The First Time

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Part 1:

We had talked online and over the phone several times. We had a connection. We came from similar backgrounds and had similar interests and values. We both could tell we were “clicking.” We had exchanged photos. Neither of us was gorgeous; but she had that seductive and inviting smile. It talked to me; I swear it did. It was in her smile.. and in her eyes.

She lived on the other side of town; 40 miles away. We had planned several times to meet, but just could not pull it off. We had talked about love and sex; birth control, limits, preferences; we even considered phone sex or cyber sex. But the real thing seemed more appealing… and entirely possible. Though just the sight of her name on my buddy list gave me a hard-on.

Late one Friday night we talked about finally meeting. I suggested that if we met at some restaurant, we’d probably have to find a motel room before we made it through the meal. That was when she suggested I come over to her place… right now.


Well, why not? Gees, I had not had sex in over a year; I donno how long it had been for her… some time. And this was sex… virtually guaranteed. Making love… just as we had discussed.

Now? Of course.

I was ready to leave within 10 minutes. Nothing special to wear; I was prepared. It was the longest 40-mile drive in my life. I did not get there till after 1 a.m. She heard my car drive up and opened the door for me. She was very much as I pictured her, though she was shorter than I expected. We said hi… warmly. Our eyes met; we surveyed each other. She invited me in; she had wine glasses on the kitchen counter. She was wearing the long football jersey and the pink panties, as she had promised. Then our eyes met again. We froze briefly, then I reached out to kiss her. Our lips locked tightly as we embraced. My cock was straight up, held tightly against my stomach, though I am sure she could feel it. It had gotten smaller as I approached middle age. But it was huge and thick just then. I reached around her back and under her loose jersey. Her back was warm… almost hot. Her lips were wet. Her skin was silky smooth.

I stepped back a bit. “You can still change your mind, if you want. You are not obligated.” I wanted to make certain she knew I was not forcing her; I wanted to make sure she was as eager as I was. Nothing else was acceptable. That was very important. Though her lips, her body, and her eyes told me what I needed to know. Still… I wanted to hear it from her.

“Come here,” she said, leading me down the hallway. “I want you to make love to me…. in person… for real. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me!”

She knew I loved the word, spoken just that way.

Part 2:

“Wait a second,” she said as we got to her bedroom. She walked to a closet and brought out some large towels. That’s right; we had talked about the importance of being clean. “I gotta’ go first; I’ll let you know when I’m ready,” she said as she disappeared behind the bathroom door.

She did not close the door all the way. Was that intentional? I donno.

I stood a few feet away, and listened to all the sounds… I love the sounds. Should I try to take a peek? It is such a turn on! canlı bahis şirketleri I think she knew that; I think we had talked about that.

I loosened my belt. I was about to explode.

I heard her turn on the water to the shower, and imagined what she was doing. When did she want me to shower?

I waited.

“OK… come on in,” she said from inside the shower.

I walked into the bathroom; she was in the shower, behind the plastic curtain. As I took off my clothes it felt strange, to be naked, on the other side of the curtain with a woman I had seen for only a few moments. Still… we knew each other well.

Well, here goes.

I stepped into the tub from the far end. She was facing the other way, back to me. She had a fine figure and a nice ass. I imagined myself there; my dick stood straight out. I moved up to her and put my arms around her waist. I am not sure what she felt first, my arms, my face against the back of her neck, or my dick in the crack of her ass. In any case, she shuddered just a bit.

It was Dial soap. I could tell, though it did not matter in the slightest. I have always had a great sense of smell. She was already sudsed up. I ran my open hands around her waist, up the outsides of her torso, and then slowly across her breasts. I stopped just over her breasts and ran my hands around them. She had big, hard nipples. Did I have anything to do with that? I donno.

Then up to her neck, and slowly around her face. She turned around, and kissed me again. This time she felt the tip my cock on her stomach. I reached down and pushed it between her legs so we could get closer.

She reached for a sponge filled with soap. She ran it all over my body, head to toe. Then she went back to my waist and slowly ran it over my cock, around to my ass cheeks and into the crack. The sponge was between her hand and my body. She still had not touched my cock.

She reached up to the shower head, which was mounted at the end of a hose. She took it off and ran it over my body to rinse me off.

My turn: I lathered up my hands, kneeled down and began washing the thick hair below her waist. I reached one hand around her back and circled one side of her ass. She lifted her leg up and propped it on the edge of the tub to give me better access to her crotch. Slowly I moved my hand all over her crotch; she arched her back and lifted her head upwards. I slid my hand, sideways, between her legs, back and forth.

She was clean.

“Stand up,” she said. “Turn around.” I was now facing away from her, my cock pointing up to the wall. She reached around my body and grabbed my cock with her right hand; her left hand went for my balls. Slowly she rubbed with both soapy hands. “Now…. let me take a look.” She turned me around and kneeled down, grabbing the shower head as she did so. She rinsed the soap off, and then took my cock in her mouth. She just held it there and literally sucked. Wow!

OK. Clean enough.

Part 3:

We got out of the shower and dried each other off… or at least we went through the motions. Neither of us was very dry as we lunged for the bed. Not that that mattered. All her natural smells had been washed away; all that excited, canlı kaçak iddaa turned-on smells went down the drain. Not to worry; I’ll get them back again soon.

I pulled her over toward me, and we kissed again… passionately. Nothing between us this time; no clothes, no water; no soap. It seemed like it lasted for an hour… or just a second. Then she reached for my cock and began stroking it slowly. Instinctively, I began thrusting slowly. She moved her head down to my cock and again took it in her mouth. But this time, she was stroking it with her mouth… and out… in and out. She had one hand on my balls, and with her other, reached for my ass. She grabbed it, then moved one finger to the crack in my ass. She rubbed one finger up and down the crack, a fraction of an inch from my asshole.

Another 30 seconds of this and I would explode all over her. No… I was far from ready. I told her to stop. “Come up here to me. I want you.” She edged up, straddled my body, and began to lower herself onto my dick. I let her thrust up and down on my hard cock several times. I could feel the juices from inside her flow onoto my cock and drip down to my balls. But I was not ready to come yet; I had other ideas. “Come up here… I want to taste you.”

I am not sure she had done this before. She seemed not to know exactly what I meant. I reached behind her ass cheeks and gently pulled her up to my face. My head was resting on two pillows, to put it at an angle. She placed her hands on the wall behind me, and let me reach my tongue out and lick her lips.

I had told her that my tongue was the third sexiest part of my body. She was about to find out why. I moved my tongue around her lips, on the outer edged of her vagina. Then I stuck it in. Yes, that was the flavor I wanted; that was the smell. I love the pussy juice. I love it on my face, in my mouth and in my nose.

She obliged.

If she had not done this exact thing before, she was a fast learner. She arched her back and drove her crotch into my face, back and forth. I had to hold her ass cheeks to keep from losing control of her. I could feel her clit getting larger. I did not touch it with my tongue, but I put it between my lips and sucked. That drove her crazy! She was so wet! She was bouncing up and down on my face, and her juices were dripping all over me.

I wanted to see more. I had looked at her ass when I got in the shower; but now I wanted a closer look.

“Turn around,” I directed her. Again, I am not sure she knew exactly what I meant. But she obliged. I was sitting up higher now. She was on her hands and knees, still straddling me, facing away from me. She grabbed my cock; I think she was about to go down on it, when I entered her vagina with my tongue from behind. I don’t think she expected that. She jumped up a bit, and moaned. I reached my left hand around in front and stuck my middle finger in her pussy, while my tongue went in and out beneath it. One finger.. then two. In and out, in and out, as she thrusted her pelvis up and down. Then I did it… I moved my tongue back and circled the outside of her asshole with it; around and around. And then lightly over her asshole, up and down, then around again. canlı kaçak bahis Surely she was not ready for that. She screamed, and I felt a gush of wetness on my hands. She shuddered violently, and then fell onto my body.

“Unbelievable!” she said.

“But wait,” I replied. “I want more.” Though we were both a bit exhausted. “Lie here next to me.” She came up face to face, on my right side. She knew I was left-handed and that I wanted to reach over to her with my left hand.

She had told me how she masturbated with her fingers. She first got excited with whatever was near by. Then she used her fingers to bring herself to orgasm. This time it was my fingers.

Of course, she was already excited. I turned my body toward her and used my left hand to rub my cock along the outside of her thigh. She lifted her leg; she thought I was going to enter her, but I had other ideas. I moved my hand to the inside of her thighs and then up to her pussy. I put my middle finger in her vagina, and slowly went in and out. Then I reached over her leg and placed the palm of my hand on her clit. Once again, she jerked upwards. I moved my middle finger to her clitoris and began rubbing it up and down… hard… just like she told me she had done so many times. Faster and faster. She grabbed the sheets with both hands and squeezed her eyes shut. I could feel the juice coming out of her pussy… she arched her back up again, tilted her head back, and then screamed…. her whole body shook.

I stopped, and just held her for a while. Though, of course, I still had a tremendous erection. When we had time to catch our breath, I leaned over to her, and straddled her body. I moved up to her head, and once again, she took my cock in her mouth. Pulling it out, she said, “I want to taste you… please come. Come in my mouth.”

Very inviting… it was so beautiful… it was so sexy. But the first time… I wanted it different. She sucked on me till I was about to go nuts… then I pulled back.

“No, I want to come inside you this time. I want you to feel me inside of you.”

Quickly I moved down do her crotch; she grabbed my cock and pointed it to her pussy, pushing it in. I held back, and whispered, “Remember this… remember me entering you….. the first time.”

I held my dick at the tip of her pussy till she opened her eyes and acknowledged. I moved it up and down, touching her enlarged clitoris. She jumped when I hit it. Then I leaned forward to her, my face inches from hers, and entered her vagina…. slowly, but all the way.

“Oh please come for me… please fuck me,” she pleaded.

Well, that did it. I thrust my cock in and out, as deep as I could. I could feel my balls banging against her body. As I knew I was about to come, I kissed her deeply, put my tongue as far in her mouth as I could… then one more thrust, and I exploded hot cum into her… four, five… six, hard shots… I have no idea how much.

Once again, her body shook… both our bodies shook. I felt my cum ooze backward out of her pussy. Between her wetness and mine, we were soaking.

That’s OK… that was more than OK.

“Did you feel it like I did?” she asked.

Of course.

We made love… we fucked…. in person!

Then we just lay there… first not saying a word, then re-living it again, telling each other what it was like and what we were thinking and feeling.

It was the first time.

But it was not the last time.

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