The Futa Fairy – Futa Reporter’s Wicked Wish Chapter 3: Becca’s Wild Talk Show

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The Futa Fairy – Futa Reporter’s Wicked Wish
Chapter Three: Becca’s Wild Talk Show
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

“I just can’t believe it,” my twenty-year-old daughter Jenna moaned as we lay in bed. “That’s me with your cum running out of my cunt, Mom.”

“I know,” I groaned, my pussy so wet, my clit itching and throbbing, wishing it were a futa-cock right now. But the sun had set hours ago, returning my dick to the little bud peeking out of my soft petals. “You just look so yummy. I’m gushing out of you.”

“Want to know how that hot cum got in her barely legal snatch?” the me on TV asked, my face looking so sexy on the TV screen. I looked at the camera right next to my barely legal daughter’s naked rump, cum pouring out of her pussy. “Then tune in at Monday, 3 PM to Monique. Only on Channel 5.”

“I can’t wait until 3 PM tomorrow, Mom,” groaned my daughter, pressing her naked body against mine. Her hot pussy rubbed on my thigh. “You’re going to fuck me on live TV.”

“I am,” I moaned, squeezing her ass, loving the feel of her silky pubic hair and hot pussy grinding on my thigh. “So hard. They’re going to love you.”

It still felt so surreal to me that my life had changed so much. This morning, before the sun rose, I had an interview with Dr. Rita Jones. She claimed to have a cure for any disease or injury: her magical futa-cum.

The moment I saw her eighteen-year-old daughter fluffing that big, ebony cock thrusting from the folds of her pussy, I wanted one. A girl-dick. My daughter sucking my cock. All of it. Only where Dr. Rita wanted her cum to heal people, I wanted to fuck on camera. To have my daughter bob her mouth on my dick while I gave news reports, to have her gasp and squeal on my shaft reaming her cunt while being interviewed.

And I got it. B, the futa-fairy, came to me in a dream and made me an offer: all my wishes in exchange for a favor. I couldn’t resist, even without knowing the price. Just so horny to have a futa-cock, to enjoy my daughter, to fuck on TV.

Like right now. The naughty promos I shot with my daughter and my producer Luka played all day on Channel 5, even during the Seahawks game. Thousands upon thousands of people in Washington State witnessed my futa-cock in action. They would tune in to Monique’s afternoon talk show tomorrow to see me in action again.

“It’s going to be so hot tomorrow,” my daughter moaned, her round breasts rubbing against my side. Her hand cupped my big, pillowy tit. Thanks to B, we’d both jumped into incest like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Yes,” I groaned, my pussy on fire. I squeezed my thighs together, loving the glide of my daughter’s hot cunt on my thigh. “We’re going to have so much fun.”

“So much, Mom!” she squealed. And then she thrashed. My cute, naughty daughter came on my thigh.

Her hot juices bathed my leg. I shuddered, squirming with her as she whimpered and shook. She kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue thrust past my lips. Even without my futa-dick, my daughter ached for my body, wanting to please me.

And when I had a cock, she was married to it, fluffing me, keeping me hard, guzzling down so much cum today she didn’t even eat dinner.

“I’m just so full of your yummy cream,” she grinned at me when we got home from the studio.

I shuddered, grabbing her hand on my big breast and sliding it down my stomach to my blonde bush. Her fingers took over, pressing between my thighs. Rubbing my hot cunt. I groaned into our kiss, loving her incestuous touch on my hot cunt.

Her fingers wiggled into the very hole that birthed her.

She worked them in and out of me, our tongues dancing together. I shivered, the heat rippling through me. I stroked my hand down her back to her cute tush, squeezing it, pressing her dripping cunt tight against my thigh as she frigged me.

My phone rang.

I broke the kiss, reaching with my free hand to grab it. A whimper burst from my lips as I swiped the screen, seeing Luka’s Hispanic face smiling at me from her profile pic. “Hey.”

“There’s my favorite futa-reporter,” Luka purred. “Those promos are blowing up on social media. We’re projecting double the usual ratings for Monique’s show tomorrow. This is so huge, Becca.”

“Good,” groaned my daughter, pumping her fingers in and out of my cunt. “She deserves it. She’s awesome.”

“Hey, Jenna,” Luka said. “You taking care of your mother?”

“Of course. I got two fingers in her hot snatch right now.” Jenna then let out a giggle and rammed another into my cunt. “Nope, make that three.”

“Oh, she’s taking care of her mother,” I groaned, my pussy clenching down on my daughter’s plunging digits. She stretched out my twat so wonderfully.

“Good. I want you rested. We’re airing your interview with Dr. Rita on the morning news tomorrow to help let more people know about what’s coming. Give them a taste of what a futa can do in action. I’ve masturbated myself to about a dozen orgasms watching that Black futa fuck you so hard, Becca.”

“You have to let me see!” my daughter squealed, her fingers thrusting deep into my cunt.

“I’ll send you home a DVD with the unedited footage tomorrow,” Luka promised. “Then you can rub your little cunt raw, too.”

“Deal!” my daughter grinned, her fingers making such juicy sounds as they frigged me.

“Okay, I just wanted to let you know how amazing the show will be,” Luka said. “I spoke to Monique, and she’s so eager to meet you and see you in action.”

I shuddered, picturing the ebony-skinned, curvy beauty who hosted Channel 5’s local day-time talk show. “I can’t wait to enjoy her.”

Luka gave a wicked laugh. “I knew you would. Make her squeal so hard. Damn, I wish the FCC gave me an exemption. I’d be fucking on air every chance I got.”

“Well, you need to make a wish to the futa-fairy,” I said. It still shocked me just how powerful B was. Her magic affected even a government agency. And one as stodgy as the FCC.

“I’m wishing my heart out,” groaned Luka. “Well, I leave you to your daughter’s three fingers.”

“Four!” chimed in Jenna right before she rammed her pinkie finger into my snatch.

I groaned, my cunt clenching on her four digits pumping in and out of me. My back bucked, tits heaving. I dropped my phone on the bed beside me, quivering. My eyes rolled back into my head as my pleasure built and built.

My daughter snuggled up to me. Her tongue lashed my ear lobe, sliding up and down as she fingered my cunt so fast. “The entire world’s going to watch you fuck me live, Mom. Isn’t that awesome?”

“Yes!” I screamed and came on my daughter’s fingers.

My pussy convulsed on her four digits. Juices flooded out. The familiar waves of bliss washed through me. I moaned through my clenched teeth, loving my cum and missing the powerful jolts of rapture my futa-cock provided.

But come sunrise, I’d have my dick back.

I couldn’t wait.

I collapsed back on the pillows, whimpering as my daughter pulled out her fingers from my over-stuffed snatch. She brought them to her lips. She licked them one-by-one. She groaned, savoring the taste of her pussy. Her tongue danced along her digits, cleaning off my incestuous juices.

She loved my pussy as much as my girl-cum.


A nervous twinge ran through me despite my daughter’s hungry mouth nursing on my cock, her lips a bright red today. She stared up at me, her hair and makeup making her look like a young tart, a wicked hooker. She had another skank skirt on, barely covering her ass and pussy, but this one tartan. She had a tight, white belly-shirt that had an oval cut out to expose most of her youthful tits. I wore another transparent blouse, this one a soft blue, and pair of garter belts with thigh-high stockings. Nothing would hide my cock.

My daughter kept me hard as the studio audience clapped their hands, the sounds of the opening theme song to Monique’s show playing. On the monitor overhead, I watched Monique walk out, screams erupting.

The curvy, Black woman had had several thick, gold chains about her neck, dangling down to her ample cleavage. She had tits bigger than me. Large hoop earrings dangled from her ears. Her pale-blue dress stretching about her body, making her look even more delicious. She beamed at the crowd like a young Oprah.

“Well, I can tell your pumped. And I bet I know why.” Monique smiled. “Futas!”

I groaned as the crowd cheered. My daughter sucked harder on my dick. My snatch clenching. She purred around it, her blue eyes flashing up at me. She fluffed my cock with expertise ease, keeping me aching hard but not giving me the satisfaction my dick needed.

“That’s right. You’ve seen the promos and Channel 5’s expose say on Dr. Rita and her magical healing futa-spunk. So let’s say we met a real live futa.”

The crowd cheered louder. My nerves grew, that tingling ending at my fingertips, the squirm in my guts. But my daughter’s mouth sucking so hard on my dick. Her cheeks hollowed as she slid up my shaft. Then her lips popped off.

“So let’s give a big welcome for Channel 5’s very own Becca Brittany and her wild daughter Jenna.”

I stood up, Jenna grabbing my dick, stroking it. The producers urged us forward. We headed to the edge of the stage and walked out onto it. Lights shone down from above, almost obscuring the crowd as they cheered. Women gasped and shouted, laughing with nervous delight. Men whistled and whooped, but the feminine excitement drowned them out.

“It is so great to have you on my show, Becca,” Monique said, rising to hug me. “And I see your daughter’s clutching onto your futa-dick.”

“Just making sure I stay hard for your audience,” I grinned at them.

“I’m Mom’s fluffer,” Jenna said with such pride, her hips shifting, her short tartan skirt swirling.

“And what a marvelous job you’ve done,” Monique said, grasping my dick with kayseri escort bayan her ebony fingers. I groaned as she stroked up and down my shaft. “She is hung, isn’t she?”

The crowd moaned their agreement.

“I want to have your babies, Becca!” a woman shouted.

“Hey, I get to have Mom’s daughters first,” Jenna said, something possessive in her voice.

“I bet you will,” laughed Monique. “From those promos, it looked like your mom really pumped a huge load of jizz into your snatch.”

“It’s the best feeling in the world,” Jenna said.

Monique nodded, taking her seat on a plush, pink chair. I sat beside her. Jenna fell to her knees and engulfed my cock in her wet mouth. I groaned, savoring the studio audience, several hundred people, watching my daughter suck my cock.

Such a thrill ran through me.

“Now, Becca, I think the first question we all have is how. How did you get that magnificent cock thrusting from your groin?” Monique leaned closer, her dark hand resting on my wrist. “Was it surgery?”

“Magic,” I said. “I made a wish, just like Dr. Rita did, and the futa-fairy answered. She gave me my cock and let me have so much fun with it.”

“It looks like you’re having fun,” Monique said, her voice growing throaty. “Her daughter is going to town on her dick. Just suckin’ cock like a sinner on judgment day.”

My daughter bobbed her head, sucking harder.

“She’s just doing her job,” I said, stroking my daughter’s hair. “She’s a very loving child. A real comfort to me when her father left me.”

“Isn’t she lucky to have such a sweet daughter?” Monique asked, looking at her audience.

They all awwed together. One woman shouted, “I’ll suck your cock, Becca. Or even fuck you.”

“Well, we have a surprise for one lucky audience member,” Monique said. “They’ll get to enjoy a creamy treat. But first, what’s it like being a futanari?”

“It’s amazing,” I groaned, my daughter’s tongue dancing around the crown of my cock. “Having a dick is like having a clit but everything is even more intensified. You know, when you’re strumming your little bud and everything’s feeling amazing.”

“Oh, yes,” the Black woman nodded, her feathery hair swaying.

“Just imagine that but even bigger and then wrapped in hot, silky pussy.” I shuddered, my snatch clenching. “Just pumping away at a girl’s cunt. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“I bet it is,” Monique said, fanning her face. “I’m getting a little hot and bothered. What about you ladies?”

“I’m soaking my panties,” someone shouted.


“Ooh, look at Jenna,” Monique laughed, leaning forward. She lifted my daughter’s skirt. “She’s got three fingers pumping away at her cunt. That’s how turned on she is.”

One of the three cameras filming pointed right at my daughter, capturing her masturbating while sucking my dick. I shivered, my cock aching in her hot mouth. I squirmed on my seat, the cushion growing wet with my excitement.

“Well, look at that tight, twenty-year-old twat,” groaned Monique. “Just so pink and juicy. I bet you all are interested in seeing what we promised. A futa fucking her own daughter.”

The crowd cheered and clapped. Their excitement washed over me. I drank it in, the thrill mixing with the delight of my daughter’s hot mouth and bobbing lips. Her suction had me trembling, whimpers escaping my lips.

“Just one more question before you fuck that little slut,” Monique said.

“Okay,” I groaned, my breasts straining my transparent blouse.

“Which hole of your daughter’s is your favorite to fuck?” she asked, her eyes boring into mine.

“Pussy,” I grinned.


“Because she has this tight, hot silk. And it just feels so wonderfully wrong to fire my incestuous cum into her fertile depths.” I shuddered. “Maybe my daughter will conceive a child. Wouldn’t that be wild?”

Jenna popped her mouth off my dick. “It would be, Mom! I so need to stop taking the pill.”

“If that didn’t melt your panties, I don’t know what will,” Monique groaned, her nipples dimpling the front of her stretchy, blue dress. “Well, why don’t we see our favorite futa in action.”

“Yes!” cheered the crowd.

My daughter shuddered. She moved out to the stage on her hands on knees, resting on the pad placed for her. She had her body in profile to them, letting them see her tits swaying in her top, her skank skirt rustling about her ass. It slid up more then enough to expose most of her rump and all of her tight cunt.

I shuddered, following her, my dick throbbing, eager to fuck her barely legal snatch before all these people. I licked my lips, falling to my knees behind my daughter. My boobs jiggled in my transparent top.

Monique moved in beside me, kneeling and peering at Jenna’s cunt. “Mmm, yes, that’s just a scrumptious snatch.”

“You ever enjoy a woman’s pussy before?” I asked the host.

“I’ve been known to enjoy a snatch or two,” she purred. “Though I’m happy with my boyfriend right now.”

“Once Mom’s done with you, you won’t be,” grinned Jenna, wiggling her hips.

I glanced at the crowd. “Before I fuck my daughter, I like to make sure she’s wet and ready for me. I’m huge. I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Well, your daughter looks like she’s dripping,” Monique said. “But you can’t be too careful. Not with a pussy that pretty.”

I shuddered as the Black woman’s dark fingers parted my daughter’s snatch, exposing her pink depths. I licked my lips at the glistening flesh. My daughter’s tart musk filled my nose as I leaned in to devour her, my cock and tits swaying beneath me.

Then I dragged my tongue through my daughter’s hot folds. I savored the incestuous feel of the very flesh I brought into this world. I lapped my tongue over and over through her flesh, gathering her juices, reveling in their flavor.

“Our futa-reporter is just licking her daughter’s snatch,” Monique said, leaning in close. “You can just tell this naughty futa-mommy loves her daughter so much.”

“So much,” I moaned, lips sticky with tart cream.

I plunged my tongue into my daughter’s hot depths. She groaned, shivering. Her cute rump swayed before my eyes. I swirled my tongue against her pussy walls, savoring her tart musk. Then I yanked my tongue into my mouth so I could enjoy every delicious drop of her barely legal snatch.

The crowd watched, panting and groaning, calling out suggestions as I devoured my daughter’s pussy before them. I stirred through Jenna’s snatch, buttering her folds before I moved down to attack her clit.

“Mom!” she squealed, her back arching. “Oh, wow, Mom, that’s so hot. Mmm, yes. You’re just tonguing my pussy.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted. “I’m going to devour you. Make you cum before I fuck you hard.”

“Yes,” Monique hissed. “We’re going to watch our futa-reporter pound the slut.”

The crowed whooped and cheered, eager to see such incestuous congress between futa-mother and daughter.

I swirled my tongue around my daughter’s bud, my nose pressing into her folds. I inhaled tart delight. I groaned, my dick throbbing. Juices trickled out of my snatch and down my shaft, reaching the tip. The beading delight caressed my girl-cock’s crown, making me ache even more for my daughter’s cunt.

I wanted to fuck her hard. I wanted to plow into her right now. But I held off, concentrating on her pleasure. I wanted her bucking and cumming hard. I wanted to feel her incestuous cream bathing my face.

“Oh, yes, Mom,” she groaned. “Ooh, that’s so good.”

“Sounds like you’re getting closer and closer to cumming,” moaned Monique, her dark hand stroking my daughter’s ivory ass.

“So close!” She wiggled her hips, smearing her hot pussy across my hungry lips. “Oh, Mom, just attack my clit. I want to cum! I want your futa-cock in me so badly!”

“Just fuck the slut!” someone shouted from the crowd.

“When she’s ready,” I moaned before nuzzling my lips down through Jenna’s pussy folds.

And found her clit.

I latched onto her little bud. My daughter groaned. She bucked as I sucked, my cheeks hollowing. Her voice grew tighter and tighter. She twitched, her juices flooding hotter around my chin and cheeks, dribbling down to my neck.

I nipped her clit.

“Mom!” she shrieked.

My daughter bucked hard. She pressed her pussy back into my mouth. Her juices flooded out of her, tart cream pouring into my hungry mouth. I gulped down her cream, the ache bulging at the tip of my clit-dick.

Demanding I fuck her.

“Just listen to the passion her futa-mommy’s inspiring,” Monique purred. “Ooh, I’d be screaming just as hard if she ate my pussy. But it’s time. She’s cumming, and that means it’s time to fuck!”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” chanted the crowd.

I rose, my big tits heaving in my transparent blouse, my cock bobbing before me. My blonde hair swayed. I waved to the crowd with my right hand, the left guiding my cock right to my daughter’s hot, dripping snatch.

I rubbed my tip up and down her hot flesh. My daughter whimpered. She wiggled her hips, groaning as I caressed her. Her juices coated my clit-dick’s crown. Pleasure raced down my shaft from the incestuous contact, the union of my motherly cock with her barely legal pussy.

The crowds cheered louder.

“Her pussy is so hot and juicy,” I groaned. “My daughter’s just so eager for it.”

“She is,” Monique moaned, her thighs rubbing together, her hoop earrings swaying about her neck. “You need to give it to her, Becca. She’s dripping.”

“I am,” Jenna groaned. “Please, Mommy, fuck me!”

“Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!” screamed the crowd, so excited to witness the taboo.

I rammed my futa-cock into my daughter’s hot snatch on live television. I shuddered, glancing at camera two aimed right at me, my tits quivering. I stared out at the world and let out a loud, wanton moan as I savored the silky kayseri bayan escort heat of my daughter’s pussy.

The best feeling in the world. And I shared it live.

A hot thrill shot through me. B was amazing. The futa-fairy gave me a gift. I’d pay her price gladly.

I drew back my hips, my daughter moaning as my dick slid through her pussy. Her back arched, her tartan skirt swaying about her hips. Then I rammed back into her, smacking into her ass. She let out a whimper of pure delight, her pussy clenching down my dick.

“That’s it,” I groaned. “That’s Mommy’s big futa-dick fucking your tight pussy. And you love it.”

“I do, Mom!” Jenna gasped, her short, blonde hair dancing about her head. “Everyone’s watching you love my cunt!”

“Yes, they are,” Monique moaned, her hand rubbing at the crotch of her dress, pressing the stretch material between her thighs as she grew hotter and hotter.

Did she even realize she masturbated?

I grinned at the debauchery I caused. I fucked my daughter faster and harder. Her silky pussy gripped my plunging futa-cock. She moaned as my Mommy-dick reamed her. My crotch smacked into her ass, making her firm cheeks jiggled.

I grabbed them, squeezing her rump as I plowed her. I loved the feel of her silky skin beneath my palms while her juicy pussy caressed my plunging cock. My breasts heaved and slapped together as I put on this live sex show for the world.

“See the passion of a futa,” groaned Monique. “This gift she received from a futa-fairy. Maybe if we all wish, we’ll get lucky like her.”

“Yes!” women cheered in the crowd.

“I want a futa-cock!”

I groaned, thrusting harder, loving the cheers, letting them wash over me. I plowed into my daughter, drinking in all the attention. My tits heaved and slapped together as every stroke brought me closer and closer to erupting. To flooding my daughter with my futa-cum. I gripped her butt-cheeks, excitement shooting through me.

My pussy clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs. I swayed, my hands sliding past her skank skirt. I shoved up her tight blouse, exposing her small titties, and cupped them. Her hard nipples rubbed into my palm, her pliant tits quivering in my hands. I loved their feel, kneading them, making her twat tighten on my futa-dick.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” Jenna moaned. “I’m going to cum again! You’re awesome!”

“Cum, sweetie!” Monique groaned, really digging the front of her dress between her thighs. “Just cum on your mom’s huge dick.”

“CUM! CUM! CUM!” screamed the studio audience.

“You hear them, sweetie,” Monique panted. “Do it!”

“Yes!” I groaned, plowing into my daughter’s silky, dripping cunt, my crotch smacking into that bubbly ass. “Just do it. Explode all over Mommy’s big dick!”

Her head threw back. Her pussy writhed on my cock. “Mom!”

I groaned, thrusting over and over into my daughter’s spasming cunt. My toes curled in my hooker heels. My nylons rasped beneath my knees as I became hyperaware of every inch of my skin. I felt beads of sweat drip down the slopes of my breasts. The silky embrace of her pussy. The firmness of her small tits in my hand. My hair dancing about my shoulders. The heat of the studio lamps illuminating my body so the world could watch my daughter cum on my huge dick.

I shuddered, thrusting as hard as I could, every stroke bringing me closer and closer to erupting. To spurting my hot cum into my daughter’s convulsing pussy. The incestuous rush of fucking her before all these people swelled through me.

I whimpered.

I shuddered.

I buried into my daughter’s snatch and came.

“Mom!” Jenna howled. “Yes, yes, yes, cum in me!”

“She’s flooding her daughter’s cunt,” moaned Monique. “She’s firing her jizz into those depths. And listen to the passion she’s stirred in her daughter. How Jenna’s moaning her delight.”

The crowd exploded in applause, people standing, cheering, whooping, wolf-whistling.

I shuddered, my pussy convulsing, juices gushing down my thighs. My cum fired into my daughter’s twat. I filled her quim to the brim with my Mommy-jizz. I gasped, my tits heaving as I convulsed.

Rapture and ecstasy melted my brain. For a moment, everything faded but my daughter’s pussy spasming about my cock, drinking in every drop of my futa-cum I spilled in her. I reveled in it, stars bursting before my eyes.

And then the audience’s cheers slammed into me.

I blinked, shaking my head. A heady thrill ran through me. I just came in my daughter on live television. Millions of people just witnessed me do something so nasty. So wrong. I crossed the most taboo line for the world’s enjoyment.

And I felt like a billion bucks doing it.

“Oh, Mom, that was awesome,” panted my daughter, her pussy’s writhing dying down, her orgasm fading.

“Now don’t pull out of her just yet,” groaned Monique, her face flushed. A dark stain marred the front of her dress, her juices bleeding through her panties. “Because one lucky audience member gets to lick your cum out of your daughter’s cunt!”

Women shrieked in eager need. They squealed.

I licked my lips, eager to see who’d win such a depraved prize. My daughter wiggled her hips, stirring her hot, cum-filled snatch around my still-hard Mommy-dick. I shivered, squeezing her tits as I sucked in breaths.

A drum roll played through the studio. Everyone hushed down as Monique pulled out a note card. She held it up for everyone to see. I shuddered, feeling the breathless anticipation gripping the audience. My heart pounded. My eyes flicked through the crowd, mostly just dark shapes thanks to the blinding stage lights.

I quivered.

“Will Phillipa Myers come on down!” Monique boomed, throwing her arms wide.

The audience burst into applause. I saw one woman hop to her feet, a man standing beside her. She hugged him with such enthusiasm. I groaned, realizing a married woman won, her husband accompanying her to the show. She gave him several quick kisses, raining them on his face before she burst out of the crowd. He clapped with everyone else, excited to witness his wife lick a futa’s cum out of twenty-year-old girl’s cunt.

God, B, you are amazing.

The woman appeared with more detail as she gained the stage, hair bushy-brown. The woman was in her middle age. Still in great shape, but with that look of a mom caring for several children and a home, her clothing a little baggy, not as flattering as what she’d wear a decade before.

Her excitement made her face shine with beauty.

“I never win anything,” Phillipa gushed into a microphone Monique had produced from somewhere. Probably one of the crew. “This is so amazing!”

“I bet it is,” Monique purred. “Now have you ever seen anything as depraved or sexy as you just witnessed today?”

“No,” she groaned, glancing down at my daughter. “And I can’t believe I’m about to do this. I’ve never licked semen out of any girl’s vagina.”

“Cum out of pussy,” Monique purred. “We have Becca Brittany here. The FCC’s letting us be as vile as we want. Obscenity rules are waved around her.”

“She’s just so amazing,” agreed Phillipa.

“And who was that handsome man you were kissing?”

“My husband Carl.” She waved to the audience, looking so excited.

“Love you, Phillipa!” shouted the man.

The audience awwed.

“Oh, he’s just such a sweetie,” Monique said. “How long have you been married?”

“Fourteen happy years.” A tremble ran through the married woman, her eyes falling on where my flesh entered my daughter’s, hunger flashing in her brown eyes.

“Well, it’s time for you to enjoy your prize,” Monique purred. “Futa-cum straight from Jenna’s barely legal snatch.”

With utter delight, the married woman moved to me. She fell down beside me and gave me a big, hot kiss on the mouth. I groaned, loving the feel of her body pressed against mine, her mouth so hot. Her husband watched us kiss.

My dick throbbed in my daughter’s snatch.

And then I ripped my cock out. The married woman darted her head down. She pressed her mouth right against Jenna’s dripping pussy. My daughter cooed in delight as Phillipa lapped through her folds, gathering my futa-cum flooding out.

“Now why don’t I entertain you while she’s playing with your daughter,” Monique purred and, to my utter delight, she pulled down the top of her dress. Her ebony, pillowy tits spilled out, jiggling naked before me, coal-black nipples thrusting hard from her breasts.

“Yes,” I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing.

I sank into the chair as she knelt before me. The talk show’s face burned with a hungry light. She wrapped her tits about my cock, my daughter’s juices lubing the way as she pumped them up and down my shaft.

I groaned, staring at the married woman devouring my futa-cum out of my daughter’s snatch while Monique worked her tits up and down my futa-shaft. I groaned, my cock throbbing in her tit’s embrace. Her silky mounds teased me, driving me wild as she pumped up and down. Her nipples pressed into my belly, rubbing at the transparent blouse.

“Ooh, this is just such a huge dick,” Monique groaned. “Tell me, Becca, what do you love the most about it?”

“It’s hard to say with your lush tits wrapped about it,” I groaned. “But being in my daughter.”

“Yes, such a special bond between mother and daughter,” Monique purred.

“And it’s so hot to transgress,” I groaned, my pussy clenching, my eyes fixed. My daughter shuddered, her small tits swaying beneath her as she humped back into Phillipa’s hungry mouth.

The married woman had her face buried into my daughter’s shaved snatch. She licked with such an eager hunger, her tongue licking and sliding through my daughter’s folds. I groaned, my dick throbbing in Monique’s sliding tits.

Then my eyes noticed Monique’s ass wiggling in her skirt. These two curving, plump rumps. Black woman had the best asses, so big and juicy. I shuddered, my dick throbbing between her tits as such naughty ideas shuddered through me.

“So where do you see yourself going with your new-found freedom on the airways?” Monique answered, pumping her tits up and down.

“Maybe I’ll have my own talk show,” I grinned. “A hot lead in to yours.”

“Ooh, I’d be a guest on that,” she panted, her tits tightening.

“But I love being a reporter. I want to give live reports, maybe for a cable news channel or one of the national shows, with my daughter fluffing my cock. Just giving the news while getting a hot blowjob.”

“So naughty,” Monique purred, sliding her tits up and down my dick faster and faster. “Ooh, yes. This cock will open so many doors.”

I grinned at her hungry face. “I’m going to coat you in my jizz.”

“Uh-huh,” she whimpered, trembling, her tits pressed so tight about my cock. “Just baste me in your jizz. I want to feel you dripping from my face. Mmm, yes. My cum just dribbling down onto my breasts while everyone watches.”

“Then I’m going to fuck that gorgeous rump of yours,” I groaned.

Her eyes widened. She pumped her tits faster, her gold necklaces bouncing and jangling. The talk show host whimpered in pure lust, aching for it. She bent her head down, flicking the tip of my girl-cock as it emerged from her ebony breasts. I shuddered, her excitement infectious.

My pussy clenched. My ovaries coming to another boil, a new load of futa-spunk eager to explode out of me. Delight rippled down my cock every time her tongue brushed the crown before her silky breasts swallowed my shaft again.

“Mom!” gasped my daughter. “Oh, Mom, I’m going to cum on Mrs. Myers’s hungry mouth.”

“Do it,” I groaned, my pussy clenching. “Flood her mouth with that tart cream of yours.”

“Yes,” Phillipa moaned between licks.

Then my daughter came. Her body quivered again. I shuddered, loving the hot sight. She humped back into the married MILF, creaming Phillipa’s face with her barely legal juices. My futa-dick throbbed between Monique’s tits.

My cock erupted.

Hot jizz spurted from my dick. It fired up and splashed across the talk show host’s face. I groaned, squirming in the seat. My juices flooded out of my pussy, soaking the cushion. My futa-cum basted her ebony face. Pearly jizz dripped down Monique’s lush features, her hoop earrings tinkling.

“Ooh, yes, look at you!” I moaned. “Just dripping in futa-cum.”

“Futa-cum?” gasped the married woman. Her head snapped up, shooting over to me. She licked her lips. “Can I lick you clean, Monique?”

“Yes,” she groaned as my cock unloaded the final time, my cum dribbling down my shaft to her ebony breasts.

“Clean Monique up, honey!” cheered Phillipa’s husband.

The talk show host pulled away from me and turned, pointing that gorgeous rump at me. Phillipa reached her, her tongue bathing across Monique’s face, licking up more of my futa-jizz. I groaned, my girl-cock throbbing. Such a hot sight.

Then my daughter scampered to me, her firm tits jiggling, her thighs glistening with pussy cream. She fell to her knees next to Monique, hauled up the woman’s dress, and revealed that she didn’t wear any panties.

My daughter parted those ebony butt-cheeks. “Come on, Mom, just ram into her. Fuck her ass.”

“FUCK HER ASS!” cheered the crowed. “FUCK HER ASS!”

“Yes,” Monique moaned before her and Phillipa kissed with lots of tongue, swapping my futa-cum back and forth.

I shuddered and slipped off my seat. My daughter grasped my cock, stroking it. A big smile covered her lips, her blue eyes flashing with mischief. She brought me to the talk show host’s puckered asshole, my precum coating the wrinkled sphincter.


“You are the most awesome mom in the world,” my daughter groaned. “I can’t believe you’re fucking Monique’s ass. I watch her show every day with my friends!”

I just beamed at my daughter then plunged my dick into the talk show host’s hot bowels.

Velvety heaven wrapped about my dick. I groaned, plunging into her depths and smacking into her ebony butt-cheeks. She jiggled as she groaned, her head snapping up from her depraved kiss with the married contest winner.

I drew back, the friction burning so hot around my girl-dick. I stared out at the cheering audience fucking their beloved Monique hard up the ass. I grunted with each impact of my crotch into her rump. My big tits jiggled in my blouse.

Attracting my daughter’s attention.

“You have such yummy tits, Mom,” groaned my daughter. She licked her lips then ripped open my blouse. Buttons popped in her haste. My tits bounced before her, nipples swaying.

Her mouth latched on with greedy desire. She sucked. I gasped. The pleasure surged straight down to my pussy. I groaned, my snatch growing so hot and juicy. I whimpered, squirming my hips as the heat burned through me. Such wonderful sensations rippled through my body. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head.

Monique kissed the contest winner again, the pair swapping more of my cum back and forth. The talk show host bucked her ass back into my thrusts. Our bodies met with meaty slaps. I loved it, her bowels clenching on my dick, adding to the delight my daughter’s sucking mouth produced.

“Jenna,” I whimpered. “Ooh, you just love Mommy’s big tits.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned around my nipple. Her tongue swirled about the nub. Then she nipped it, blue eyes playful.

I groaned, hugging her to my breast. She moaned her delight as she suckled. My cock ached and throbbed as I pounded Monique’s ass harder and harder, cradling my daughter. Such rapture surged through me.

My pussy grew hotter. The pleasure building in my depths. The crowd loved it. Naked breasts bounced, just visible through the glare of stage lights. The women in the audience were getting hot and frisky, inspired.

I loved it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Monique groaned, breaking her kiss with Phillipa. “Just ram that huge cock into my asshole! I love taking it up the ass! Just the best. I love futanari!”

“They’re so amazing,” groaned Phillipa. “Ooh, I wish she was fucking me.”

I shuddered, others crying out in the audience, all wanting to enjoy my futa-cock. I grinned, knowing I would have so much fun with my girl-dick. I slammed so hard into Monique’s bowels, my orgasm swelling so hard.

My daughter nibbled on my nipple.

Monique’s hot bowels caressed my plunging futa-dick.

My pussy juices dribbled down my thighs.

Rapture exploded through me.

My tits heaved as my cum fired out of my cock. It pumped into Monique’s asshole. I spurted load after load of futa-jizz into her. My eyes rolled back into my head from the rapture bursting from my cock. I swayed, drinking in the pleasure coursing through me.

“I love being a futanari!” I howled.

“You’re amazing!” Monique moaned, her bowels clenching down as I flooded her depths. Then her asshole convulsed. She screamed out her wordless orgasm, her feathery hair swaying.

“You’re so beautiful when you cum,” Phillipa said, staring at me in awe.

I shuddered, my final blast of cum firing into Monique’s bowels. Such hot rapture surged through me. My daughter kept sucking at my nipple. I gave Phillipa such a dirty grin as Monique collapsed, her asshole pulling off my dick.

I brandished my cock.

“We’ll be right back,” Monique groaned as Phillipa crawled to me, “after these commercials. But don’t go anywhere. Becca’s not finished with her fun.”

“No, I’m not,” I groaned as the married woman swallowed my cock, sucking Monique’s sour ass from my throbbing shaft.

Her husband cheered her on. Thank you, B.


“You’re welcome,” B purred, her futa-dick spurting a final time. She savored the passion exploding through the studio audience. So many people witnessed it. Far more than the summer slut pulled off with that futa-cheerleader of hers.

“You really did it,” a hot voice said. Disgusting heat billowed around the futa-fairy, melting the icy recreation of the set for the talk show. “Your foolish arrogance has brought us to the precipice of destruction.”

B rolled her eyes as she turned to face the slim, girlish Leanan Side. “Do you listen to how fucking pretentious you sound?”

Leanan Sidhe drew herself up, folding arms beneath her immature breasts. She gave an indignant snort. “As opposed to the vulgarity you revel in? Parkland groans with the energy you have poured into it. It seethes. Equilibrium has been achieved. Balance!”

“And we can’t have that,” smirked B. “So, how do you want to resolve this. War?”

“You are mad.”

“Or we could use our patrons as proxies.” B cocked her head. “They are the ones who stand to lose if their side…falls short.”

“That is an acceptable way to settle this,” Leanan Sidhe said, eyes narrowing. “Why would you do this and leave it in the hands of mortals?”

“To annoy you, summer slut!”

Leanan Sidhe’s silver eyes flashed molten orange. “Do not call me that, Esquire of Winter! When the old year dies, our patrons shall meet in contest to decide which court controls Parkland until the century’s death.”

“Agreed, oh Esquire of Summer.” B smiled, licking her lips. “I hope those girls you recruited are up to the challenge.”


“The air buzzes with excitement,” I reported, my daughter Jenna fluffing my cock, keeping it warm in her hungry mouth. She had my entire cock buried down her throat, her lips pressed into my blonde bush. “The crowd grows before the Space Needle, eager to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.

My phone buzzed in my pink blazer. A prickling shot through me to answer it. My hand shoved into my pocket and pulled it out before I could stop myself. Hosannah scowled and lowered her camera as I ruined the take. I swiped my screen.

Blue snowflakes danced. The futa-fairy’s message appeared.

The END of Becca’s Tale

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