The dream continues…

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The dream continues…

The continuation of our adventure with Martin and Clara.

After the night, Linda and I and Martin and Clara had sex in the same room, we didn’t have contact for a couple of weeks. That was until I ran into Martin at a party of a friend of ours, Steven. Linda did stay at home that evening, because she didn’t really like Steven. I didn’t think, Martin would be there as well, but when I arrived, I was happy to see him sitting next to Clara, holding hands. They looked great. At some point, when I stepped out to the balkony to smoke a cigarette, Martin followed me. We had a little chat, before he said “we did think a lot about the two of you”. I figured, they were enjoying our night and the following fantasies as much as we did, I told him, that our night spurned our fantasy and we would be really active sexually right now. We both agreed, that the four of us should meet again soon. Martin told me, that Clara wanted him to contact us already and that she was attracted to the idea to go a little bit further. At least that’s what she told him, when she was a little drunk.
I didn’t talk to Linda about such possibilities or even another meeting, but I was pretty sure, she would be open to it. I didn’t know tough, if she would agree to take it to the next step. When Maria, another guest that night also stepped out to the balcony, our conversation had to switch to something else. Before I left, we agreed to a date be the next Friday.

When I got home, Linda was already asleep. I slipped under the blanket and gave her a kiss, also hugging her from behind. The imagination, of meeting Martin and Clara in a couple of days, let my dick grow. I started to caress Linda, when I moved to her inner thighs, she opened her legs, presenting her pussy for me. That night, we had great sex, after I came inside of her, I told her “Martin and Clara will come over Friday night”. She didn’t say a word, she just gave me a deep kiss.

The next couple of days were quite busy, both at work and at home in our bedroom. I could tell how much Linda anticipated Friday night. Thursday evening she wanted to talk to me about what kind of limits there would be in regards to possible sexual interactions with Martin and Clara. I told her I would be open for everything, but I would accept all her wishes. I knew, that she at least wanted to repeat the first meeting, where she touched another cock, kissed another woman and shared cum with her. She said, she would not be ready for either one of us to have sex with someone else, but oral pleasure and all touching would be ok. Wow, I could live with that.

When the doorbell rang Friday evening, my heart beat so hard, I was almost collapsing. We prepared a nice little three-course dinner and opened a very good bottle of wine. Linda internet casino had her beautiful black and white dress on, put just a little bit of volume in her hair and a little bit of make up on. She looked gorgeous. Clara was not far behind tough. She wore a navy blue tight dress, her hair braided.
We opened with a glass of Champagne and then sat at the table. The mood was a little tense at first, we were small talking about job and weather and sports and whatnot. Just when we served the second course, Clara lightened the mood “if this course is as good as the first course and as good as our nigth together, I will overeat myself, fall asleep and roll home afterwards. That would be a pitty tough, I could miss out on the encore”.
That broke the ice. We now were able to talk about how we enjoyed the night, how hot both of them were and how active our sex life has become since the night. We were also able to talk about our limits. I told them, that we were not ready for sex right now. Martin and Clara would have been ready, but were actually very OK with this, because we were all inexperienced in this regard and not wanted to risk this couple-relationship with premature actions.

After dessert, we went to the living room, got on the couch and put on some nice music. We all kind of waited for something to happen and the mood got tight again. We all were aroused tough. When a “My way” version of Robbie Williams was on, Clara stood up, said “I love this song, Martin get up and dance with me!”.
Linda and myself were sitting on couch, next to each other, watching this beautiful couple slow dancing, kissing and touching each other. That grew my cock from semi- to full erect. Linda moved closer to me and started to touch me. Martin had grabbed Clara by her ass, pushed up her dress a little bit which made her slip visual for us. When I moved my hand between Lindas legs underneath her dress, I realised she didn’t even wear her underwear. I also felt how wet she already was.
I leant back into the armrest of our couch, Linda leaning back into me between my legs. She opened her legs for me to finger her and for Martin and Clara to see. They danced through another song (“Don’t Cry” by Guns’N’Roses). At the end of it, Clara moved to us, gave Linda a kiss and moved between her legs. She started to lick Linda while Martin went to the table, had a sip of his wine and looked at us for about a minute. He then walked up behind Clara, moved up her Dress, and got down on her. He pushed the string to the side, licked her for about half a minute, got up again, put his pants down and started to fuck her from behind.
This made her readjust and move away from Linda, who now got up, turned around, put my dick out and started to give me a great blowjob. She then made canlı poker oyna me sit on the backrest of the couch and blew me there.
We now were next to Clara, she gave me a wanton look. Then she touched Lindas hand to get her attention and after a short exchange of whispered words she leant over more and started to suck my cock, still being fucked by Martin. Wow, that was a first for me, I had not been sucked by anybody else than Linda in more than six years and I have never been blown by anybody being fucked. And it was even better than in my wildest dreams.

When Linda got away from us to have a sip of wine, she also stopped for about a minute to just watch us. Then she moved back to us but went right to the edge of the couch, grabbed Martins hips, pulled him off of Clara and in front of him. Clara got closer to me to have a better position to blow me and Martin was standing in front of Linda getting blown. Wow… We swapped, even tough we were not fucking but only getting blowjobs, this was way more than I ever imagined a couple of month ago.
I then moved down from the armchair and had Linda get on top of me. She shortly paused with her blowjob, mounted herself on my hard dick and went on sucking. Now it was an Clara’s turn to watch the three of us. She didn’t went for the wine tough, she pulled the dress over her head and took off her String. She was now completely naked, watching us and fingering herself. Martin grabbed Lindas dress, that was already slipped up to her stomach and pulled it over her head. Both wifes were naked now, Martin lost his shirt already somewhen before and I followed shortly thereafter. That made it even more special, 4 beautiful totally naked bodies, so much wonderful skin in the dimmed light of our living room.

Martin then went over to Claras head and pointed his cock at her mouth and she immediately started to blow him again. Linda got off my cock, went over to Clara, got on all four and started to lick her, her wet opening pointing to me to enter. I first licked her, then placed my cock at her hole and slowely pushed it in, steadily picking up the pace. That’s when Linda climaxed hard, and her moaning and added intensity in licking Clara pushed her over the top as well.

We all slowed down a bit to let the girls enjoy their feelings. Linda took her lips off Clara’s crotch and moved up to started to kiss her deeply. I removed my dick and had a sip of wine, looking at the two gorgeous naked and satisfied women kissing, next to a huge erect cock. It didn’t take long for them to realise and Clara started to stroke Martin’s cock again, slow and gentle.

The two girls then whispered something in their ears. Linda got off Clara, went to Martin, took his hand and sat him on the couch. Clara came to me, took my canlı bahis hand and sat me next to Martin. Clara went the computer, put on “After Dark” by Tito & Tarantula and turned up the sound. The girls then put on a private show for us, with dancing, touching and kissing to the music. The movements were so sexy and erotic, I never saw anybody move like that, let alone my Girlfriend. After a deep kiss, the women broke up their dance.
Clara was staring me deep in the eyes and approaching me. She got on her knees in front of me and started to stroke my cock. She asked me “when was the last time, someone other than Linda made you cum?”. And with that she started to suck my dick.
I was so laser focused on her, I almost didn’t realise Linda kneeling in front of Martin, stroking and licking his cock. When I realised what this all meant, I had to hold back, I almost came immediately. These two dirty women were planning to suck the cum out of each others boyfriend.
I started to relax, lean back and just enjoy all of it. I had a feeling all this won’t be our last time.
Then Martin tensed up, his breathing picked up and he let out a couple of moans. This was so hot, Linda blowing someone else and let him cum in her mouth. Linda’s blowjobs are fabulous and her finish is amazing, she has such a feel for when to pick up the pace and after the cumshot to give some last strokes, not to much, but just enough. Only was I wondering why she didn’t let the cum drop out of her mouth like she usually does, she doesn’t like to swallow. Little did I know…
She took her mouth off of Martin’s cock without losing a drop of his cum. Clara leant over, opened her mouth and Linda let all the cum drop in her mouth. The two shared a sweet, short kiss and smiled at me. Clara moved her mouth back atop my cock, let a little bit of cum drip on it and started to blow me again with most of the cum still in her mouth. Little by little she let run down my hard shaft. This was too much, I couldn’t take it much longer and felt my climax built up.
I grabbed Clara’s cheeck to alert her of my cumshot and came in her mouth. She continued to blow me slowly while I blew spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She looked up to me with her beautiful eyes and swallowed all of it. Linda watched from up close, she then took over and took my cock in her mouth again, gave me some last strokes and licked some of Martin’s cum off my cock, she even swallowed some of it.
She then lay on top of me and gave me a deep kiss, Clara lay next to Martin, hugged him and kissed him as well.

After some minutes we went to the bathroom an each of us had a shower. Linda and myself went back to the living room first, filled up our glasses and waited for the other two. We had a great time and at about half past two we started to get tired and tought about ending the night. Since we had such a great time, both our guest had a little bit too much to drink to drive back home, so we suggest, they should sleep at our place.

That’s when it got ineresting again…

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