The Fitness Instructor

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I have been living with my girlfriend for a body year. Her name is Alex And she is a fitness instructor at the local gym. She has a hard body and she likes to show it off. I don’t complain, I really enjoy watching other guys look at her. My name is Tom and I’m a computer geek and also a martial artist. I am not the typical geek that most people think of. We go out on adventures all the time, from rock climbing to parachuting. At the end of the day, the sex is awesome. You might say that I’m a really lucky guy to have it all.

I always had. Fantasies of watching her, being fucked by another guy. This came on watching all the guys undress her and have fantasies about her. It seems I’m really good at fantasizing. I have never told her this. An I am not sure if I’m going to or not. Our sexual relationship is really good And I am not sure I want to lose or complicate things.

One day she was working later than usual and she asked me to pick her up. The gym has a long and large parking lot and it takes me a few minutes to navigate and pick her up at the front door. I can see her in the distance talking to a man. She looks at her watch, then looks at him. She gets closer and gives him a long kiss on the lips. All of a sudden my cock gets really hard. Does Joan and then turns around and walks away? She then starts looking around for me. I slowly drive up to her an unlocked a door, then she gets in.

She says “Thank you for picking me up. It would have been a long bus right at this hour.”

“Not a problem. I had nothing to do anyway right now. “

I say nothing to worry about what I saw and I give her a ride home. She then goes to bed and I stay up watching some cuckold porn. I really don’t, unlike the videos with Sissy husbands. That’s just not me. In the morning, I have coffee and she has her usual shake. We kiss and go our separate ways to work.

This is a regular routine for us. The weekends are our time. We always have something to do, some adventure to go on. The sex with the fitness instructor is always great.

One day at work, I realized I left some computer components at home with some paperwork. It’s early afternoon, so I just thought to drive by and pick it up. I unlocked the front door, go in and pick up what I need from the kitchen table. All of a sudden I hear a little bit of knocking and strange noises upstairs. I’m thinking my wife can’t be home yet, maybe I left something on. I take off my shoes and go up the stairs. kaynarca escort Then I go down the little hallway and see the door partially open. The noise gets louder and louder as I approached the door. I look through the crack in the door and I see my wife on the bed with her head over the edge. I then see this guy face fucking her really hard. It’s the same guy I saw when picking her up from work. Her nipples were getting really hard as well as my cock. I turn around and slowly walk away. I was so aroused it was unbelievable. I go to work with that picture of her in my mind.

The next weekend is a martial art tournament. My wife sits with the audience while I participate. I’m doing pretty good and want some ribbons. It’s down to the final fight between me and another guy. We bow and we start to fight. I got in a couple of really good shots and so did he. I see an opening and I try and sweep his leg. He then jumps and gives me a spinning back kick. I am down for the count. It was a good and honorable fight. At the end of the tournament, I’m looking for my girlfriend and I see her talking to the fellow that won. She then sees me and taps the guy goodbye and walks towards me. She looks at me and kisses me. She says “that was a good fight. Well done.” Mike Jar really hurt and I wasn’t in the mood for sex that night. The next morning, it’s as usual we go to work.

About a week later, I had a chance to go home early, so I took it. I thought I’d make a nice dinner for her and I I think she’ll like that. I am a really good cook. When we when I have the time. I get home and get in the kitchen and start cooking. I’m thinking chicken and spaghetti. I don’t hear anything in the house because of all the noise cooking. I checked my watch and I’m thinking it’s getting late. Why is she not home? I hope she doesn’t call and say she will be later. Maybe she’s upstairs sleeping. So I go up the stairs, down the hallway and there’s a crack in the door again. I looked through. She has her legs above her head and her arms through her legs, holding them down. Her ass is sticking straight up. This guy is fucking her ass with a big cock. It was awesome and I was so aroused. I practically drooled down my jaw. I’m looking at the guy and I couldn’t believe it. It was my opponent at the Martial Art tournament. I’m thinking this is cliche. He beat me after five and the winner is my girlfriend. Maybe that turned her on, I don’t know.

I then started to walk orhanlı escort away slowly and stopped. I am not one of those Sissy husbands. What am I doing? So I turn around, go up to the door and opened it, I said, “Should I put an extra plate out for your boyfriend.” This guy takes his cock out of her asshole and rolls over so much he falls over the side of the bed. Alex then put the pillow over her body and then she sits up with her left hand out at me. We look each other in the eye. I told her again, slowly, “I’m making a nice dinner downstairs. Would you like me to put out an extra plate for your boyfriend?” She just stares at me with a surprised luck. By this time the guy sticks his head over the edge of the bed. He just starts to stare at me. I told him, “You must be really hungry for fucking my girlfriend really hard. ” They still don’t say anything. I look at him and said “I’ll take that as a yes.” I look at Alex, and said, “When you’re done ******* come on downstairs and I’ll have a good meal for both of you. “

I close the door and start to walk downstairs. I have a grin from year to year. I really enjoyed doing that. My cock stayed hard for quite a bit of time. I hear this tap tap tap going down the stairs. I’m thinking he must be wearing cowboy boots or something. I call out “Dude, I ninja you are not. “

My wife tells him to just go. She then comes out to the kitchen table and I start to serve her chicken and spaghetti. She’s just picking at her food while I’m smiling from ear to ear. I look at her. “Would you like some wine dear after this to relax? Or would you like a massage?” She puts her fork down on the plate, and looks at me and says, “why are you being so nice to me? Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Like white it’s not like you were cheating on me, oh weight. “

She replies, “I’m sorry, you just don’t satisfy me. I wanna be fucked hard. I love you, but you don’t have what it takes to do that.”

Now I’m really angry. I walk around the table. take her and put her against the wall. “Why didn’t you just say so? ” I turned her around and put her face against the wall. I then hold her arms behind her back. I ripped her shorts off and I see no panties. I take my pants off and I put my hand over her mouth.

I push my cock between her legs while my hand over her mouth and I put her head back. I then shove my cock up her wet pussy as hard as I can. She lets out a muffled noise through my hand. I continue tepeören escort to fuck her as hard as I can. I think grab her by the hair and pull her towards the couch. I sit her next to the couch and put her head on top. I hold her neck and head down. Then I shove my cock down her throat. “Is this hard enough for you? ” When I take my mouth out of her mouth. She says “no.”

I give her a good slap across the face. Then slap her big tits She replies “Yes.” I continue to face fuck her as hard as I can right to the bottom. She then gags on it and I cum in her throat. I put her legs above her head and put her arms through her legs. I shove my cock straight down her ass. At this point I’m just hate fucking her hard. “You cheat on me and then blame me. ” This is your punishment slut. I do her as hard as I can while she’s just moaning. Screaming. Her ass starts shaking And I’m thinking she’s going to have an orgasm. She then sprays all over me. Then I take my cock out and walk to the table. After that I am really hungry. She still holding her breasts in delight. She came back to the table and sat down. She too was hungry and started to really eat. I looked at her and said, you thought I didn’t have it. She replied. “I was wrong, please fuck me this every time.” “About you cheating It turns me on when you fuck other men.”

She had a surprise, looked on her face. “It does?”

“Do whatever you want as long as you stay safe and no more cheating. I want to know, hear it or just watch and never treat me like a sissy”

That Friday she gives me a call. She tells me, “I have been asked out on a date And he wants to take me back to his place.”

“When will you be back? “

“Sometime tomorrow, in the early afternoon.”

“You text me as much as you can during the date and when the time comes I wanna hear you being over the phone. Tomorrow night you tell me everything in detail. While we fuck on the on the bed. “

Now when guys look at her in undress her in their minds. I tell myself that I’m a lucky man. One day she wants to bring home a shy fella and she asked me if I’m willing to go out for a while. She will record the whole thing and we can. Watch it together later. That too really turns me on. Later that day, we watch the video and he is really shy. I don’t know what it is, why women love shy guys. We had sex later that day while she tells me one of her fantasies. There’s a strip bar in the city, that is holding an amateur night. She wants to strip while I’m in the crowd while all the guys go crazy. She then does her floor routine, spreading her legs and showing her pussy to the crowd. She of course, smiles at me while she does it. I’m thinking things are good are we are happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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