The Fertility Therapist Pt. 02

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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The young lady strutted into the office. Her showgirl legs ended in the tallest stiletto heels imaginable. Her hips, tightly clad in a skin tight micro-mini rocked back and forth as she went. That skirt threatened to expose her pussy with every stride.

Her minuscule waist was emphasized by the four inch wide belt that was almost as big as her skirt.

Her top heavy body was framed by the mid-length coat that she had left open. Although she was wearing a bra, it was clearly not up to the task of controlling her munificence. With every stride her big breasts jiggled and wiggled under her thin white blouse. The blouse was stretched to the point of failure by those massive yet perky tits. Her nipples were showcased thru the fabric. Perhaps due to the colder than normal weather, they were erect, pointed, and prominently leading the way as she moved. The young man that followed her by several steps moved to the chair she indicated with a snap of her fingers.

“I have an appointment with Dr. Shaun,” she announced to the receptionist. The name plate said Leslie Goode.

“Yes, he’s waiting for you, Mrs. Smythe. You may go right in.” was Leslie’s response.

“Come, Limply” the young woman snapped to her companion.

He opened the door for her allowing her to sweep into the sound proof inner office. Following her he stepped to one side with eyes downcast.

“Don’t just hover,” she directed him. “Sit over there and be quiet!” The chill in her voice was cutting.

She turned with a warm smile to face the man behind the desk.

“I’m here for my next appointment, Dr. Honeybear,” she purred. “I can’t wait to get started. Do we have the rest of the afternoon to ourselves like I asked?”

“Of course we do!” He responded as he moved around the desk to stand in front of her.

“Wonderful,” she husked. “I’ve been looking forward to this for days.” Her eyes ran over him while she licked her lips. She focused on his groin as she moved closer to him.

“Our first session was so much fun,” she told him. “My life has changed thanks to you. It’s so exciting! I didn’t realize how repressed I had been. I find that my new life is so much more,” she stopped to search for the words, “thrilling, so much more fun! So much more like the real me! I’ve learned so much from you!”

“I’m pleased that you found our session to be fruitful,” he responded in his deep, resonant voice. “I enjoy being able to help my patients.”

“Oh, my, yes. So helpful. I do hope that our sessions will bear fruit soon,” she purred. Actually, her desire to have children had diminished quite a bit since her initial session with Dr. Shaun. Her objective now was quite different.

“Let me unwrap you, Dr. Erection,” she purred as she snuggled up against him. Smoothing her big boobs against his abdomen, she ran her hands over his chest and then up across his shoulders.

“Mmmmm, so firm! So nice, so, masculine” she murmured emphasizing the last word as she continued to caress him. Her hands drifted to the buttons on his shirt and she began to slowly release each in turn. As she reached the halfway point she slid her hand inside and stroked over his muscular chest.

As she finished unbuttoning her paramour she pulled the halves apart and gazed longingly at his massive torso.

“So ripped, so strong. You have the body of a Greek statue,” she enthused. “Look at this MAN, Little Limply! Just look at him!” Her tongue flashed out to wet her lips while her eyes ran over his abs and pecs. “What a specimen,” she moaned. Her husband, Llewelyn had no response.

Her hands caressed the Doctor’s shoulders as she slipped his shirt off him. His biceps and triceps showed the effect of hours in the gym, muscular and well developed as well as sharply defined.

As she paused to fondle his biceps with both hands he took pains to flex for her. Cecilia sighed in pleasure as she felt his massively strong muscles move under her fingers Her hands fluttered over his upper arms as he moved under her touch. Her tongue again emerged to wet her lips. And while she gnawed her lower lip she dipped her hands lower to feel his well developed six-pack. Again he flexed his muscles as she floated her hands over his body.

“I love to feel your body,” she told him. “Such big, strong muscles! So masculine and virile! Just feeling you starts my juices flowing! Such a MAN! I’ve never seen such a magnificent specimen, I adore, I worship, your body!”

Cecilia slipped her hands lower to fan across his groin. She was breathing heavily as she found his partially erect cock. Not yet hard, it was thicker and longer than any other man’s dick that she had ever encountered. She forced herself to go slowly, allowing her lust to build up as she teased them both.

She eased his slacks down, slowly revealing the massively thick root of Dr. Shaun’s cock. His groin was shaven. That lack of pubic hair made his genitals appear even larger. As usual, he wore canlı bahis şirketleri no underwear. It just got in the way he had explained when they first met. It was only as the waistband passed his knees that the full extent of his dick was exposed. Still not fully erect, it hung more than a foot long, swaying gently. His balls were each the size of a tennis ball and his shaven ball sack bulged alarmingly with those gigantic gonads.

No longer trying to hide her excitement Cecilia sank to her knees, moaning with lust.

“Just look at this, Little Limply! Just look at his cock and balls! Have you ever seen the like? Look how fucking huge!” To demonstrate she attempted to hold his ball sack with one hand while the other grasped his cock shaft. Neither hand was adequate. She could just reach half way around his shaft as she stroked him. A single ball filled her palm, the other hung low while she gently squeezed and fondled it’s twin. She knew that between them they could produce enough sperm to more than satisfy her avaricious thirst. The first time she had been with Dr. Erik Shaun he had ejaculated more than any four men could have. Time after time his 15 1/2 inch cock had spewed cum between her lips, over her body and into her over-matched cunt. It had been the most exciting and satisfying afternoon of her life!

Before she met Dr. Shaun she had been a demure, shy, house wife whose only ambition had been to have children. She and her husband, Llewellyn, had come to consult with Dr. Erik Shaun because of his reputation for success in fertility treatments.

Now, thanks to their meeting and the experience of that afternoon with Dr. Erik Shaun she was a cock-hunting, cum-hungry, size queen with a libido, a sex drive, that was nearly insatiable. In the weeks since then she had morphed from a respectable married woman to a fuck-hungry temptress who delighted in showcasing her hot-as-fuck body.

Before getting the fucking of a lifetime she had taken pains to disguise her remarkable figure. Now, rather than hiding her slim-and-stacked body she eagerly displayed her large breasts, slender waist and sylph-like hips. Her clothing showcased her massive tits atop a slender body. She dressed to display her legs, ass and hips. She made sure the onlookers could see her constantly erect nipples and how her tits flexed and moved under the revealing outfits she now prefered.

She eagerly fucked any man that could provide her with a big, hard dick. Her husband, Little Limply, did not come close and she had cut him off. Why waste time with a man that couldn’t even start to meet her needs. He could only cum once in a sex session. It took him at least a day to recover and his less than 5 inch dick was clearly inadequate! No, she needed, demanded and avidly sought out men with big, thick, sperm spewing cocks and balls. And Dr. Shaun, her first, was still the ultimate example of what she desired. So far, despite her best efforts she had not found anyone who even came close!

Pulling his dick upright between them Cecilia used both hands to stroke him while she lipped and kissed her way across his chest. She paid particular attention to his nipples. At the same time she swayed back and forth to rub and tease her own nipples against his torso.

Having assured that he was at full strength she stepped back from him and began to slowly disrobe. As she did so she looked up into his eyes. Licking her lips she blew him little kisses as she showed more and more cleavage.

“I had some fun at the gym the other night.” she told him. “I talked the staff into staying late to play. There were three guys and a girl with me. Brandi, I had always thought was really cute and had a great figure. I was alway prettier than her and now I have a better figure than her. I’ve got better legs, my waist is slimmer than hers and my tits?”

She shook her shoulders causing those big mounds in the low cut bra to shimmy and shake in response. Those tits seemed larger to Dr. Shaun than the last time she had been here. Even though she had taken pains to hide it, she had been a magnificent figure of a woman. “32 Double E, 22 inch waist and 34 inch hips! Hot as fuck, right?” she had bragged at the time.

“My tits are at least twice as large as hers now! When we hugged I completely swamped her. Her boobs just disappeared into mine! It was so sexy! So hot! Now I’m bigger, you know!” She bragged, pulling her shoulders back to demonstrate just how big her bust was now. As they both watched her boobs rose and rose, trying to work themselves free of their captivity.

“Just in the past few weeks I’ve grown from a 32 Double E to these huge 32 Triple H’s. I think that all the sperm that I’ve had sprayed onto me, all the cum that I’ve massaged into my breasts have caused the girls to grow, to become gigantic man magnets! The guys were just drooling. They couldn’t keep their hands off me. Not that I wanted them to! I wanted them to fuck me hard and often!”

“There is no scientific proof that breasts grow when they have cum sprayed on them!” Dr. Shaun interjected.

“Maybe canlı kaçak iddaa not, but how do you account for these?” she exulted as she tossed aside the huge bra that she had just taken off. Indeed the breasts she was so proud of were obviously larger than they had been. These proud beauties were gigantic, shapely, massive mounds of flesh that seemed to cry out to be handled, sucked, fondled, licked and, yes, ultimately, tit-fucked. He promised himself that he would do all of that and more this afternoon.

“Anyway, I let the guys fuck me as much as they could! I would have one in my tight little pussy, one between my breasts and the other I would suck on until he blew his load down my throat or across my face and tits!

“I made them cum all over me! There was sperm everywhere and Brandi hoovered it all up! She sucked up all the jism that was on my tits. She licked everything off my stomach! And she used her tongue to scoop out everything she could from my cunny! It was so much fun! I really wore the guys out! But Brandi and I went to her place so she could be sure that she got all cum that they had drooled over me. I didn’t get home until after 3 am!”

Cecilia was pounding both hands up and down the Doctor’s rampant shaft. Barely able to encircle him with both hands she bent down to suckle at the drooling tip of his cock. It was just as tasty as she remembered. And so much! After collecting a mouth full she stood up and swallowed it with relish.

“It’s time, Doctor, I don’t want to wait anymore! FUCK ME!” she demanded in a raised voice. “Pound my pussy as hard as you can. I need it. I want it. I’ll take all that you can give me!”

Without a word he reached out and pulled her to him. She relaxed into his arms as they kissed. Pushing her tongue into his mouth she pressed herself against him, rubbing her tits and groin against him feverishly.

“Now, now! Put me down and fuck me, HARD!” she exclaimed.

Slowly he let her recline on the sofa. As she spread her legs eagerly he moved over her. His rampant hard on stretched in front of him more than 15 inches, throbbing and pulsing with his heartbeat, it bounced between them as he shifted into place.

She reached out with both hands to pull his dick head into position between her wet pussy lips. She was dripping with excitant as she felt him press against her.

Even knowing what was about to happen she could not stifle a moan mixed of pain and lust. This was going to be epic! “Oh, so thick, so stiff! And longer than anyone else! I was so wrong to doubt what my girlfriends told me!”

“They are both pregnant, you know! Caitlyn is having twins!”

“That often happens,” he said. “I’m much more potent, more virile, than most men.

“I know,” she moaned. “And much larger! Oh, my God! I don’t think it will fit! I know it did last time but you’re so thick! So big! Ugh. Uhm. muh, muh more! I adore your dick Dr. Enormous! So freaking thick and hard! Huh, huh! Push, make me take it! No mercy!” she begged him.

It took him over a minute of constant pressure to begin to make headway into her tight pussy. But slowly he made progress. As she moaned and groaned he pressed harder and harder. After more effort they both felt her pussy lips snap over the ridge of his cock head. He was in! There was still many, many inches to go, but the head of his dick was pushing deeper and deeper into her clasping cunt!

“Uh, yes, do it! Do it! I need it! I want to feel that fucking dick deeper and deeper! SO big, I worship your cock! I adore it! I can’t believe how gigantic it is! How it stretches me! You reach places no one else can reach! And I love it! More more more!” she implored him.

Dr. Shaun began to press and release, press and release in an effort to drive himself deeper and deeper into her. It was difficult but it was working, He was shifting his weight left and right. Deeper he went. Further into her sopping wet pussy. She was watching him work thru half-closed eyes. His abs flexed as he worked. She adored the sight of his defined muscularity as he held himself above her. The only part of his body that was touching her was his massively thick dick as he slid more and more of it into her.

She felt the ridge of his dick head as it drove further and further into her. It massaged spots that had never been touched. And it felt so good! She felt a little orgasm deep in her cunt. It wasn’t a big wave but it was a foretaste of what was to come!

Cecilia reached up to cup her breasts. Pinching and twisting her nipples she distracted herself from the over-stuffed feeling that was growing in her twat. He was SO big, SO thick! It was an exciting combination of pain and pleasure! Looking down her body, between her tall, firm tits, she felt the first of many true orgasms sweep thru her. She saw that he was only a couple of inches into her. And there was more than a foot to go!

Almost at once she felt another spasm of lust take over.

“Oh, my God, what a big fucker,” she moaned. “I love the feel of being filled by your huge dick. I’ve never had one bigger! I love canlı kaçak bahis it, I want it, I want more. You make me feel like no other man has ever made me feel! Fill me up you horse cocked fucker!”

Dr. Erik Shaun made no response. But he began to push harder and faster than before. He kept up a punishing speed! Faster, harder he went sinking deeper and deeper into her stretched out cunt. She was crying out in passion as he drove them both higher and higher toward a mutual climax.

Minutes later he began to spew an amazing load of jism! The first several gouts filled and over filled her twat. Pulling out, he directed the next several spurts toward her face and breasts. The first few flew over her to land on the arm of the couch. The rest fell onto her face before the last ones collected between her big tits.

Cecilia was crying and sobbing in pleasure and delight. Both her hands were busy massaging his goo into her breasts and pulling the excess to her hungry mouth.

“It may not help make my boobies get bigger,” she said. “But I’m not going to take any chances. Bigger tits are sexier! All the guys like bigger boobs! Little Limply never wanted me to show off. But now I want the guys to know what a hot piece of ass I am! How busty, how slender! What great fuck I’d be if they got me into bed!” There was no response from her husband where he sat across the room.

As she finished cleaning herself up she reached out to grasp the Doctor’s still erect penis.

“You are SUCH a STUD,” she crowed. “Look at him, Little Limply! He just blew a load four times as large as any you could possibly produce! And he’s ready to go again! You would be done for the week,” she sneered.

Pushing Erik onto the couch she rose over him. Bending over she offered her huge tits to his mouth for attention. He began sucking and licking while Cecilia climbed onto his rampant cock. She began to ride him energetically while making sure that her tits remained within his reach. Pounding herself up and down she pushed herself to several exquisite orgasms.

“I want to drink you down, darling! Are you ready to cum for me? Can you cum for Cecilia?” she gushed as she climbed off him and knelt between his legs.

“Sure, I can cum for you, Cecilia! Get ready for a really big load, now!” As he spoke his abs flexed, his dick shaft stiffened to the nth degree and Cecilia could feel his balls start to churn.

Quickly she brought his dick head to her lips and opened her mouth in preparation for sucking up his sperm shower.

She took the first shot directly into her open mouth and then she moved closer and fastened her lips over the tip of his dick, swallowing as fast as she could. She managed to keep up until the very end when a few small dribbles escaped to flow over her clasping hands.

She licked up what she had missed while Dr. Shaun caught his breath. He wasn’t going soft in her grip, he was still at a full hard on as she cleaned up after her self.

“I wish my mouth was bigger,” she told him. “I can’t take your dick head into my mouth, let alone my throat. I’ve been able to deep throat most of the other dicks I’ve run into. But you are just too big! Too thick. To fucking massive! I’m glad to suck your cock and slurp down your cum. Have you ever had a woman that could treat your dick the way it deserves to be worshiped?”

“Not many,” he admitted while stroking the side of her cheek. “You do a really good job, though! Do you want to go again?”

“Of course! Let me get on again! I love to ride your super huge cock! It’s gigantic! So hard, so long! I adore this cock and these balls of yours! I’m devoted to pulling as much cum out of your massive balls as I can! Let me get on top again!”

Suiting actions to word she was riding him in reverse cowgirl mode moments later. Faster and faster she went while praising his huge dick and his massive balls. She leaned back, her hands to either side of him. His hands reached around her slender rib cage to manipulate her big fat titties. As large as his hands were they were not large enough to completely control her Triple H cup tits. They bounced and shook in rhythm with her thrusts.

Her hips swiveled and turned, rose and fell as she tried desperately to take even more. More and more. It was what she was focused on. Taking as much of his massive, ridiculously large cock as possible.

Seeing that Little Limply was watching from across the room she reached down with one hand to part her pussy lips, allowing her husband to better see how she was being serviced by the fertility doctor.

“Look, Little Limply, watch how his gigantic dick is stretching my pussy lips! Ugh, oh God, he is so big, so thick! And longer than my forearm! What a fuck! Uh, uh, uh! I want to cum again! What a giant fucking cock! See how he’s forcing more and more into me? It feels so good! Oh it’s so fucking good! He’s amazing! He’s already cum in me and on me. And he’s still so hard! I know he will cum several more times. I can’t wait. He’s going to spread his seed all across my big, fat tits! Then, oh, oh, oh, and then! I know that he will be cumming into me again soon. Tell you what? If you’re good, if you can hold on, I’ll let you lick his offering out of me when you get home. What do you say? Does that should exciting? I”ll let you eat me out if you don’t cum!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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