The Founding of a Sorority Ch. 03

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O-Week destroyed my dreams of creating a sorority. And reshaped them into something more concrete.

How do you found a sorority? What is one in the first place?

Luckily, all the new dresses, skirts and blouses at school added as much motivation as distractions. Every day I spent watching beautiful Florida teenagers wandering around campus in low cut tops and flowing dresses. After all, it’s hot down here. The idea of living with the most beautiful and sexual ones on my little island drove me mad.

Opportunities to take out my lust on Melissa were few and far between. The career woman in her took over now that the semester had started. She did her job well and wanted to keep her reputation intact. Properly dating her seemed like a mad idea thanks to the plans I was hatching.

But life wasn’t just about daydreaming. My job at the university was the practical part of circus. I had to teach the various skills in a way we could grade. It all got very complex in terms of the course structure. Melissa helped with that. It all had to look official, and I had to live up to the requirements.

Given my abilities in the other areas of circus, I had about 3 weeks to find additional staff. I can do a bit of most things thanks to a bizarre 6-month work contract at a resort. During the day we had to teach circus classes as an activity for the guests, and in the evenings perform in circus shows. I can juggle, stilt walk, balance just about anything on my chin, do the same basic moves on all sorts of aerial apparatus and teach up to an intermediate level of flying trapeze. My big weakness is called tissue. It’s the big silky material that girls do all sorts of sensual moves on.

So step one was to find a good tissue artist who has experience in other areas. Which wasn’t difficult for a moment. Years ago, I had ended a tryst with one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. It was at the resort and Lauren was our star performer. Every male ever to spend a night there fell in love with her.

For some reason or other she took a liking to me on day one. Within a week, we were snogging away in the circus shack during lunch hours, jumping apart at the sound of footsteps. This sort of thing was forbidden inside the circus team because we were stuck working together all day and night. Any dramas could lead to trouble or even injuries if we didn’t work well as a team. I almost dropped her into a shallow swimming pool from about three metres high once.

The rules didn’t stop us from getting close. But things didn’t exactly go as planned either. After having stopped short with my hands up her singlet one too many times, I got desperate. And insistent.

One lunchbreak, I decided to take things into my own hands, literally. I rolled her onto the sofa, pushing her underneath me. Her long brown hair was sprayed out onto the cushions and her devastatingly beautiful face peered up. She’d always straddled me or sat on my lap, so being underneath made her bright eyes open wide in surprise and a little fear.

Kissing her hard and forcing my tongue into her mouth, I began to lift her top. She resisted, and then moaned as my hands reached her bra and squeezed. Her small B-cups were plenty after being teased for weeks.

I grabbed her wrists with one hand, and forced them up. She resisted, but not properly. After climbing tissues professionally in a traditional circus, there’s no way I could’ve overpowered her without getting too rough. I later discovered her version of too rough is well beyond mine, but that’s another story.

I lifted her top to reveal her incredibly tanned body, as I’d admired in the changing rooms before shows many times before. I kissed her perfect face again and then kissed down her body. Her tits above her bra, her firm stomach, all her muscles flexing under the bronzed skin.

Not that it was flawless. There were scars galore. Rope burns, cuts, bruises and more. I’d seen plenty of them happen during our training sessions. Some were my fault. But the combination of a supermodel’s face and a rough body is quite a thrill. It promises a wild night – you don’t have to worry about being gentle.

I got down to her shorts and undid them, still pushing her hands above her head. Her shorts were lose and elastic, so they came off quickly once I tugged from beneath her. I heard a half-hearted “No”, but was well beyond caring as her tight little thong came into view below her hip bones.

Lauren’s hips are wide, so her muscular body doesn’t bulge like a body builder’s. She’s still very feminine. But there’s no denying what those muscles can do either. I’ve seen 90kg guys hang off her, with only her knees holding on to a bar.

I rolled her over to admire her ass, which I’d done plenty of when it was in tights and costumes. It’s wide like her hips, with a bright tan line. She began to resist my advances again. So I spanked her, hard. She squealed and submitted to me, at which point I realised she had been waiting canlı bahis şirketleri for me to be rough all along…probably for weeks.

It’s not necessarily my thing to be dominant. But if I get a hint that a girl likes it, I absolutely love the experience. I spanked Lauren again, harder. Then pulled her thong up, hard. She was genuinely surprise by that one, as the threads tightened on her ass and pussy.

I undid her bra, and gave her a third spank at the slightest twitch of her arms to stop me. “Please, no,” she begged, despite having already given away it was what she wanted. I pulled her into the air and flipped her back around, facing me. Her bra tumbled off to finally reveal the bright, white little titties I’d spend weeks trying to see. I ignored her stunning face and went straight to work with my hand and tongue.

I squeezed, licked, sucked and then bit hard on her nipples. She couldn’t even keep up the act any longer and moaned for more, practically pushing her other nipple to my mouth and bucking her hips. Her bright eyes shimmered in the dim light, telling me I was going to do whatever I wanted to her mouth and her pussy.

I pulled her thong down and pushed my finger onto her clit. It was sopping wet.

Then things went terribly wrong. We heard the dull thudding of the drain cover outside – our warning during the last few weeks of make-out sessions that someone was about to open the circus shack door!

I jumped off the sofa and spun to my locker. Lauren stood too, behind me, and was cramming on her pants as our boss came in. With the bright sunlight outside blinding him, he didn’t seem to notice what state we were in in the darkness.

That’s as close as I got to fucking Lauren. These days, I do whatever I want to her, whenever I want. But that took some getting to…

Anyway, it all ended with Lauren when I got together with the daughter of a Korean dentist shortly after. You know the rest already. But now that she was set to become a Korean dentist’s wife, why not come full circle?

I invited Lauren to move to Florida. A wrist injury and surgery had ended her performing career, so she was looking to coach. And this was her big chance to get a decent full-time job.

She accepted and I let her know she could come stay at my place while she settled. It’s not like I lacked the room, having 16.

I knew we’d work well together. And I suspected she would be very grateful for the opportunity. And that made my mind wander how she’d show her gratitude. Just kissing left had left me frustrated for years.

With Lauren on her way, I knew I could get through the first term of circus instruction ok. Flying trapeze, juggling, acro, Spanish web, tissue and other static arts were all on the menu for my students.

But who were these students?

For O-Week, we decided to pitch the new circus subject to the freshmen students. Only a few dozen people had enrolled in the course at the outset, so I had some persuading to do. And so, on Monday afternoon I found myself in a big lecture theatre full of Sports Science students. Melissa was there too. Not wearing my favourite blouse.

She introduced me to the Business Faculty lecturer who would teach the theoretical side of the class. An introduction to business skills, history of circus and how the circus industry works would be his topics. This semester, we were sticking to the single course to get things started.

After meeting the professor, I turned my attention to the audience. Melissa began speaking as I stared doe eyed at the students sitting in the lecture hall’s seats in front of me. More than 90% were girls. Bingo. Not a surprise given the circus industry is the same.

More than half were wearing short shorts, skirts or dresses. It’s hot in Florida, like I said. No surprise. But I didn’t realise the view this affords the lecturer of legs. And a firework of brightly coloured underwear each time the students shifted in their seats or folded their legs.

With the lights hitting the stage to make the Powerpoint displays show brighter, you can’t see much else. Just flowing haircuts, the edge of low cut tops and plenty of brushing back hair with flicks of hands and heads.

When Melissa prompted, I gave a quick introduction to myself. And mentioned the disciplines I’d be teaching this term. The terminology went over their heads for the most part, but the pictures and videos in the PowerPoint worked a treat. The girls were snagged quickly, while the guys took one look at the funny outfits and lost interest.

I decided to stick around for the other professor’s introduction. He outlined the course and turned out to have done a decent amount of research. Sitting in the side of the theatre allowed me to see the students in a whole new light. There were plenty of firm bodies with toned legs. Some curves and beautiful faces.

Not a bad start. You’ll be hearing about many of them, and some you know already. I looked forward canlı kaçak iddaa to our first time together in class, pun intended. Having them wrap their legs around me in tights was bound to be a pleasure. (In reality, training is usually too painful and risky to enjoy in any erotic sense. But you always daydream before and after. Especially during stretching.)

We repeated the whole story for the Arts freshmen an hour later. They were an even more promising bunch, as far as my Sorority plans were concerned

So what of the sorority side of things?

The new campus saw a few sororities found affiliates to their western Florida campus counterparts. But I had decided my focus was specific. Where I have an edge. The circus kids. The ones I would be teaching. They’re the ones I would try and recruit to found my sorority.

But first, I had to play it cool. Earn their trust. Feel things out. And so things began with my first taster classes for freshmen considering the subject. The first one was on Tuesday. Watching the students wander in was like a wet dream. Two dozen girls, half of them I’d bend over backwards for.

For most aerial circus disciplines, we all wear tights and the girls wear tight fitting tops. It’s a safety issue to prevent clothes from getting caught on anything, or between hands and whatever you’re gripping. It also prevents the clothes from slipping along your body and stops valuable bits and pieces whacking around or popping out. It sounds stupid until you’ve had a girl step on your balls in a show because you forgot to wear safety shorts. Those videos are precious memories.

The end result is that the girl’s clothes were clinging tightly to their body. I knew exactly what shape every part of their delicious young bodies took as they walked towards me.

Drew was my highlight, you’ve already hear about her. A “strawberry blonde” redhead, she’d tell anyone who teased her about her red hair. With the best boob to body ratio I have ever seen, I’m surprised they even make bras in her combination of cup and strap size. Her bum wasn’t bad for a goddess. But she wore modest clothing…for an aspiring circus performer that is.

Jenna was there too, in my first class. You know her as the girl in my confessional. Well, on the day we met, I was already obsessed with her. Her tight tank top squeezed her DDs and her perky bum strained against the tights. She made my life easy and fun outside the sorority too, back then. I wanted to know whether she’d lose her easy going, fun attitude with my cock inside her. But I’d have to wait.

You’re also familiar with Jessica, who fell victim to Jenna’s flour prank. But by name only. She’s a prissy Latina girl with black flowing hair and a booty that makes me enjoy watching her wash up. In a thong, of course. She spends lots of time working on her tan to reinforce that Latina look. And she’s a passionate lover. Both demanding and giving, which isn’t hard to deal with thanks to her bisexual ways. She preys on the girls as much as me, as I’ve seen in action.

After I finished admiring Drew’s name sticker on her huge boobs, I went weak for Jenna and then hard for Jessica. It was going to be a fun class.

The other girls were plenty to look at too, but don’t feature in my bedroom, so never mind them.

We did a quick round tour of the various skills I planned to teach that semester. And the ones Lauren would take when she arrived. I demonstrated a few. We tried a few out together, including Lyra (the aerial hoop), juggling and basic acro-balance.

On the Lyra, I admired as each girl went upside down. Many had worn low cut gym gear, a big mistake. The bulges and curves stretched the material of their sports bras and tight tops, giving away all sorts of details about shapes and sizes. Big mounds emerged, and the beautiful young skin bunched together, creating vast cleavage. A few nipples peeped out too. It was a struggle not to dive in, face first.

It wasn’t just their boobs though. The shape of their bums as they flexed in tights gave away what they would look like on their knees or front before me in bed. I wanted to spank them so badly.

My hands brushed some wonderful bodies in some wonderful places. But I kept it together and safety minded for the most part.

As I got to know them all, especially their bodies, I wondered how to win the most beautiful ones over into creating a sorority with me. How do you initiate that sort of a conversation?

The obvious opportunity presented itself quickly thanks to America’s ridiculous drinking age laws. Every group of circus performers and trainees bonds over drinks. If you’re literally responsible for each other’s safety, it helps to be friends. And the incredibly frustrating nature of endless practice has to be shaken off somehow.

And so, hours later, I found myself in a student house, having been sent out to acquire the beer for the party of about 12 girls. I may have paid to encourage the canlı kaçak bahis development…

It was the student home of one of the local girls who had joined our taster session. She seemed to take it upon herself to make the girls welcome in the town. Drew, Jenna and Jessica were there too. It felt like I was undercover, intelligence gathering for my sorority plans.

We chatted lots about circus, the coming courses, and the girls tried to feel out whether I thought they had potential to be any good after the day’s attempts. If they took on circus as a major, then it was a longer-term commitment.

Eventually the conversation turned to uni life so far. They spoke about sororities and I threw in a few questions myself. My ideas were steadily taking shape as my future girls made their intentions known.

They all wanted to join a sorority, but the lack of established ones on the new campus made deciding which one difficult. Not many seniors had swapped to the new campus. Then there was the challenged of being invited to one.

I suggested they found one, which triggered just the conversation I had hoped. But it was interrupted shortly after.

One of our host’s housemates joined us. Katie is by far the cutest girl in my sorority today. She’s very short, a white shade of shiny blonde, has round eyes and a firm body. Her lips, cup size and ass are all slightly big in proportion to her little body, which always moves with poise and elegance. She’s a textbook flyer – the cheerleading version. And sure enough, I later learned that’s what she planned to be once the cheerleading club was set up.

But first, I humiliated myself before everyone by pretty much just staring at her when we introduced each other. She was dressed in white short shorts and a bright yellow tank top. The other girls let out a giggle and I emerged from my fantasy enough to say hello. I’d pretty much fallen in love at first site, as I often do these days.

Katie joined our conversation about sororities. And once she realised how we’d ended up in her house, she asked about coming to the next circus taster session on Thursday. I garbled my words again, which made her smile, and the girls teased me.

I kept trying to steer the conversation towards setting up a new sorority, and to getting a core group of circus enthusiasts together. But none of the girls made a connection between the two. It was frustrating, but perhaps I was just rushing.

As the (my) beer continued to flow, combined with the effects of adrenalin from the circus class, the girls started to get racy. It was O-Week of their time at university, after all. They wanted to be wild.

The questions got personal. We found out who had boyfriends and whether they intended to stay faithful. We discovered who already had crushes for professors and other students. And on and on the girl talk went. They asked me plenty as well, but I was mostly just pondering how to make them think founding a new sorority was their idea.

As I left the upstairs bathroom later that evening, I passed a bedroom that was obviously Katie’s. It was full of cheerleading posters and some pictures of her in mid-air, skirt aloft. I couldn’t wait to see that in person.

As I turned to head back downstairs, she was coming up. “Great cheerleading pics,” I mentioned to the ascending angel. She smiled, as innocent as can be, and replied “Were you looking in my room?”

Uh oh. “Erm, just through the door…” I said, but probably looked as guilty as a dog caught raiding the fridge. Then she launched into the monologue of my dreams:

“Yeah, I can’t wait to get started with cheerleading here. You must know a bit about cheerleading, from doing circus and stuff? … Wait! Oooo! You’re in charge of the training space, aren’t you? We’d need your permission to train. The guys already have the other side booked out for basketball and indoor soccer and stuff. They took all the good times. Could we use your side to train? If I get a club together? I bet you have crash mats too? Look, I’ll show you, I have the costumes planned out and everything.”

She grabbed my hand and dragged me into her room, which was even more decked out in cheerleading paraphernalia than I’d realised at first glance through the door. Competition dates and locations around the US, prizes, entry forms and all the rest of it was piled, postered and framed all over the place.

Katie dove into her closet and dragged out a tight little uniform. It had the university acronym next to the mascot making an “E” sign with his fist for “East”. She held it up against her sexy little body.

“Isn’t it cute? Would you let us train in your circus space? Please,” she mock begged, bobbing up and down with her knees. Obviously, she was used to getting her way just by asking nicely. Looking at her, I knew why.

“I don’t know Katie, we might need that space. You’d make a great flyer in circus though. Maybe you should join us instead. We could train something called Russian Bar, where you’re launched into the air like in cheerleading, but on a pole between two people.”

“That sounds awesome. But I want to win cheerleading competitions… Let me try the costume on, maybe I’ll convince you…”

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