The gal over the hill

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The gal over the hill
In the late 70’s and early 80’s I lived off grid with my family. We lived about 6 miles down a gravel road into town. Near the fork to my house was another fork that would take you to Elaine’s cabin.

Elaine was in her early 60’s and slim, she was pretty attractive but moody. I was a robust guy in my 30’s with a wife and two k**s. I was having lots of fighting at home, and very little sex. So I was working nights as a bartender in town, and I flirted with Elaine and she invited me to stop by and visit on the way home, after I closed the bar.

So one night I decide to take the right fork and go visit Elaine. She saw my approaching headlights and when I knocked on the door she let me in and we sat at her kitchen table and did small talk for about 5 minutes and she stood up and with a wave of her head, indicating “follow me” So I did. In her bedroom she disrobed and lay on her bed, I hurried out of my clothes and gazed at her, before joining her.

Her triangle of greying hair on her pussy did not match her colored hair on her head, her C cup tits were soft and flattened a bit on her chest, her brown nipples jutted out, her areolas all crinkly, pushing her nipples outward. I got on the bed and I put my face near her pussy and lifted her leg and began to lap at her pussy, her hair was naturally very sparse by her labia. I lapped away at her, and all she did was moan once or twice. She was very clean and very tasty, but I was not sure she enjoyed it.

Sensing no enthusiasm, I dragged myself up and slid my cock in her cunt and fucked her. She said “Wish you were bigger, my boy friend ex was bigger” Well that dampened my ego, some so I just fucked her until I cum. I lay there, my cock softening in her cunt, and then I got dressed and pecked her on the cheek and went home.

It so happens that 2 of my friends, Gary and Lou, pay her a visit once in a while as well. We swap stories and theirs is the same as mine. She is very willing, but never shows much emotion, and when drunk talks about her ex Rex’s big dick. I find this peculiar because I have seen my friend Lou’s cock, He is Italian and has a very thick cock. Rumor says it is not long, but very thick when hard, yet she says the same thing to him about her ex boyfriend Ross. Gary said, “She don’t suck cock either, she thinks it’s disgusting.” E all laughed how the tables were turned. Most men want their cock sucked but don’t want to eat pussy, Elaine never sucks cock but is fine with you eating her pussy.

I must have passed the test because I saw Elaine in the bar one afternoon, and after her glass of wine, she announced she had to go home. I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri softly said out of ear shot “I’d like to come by and pay you a visit.”

Sure, stop by.” Elaine said and then finished her wine.

I sat there for a good 10 minutes and finished my beer, before jumping in my truck and driving up to see Elaine. Once there, I knocked and she let me in. We sat at her dining room table and I was trying to find a way to bring up sex. I could see her in the daylight sun, her wrinkles more pronounced, not exactly pretty, but there was something…she was always a bit sullen.

Without any warning she got up and with the same move of her head, we both went into the bed room. As we got undressed I saw Elaine’s slim thighs and somewhat flat ass, and before I was completely nude, she was flat on her back on the bed. This time I kissed her navel and sucked her nipples and got my legs between hers Once my pecker was hard I entered her and with one push was balls deep and humping her. She needed no lubrication at all, her cunt swallowed my cock with ease. I waited, and sure enough she mentioned Rex’s big cock. By now I am thinking Rex owned a horse cock. I fucked Elaine’s cunt and tried to get her to do it doggy style, but she refused.

So there it was, Elaine loved sex. She loved big cock. She did not suck cock. She only wanted it missionary style. So I continued to fuck her, with no passion until I cum. I pull out of her and pick up my clothes off the floor and get dressed, Elaine goes to the toilet to piss, and comes out and puts on her robe. I give her a peck on the cheek and I leave

This goes on for several years. Sometimes I pay her a visit after closing the bar, other times in the afternoon. Sometimes I see one of my friend’s truck coming or going from her house. By now my wife has divorced me and taken the k**s. So I frequent Elaine’s house a bit more often, but her mature body is sexy enough and her moist cunt feels good, she lacks any passion. I suspect she was hurt by someone, but one thing is true, she is not one to turn down a fuck.

One time I stop by and we do the same routine and once naked I go to eat her pussy and she pulls me up and says “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me.”

So I slide my cock in her cunt and it is sopping wet and gooey. I realize that one of my friends had just been here soon and my cock is swimming in his load. It was hot! I lifted her legs and fucked her hard and fast, very hard. Elaine even moaned a few times, and said nothing about her ex Rex’s cock Bam Bam Bam I slam my cock into her cum filled cunt, my balls slapping her ass so hard, my makrobet güvenilir mi breath is raspy and Elaine, seems to be enjoying it a bit rougher. I have her legs pushed back as my cock erupts, adding my cum to her cunt. I look as I pull my cock out and she has a frothy white cum on her cunt and my cock. I whipped the previous cum, like whipping cream.

It was amazing! I pull out of her and sit on the edge of the bed and catch my breath as Elaine lies on her back, her legs still open, rubbing the frothy white cum into her cunt. I get dressed and leave. As I drove away I wondered who was there before me. I did not need to know, but one thing is true, I liked the sloppy seconds.

A couple of weeks later I was talking to my friends about what happened at Elaine’s house. I asked my buddies if they minded sloppy seconds. The both said they didn’t mind at all. So I said, “Why don’t all three of us pay her a visit at the same time?”

It was agreed that we’d meet at the fork, then drive up together.

So we arrived at the fork and three trucks drove to Elaine’s house. So was a bit bewildered when we got there, but let us in.

“What are you guys doing here?” she said

We hemmed and hawed and said “We were thinking we would all like to fuck you Elaine.”

She looked at us funny and said “At the same time? I ain’t no whore”

“No, no, it’s not like that,” Lou said, “How about you fuck one of us, then when he’s done, the other will take his place.”

“I’m not gonna be gawked at and be treated like trash” Elaine said in anger

“Elaine, how about you take one of us into your bedroom, and close the door, when he’s done, he comes out and one of us goes in. No shame. No show. Just the dick changes?” I said to her

Elaine just stood there, I suspect she did not like this, but was not about to let 3 swinging dicks get away. Elaine lit a cigarette and took a couple of drags, and then said, “Who is first?”

We look at each other and Gary says “Me, I’m first”

So they go in the bedroom, and the door closes and we hear Gary grunting and groaning as he fucks Elaine. 4-5 minutes later Gary comes out the door naked carrying his clothes and says “Next”

I nod to Lou, telling him to go. So Lou opens and closes her door and in a bit the bed is squeaking like crazy. Sounds like Lou is fucking her good. We are hearing a few moans from Elaine as Lou fucks her good. It seemed like forever before Lou comes out, and when he does his hairy chest is soaking wet with sweat and he don’t even have his clothes with him.

I open the door, I’m already naked and I leave her door open and I get between her legs and look at tipobet the thick cum dripping from her cunt onto her ass, I slam my cock into her cunt, my hips going crazy. I hump her with great passion, she was my cum dump, my sweet whore at that moment, as I pounded my 32 year old cock into her sloppy mature cunt. Elaine was grunting and moaning a bit. I’ve never seen this much passion, she even had her hands on my ass as I fucked her hard. I cum way too soon, it felt so good I wanted to fuck for hours. I pull out and get up and Gary and I pass in the room.

He gets on the bed and he pushes her legs back and he shoves his hard cock in her cunt and as Lou and I watch through the door way, Gary looks like he’s doing push up,. I see he is pulling all the way out off her cunt and slamming it home in a fast tempo, Elaine’s cunt making pussy farts from the air he’s pumping in her. He is slamming her hard We hear Elaine say “Oh Fuck-k-“

Lou and I look at each other, did Gary just make her cum? Gary pounds her hard and in a bit, he falls on her, totally exhausted. He take a moment then gets up, and Lou is already standing by the bed, waiting for his turn. Lou does have a very fat cock and he is kneeling and pulls Elaine’s ass onto his thighs and grabs her hips and starts to rabbit fuck her. He is fucking her so damn fast and Elaine is putty in his hand. I cannot believe his stamina. Elaine is getting vocal again “Oh fuck Oh fuck Fuck me Rex Fuck me”

SO she is imagining Rex is fucking her It dawns on me, Rex has a big cock but he probably fucks her long and hard Elaine loves to be rode hard and put away wet. I’m in the room, Gary is in the door and Lou grunts and fills her cunt with his load The bed is soaking wet.

Lou gets off her, I’ve been stroking my cock and I get on the bed and shove my cock into a cunt full of hot cream It feels amazing as I start fucking Elaine hard. I push her legs straight up on my shoulders as I hump her with a steady rhythm. Im fucking her and Elaine is rubbing her clit and moaning when my cock slips out of her cummy cunt and slams deep inside her cum covered ass.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!!” Elaine hollered. I kept fucking her ass, she kept rubbing her clit like crazy, as her ass lifted off the bed and she let out a big growl. I kept fucking her ass, and in a moment her belly pushed out and she cum hard again, her ass clamping hard on my cock and I exploded. She kept rubbing her clit, and appeared to be riding a wave, and soon my soft cock popped out of her ass.

I got off the bed, and joined the guys and Elaine said “You guys had your way with me. I’m sore and really need a bath. You guys get dressed and go home.” She got up and stood ther
e naked, smiled and lit a cigarette and we heard water running for her bath, we hurried out of there and talked by our trucks and agreed. Next time one of us is horny, lets all three go fuck Elaine together. She’ll love it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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