? I can’t. He’s my brother. This deal is something I can do, I agreed to it. Sucking him off. Girls do it all the time. He could force me. And then I see myself tied to the bed, trussed up in the back of his pick up truck, attacked in the shower. I am wetter than I have ever been in my life and my hand runs down between my legs. I can feel him there. Sweat beads on my upper lip. God I itch. God I ache.

I close my eyes and open my mouth. A baby bird. Tied and stripped, yielding, legs open, naked. It’s quiet. He dips his fingers into the wine and I am sucking his fingers again, feed me.

Do you get it??

I slip from the soft bed to my knees there in the dark, my bare toes brushing the cold wooden floor. I gather a little pillow under my knees for padding and begin opening his pants.

And I do say it, “Are you still hard?”

I am pressing his shirt up his abdomen, and I can feel the warmth of his body on my face. I open his pants and touch his cock, which is firm, not stiff, not painfully hard. I stare, caressing his hips and ass. This part of the body, buried in fabric, our secret. I give blow jobs to my brother before his games. I can see the hard outline of his cock when we sit down to dinner. This part of him, the only part that could truly be physically inside of me, possess me, fill me. It is possible. I could take this part of my brother, envelope it inside of myself, this part of him could be IN me. I could open my legs and let him inside, without touching anything else, we could become one and make our one whole body explode in blinding pleasure.

Cum in me, it’s a thought that I speak out loud.

“I want you inside me.”

Feel it pulse, alive, inside of me. With those words, his cock grows rock hard!

I lay my hand along its length and press it against his belly, and begin to push his shirt up again, and he finishes it. He steps out of his pants and I stand. We are naked, both of us, facing each other and I lean up on tippy toes and kiss my brother on the mouth. The first time. He has that half grin, such a beautiful man.

“You serious?”

I sit on the bed a moment, lost in this thought, and lay onto my stomach. “Just take me. I can say NO if you need me to.”

He’s following me onto the bed, I can feel his weight, feel his cock slide across my thighs. I am laying down flat, up on my elbows. My dark hair is hanging down. As he holds himself up on his knees beside me I say, “No. Jason, don’t, don’t do it.”

He takes my hair in his hand and pulls, and my head jerks back.

“Say it again.”

“Stop, don’t.”

I look back. My brother is gazing worshipfully at my ass. (Is that possible?)

That spot between my legs, we are completely silent as his leg rises and straddles me. I am on fire, quivering. I want to push back and find him. Patience. Be patient. I cannot believe this is going to happen. I want to explode. I am so hungry, just the touch, his cock sliding up between my thighs. My whole body is trembling. His hands run across my shoulders, comforting, like he knew what I was thinking. I put my head down on the mattress and turn my ass up, position myself, waiting. Fuck me.

His cock rises and I feel escort cebeci the folds of my flesh slip open, his cock guiding in, slipping on me, I am working my ass around to find it. The mushroom of his penis head is so thick and it pops right inside. “Ahhhhhh,” my breath leaves me, I push back.

We ARE one.

My body swells with love, lust, desire, wanting him to be part of me. Alive inside of me. His cock is sliding in, deep inside, slippery and dripping, and I am moving myself, positioning, making it as easy as I can. The taste of wine and cum is still on my breath. I reach back and touch his thigh, feel his movement on me. “Ah. Ahhhhh.”

Oh fucking god. I will regret this. Yes!

I claw his thigh, dig my nails in. That groan of a wild animal leaves him as I scratch. He pulls back until just barely touching me and then pushes inside, all the way in, and I can feel it against my belly, fucking god. Oh fucking god. I whimper, “Yes. God yes.”

“You ok?” He whispers.

“Oh. God yes.”

I’ve held it in my fingertips, gazed at it sticking straight out, touched it to the back of my throat. He is pumping into me, and I am struck dumb by the incredible smoothness of it. It’s not smooth in my mouth. A perfect fit. It feels too hot to the touch now.

I bring my hips up higher, rise to my knees and press back, and his fingers are wrapping around my hip, he’s playing with my clit again. Rubbing my clit rough. Ohhhhh, I cannot breath. His cock pumping into me and my clit aching, grinding into him. This is what started it, I think. We are fucking in earnest, almost almost almost touching it. So deep. So fucking deep. Harder. Oh you are there!!

I am so aroused, fire, on fire, my thighs are trembling and the weight of him against me, my head is pushing up into the headboard and I am squeezing the sheets in my hand. I swore I could feel it coming up farther than I thought possible, my belly is filled with cock.

“Keep doing that” I hiss.

My body is stiffening, the whole room shifts to white. I forget, I am forgetting, my ass is pushing hard, he is fucking me, pounding, all my strength god he is pounding me so hard, I am breaking. He is pulling and pushing, oh god. Oh yes. I am cumming, it is like a piece of glass, I am cutting, hot. I looked back can see his his shaft ramming into me, and then he pushes in and holds it. Oh Oh God.

I can feel him cumming, spurt after spurt. My slick soft little pussy turns sticky and this softly softening cock, pulling away, shrinking. And I was worried about cum leaking on my chin. shit. I will leak him all the rest of the night. Yes.

I shouldn’t have done it. God yes!! Beautiful regret.

I lay flat again, that little sensitive flap of skin, I notice it under my upper lip and I lightly touch it. I just remember that for some reason. So full. He is still inside me, holding himself to me. I can feel his cheek right at the middle of my back and I know what he is thinking. That this may never happen again, that he never wants it to end.

But he slips out, and I roll onto my back and look up at my brother in the darkness, my heart in my eyes.

“It’s ok.” I say, “For the game,” I say.

“Don’t forget,” he says. “Sometimes during the day I want you to remember how it was with you…”

God, there’s so much more.

I’m sitting in the library, looking at stuff. He walks over and pulls my skirt up my left leg and holds his hand right at my inner thigh, brushes my panties with his thumb, as I read. You know how fucking wonderful that is?

I am robbed of breath, speech, the ability to move.

Every cell in my body is awash with lust.

Try it some time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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