The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 09

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Four Days of Anticipation (Part 2)

Chris’ mind was in turmoil the entire weekend… He knew he was in for a treat, but it was risky. He had to think of a valid excuse to take an extended amount of time off of work. He made an excuse regarding a maintenance issue at home he needed to return to address, but that he would be back to finish his shift.

Over the weekend, he struggled to keep from opening his email. He was DYING to peek! As per instructions, he had attempted to email Bettie something intelligible regarding what was going through his mind, but he was convinced that it actually came across as nonsense. What can one say? The little head isn’t known for coherent thinking…

After arriving at work on Monday and successfully arranging to take off during the middle of the day, he sat at his computer and opened the 1st email message.

“You remembered to arrive at work commando? Remembered to bring a camera? KY?

1. Reply to this e-mail, giving a recap of what’s been going through your mind over the weekend, and what’s going through your mind right now. If your cock is stirring, include photographic evidence of this.

2. Finish reading these instructions BEFORE opening your cabinet, and retrieving the package.

3. A subsequent e-mail will tell you to open it second. Go somewhere private with your package, the KY, and your camera (phone might be easiest, just a thought).

4. Everything should be self-explanatory 😉 BUT: NOTHING SHOULD BE ON (call/text me if you need canlı bahis şirketleri to clarify AFTER you’ve unwrapped the package).

5. Send the pic(s) to my phone, since the plan is for me to be at the designated spot until you pick me up.

6. Return to your desk, read the aforementioned secondary e-mail, and follow the instructions contained therein.



Nervously, Chris began to respond. He sent a short email to Bettie answering her question. He kept his reply short because his mind was no longer focused. He reached into his cabinet to retrieve the package. He knew a location where he could go for the necessary privacy. The men’s shower room. Arriving in the room and locking the door behind him, he opened the package…

WHOA again!

A vibrating cock ring.

Oh shit!

Chris carefully opened the package and donned the device. He checked the batteries and inserted the bullet vibrator into the cockring, then proceeded to start snapping the requested pictures with his camera phone. His cock was almost painfully erect…

Returning to his desk, he opened the 1st email. Attached was a picture with instructions to stare at the picture, and turn on the “bullet” for 5 seconds. He was to send an email with his thoughts, then wait 10 minutes before opening the next email message….

He clicked to open the picture, finding a very erotic photo of two hot chicks embracing and kissing.


Chris canlı kaçak iddaa felt his cock LEAP in his pants! He felt around the front of his pants, and clicked the bullet vibe on for the requested 5 seconds. The “jelly” material of the cockring prevented the vibrations from directly stimulating his cock, but they did vibrate the material of his slacks, which then tickled his member….

He emailed a description of how excited he was becoming, and the effect the vibrating cockring had upon him. The next 10 minutes were pure torture as he watched the seconds tick away. Precisely at the 10 minute mark, he clicked the next email to be confronted by a photo of Bettie’s foot.

Chris had never considered himself a foot fetishist, however there was *something* about Bettie’s feet that he was never able to resist! He *loved* to touch them, kiss them, lick them…. he loved to nibble and suck her toes. He found himself longing to climb into the picture and run his tongue all over her foot and listen to her groan in pleasure.

His instructions were to turn the bullet back on for 2 seconds, then email a description. After doing so, he sat for a torturous 15 minutes before opening the next email in the series. This email contained a picture of Bettie’s calf and instructions to turn the bullet on for a mere second.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….. Chris saw where this was going… slowly working up Bettie’s leg in a way he had frequently done with his hands and mouth. After following canlı kaçak bahis her instructions, he again sent her an email description.

The next set of instructions were for him to wait for a period of time that was of his own choosing. He waited 10 minutes before opening the next message. When he did, his suspicions were confirmed to be true as there was a picture of the back of Bettie’s knee with instructions for 4 seconds, which elicited further thoughts of how he’d like to orally administer to this next in a series of erogenous zones…

Again, the time frame prior to opening the next email was left to Chris’ discretion. Waiting another 10 minutes, he opened the next email to find a photo of Bettie’s upper thigh, showing a glimpse of the bottom of her panties with instruction for 7 seconds.

Chris found himself beginning to salivate. Thoughts of running his tongue across Bettie’s pubic area race through his mind… her smooth skin, her aroma, the sweet taste of her vagina…

His final instructions were to wait 30 minutes before opening the final email. Chris attempted to busy himself with work, but was largely unsuccessful as he was unable to get thoughts of Bettie and her long, shapely legs out of his mind. When the 30 minutes was up, he was practically unable to open the final email due to the trembling of his hands….


The final picture in the series was a picture of her firm belly, showing her pantyline and belly button. Chris felt his cock leap in his pants once more. He could feel the dampness of the pre-cum collecting at its tip and moistening his pants.

He checked the clock….. It was time! He quickly gathered his belongings, logged off his computer, and practically sprinted for the door….

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