The Education of Jen Ch. 4

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“Guys I have to agree with Jen on that one. I’m the biggest she’s ever had in her ass.” Hank said.

“Well let’s get her ready to take Justin then.” Lance said.

“Good idea Lance.” Everyone said.

The guys untied me and told me not to run again or I would be tied up again. They positioned me on my hands and knees.

“Be gentle you guys.” I said.

“We will Jen.” They said.

“Lance your going first.” I said.

Lance came up behind me and slowly pushed his cock into my ass. “Your so tight Jen.” He said. Lance moved his cock in and out of me slowly so I could adjust to him. When I had adjusted he started to move faster. “Baby I’m going to cum.” Lance said as he spurted his cum into my ass. Lance pulled out and brought his cock to my mouth for me to clean off which I did.

“Ok Rick it is your turn.” I said.

Rick came up behind me and thrust his cock into me ass and started to move in and out.

“OOOOHHHHH do it Rick.” I said.

He started to move his cock in and out of my ass faster and faster. “Baby here I cum in your tight ass.” Rick said as he came in my ass. He pulled out and presented me with his cock to clean off.

Rick and Lance moved under me and started to suck on my nipples. While Hank slide his cock into my ass. It felt so great it is the cock that I am used to in my ass. Hank thrusted his cock as hard and as fast as he could into my ass. I moved my ass back against his thrusts.

“Cum with me baby.” Hank said as he was rubbing my clit.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHH cum in my ass Hank.” I said.

Hank filled my ass with his cum. Then he pulled out and presented me with his cock to clean, which I did. Hank slipped under me too to suck on my clit while Jim started to enter my ass.

“AAAHHH, be gentle Jim I haven’t had anything this big in my ass.” I said.

Jim feed his cock inch be inch into my ass until all 12 inches were in my ass and then he began to gently thrust in and out of my ass until I was used to him. Then he started to move faster. With the attention to my nipples and my clit I started to cum and my ass contracted around Jim and that set him off. “OOOHHH Jen.” He pulled his cock out of my ass and brought it to my mouth to clean off.

Hank continued to suck on my clit while Rick and Lance continued to suck on my nipples. Rick came to hold me still so Justin could push his cock into my ass.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.” I yelled as Justin entered my ass inch by inch. When he was all the way into my ass Lance, Rick, Jim, and Hank stopped what they were doing to watch me. Justin was moving his big cock in and out of my ass gently at a steady pace. He sped up his movements as he was getting ready to cum. I moved my ass back to meet him thrust for thrust. Justin came in my ass and pulled out he brought his cock to my mouth and I cleaned it off.

“You guys that was wonderful.” I said.

I heard some one knocking at the door. “Hank was tonight the night we asked Jes to come over to play?” I asked Hank.

“I think it is Jen.” Hank said.

“This could be fun. Hank go let her in. Lance and Rick go hide in the bathroom demetevler escort I will come get you when it is time. Jim and Justin come over here and sit down.” I said.

Hank went and opened the door to Jes.

What took you so long Hank?” Jes asked.

“I was upstairs with Jen.” Hank said.

“You two get up here.” I yelled.

Hank and Jes came upstairs. Jes’s eyes got really big when she saw Jim and Justin.

“Jen you have been a busy girl.” Jes said as she walked over to Jen and started to kiss her.

“Yes I have been. Why don’t you clean me up.” I said.

“Sure, I would love to clean you up, Sis,” said Jes. She licked her lips. Nothing like some delicious cum as a tasty treat.”

“And you guys can help yourselves to my sexy little sister,” said Jen to Jim, Justin and Hank.

While Jes knelt between Jen’s widespread and sticky thighs, the three guys helped the young beauty out of her blouse and her short skirt. Her bra and panties quickly followed and the two young nymphos were completely naked among all that man flesh.

The guys decided to wait and watch the sensual lezzie show that Jen and Jes were providing for the group.

On her knees, Jes kissed her sister’s inner thighs. She licked the whitish fluid that had dried there, the sperm of so many good fucks.

Jes’s mouth drifted higher, towards Jen’s tunnel of love.

“Your pussy is very beautiful, Jen,” she whispered hotly.

“And so is yours,” said Hank, coming up behind Jes, and feeling her cunt.

Jes held Jen’s pussy lips apart. White sperm dribbled out. Jes knelt down and her tongue flicked over the pearly drops. “Mmmm,” she murmured.

Her tongue slithered further into Jen’s cunt. Jen closed her eyes to savor the sensations of her sister’s tongue in her cunt. Thrills rippled through her voluptuous body, and she squirmed, pushing her pussy towards Jes’s tongue.

Jes nibbled on Jen’s clitoris every now and then, then returned to suck on her cunt, drinking the spicy juices of her sister as well as the cum from the gangbang.

Jen’s pussy was incredibly sensitive from all of the fucking she had been having, so she was quickly aroused by her sister’s oral activities. She started to moan and whimper with pleasure, her hands clutching Jes’s curly head.

Hank, meanwhile, was not inactive behind Jes. He started to lick Jes’s cute little ass. Happily, the young sexy girl wiggled her butt.

Hank held her ass cheeks apart. He darted his tongue into her golden core.

Jes moaned, tossing her head like a mare in heat.

Hank sucked and licked her asshole. Jes’s pussy moistened, and Hank slipped his finger into her cunt, massaging her clit at the same time. Jes moaned again. Hank moved his finger from Jes’s cunt to her asshole.

He went from one to the other, cunt asshole, asshole cunt, finger fucking her vigorously. Jes moved her butt back and forth to the rhythm of his finger fucking. At the same time she pleasured Jen’s pussy with her tongue.

The two girls came simultaneously. Jen moaned and whimpered. Her juices spilled onto escort demetevler Jes’s tongue. Jes eagerly lapped it up.

Hank shoved a finger in Jes’s asshole and cunt at the same time, triggering the lovely young girl’s orgasm. She shuddered and shook her body all sweaty from the exertions.

Holding each other and cooing and kissing, the two sisters petted each other in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Finally, Jes said, “Well, what are you guys waiting for? You have two hot pussies here, waiting to be fucked.”

“Jes why don’t you go check the bathroom there is a surprise for you in there.” Jen said.

“Ok Sis.” Jes said as she went into the bathroom. “Hmm what do we have here two more hot guys. So why don’t you two join the fun I’m Jes.”

“Hi Jes I’m Lance and this is Rick. We would love to join the fun.” Lance said.

“Hey Sis did all these guys fuck you?” Jes asked.

“Yes we did.” They all said.

“Sis you are a slutty nympho but you know that.” Jes said as she looks at Justin her eyes got really big. “Jen you took that monster all the way in you.”

“Yes I did Jes and in my ass too.” Jen said.

“Wow Jen didn’t that hurt?” Jes asked.

“No it didn’t because these guys got my ready.” Jen said.

“That means you still need some more cleaning up doesn’t?” Jes asked.

“Yes I do.” Jen said as she turned over to offer her ass to her sister to clean up.

Jes pulled Jen’s checks apart and darted her tongue into Jen’s ass and started to suck the sperm out. Jen started to moan and said “You guys don’t just sit there my little sister needs to be fucked.”

“Your right she does.” Justin said. “Who is going to go first.”

“Anyone but you or Jim.” Jen said. “She isn’t used to a cock bigger then Hank’s.”

“Then I guess I will go first.” Lance said. “Jes can you stop what your doing for a minute so you can lay down Jen will bring her ass to your mouth.”

Jes stopped and laid down on her back and Jen brought her ass back to her mouth and Jes continued to clean her sister up. While Lance started to push his cock into her tight cunt.

“OH yes do it Lance.” Jes said.

With that Lance pushed his cock into Jes’s cunt to the hilt and moved in and out in and out at a fast past. Jes was whimpering into Jen’s ass as her body started to shake and tremble with her orgasm. “OOOOHHHH yessss.”

As Jes’s body started to shake it set Lance off he started to spurt inside Jes. “Here you go little slut.” He said as he started to spurt.

By the time Jes was done cuming Lance was pulling out of her. Jes was done cleaning Jen up too. “Jen how did you do all five of them I feel wiped and I’ve only had one?” Jes asked.

“Jes I had two of them at first then the other three came it is just a matter of being used to it and your not yet but you will be we will go slow with you sweetie.” Jen said.

“Ok Jen so who’s next?” Jes asked.

Rick and Hank moved forward, their cocks bobbing in front of them.

Rick started to his Jes. He bit lightly her lips. Hank moved around behind Jes and began to demetevler escort bayan nuzzle her neck, sucking her neck until little pink hickeys showed up. Rick caressed Jes’s breast, then began suckling on them, making the nipples stand out proudly. Jes began to purr softly with pleasure.

Behind her, Hank was caressing her ass cheeks. He wetted his middle finger and caressed Jes’s golden asshole. Jes began to squirm between the two men as they caressed her and toyed with her young, ripe body.

“Both of us?” asked Rick of Jes.

“You mean one after another?

Rick shook his head and smiled. “No, Jes, at the same time.”

“It sounds thrilling,” said Jes eagerly.

Still kissing, Rick pulled Jes on top of him. The lovely little nympho kissed Rick back hotly. She rubbed her aching tits against his chest.

Her butt was stuck up in the air, and Hank knelt behind her and tongued her anus. The golden rim flexed with delight at the teasing.

Hank reached between Jes’s thighs. He took hold of Rick’s cock and swirled it around the entrance to Jes’s pussy. Her nectar streamed down Rick’s shaft. Rick started to lift his hips. His thick and hard shaft penetrating Jes’s sweet little pussy. Hank was spellbound by the beautifully obscene scene of Rick’s cock pleasuring Jes. Hank reached down and caressed Jes’s clit, spreading her honey over Rick’s pistoning cock. Jes moaned softly helplessly trapped by the sensations of lust.

Then Hank brought his sticky fingers up to Jes’s asshole. He coated the golden rim.

For a moment, Hank stroked his cock until it was absolutely as rigid as it could be.

“Hold still for a moment,” he told the couple.

Their panting was harsh, as they wanted for him. Hank crouched behind Jes.

He guided his cock to her gleaming asshole. He slipped the head in. “Gawd, you’re tight, Jes, Babe.”

Jes was panting. “I know. Just take it easy, Hon. Let me get used to it.”

Hank could feel Rick’s cock flexing in Jes’s pussy. Slowly he let his cock gently stretch Jes’s background. Inch after inch disappeared. Finally Hank was buried to the hilt. His balls rested against Jes’s ass cheeks.

Then he started a slow rhythm that Rick soon picked up. As Hank’s shaft penetrated Jes’s asshole, Rick would withdraw his cock. When Rick’s cock penetrated Jes’s pussy, then Hank withdraw. The result was that Jes was always filled with a cock. Sandwiched between the two men, her body glowed with her perspiration. The sexy coed moaned steady, softly as the cocks plundered her relentlessly.

“Oh, god, you guys are great!” she exclaimed.

Jes undulated her hips back and forth, fucking the two guys simultaneously.

Rick kissed her mouth as he fucked her and chewed on her breasts. Hank behind kissed Jes’s neck and back, every now and then, tweaking at her nipples.

Jes was panting hard now. She bounced between them. “Come on, guys, fuck me hard. I want it hard and deep and dirty.”

They both slammed into her, two pistons plunging into her twat and ass. Finally, she screamed as both hoses started to shoot their loads in her.

She writhed, groaning, and finally Jes collapsed between the two men, satiated at last.

Jen crawled over to her and kissed her cheek. “Jeez, you looked sexy getting fucked by two men at once, Sis.”

“Thanks, Babe, for lending me your boyfriend.” And she closed her eyes contentedly.

To Be Continued…

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