The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Mom and Son’s Incest Games Get More Daring

– Enjoyable Family Evenings at Home

Evenings in the Blake household were usually spent in front of the TV — the Grizz’s favorite show was “Jeopardy” — it was a ritual everyone was subjected to. The elder Blake would shout out answers and cuss out the “idiots” while Mom watched amusedly.

Jeremy usually sat on the carpet and did his jig-saw puzzles.

Ever since their no-underwear agreement, the evenings had become more interesting for mother and son.

Jeremy would sit on the floor opposite his mother who would be perched on the sofa with her knees up and arms crossed over her legs. Her skirt would ride up her thighs leaving her body fully exposed from the waist down, showing her naked torso to her son.

The depraved mother would gradually spread her thighs so that her pussy lips gaped open and the boy could see the glistening pinkness of her grotto and her protruding clitoris. He noted that his mother had trimmed her pubic hair a little so that her labia could be more clearly seen.

Jeremy would be wearing his loosest and shortest boxers, ensuring that his permanently-erect cock would be peeping out at his mother from under the hem.

After a while, Jane would extend one leg towards her son complaining of aching muscles and ask him to massage it.

The boy would eagerly place his mother’s leg on one shoulder and move to a position between her legs caressing her soft, warm flesh and edging closer and closer to her crotch until he could see the moisture collecting on her inflamed pussy lips and smell the heady aroma of her arousal.

His eager fingers kept moving up higher on the white thigh until they were brushing against her pubic hair.

“Does this make you feel better, Mommy?”

“Mmmmmm…. yesssssssss, dear, it feels wonderful.”

While Jeremy’s caressing massage wandered up and down her thigh, the lascivious mother placed her other foot in her son’s lap stroking and rolling the head of his exposed penis with her toes. She darted a glance sideways at her husband to reassure herself that his attention was focused on the TV.

Jane could feel her son’s hot breath and busy fingers on her pussy. She had taught him well, the clever pupil was devoting all his attention to her clitoris — flicking it with his thumb and intermittently pinching it between thumb and forefinger.

One hand explored his mother’s pussy while the other massaged her thighs. The adventurous boy would suddenly shift gears from slowly stimulating the clit to doing a rapid two-finger pussy fuck that made squishy sounds and caused Jane to squirm.

Jeremy would also scoop up some of his mother’s cunny-juices with his fingers and suck them.

He could gauge his mother’s growing excitement by her increased squirming and heaving bosom — the dark nipples were stiffly protruding against the thin material of the white blouse.

“Pssttt… Mom,” the boy whispered urgently. Since both his hands were occupied, he motioned for his mother to bend closer so that he could whisper in her ear.

“Mom, I want to see your tits!”

Jane was momentarily taken aback by her son’s urgent demand and began thinking about how she could pull off this impossible feat demetevler escort without her husband, who was seated next to her, knowing.

Slowly, the sly mother smiled and winked at the boy.

Even as one of her legs toyed with her son’s dick and the other was draped over his shoulder being massaged, Jane undid the buttons on her blouse front and pushed the folds aside to bare her naked breasts for her son’s gaze.

She bent forward so that the large titties hung down, their dark-orbed nipples swollen and erect – within biting range of Jeremy’s mouth.

The obedient son responded by craning his neck and quickly nibbling on his mother’s succulent offerings — licking and sucking one tit and then the other.

Emboldened by his success, the boy ran his fingers down the slippery length of his mother’s cunt, diving under her buttocks.

Jane knew where her son was heading and lifted herself to allow his hand entrance into her ass crack.

He cupped her soft, spongy buttocks and tickled the ass-hole. His fingers, which were wet with her cunny juices, sought entry into the tight passage — achieving a one digit probe with the forefinger.

His mother jumped as he violated her ass.

Jane knew that she was dangerously close to cumming. Her foot was sticky with her son’s cum which she continued to massage into his prick with her toes.

From the throbbing of his meat, Jane knew that Jeremy’s climax was also not too far away. She realized the risk that they were running in that both of them would not be able to control their ejaculations and the Grizz would know what was going on.

With a regretful groan, she brought her legs together and brushed down her skirt, thinking, “We will have to continue this later.”

She quickly buttoned up her blouse but kept the top few open so that her son could still catch glimpses of her tits whenever she bent forward.

“Honey, thank you, that feels so much better,” Jane remarked with a warning look to her son.

Jeremy understood and reluctantly removed his hands from his mother’s privates.

Moving back to his original position, the boy adjusted the hem of his shorts but still failed to conceal his prick which stuck out a full three inches.

Understanding his predicament, Jane tossed him a magazine saying, “Here, Baby. There’s an article in there which will help you with your problem”. It was a copy of Cosmopolitan with the cover story: “WHY MEN LOVE SEX WITH OLDER WOMEN”.

She smiled as he placed the magazine on his lap, hiding his erection, and flipping the pages to the cover story – he looked his mother in the eyes and grinned, “I already know the answer to that!”

The end-title theme of “Jeopardy” began playing and the elder Blake roared, “It just gets harder and harder!”

Both mother and son burst into laughter and chimed in unison, “We couldn’t agree with you more!”

“Let’s have dinner, I’m hungry,” said the Grizz and moved to the dining table.

“I’m hungry too, Dad,” agreed Jeremy, adding under his breath so only his mother next to him could hear, ” I’m just hungry for my sexy Mommy.”

Jane licked her lips with her tongue and whispered back, “I’m hungry for my virgin meat,” brushing escort demetevler her hand against the bulge in the front of her son’s shorts.

The incestuous pair continued to indulge in their games throughout the meal, in the presence of the Grizz who remained oblivious to it all.

Mother and son each had one hand in the other’s lap under the table. Jeremy started caressing his mother’s thigh and gradually moved to her pussy which he was earnestly diddling.

Not one to be outdone, Jane retaliated by putting her hand into the legs of her son’s shorts and grabbing his cock which she knew would be poking its head out.

The depraved duo masturbated each other till they came in each others’ hands.

While they ate sparingly with their other hand, mother and son now and again brought up their ‘busy’ hands to lick up the juices. They quietly dabbed up their copious cummings in their napkins which they could suck on at their leisure.

“That was an excellent dinner,” the Grizz pushed his chair back and burped loudly.

“You can say that again, Dad. Don’t you agree, Mom?” Jeremy retorted.

“Uh-huh!” Jane nodded, smiling.

“Now, I think we should hit the sack,” Joseph slapped his wife’s shapely butt and leered at her.

“If you know what I mean!”

Jane, blushing, asked him to carry on and that she would join him shortly after putting the dishes away.

The Grizz roared with laughter and went up the stairs.

No sooner had his father left, Jeremy grabbed his mother from behind, draping his arms around her – squeezing her bra-less tits and wedging his hard-on into her butt crack.

The randy boy shoved his hands down the open neck of his mother’s blouse and indulged in his favorite game of tweaking and pinching her elongated nipples.

Jane whispered, “Honey, you must have understood that your father wants to fuck me tonight –you can take your usual position outside our window and watch us do it again. Have fun!”

The sexy mother wiggled her ass provocatively at the boy and followed her husband up the stairs. “Sweetie, I just have one request.”

“Anything for you, sexy mama!”

“Don’t wear any pants, I want to see your tight ass when you shag. Just wear a t-shirt, its cool in the evenings and I don’t want you catching a chill.”

Jane climbed up the stairs slowly because she knew that her son was looking up under her skirt.

“Mom, I’ll make sure you can see my ass AND my dong!” Jeremy pulled down his pants and doing a bump and grind shaking his tight ass and stiff dick at his mother.

“You devil boy!” Jane responded by raising her skirt to do a humping motion, shaking her large buttocks at her son.

That night, the fire escape landing and the Blakes’ bedroom windows were very badly stained.

– Breakfast with Mom

Come morning, bursting with boundless energy, Jeremy was sitting on top of the kitchen table with his legs open wide.

The boy was naked from the waist down – his mother sat on the chair facing him. She would dip his erect cock into her breakfast bowl and then suck off the milk and cereal bits from her son’s tumescent tool.

The front of Jane’s robe was open so that her oversized naked tits demetevler escort bayan flopped down onto the tabletop. They looked like two white, smooth-skinned puppies with big brown snouts that the boy kept pinching and pulling excitedly as his mother sucked his cock.

“Baby, you spoil Mommy with such a lovely breakfast and …mmfff…,” Jane gagged in mid-sentence as her mouth overflowed with her son’s cum.

“Mom, I’m cumming…swallow your son’s hot seed, you cum-sucking slut mother!”

Jeremy shoved his erupting dick deeper into his mother’s mouth so that the semen gushed down her throat in large gulps — he knew how much she loved the taste of his cum.

He mauled his mother’s tits mercilessly — squeezing them in rhythm with his eruptions; his firm fingers leaving livid red marks on the soft white flesh.

After ensuring that his mother had swallowed a generous amount of his sperm, Jeremy pulled out his cock from her mouth to treat her to what she considered her second favorite oral sex act after swallowing — a full facial.

The promiscuous mother squeezed her eyes shut as the warm droplets of her son’s milky sperm splashed on her forehead, eyelids, cheeks and lips; some of the juice dripped down to her neck and breasts.

She still had her mouth wide open to swallow as much of the boy’s virgin elixir as she could. As always, she energetically massaged the fluid into her skin which shone with good health.

As she felt the intensity of his ejaculations starting to diminish, Jane took her son’s cock and poised it over her cereal bowl, squeezing out the last few drops of cum with her fingers, like milk from a cow’s teat.

Giving the thick, floppy tube of flesh a final shake, the depraved mother again popped the meaty knob into her mouth to suck off any remaining cum. She withdrew the spit-cleaned tool, smacking her lips and smiling lewdly.

“Hon, it’s almost school-time, so you will have to eat your breakfast quickly,” she tilted her chair back to make place for her son and parted the folds of her robe to bare her naked body.

Her thighs were open wide and her haunches lifted – offering her hairy, thick-lipped snatch. Jeremy knelt between his mother’s legs – lifting them up by the ankles and propping them on the table as he burrowed his face into her humid crotch.

With expert ease, his arms encircled her hips, cupping and caressing the globes of her ass as he orally pleasured his raunchy mother and enjoyed an incestuous meal of her cuntal juices and sopping labia.

Jane rocked in ecstasy — breakfast was so much more fun when her husband was away.

Her full, mature body shuddered with a second climax as her son’s teeth nibbled on her swollen clitoris. She reluctantly pushed the boy away so that he could on put his pants and leave for school.

As part of their usual routine, she wiped her dripping snatch with her panty that Jeremy pocketed for his ‘sniffing’.

After a tongue-filled kiss, Jane told Jeremy to hurry back after school because she had a special surprise for him.

The boy kept asking her what it was — but she just made a simple statement.

“Save all your cum and energy for when you get back home — you’re going to need it!”

Since Jeremy’s father, Joseph ‘Grizz’was going to be out of town on business, Jane had invited her sister Bea to come over for a ‘dirty week-end’ — both aunt and nephew had the ‘hots’ for each other — so it would be fun to see Jeremy’s reaction when he returned from school to be greeted by both his mother and aunt at their horniest.

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