The Devil’s Pact Chapter 20: Tryouts

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The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Twenty: Tryouts

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When Mark slipped out of bed, he jostled me from my dream. It was a reoccurring dream, where my whore of a mother never left us and we were all living together again, happy. There was always that moment of disappointment when I awoke and realized it had been a dream, my mother had run off to whore around with that musician. Anger was starting to roil in my stomach, so I forced the thoughts of my mother away. Last night had been amazing and I was still feeling good about it to ruin it by wasting energy on her. She didn’t care about me, so why should I waste time thinking about her.

My family had come over for dinner last night, my dad, and my sisters Shannon and Missy, and their boyfriends, George and Damien. After dinner I had made love to both my sisters. It was so beautiful and amazing. I have no idea why we didn’t do this earlier. Missy and I shared a bedroom until I moved away from home last year. So much wasted opportunities, I thought with a sigh.

I rubbed my eyes and glanced at the clock. It was 8 AM. Mark liked to wake up early and go jogging. It was sweet of him to get in shape for me, and whether it was his jogging or pacts made with the Devil, he was looking fitter and fitter everyday. And hotter. His ass was becoming quite delicious. I frowned, he usually goes out jogging at 6 AM. I guess he goes jogging later with his sluts on Saturday. I myself, liked to sleep in, so I snuggled up to Shannon, my older sister, giving her a quick peck on the lips and tried to go back to sleep.

But Missy’s soft snores behind me prevent it. I forgot how much my younger sister could snore. A soft, stuttering noise that would be cute if I wasn’t trying to sleep. I shared a room with my sister for most of my life and found her snoring to be grating since she started at twelve. When I first moved out of the house, last summer, and before I moved in with Mike, I had trouble sleeping. I had actually gotten used to her snores and missed them in some weird bit of loneliness. Apparently, after a year of not hearing her snores, it wasn’t a comfort and back to being an annoyance.

“She’s still snoring, I take it,” sighed Shannon, her hazel eyes blinking open. This close to her face, I could see the flecks of green in her hazel eyes.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Where’s Mark going?” Shannon asked and I answered, “Jogging.” Then I yawned.

“He’s an…interesting guy,” Shannon said. She kissed me on the lips and stroked my cheek. “Don’t you think you’re rushing into this. You only met him a week ago and you’re getting married in what? A month?”

I smiled. How to explain it to Shannon. I thought about that day when Mark walked into the Starbucks where I worked, over and over in my mind. Mark had commanded me to love him near the end, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like I loved him the moment he told me how beautiful I was. I had been standing naked and trembling before him, such an innocent creature. Big-titted Vivian on one side and wild, vivacious Cynthia on the other. And Mark told me I was beautiful. I didn’t realize it the night I almost left Mark, after he freed me from his control, but I must have fallen in love with him before he commanded me to. It’s why I still loved him when he freed me, why I stayed with him. And I was glad I stayed. As long as I had Mark, it didn’t matter what we did, who we hurt.

“I fell in love with him the moment we met,” I told her. “My feelings for him run so deep. I’ve never felt that way about anyone. I thought I loved Mike, but I didn’t, not really. I was just used to him. He took my virginity and I convinced myself that I must love him. Why else did I allow Mike to sleep with me? I confused lust and love and when the lust faded, there was just inertia holding us together.”

“Wow,” Shannon whispered.

“So, you think George is going to propose?” I asked. Last night, Mark walked in right when she told me that she thought her boyfriend was going to propose. We never got back to our conversation, we were a little too busy fucking to talk about it.

Shannon gave me a happy smile. “Yes. Last week, we went into a jewelry store. And he was trying to be subtle, but I swear he was trying to find out what style of engagement rings I like.”

I giggled, excited for my sister. I’ve never gotten along this well with my older sister. She used to always treat me like a kid, bossing me around. I guess she finally saw me as a woman last night. This was definitely a delightful outcome of my Pact with the Devil. And I’m glad she was getting on with George. Shannon had dated some scummy guys over the years. One had hit on me at Shannon’s birthday party.

“He’s a great guy,” I told her. “Definately the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.”

Shannon laughed mirthfully. “Yeah, I’ve had some bad boyfriends.”

“Which one left you at the soccer game?”

“Lance,” Shannon answered. “He claimed he forgot about me and went drinking with his buddies. I dumped a pitcher of beer over his head when I found him at that bar. And there was Tyler who I caught fucking some skank over my sink. When I walked in he was like, ‘Hey, babe. Threesome?’ So I grabbed a broom and hit both him and his skank until they left my apartment.”

I snorted with laughter. “You never told me about Tyler.”

“We didn’t date long,” Shannon laughed, then her smile failed. “Do you think I’m a bad girlfriend?”

“Why, because you had an orgy with your two sisters and my fiancee?”

Shannon bit her lip. “Mark said I was a bad girlfriend for not letting George fuck my ass. He’s right, I can see that now. But should I fulfill George’s other fantasies?”

“Well, I think if you two truly love each other and trust each other, you can share your fantasies and experience them together,” I told her. “But, if you’re really not comfortable in doing his fantasies, then don’t.”

“There’s one he really wants,” Shannon confessed. “One that all guys wants.”

I smiled. “A threesome?”

She nodded. “Maybe, if it was with you,” Shannon started to say and I cut her off with a kiss. “I would love that,” I told her.

I crawled out of the bed. Missy was still snoring, sprawled out and taking up half the bed now. Her naked body was half exposed beneath tangled sheets. I grabbed Shannon’s arm and pulled her to her feet. Her breasts, larger than mine, swayed as she stood up, her dusky, little nipples hard as pebbles.

“Now?” Shannon asked in trepidation.

I grinned. “Yeah, Mark and I have a busy day, so we need to do this now or who knows when we can get together.”

I wasn’t sure which guy was shacking up with which slut. Or even in which of our three guest bedrooms we would find them. I opened the first door and blinked in shock. Their was dad, sleeping naked against Fiona. Did he choose the red-head because she looked similar to me and my sisters, or because Fiona’s eyes had the same deep blue as our mother. Dad still hadn’t gotten over that whore even though its been thirteen years since mom abandoned us.

The next bedroom we found Damien, Missy’s teenage boyfriend, pressed up against Desiree. Mark had mentioned last night that Desiree was teaching him how to pleasure a woman. The covers were pulled down and his butt was exposed and it was pretty cute. Missy at least found herself a guy with a cute body even if he had a ridiculous haircut.

Well, third time was the charm, and there was George, snoring on his back with Thamina’s dusky body draped over him. Thamina was our Middle Eastern nurse slut we found at Good Sam Hospital on Monday. After Mark got hit in the back of the head by Korina I insisted he go to the hospital and Thamina was his nurse and we had a lot of fun with her. Giggling, we snuck into the room. I smacked Thamina’s ass to wake her up and pointed to the hallway.

“Yes, Mistress,” Thamina sleepily murmured and stumbled out of the room.

George was stirring as we slipped into bed with him on either side. I rubbed up against his body, he was lean and muscular. He obviously spent as much time at the gym as Shannon did. I needed to hit the gym myself. My ass was a little plump. It was okay as far as asses went, but I could stand to lose a few pounds and get it a little tighter.

“Morning, George,” Shannon whispered, then kissed her boyfriend on the lips. I pressed up against his other side and started kissing at his neck, rubbing my breasts against his side.

“Hey, George,” I whispered when he broke the kiss. George went to kiss me and I stopped him. “Mark’s the only man I kiss on the lips.”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” George said. “Are we going to…”

I nodded. “Yep, every man’s dream. You get to fuck sisters.”

“I thought it was twin sisters,” George said and then gasped as Shannon pinch his side.

“Hey, you’re lucky that you’re getting any sisters,” Shannon said. “Keep it up and you’ll just have to watch us together while you sit in the corner all alone.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” George said in mock apology. “Please, I am honored to have such beautiful sisters pleasure me.”

“You should be,” I told him, rubbing my breasts against his side.

George started playing with my breasts, gently kneading my tit, his fingers brushing my nipple, then he rub my hard nub under his palm. My pussy was starting to moisten as tingles of pleasure spread through my body. I slid up, on my side, and fed my tits to his eager lips. Shannon was kissing her way down his chest and flat stomach. She found his cock, it was about the same size as Marks, maybe not quite as wide. Shannon sucked his cock into her hungry lips and started sucking on the head while her hand jacked off the shaft.

“I got to taste your pussy,” George gasped. “I love how a woman tastes!”

I hadn’t washed out my cunt and I had a load of Mark’s sperm inside me. After watching Vivian and Cynthia’s hot stream last night, Mark had fucked me good and hard while Missy and Shannon ate each other out and then we all collapsed and went to bed. A naughty thrill went through me at the thought of man eating cum out of my cunt so I flipped around and straddled his face and watched Shannon blowing him. Her fiery red hair spread out across his belly, hiding most of the action.

I shuddered in pleasure as George’s tongue licked though my cunt. “Your pussy has a very…salty flavor to it,” George said, delicately.

I giggled wickedly. Shannon looked up and eyes widened. “Mark’s cum is in her.”

“What,” George protested and I sat my full weight on him, smothering him with my cunt.

“Wow, honey, that’s hot, lick her cunt,” Shannon moaned. “I’ve always fantasized about a guy licking cum out of my cunt!”

George could not answer, my pussy was smothering his face. Shannon sucked his cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down. And then I felt his tongue, almost hesitantly, licking at my cunt. Then he seemed to be getting into is.

Shannon released his cock, licking around the head. “Oh, honey, I need your cock inside me,” she moaned, and mounted her boyfriend, placing the tip of his cock just inside her pussy. “When you cum in me, can you lick me clean? I’ll let you fuck my ass!”

I lifted up and George groaned, “Yeah,” as Shannon sank his cock down on her pussy.

I leaned in and started kissing Shannon passionately as we rode her boyfriend. His tongue dug into my cunt, sucking on my pussy lips, and flicking his tongue on my clit. Shannon’s was sucking on my lower lip as she slowly rode her boyfriend. I reached out and cupped one of Shannon’s tits, squeezing her melon and feeling it jiggle as she rode George’s cock.

George was a pretty good cunt eater and his mouth was building the fires of my lust. I could feel Shannon’s passion growing as her kisses became more and more aggressive. She was fucking her boyfriend harder, rising up and down faster. I placed a hand on her waist, feeling how she twisted her hips on the down stroke.

Shannon broke the kiss, and moaned, “Oh George, you’re cock feels so great in my cunt!” She leaned back and started bouncing faster and faster and I watched her breasts rise up and down, bouncing erotically about. Her fiery red hair tossed about her head, like a flaming nimbus. There was a faint, silvery outline about her, just noticeable. If I concentrated, a silver aura would surround her. Last night I cast a spell that would let me see a nun. Apparently, it did more than just that.

I noticed Thamina watching from the doorway, her fingers playing with her pussy. There was a faint, black outline about her. Why was her’s black? George’s tongue on my clit drove that thought out of my mind. His tongue was circling my clit, then flicking it. It felt so wicked and I shut my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure.

“I’m cumming!” gasped Shannon. “Oh, George, I’m cumming. You stud. Hmm, I love your cock. I love you, George!”

I opened my eyes and watched as Shannon slowed her fucking, sweat running down her flushed body. Behind Shannon, I saw Mark, naked, watching us fucking. There was a faint, red outline surrounding Mark. Why red? Was it because I loved him? He grinned at me and blew me a kiss. I smiled happily back at him. He was the best guy. He loved me enough not to be jealous when he sees me with another guy. Just like I love him enough to trust him when he’s with other women.

Shannon leaned in and kissed me, her hands playing with my nipples, rolling my hard nubs between her fingers. And then my orgasm overcame me and I shuddered atop George, gasping into Shannon’s hungry mouth. I rolled off of George, panting happily. I glanced at the doorway and saw that Mark wasn’t there any longer. I wonder what he was up to?

“Your pussy feels amazing, sweetypie,” George moaned. “Go a little faster, I’m so close!”

I stroked Shannon’s thigh, feeling the muscles ripple as she started riding a little faster. George was groaning in pleasure. Shannon leaned over and started kissing George and licking my juices off his face. She was rocking on his body. I sat up on my arm and watched in fascination as George’s cock fucking into her cunt and I reached out and fondled his balls.

“Oh, shit, shit!” George cursed and then I felt him cum, shooting his sperm into my sister’s cunt. “Damn, that was good.”

Shannon giggled. “It was.” And then she pulled off his cock, her cunt dripping a frothy mix of cunt-juices and white cum. “Ready to clean my pussy, honey?”

“And then I get to fuck your ass?”

“Yeah, honey.”

As Shannon straddled his face, lowering her sloppy pussy to his lips, I captured his cock with my lips. His cock was drenched in Shannon’s tangy, sweet juices. His cock was limp, but I could feel some life stirring in the shaft, and sucked harder.


I had a good jog today with my Naked Jogging Club. We added a new member, a coffee-skinned Black woman named Venise that was jogging with her husband, a huge guy named Ernard. Venise was eager to join the club, and once I explained it to Ernard, he was happy enough to continue jogging on his own. Venise was a wild fuck and made a great addition to the club. It was worth selling my soul to make people do what I want.

When I got back, I found Thamina standing in the doorway of one of the guest bedrooms masturbating furiously while she watched the fucking going on inside. I peered in to see Mary and her sister Shannon, fucking George. Mary was sitting on his face and Shannon was riding his cock. I blew Mary a kiss

“Thamina, there’s a list of things I need you to go buy,” I told our Arabic slut. “Down on the table. Grab a couple thousand from the basement and another slut from next door. Take your SUV and get everything on the list and meet us at sparks stadium by 11:30, okay.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, pulling her hands regretfully from cunt.

I was about to go in and join Mary and the others, when I saw Missy coming out of our bedroom, naked. Her hair was wet and her body glistened, lithe with youth. She had small breasts, just budding and slim hips. It looked like she just got out of the shower. Missy jumped when she saw me, and tried to cover her naked body with her hands and flushed crimson, around her fingers, fiery red pubic hair peaked out.

“A little late for that, Missy,” I said. “I’ve already fucked you.”

Her blush deepened. “Sorry, I was going to go and…and…” she worked her jaw, struggling to find the word. “…and surprise Damien.”

“Fuck Damien, you mean?”

“Yes,” she blushed.

I held out my hand. “Come on, let’s find him. I want to watch.”

“Kay,” she muttered.

We found Damien sleeping half on top of Desiree, his white skin contrasting against Desiree’s nut brown. I walked in and shook Desiree awake. Desiree blinked sleepily at me and let me pull her away. Damien snored right on threw, görükl escort rolling onto his back when Desiree slipped out from beneath him. The kid was a heavy sleeper. Missy slipped into bed with her boyfriend and gently shook him. I pushed Desiree down to the floor and she sucked my cock into her mouth like a good little slut.

Damien woke up, muttering, “Desiree?”

He winced as Missy punched his arm. “No, it’s your girlfriend, dick!”

“Shit, Missy! I can explain!”

Missy placed a finger on his arm. “It’s alright. It’s not cheating with family. And Mark and his…maids are close enough to family.”

“Did you really fuck your sisters last night?” Damien eagerly asked.

“Yes,” Missy said. “Christ, you’re hard already.”

“Well, you’re just so sexy,” Damien said and kissed her on the lips. “And sisters together is just so fucking hot, Missy!”

“Well, if you please me, maybe you can watch us,” Missy said. “And if you do an amazing job, maybe you can join.

Missy let Damien force her down onto her back as he kissed her. His hands gently started playing with budding breasts and large nipples. Missy had the biggest nipples of the three sisters, but the smallest breasts. Damien started kissing her neck and throat and Missy was sighing and making a mewing noise.

Damien started kissing lower and Missy gasped as his mouth sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. “I see Desiree taught you well,” Missy smiled.

“I was an eager student,” Damien grinned and Missy giggled.

Desiree’s mouth felt wonderful as I watched the teenage lovers. She was swirling her tongue around the sensitive head while she cupped my balls, gently playing with them in my sack. Her tongue licked the tip of my cock, playing with the slit, then slurping the cock into her mouth and sucking hard. She bobbed her head, changing the angle so sometimes my cock brushed her throat and other time it rubbed against the inside on her cheek.

Missy purred in pleasure when Damien started kissing her pussy. He put all of Desiree’s lessons to the test and Missy was moaning her appreciation. Her lithe body writhed on the bed, hands gripping the bedsheets as the pleasure bounced through her body. Her head was thrown back and she gasped and panted when Damien slipped a finger up her cunt.

“Oh Damien! I love you!” she moaned. “Please, keep eating me out, you’re going to make me cum! Ohh, it’s so wonderful! I love you, love you, love YOU!” Her body shook and quaked as her orgasm exploded in her teenage womb.

“You tasted great,” Damien said. “Sorry, I never ate you out before.”

“You’re forgiven,” Missy said with a big ol’ smile on her face and pulled Damien up her to kiss him passionately on the mouth. “Roll on your back,” Missy told her boyfriend when she broke the kiss. “I want to show you what Mark taught me.”

Damien groaned in pleasure as Missy sank onto his hard cock and started to ride him just like I taught her last night. She was wiggling her hips, leaning forward and backwards, changing where his cock brushed against her cunt. She found a position that she liked and eagerly started riding him hard. Damien gripped her hips, groaning in pleasures.

“Holy shit, Missy!” he moaned. “That’s so amazing! Wow! Keep doing that!”

“Does it feel great when I do this?” she asked and did a twist with her hip and Damien gasped a yes. “Do you love me, Damien?”

“Yes, yes, I do?” Damien gasped. The girl had a lot to learn. Any guy would tell her he loved her when she was fucking him like that. “Oh, babe, I’m going to cum!”

I flooded Desiree’s sweet mouth as I watched Missy’s ass wiggled back and forth as she rode Damien. Her ass was so cute and slim and I just had to fuck her ass. Last night I had Shannon’s ass. I’ve had Mary’s ass many times. I just needed one more Sullivan girl’s ass.

Missy breath started to quicken. “Cum, cum, cum!” Missy chanted. “Umm, cum with me, Damien! Please, cum with me, my love!”

“I can’t wait any longer,” Damien panted. “Here it comes!”

“Yes, yes!” Missy moaned,cumming as well, writhing atop her lover. “Flood my pussy with your cum! Yes, yes! That feels so amazing!”

I pulled Desiree to her feet and whispered in her ear, “Eat out Missy’s ass, get her ready for my cock.”

“Ohh, yes, Master,” Desiree purred and walked to the bed.

“Missy, Desiree’s going to show you something while I have a little man to man talk with Damien,” I said. “So come over here.”

Damien got out of bed, and blushed, covering his junk with his hands as he walked over to me. He stopped a good foot and half away. On the bed, Desiree was slipping a pillow underneath Missy’s stomach and then spread her pale, slim ass and Missy gasped as Desiree started tonguing her ass. Desiree was kneeling, her shaved cunt on display between her brown thighs. Desiree was wet, fluids running down her leg.

“Damien, do you love Missy?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding, “I thinks so.”

“Damien, you’re going to love her forever with all your heart,” I told him. Last night I promised my future sister-in-law that Damien would be hers forever. “It’s a partnership, remember that.”

“Yay, okay,” Damien nodded and ran his hand through his weird haircut. It was long on top, and shaved on the sides.

On the bed, Desiree was slipping a finger into Missy’s ass. “How good is she at blowjobs?”

“She’s alright,” Damien shrugged. “I mean, there was this one girl that gave good head, but she wouldn’t let me fuck her.”

“We’ll change that,” I said. It turned awkward as we stood there, watching Desiree eat out Missy’s ass. When Desiree got a second finger in her tight ass I told her to stop and had Damien get before her.

“Start by licking the cock,” I told Missy. “Use your tongue and pay attention to the head. It’s the most sensitive part. And stroke his cock with your hands, or cup his balls.”

Missy was following my instructions, licking the head of Damien’s small cock like an ice cream cone while she stroked his shaft with her right hand. She swirled her tongue around the head, then licked up the pre-cum that was leaking from the head of his cock.

“When you suck into your mouth, watch your teeth,” I said as I knelt behind her. She sucked the cock into her mouth and Damien moaned in appreciation. “Now, it’s important you don’t bite down on his cock when I shove my dick up your ass!”

I placed the head of my cock at the puckered entrance of her virgin ass. I pushed slowly forward, feeling the tight ring give away before my cock and then I slipped in and Missy jumped in pain but managed not to bite Damien’s cock. I kept pushing forward, sliding into her tight hole. It felt so amazing on my cock. When my balls rested on her taint, I drew back, just as slow, savoring the pleasure.

“Now, Missy,” I said. “Start bobbing your head as you suck. And don’t be afraid to move the cock around in your mouth. Let him brush up against different parts of your mouth. Like when you were riding him cowgirl style. It’ll feel better for him.”

Her head started bobbing as I started slowly fucking her ass faster and faster as she relaxed and stretched to accommodate me. Damien stroked her head and closed his eyes, moaning as his girlfriend sucked his cock fiercely.

“Shit this is hot,” he moaned. “God, I’m double teaming my own girlfriend!”

“You ever double teamed a girl before?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he moaned, “at a party. A buddy of mine was fooling around with his girlfriend on the couch next to me and then…I was fooling around with them.”

“You never know, Missy might be up for it,” I told him.

“God, that’d be hot,” Damien muttered. “Umm, she’s sucking harder. You like that idea, babe?”

“Yeah,” Missy gasped, and then popped his cock back in her mouth.

“Wow, babe, this feels amazing!”

“You should try her ass,” I told Damien.

“Oh, fuck yeah I am,” Damien groaned. “Here it cums, babe! Swallow my cum! Don’t spit it out like you always do! It’s so much hotter when a girl swallows!”

Missy swallowed his cum and licked her lips proudly. “That was nice,” Missy moaned, and started fucking her ass back to me. “Hmm, I can’t wait to try your dick up my ass, Damien. Mark’s dick feels amazing!”

“Let me just rest, babe,” Damien sighed.

I didn’t last much longer, Missy’s ass was a vice that squeezed the cum out of my cock real quick, flooding her slutty ass with my cream. I pulled out and Desiree was a good little slut and cleaned my cock real nice.

“You kids have fun,” I said. “Mary and I have some things to do.” It was already approaching ten. We had to be down at Sparks Stadium to start getting ready for our bodyguard tryouts. Earlier this week, I had met with all the police organizations in Pierce County and ordered them to send up to three beautiful cops from their organization to be potential recruits for our bodyguards.

I left the teens making out, madly, and went to find Mary. She was still in bed with George and Shannon. Shannon was in the middle of the bed with George on one side and Mary on the other side. Shannon was lying on her stomach, her taut ass leaking cum. George and her were kissing while Mary looked like she was dozing.

I cleared my throat and Mary looked up and smiled, crawled out of bed and waked over to me and kissed me on the lips. “Have fun?” I asked her.

“It was alright,” she said. “My sister hogged his cock, though.”

Shannon broke the kiss with George and grinned insufferably at Mary. “He’s my boyfriend.”

“I let Mark fuck you,” Mary retorted.

“My poor George is worn out,” Shannon said, stroking George’s arm. “He’s not the machine Mark is. What did you do, pop a Viagra last night?”

“Yeah,” I lied. It’s one way to explain how I have such unnatural stamina. People didn’t need to know I sold my soul to the Devil.

“Anyway, Mary and I have things to do today,” I said. “So, please, let yourselves out.”

Mary and I made love in the shower and then cleaned ourselves off. I put on a pair of khaki shorts and a green t-shirt and Mary put on a short, white tennis skirt and a pink halter-top. She tied her hair back in a ponytail with a pink scrunchy. We were going to be outside for a few hours, so Mary insisted on wearing sunscreen and slathered the smelly stuff all over me and I enjoyed rubbing it all over her.

Mary’s family were all gathered in the living room to say their final goodbyes. I shook Sean’s hand and George’s hand. Then Shannon and Missy gave me hugs and kisses. Damien just shrugged and wrapped his arm around Missy. The pair clung to each other, sharing quick kisses.

After her family was gone, we rounded up all the sluts, except Korina, who was still recovering from being shot. All of sluts, save Chasity and Noel, were dressed in a variety of casual clothing, shorts, skirts, flowery tops, and flip-flops. Chasity and Noel were dressed in their slutty cop outfits. Thamina and Violet were already gone, out buying the items on the list I gave Thamina, so the rest of the sluts piled into our various vehicles and we drove down to Sparks Stadium, next to Puyallup High School in downtown Puyallup.

Thamina and Violet were already there, unloading Thamina’s white Ford Escape. The sluts started getting things set up. A folding table, chairs and a small pavilion were quickly set up. Lillian set out the forms for the recruits to fill out. It contained important information such as their name, which police department they represented, their measurements, their relationship status (with phone numbers in case I had any marriages to break up), and any children or other dependents.

Desiree was setting up the grill. She had an apron on that said, “Barbeque Bitch.” She was going to be grilling up hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch. Allison was assisting her. The two women were close and I wondered when Desiree was going to propose to her. She had already bought the engagement ring, a cute ring engraved with mermaids. The mermaid arms were the mounting for the diamond.

Cops were already starting to arrive. As instructed, they arrived in uniform with their patrol cars and all their tactical gear. I was getting excited. Soon I would have a loyal cadre of beautiful cops protecting us. We had bought every sexy cop outfit in Pierce County so we would be ready to outfit our new recruits.

By noon, thirty-four female cops had assembled, standing at attention in the grassy field of Sparks Stadium. All were dressed in their uniforms, a mix of blues and browns, representing all the Law Enforcement Agencies of Pierce County. They ranged from as young as nineteen fresh out of the academy to their late twenties. Most were White, but there was a smattering of Black, Latina, and Asians in the group.

I stepped up onto the small step-stool Thamina brought and faced my recruits. “I am Mark Glassner. Besides me stands Mary Sullivan. Whatever we do is legal! Do whatever we tell your or someone who says, ‘I serve Mark Glassner!’ Do you understand!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” the woman yelled back.

“Good!” I nodded. “Today, you are trying out to be our bodyguards. Your captains and chiefs know why you are here today! I want all of you to do your best. You all want nothing more than to please Mary and I!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” It was intoxicating, all these women obeying me, ready to do whatever filthy thing I wished. My cock stirred in my shorts.

“Good, strip naked, and apply sunscreen to your bodies,” I ordered. “Help each other out! Then line up at the table. You will be assigned a number. You will be referred to by that number during the assessment!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

The cops started disrobing, folding their clothes up neatly and then they were handed bottles of sunscreen. The sluts, Mary, and I started helping out. None of us could resist rubbing sunscreen on the naked bodies of all these beautiful woman. I walked up to a small breasted, Korean cop and took the bottle from her hand.

“Let me do that,” I told her and she nodded, smiling happily at me.

I squirted the cold, greasy sunscreen into my hand and started rubbing it into her body. I started on the face and she closed her eyes. She had fine features, beautiful features like a porcelain doll. I moved down to her neck and shoulders, her silky arms and then her chest. Her breasts were small, topped with large, dark nipples. I rubbed the sunscreen into her breasts, enjoying the firm feel of her cones. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes were wide with lust.

I moved down, rubbing sunscreen into her flat stomach and boyish hips. I knelt down, eye-level with her black bush that hid her pussy. I rubbed the sunscreen into her toned legs. Starting at the bottom and rubbing up her shapely calves and beautiful thighs. When I reached the top of her leg, I brushed through her silky pussy hair and she gasped as I grazed her wet clit. Then I worked my way up her other leg. Juices were matting her bush and I could smell her tart aroma.

I turned her around, rubbing the sunscreen into her back. My cock was hard and I just decided to pull it out of my shorts. I rubbed lower and found a tribal tramp stamp with a heart worked into the spiky design. I rubbed her firm ass, kneading her cheeks. I spread her open, and saw her brown, wrinkled asshole and shove a finger up inside her.

“Oh, sir, that’s so nasty,” she purred.

“Your turn,” I said, pulling off my shirt.

The sunscreen was cold on her hands, but she skillfully rubbed my chest and stomach, down to my groin. She rubbed it on my legs while my hard cock brushed her face. She playfully licked at my cock as she rubbed my thighs. Then she put some more suncream on her hands and sucked my cock into her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as her hands reached behind me and started rubbing sunscreen onto my ass as she bobbed her head on my mouth.

Nearby, Mary’s halter-top was off and a big-breasted black-haired girl was rubbing sunscreen on her freckled tits while a Black cop was eating out her cunt. The Korean cop released my cock, standing up to put sunscreen on my back.

“Get on your knees,” I barked when she finished.

“Yes, sir!” she saluted.

Her slim ass wiggled as she knelt on the grass before me. I got behind her, spread her ass and plunged into her butthole. “Ohh, does my ass feel good on your cock, sir!” she asked.

Her ass felt like heaven, tight and velvety. “Yeah, slut!” I panted, my balls smacked on her taint as I bottomed out her hot ass.

I watched Mary getting eaten out by the Black cop as I pounded Korean cop’s ass. The big-breasted girl was now sucking on Mary’s freckled tits, her tongue swirling about Mary’s hard, dusky nipples. The other cops were finishing up putting on the sunscreen and were lining up at the table. Lillian, our goth slut, manned the table with teenage Violet’s assistance. Violet was drawing a number on each cop’s right görükle escort bayan breast and then the same number on their right asscheek with a big, black permanent marker, while Lillian handed out the paperwork.

“Fuck you got a tight ass!” I moaned, feeling my balls tighten. “Here it cums, slut!” Three blasts of cum shot into her bowels and I pulled out and slapped her ass. “Go line up!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet and jogging to join the line.

Mary was breathing heavily, recovering from her orgasm, as her two sluts running off to be the last two people in line. “Have a nice cum?” I asked.

“Any cum’s a good one, I guess,” she shrugged. “But that black chick is not a good cunt eater. I liked the other girls tits, though.”

As recruits filled out their paperwork, people started getting food from Desiree’s grill. I grabbed a burger and Mary was chowing down on a hot dog. She definitely liked her meat, I thought with a smirk. I topped the burger with some onions and ketchup and chowed down, sitting next to Mary.

“We got some good looking sluts to choose from,” I told her.

“Mark, when we’re done, here, I want you to give Jessica an interview,” Mary said. “She’s talked to her producer about doing a piece on our charity.” The charity to was Mary’s idea. We recruited Willow, an OB/GYN, as a sex slave, and Mary thought of using her to setup a free OB/GYN clinic. She wanted to host fundraisers and get influential people under my control. And screen for women to work for us. Mary had the idea to open a brothel. Jessica was our reporter slut, we used her to plants stories in the media and keep us appraised of anything going on.

“Okay,” I said. “If there’s time before our date.” I was taking Mary out to dinner and a movie tonight. We probably would go to a club afterwards, do some dancing if she wanted to. I looked over at her and smiled at a glob of mustard at the corner of her mouth. I bent over and licked her mouth.

“Mustard,” I said when she looked quizzically at me.

After everyone had filled at their forms and eaten, Lillian handed me a list. She had divided the cops into groups of three, with one group of four. The female cops, naked, were all standing at attention. I climbed up onto the step stool to address them once again, my cock half hard. The sun felt great on my skin and I was enjoying the freedom of being naked in public. Mary was standing next to me, topless, but still had on her tennis skirt.

“Recruits, you will be divided into small groups for evaluations. Do whatever your evaluating slut tells you to do. Mary and I shall wander about, doing our own evaluations. So remember, we may be watching at any time!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

Chasity stepped up first, she was dressed in her uniform, a slutty cops outfit with a short skirt, a blue blouse that only buttoned up halfway and left much of her breasts exposed, and a pair of thigh high, black, healed boots. Chasity was a Puyallup Police Officer and would be in command of the bodyguards. “Recruits 01 through 04! Get your whorish asses over here!”

Four white women, two red-heads, a brunette, and a honey-blonde cop raced over to Chasity. Chasity had them stand spread legged with their arms behind their heads and their breasts thrust out and began examining their bodies. She would heft breasts, tweak nipples, and stroke cunts, then write notes down on her clipboard.

“Very nice tits,” she told number 01, hefting the red-head’s round melon. Chasity bent over and sucked the dark nipple into her mouth and 01 moaned softly. “Very, very nice.” Chasity made some notes on her clipboard.

Noel stepped up next. She was also wearing a slutty cop’s outfit identical to Chasity’s. Noel was a Special Agent in the FBI and our informant. “Recruits 05 through 07, follow me!” Two White cops and a dusky skinned, Middle-Eastern cop, followed Noel.

Once all the recruits were assigned their evaluators, Mary and I started moving about. The sluts were given their instructions. First, they were to inspect the recruits bodies, making notes of any imperfections they found. Next, each recruit was to eat their inspector’s cunt. Chasity already had 01, a fiery-red head, kneeling before her, eating her cunt, while the other three recruits stood in the inspect position.

I walked over to Fiona’s group where a Black cop with skin the color of coffee caught my eye. She was small breasted and had pouty lips made to suck cock. Fiona was inspecting 24, a Middle Eastern cop, when I walked up to the black cop, number 25.

“25!” I barked. “Drop down and suck my cock!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” she shouted enthusiastically, dropping down and devouring my cock.

25 was a great cocksucker, her tongue swirling about the head of my cock while her hands cupped my balls, playing with my nuts. She started bobbing her head. I grabbed her thick, wooly black hair and started fucking her mouth. 25 felt great, and I shoved her mouth down my cock, brushing the back of her throat. She relaxed and deep-throated me, her lips kissing the root of my shaft. It wasn’t long before I was about to cum, so I pulled out and jerked off on her tits.

“24!” I barked at the Middle Eastern cop. “Lick that cum up!”

24 was quite eager to lick up my white cum of the Black girl’s tits and I marked both girls on my clipboard. Fiona was evaluating 23’s cunnilingus skills. 23 was a sandy blonde White cop that was devouring Fiona like a champion. Fiona was writhing on her face, her strawberry-blonde hair tossing back as her head shook in pleasure.

Mary was fingering a red-head in Karen’s group while Karen had a brunette cop going down on her. Karen was a former Nun, one who had caused so much problems on Monday. She was responsible for Korina getting shot and Desiree almost dying. When the demoness Lilith broke her powers, I punished Karen and degraded her until she voluntarily asked to be my sex slave to end the torment. Now, she was a proper slut. Karen didn’t seem as into the cunt eating as Fiona had, maybe the brunette cop wasn’t that good at giving head. Well that was the point of the evaluations, to find the best cops.

I headed over to Violet’s group next. Violet was getting her cunt eaten out by an Asian cop and was lost to the pleasure of her tongue. They only Latina cop, number 29, was in her group and she had some nice sized tits. I had her kneel down and plunged into her cunt. 29 had a velvety cunt, but she just knelt there while I fucked her, not making a sound or moving her hips. I finished in her cunt and 29 was called over to be evaluated by lithe Violet, flushed from her last orgasm.

I enjoyed two more recruits, bleached-blonde 16 and honey-blonde 04. I fucked both their cunts and both were more spirited fucks then 29 had been and I filled their cunts with my cum. Mary had her fun, too. Once I saw her with a dirty blonde eating her cunt and an olive-skinned cop eating her ass, moaning loudly in pleasure of two sluts at eating out her holes.

After all the recruits had eaten their evaluators cunt, we started the aggressiveness test. Each recruit would wrestle each other, the goal was not to pin her opponent, but to molest them. To win, the recruit either had to make her opponent cum, or force her opponent to make herself cum. While we were evaluating the recruits, Lillian had been making up a single elimination tournament bracket. Because there was thirty-four recruits, four recruits had to wrestle in a qualifying rounds.

The matches would be held together, otherwise we would be here all day. Mary and I would be the judges for the qualifying round. I chose to judge 14, an auburn-haired cop with small, conical breasts. She was fighting 22, a black-haired cop with a nice set of melons topped with large, pink nipples. The cops got down into the starting position, 22 in the bottom position with 14 on top, her breast pressing against 22’s back.

“Fight!” I barked and they instantly started grappling.

14 got her fingers up 22’s shaved cunt, fingering her rapidly while 22 struggled beneath her. 22 used her legs to provide torque, jerking out of 14’s grasp. 14’s fingers came out wet from her cunt and 22 was on her, wrestling 14 onto her back. 22 slid her hand down to 14’s fiery bush, pinching her clit while she captured 14’s nipple in her mouth, sucking and nibbling.

14 writhed in 22’s hold, struggling to break it. She somehow hooked her right leg over the arm that was fingering her cunt and used her leg to force the arm away and break the hold. She slithered free and got on 22’s back, forcing 22’s face into the grass as her finger found 22’s asshole and she shoved two fingers up her butt while cooing in 22’s ear.

“Cum for me,” 14 cooed. “You know you want to, you fucking slut! Just come for me and you can get up and go home like that fucking loser cunt you are.”

14’s taunts fired 22 up and she struggled harder and then squirmed out from under 14’s pin. 14 was flipped onto her back, the wind knocked out of her and 22 pushed her advantage, straddling her face and pinning her arms all at the same time. 22 rubbed her wet pussy on 14’s face.

“Suck my slutty cunt, whore!” 22 moaned, rubbing pussy cream all over her face. “Mmmhh, that’s it you nasty whore. Lick my slit. Who’s the fucking loser cunt, now, bitch!”

14 was kicking hard, struggling to get out from underneath 22 as she sat on her face. 22 was moaning, pinching her nipples on her big tits. My cock was rock hard and it was pretty clear that 14 had lost, so I knelt down, lifted up her hips and just fucked my cock into her wet pussy. 14’s tits jiggled as I fucked her and I could see her tongue licking through 22’s cunt.

“Ohh, fuck that’s nasty slut,” 22 moaned. “Hmm, her tongue is digging through my dirty snatch!”

22’s breasts swayed before me and I bent down and captured a pink nipple into my mouth, enjoying the feel of her hard nub on my lips, playing with it on my tongue. 22’s arms wrapped around my head, cradling me to her breast. Her hands stroked my cheek as she moaned in pleasure.

“Yes, yes,” 22 moaned. “Oh god, this is so amazing, eat my snatch you nasty dyke!”

14’s cunt started spasming on my dick as the dirty slut came on my cock. I fucked her cunt harder and harder, balls tightening as her cunt was bringing me close and closer to cumming. I slammed into her, my cock brushing against her cervix, and spilled my seed into her womb. I wondered as I came in her if she was on the pill.

I pulled out of her cunt, my cum running out into her fiery bush. “22, you’ve won. As a reward, you can drink my cum out of her cunt!”

“Oh, thank you, sir!” 22 moaned, and started sixty-nining with 14, cleaning her cunt up with an eager tongue.

At the other match, 31 was pinned beneath 09, getting her cunt furiously fingered. 09 had fiery red hair and and her bushy cunt was matted with her juices as she fingered the raven-haired 31. The recruits not wrestling were pleasuring the sluts. Teenage Violet was sixty-nining with Asian 30. Karen, the former nun, had 04, a big-titted, honey-blonde cop, tonguing her ass. Petite Xiu, an Asian waitress from Seattle, with her big tits, had 18, a Black cop, and 20, a dirty-blonde, sucking at both of her tits and fingering her cunt. Caramel-skinned Jessica had blonde 16 lapping away at her twat.

Mary, who was supposed to be judging the other match, had red-headed recruit number 01 kneeling before her and eating her pussy with gusto while 18, a Black cop, was passionately kissing Mary. 18 had chocolate skin and a plump, Black booty that looked so enticing. I walked behind her, spread her cheeks and plunged my cock up her ass.

“Da fuck!” 18 moaned, breaking her kiss with Mary and then grunted with pain.

Mary pinched her nipple. “A recruit doesn’t complain when Mark fucks her ass! A recruit should be honored that Mark would choose her fat ass over other women!”

“Sorry, mam,” moaned 18. “Thank you for fucking my ass, sir!”

“You’re welcome, slut,” I panted. “You’re ass feels great!”

Mary kissed me over 18’s shoulder, her lips soft and I nibbled on her lower lip. I enjoyed the recruits Black ass as I made out with my fiancee. Every time I plunged into 18, her body pressed up against Mary’s. Mary slipped her tongue into my mouth, exploring my mouth before she broke the kiss and sighed in pleasure, rubbing against 18.

“Is 01 doing a good job licking your pussy?” I asked.

Mary smiled and moaned, “Yes! Umm, the bitch is making me cum!” I watched the pleasure tremble through Mary’s face as she came on 01’s face. “Hmm, I think 01 might be a keeper.”

“Oh, thank you, mam!” 01 cooed, her face sticky with girl-cum.

I fucked 18’s ass harder, her booty jiggling with every stroke. It was almost hypnotic, watching her booty shake. Fuck this was nice. I was going to cum soon and I frantically fucked her ass. “Here it cums, fucking slut!” I moaned as I shot a load of spunk into her

I pulled out and Mary, ever the doting fiancee, grabbed 01’s red hair and forced her to start cleaning my cock, the red-head’s tongue licked skillfully on my cock. While I had been fucking 18’s ass, 09 had fingered 31 to an orgasm and won her match. 09 was licking her fingers clean of 31’s cunt juices, looking quite pleased with herself as 31 panted on the ground, flushed with shame.

With the qualifying matches over, it was time to start the first round. Chasity, Noel, Karen, Xiu, Fiona, Allison, Jessica, and Willow would be judging the first eight matches of round one. Lillian assigned the matches and Mary and I would be walking about, evaluating. Everywhere, naked cops were wrestling, trying to molest each other. The air was filled with grunts and moans and shrieks.

I was pleased to see 22 was dominating 06, one of the Middle Eastern cop. 22 had her pinned and had three fingers up 06’s shaved cunt. Black 26 was making blonde 13 eat her ass out. Sandy-blonde 23 made strawberry-blonde 27 cum as she furiously fingered her cunt and rubbed her clit. To reward 23’s win, I fucked her shaved cunt doggy style and left a nice load in her cunt.

When I finished fucking 23, the other fights had ended. 22 had won her match, I was happy to see. She was an aggressive girl and I was starting to root for her. The second group of eight squared off and started wrestling. Violet, who wasn’t judging, was making 26 eat her ass out. I had corrupted sweet Violet, turned her into a such a slut, and enjoyed watching her make the black cop tongue her ass.

I had 13 tongue my ass. Watching the slut being forced to eat 26’s ass was so hot, I had to feel that tongue on my own asshole. And she didn’t disappoint. 13 was a natural ass-licker. I saw auburn-haired 02, who just lost to 29, and had her kneel down and suck my cock. I watched Violet getting her ass eaten out and enjoyed my two sluts. 13’s tongue felt amazing on my ass as 02 sucked my cock sloppily. Violet was shuddering in orgasm on the black cop’s face and I shot my load into 02’s mouth as 13’s tongue probed my ass.

I enjoyed watching brunette 11 furiously fingering honey-blonde 04. The honey-blonde cop looked like she was about to cum when she somehow broke the pin and flipped about and pushed her pussy into the brunette’s face and moaned as she smeared her cunt all over 11’s face. Blonde 16 was tribbing 10, pinning the brunette beneath her. 08 fingered 19 to an orgasm and Korean 32 forced brunette 12 to lick her cunt until she creamed all over 12’s face.

In the second round, I watched 22 dominated 24, the other Middle Eastern cop, forcing 24 to suck on her big tits while she rubbed her cunt on 24’s dusky stomach. Black 25 was making red-head 01 finger her cunt. While I watched honey-blonde 04 getting her ass fingered by blonde 16, I had brunette 10 sucking on my cock with her greedy lips.

During the quarter finals, I fucked Black 07 in the ass while I watched 22 in the fight of her life against raven-haired 34. Every time one of them would gain the advantage, the other would slip out of the pin. At one time, it seemed like 22 was going to be forced to make 34 cum, as 34 shoved her black furred muff into 22’s face. 34’s D Cup breasts heaved as she writhed under 22. But then, 22 got her hand free and grasped 34’s nipple and pinched it and pulled 34 off her face and pinned her to the ground. 22 snaked a hand down to 34’s cunt and pinched her clit until the Black cop came while I creamed 07’s Black booty.

During the semifinals, red-head 09 jerked my cock, her nice melons brushing against my arm, as I watched coffee-skinned 25 rolling about with Korean 32. 32 was lithe, and kept wiggling out of 25’s pins. I came on the two wrestling women. Some cum splashed on 25’s small breasts and the Black cop grabbed 32 and forced her to lick up my cum while 25 rubbed her cunt on 32’s thigh, orgasming and winning the match.

The finals came down to black-hair 22, with her nice melons, and Black escort görükle 25, with her A Cups. Everyone was gathered around the final match, cheering their favorite. It was a fierce fight, nipples were twisted, cunts were fingered, ass were licked. It was such an amazing sight to watch. I was enjoyed 20’s ass, pulling on her dirty-blonde hair, as I reamed her asshole hard. 22 got 25 in a leg lock, holding 25’s face into her cunt. 25 struggled, pushing against 22, but her legs were too strong. 22 was moaning as 25 started licking her cunt, her large tits heaving as her orgasm neared.

“Yes, yes, eat my cunt, you fucking dyke!” 22 moaned. “Oh, God, yes, yes!” Her body writhed as her orgasm flooded over her.

I came hard in 20’s ass and pulled out. “22, here’s your reward,” I said, pointing at 20’s ass and my cum running down her crack to her taint.

“Thank you, sir,” 22 happily said, her big melons heaving with exertion.

22 knelt down and spread 20’s ass and happily ate the blonde’s asshole, scooping up my cum with her tongue. My cock was dirty from 20’s ass, so I knelt behind 22, spread her thighs and found her shaved cunt and shoved my cock in, using her pussy to wash my cock clean. Her cunt was tight and wet and felt amazing on my cock.

“Having fun, hun?” Mary asked me.

“Always, Mare.”

She was standing next to me, her tennis skirt staring me in the face, rustling in the gentle breeze blowing across the stadium. I licked my lips. Mary’s wet, juicy pussy was underneath that skirt, and I just had to taste her. I lifted her skirt up, exposing her shaved cunt and the fiery heart of pubic hair above her slit.

“Ohh, that’s nice!” gasped Mary as my tongue licked through her slit, tasting her sweet, spicy flavor.

I devoured her cunt as I fucked 22’s pussy. Mary’s moans filled my ears, her fingers running through my hair as her hips writhed on my face. I wrapped my arm around her and started kneading her plump ass, delighting in the fleshy feeling. I fucked 22’s cunt harder and harder and Mary’s breath quickened.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Umm, I’m so close! Yes, yes, suck my clit! Oh fuck, fuck! Here it cums, hun! Umm, my randy stallion! Make me cum! Fuck yes!”

As she came, she flooded my mouth with more of her delicious juices. Her fingers pulled my face into her cunt as her body trembled in pleasure. Then she was kneeling next to me, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me passionately, her eager tongue tasting her juices on my lips. Her perky breasts pressed against my chest, nipples hard as rocks as they rubbed against me.

“Oh, I love you, Mark,” Mary panted when she broke the kiss. Then she slapped my ass. “Fuck the slut good. Hmm, you’re such a randy stallion.”

I fucked 22 hard, my balls slapping against her clit. Mary’s hand reached down and found my balls, cupping them in her hand and gently massaging them. Her lips were wet as she nibbled at my ear and neck. And 22’s cunt was velvety warmth on my cock, every stroke bringing me closer to my shuddering release. Closer and closer, in and out. I groaned and slammed into her and my cum burst from my cock, showering her cunt with fertile little sperm.

The recruits had to stand at attention while Mary, the sluts, and I gathered at the table to discuss who to keep. We only needed twelve. It was difficult. Some were eliminated out of hand: 29 was a bad fuck, Mary didn’t like how 34 ate her pussy.

“12 grimaced when she tasted my pussy,” Allison reported. Jessica nodded, saying, “I tried her out and she made such an unpleasant face as she licked my cunt.”

“I disliked 10,” Karen reported. “She had a limp tongue when she ate me out.”

“I think you should choose 30,” Violet chipped in. “She has an amazing tongue.”

“We are keeping 9,” Mary said forcefully.

“Well, 22 is a given,” I inputted. “I also want to keep 24. That Turkish slut loves cum.”

“I like 33’s tits,” said Mary, “and 23’s. She’s got a nice set.”

“Hmm, and 23’s is a good muffdiver,” purred Fiona.

“She’s a keeper then,” I said.

“07 has some unsightly stretch marks,” Noel reported. “She’s already had three kids.”

“Both 15 and 16 are amazing snatch eaters,” Willow, our doctor slut, put in. “And did you see the pair of breasts on 16. They’re so lovely.”

It took almost an hour, but we made our selections and I addressed the recruits. “We have made our selections. For those not called, you are free to go and never speak about what happened here.” I called out the twelve we selected: two Black cops (18 and 25), the Korean (32) and the Thai (30), the Turkish cop (24), and reaming seven were White (1, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, and 34). “You twelve are under the command of Chasity. You will obey her as diligently as you obey Mary and myself. Noel is her second-in-command!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” the remaining twelve called out.

“You will be known as your numbers from now on,” I bellowed. “You will be spilt into partners. The only persons you will love more than your partner is Mary and myself! The three of you that are married will be getting divorce papers, you will sign them. You have realized that you never loved your husbands. Those with boyfriends, and 18 with your girlfriend, you have realized they were just people you had fun with but now you’ve met your true love, your partner.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

God it was intoxicating playing with people’s lives. We paired them up and assigned them to their crew. Half were in A squad and half in B squad. They were then divided into three shifts, days, evenings, and nights. They would be on active duty every other day. One would guard the entrance to the street, the other would watch the house and patrol the neighborhood. On their off-duty day, they would be on standby. If Mary or I needed to go out, one of the standby cops would accompany us.

Uniforms were handed out. We had plenty and all twelve found a slutty cops uniform that fit them. There was some variation, but they all had the thigh-high boots, short, navy blue skirts, and revealing blouses. The only part of their old uniforms they kept were their badges and their gunbelts.

I had Thamina get Nextels this morning, cell-phones that worked as Push-to-Talk radios, and each bodyguard was assigned one. Mary and I each had our own, as did Chasity and Noel. Another Nextel would be at the house. Lillian had set up the network for us and programed all the phones while the wrestling matches took place. I placed phone calls to all their spouses and boyfriends. Husbands would file for divorce and send the papers to the house and boyfriends wouldn’t cause any problems. The sluts and bodyguards packed up and we headed home.


“So that’s it?” Mary asked Jessica.

We were sitting in our living room on the couch. Mary had I had showered when we got back from Sparks Stadium, and dressed for our date. Jessica’s cameraman, Freddy, had arrived. He was the same cameraman with Jessica when I met her few days ago while jogging. Jessica is a reporter for KIRO 7 News and had been sent to investigate reports of nude jogging a few days ago. I took the opportunity to make her our slut and keep us appraised of what the media is up to.

“Yeah, Mistress,” Jessica answered. “I’ll edit it together and make your charity seem very, very important. My producer says the story should air Monday night.”

“Good work, Jessica,” I said and kissed her on the lips and groped her breast through her silk blouse.

Jessica flushed darkly and murmured, “Thank you, Master.” Mary bent down and kissed her as well and stroked her face.

Freddy wouldn’t say anything, he was under my order to not speak of anything that goes on with Jessica and us. He just quietly started packing up the gear, his face greasy with sweat. Mary and I left him too it and headed out to my car. I checked my pocket, I had my keys, my wallet, cell phone, and Nextel. 23 and 24 were waiting at a DuPont Police Cruiser. Both were beautiful in their sexy cop outfits, 23’s tits were jiggling as she breathed in her half-open blouse.

“Sir, mam!” 24, the Turkish cop, saluted. “23 and I shall be your security for the evening.”

As Mary walked around the car, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was in her sleeveless, purple blouse trimmed in white, and jean skirt. The skirt was short, mid-thigh, and hugged her sexy ass. The blouse had a scooped out bodice that showed off her freckled breasts.

23 and 24 followed in their patrol cruiser as I drove to the Longston Place Regal theater. At the entrance to the our street, an Eatonville Patrol Car was parked manned by 18. We raced to the theatre, barely making it in time for the five-thirty showing of Man of Steel. The movie just opened, and I had been looking forward to seeing it. Mary was sweet enough to let me choose the movie for our date, with the caveat she would choose the movie next week. 23 and 24 waited outside.

A few simple commands allowed us to skip the concession lines and armed with popcorn and sodas, diet coke for Mary and a cherry coke for myself, we headed into the theater. The theater was full and the trailers were already starting to show. Mary spotted two empty seats in the last row all the way against the wall. It was a small section of seats, only four seats between the right aisle and the theater wall.

We slid past a pimply teen boy, sitting on the aisle, with thick, black-framed glasses holding hands with a freckled-faced girl, sixteen or seventeen. The teen was pretty, with fine cheekbones, and lustrous, black hair plaited in a braid down her back and wearing a red sundress with white flowers. The dress fell to just above her knees, exposing a pair of skinny legs. Mary sat between the wall, and I sat between her and the teen girl.

About an hour into the movie, the popcorn was finished, and Mary started rubbing the legs of my pants. I put my arm around her shoulder and she snuggled up next to me, kissing at my neck. Mary was feeling a little randy, and soon her hand was stroking my crotch. My cock was starting to harden in my pants and I placed my hand on Mary’s bare knee, sliding my hand up, under her jean skirt, up higher until I found her naked pussy, growing damp with moisture as my hand cupped her cunt.

I felt more than heard the metallic rasp as Mary drew down my jeans zipper and her hand slipped in and pulled out my cock, stroking it to full hardness as I fingered her. The teen girl sitting next to me glanced over at the movement and her eyes widened in shock when she saw Mary jerking my cock off.

The girl flushed and looked back at the screen. She kept glancing over at my cock, squirming in her seat as she tried to ignore it. Her hand gripped the chair-arm and I could see her tongue lick nervously across her lips. Mary released my cock, reached over me and grabbed the teen girl’s hand and pulled her to my cock.

Mary’s power was affecting the girl and she licked her lips and slowly started stroking my cock up and down on my cock. Mary placed her hand over the girls and together the they jacked me off. I gritted me teeth, fighting off a groan. The teen’s boyfriend remained oblivious, focused on the movie, as his girlfriend was jerking my cock off. I fingered Mary’s cunt faster, rubbing her clit with the palm of my as I slipped two fingers in and out of her slippery hole.

Mary was kissing at my neck, panting in pleasure as I fingered her. Mary and the teen’s hand maintained a steady stroke, with a firm grip on my cock. Mary’s cunt tightened on my fingers and she gasped in pleasure, almost nibbling my neck as she came. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and licked her tasty juices of my finger.

“I’m going to cum,” I whispered in her ear.

Mary smiled and bent over, sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. The teen girl, trying to stare straight ahead so her boyfriend didn’t notice what she was doing with my cock, kept right on stroking my dick. My cum flooded my fiancee’s mouth and she skillfully swallowed it down then sat back up, licking her lips.

I put my cock away and the teen girl sat silently, her face flushed and her eyes fixed rootedly at the screen. After a few minutes, Mary stood up. As she passed the teen, she whispered, “Bathroom, one minute.” The teen girl flushed and nodded, shivering in pleasure as Mary’s ass brushed by her face.

“I’m using the restroom,” the girl whispered to her boyfriend.

“Oh, sure Nina,” he absently said.

Nina’s boyfriend was transfixed by the movie, and didn’t realize his girlfriend was gone for almost fifteen minutes. She returned first, a few strands of hair escaping her tight braid, and a faint, tangy smell of pussy filled my nose. Mary returned a minute later and sat down then handed me a pair of blue panties, trimmed in lace.

I brought Nina’s panties to my nose and inhaled her tangy flavor. Then Mary kissed me on the lips and I could taste that same flavor on her mouth. My cock was hard in my pants and I had to experience Nina’s charms as well. I pulled out my cock, then leaned over to Nina’s ear, whispering, “You’re going to climb up on my lap and sit on my cock.”

Flushing, Nina stood up and did exactly that. My power gave her no choice in the matter. Pulling her skirt up and lowered herself to my lap. Her cunt sank slowly down on my cock and I moaned at the pleasure of her embrace. She was still facing forward, and anyone looking back wouldn’t realize that she was sitting on my lap unless they looked hard.

“What the hell,” her boyfriend hissed, finally noticing something was going on with his girlfriend.

“Just be quiet and watch the movie,” I ordered and he fell silent, eyes fixed on the screen.

I had Nina just sit on me, enjoying her velvety cunt twitch on my cock as she shifted her weight every few minutes. It was sweet torture and I found it hard to pay attention to the movie. But that was alright, the movie was proving to be a big disappointment, anyways.

After fifteen minutes of my cock buried up her twat, I came, gritting my teeth as a flooded her cunt. Nina gasped in startlement as she felt my cock flooded her teenage cunt. I stayed hard in her and she started wiggling more and more, her breath quickening. Then she started rocking on my cock. She was getting hornier and hornier, becoming so desperate to cum that she no longer cared she was in a theater full of people. Her cunt felt wetter, squeezing harder on my cock. Soft moans escaped her lips and she grabbed the empty chair before her and started using it for leverage as she rose up and down on my cock.

Nina started going faster and faster as her orgasm neared. Her body shuddered and her cunt spasmed on my cock as her cum rocked through her body and a soft gasped escaped her lips. A few people turned to look back at her and she stopped sat back down on my lap, impaling my cock all the way in her triggering my own orgasm and I flooded her cunt a second time.

“Did you enjoy the movie, hun,” Mary asked with a giggle, holding onto my arm, as we walked out of the theater into the parking lot.

“Well, I enjoyed Nina,” I said and Mary gave me a throaty laugh.

“Where shall we go for dinner?” Mary asked as we got in my Mustang.

“BJs?” I asked.

Mary rubbed my cock through my pants. “I need more than cum to eat, hun.”

“I meant the restaurant,” I said.

“So you don’t want me to suck your cock?” Mary asked with a mischievous grin.

“I always want you to suck my cock,” I told her and smiled as she unzipped my pants. I groaned as her mouth sucked my dick into her warm mouth.

My phone rang through the speakers of my car. The car radio was bluetooth enabled and on the display, the caller ID said my mom was on the phone. “She always calls when you’re sucking me off,” I muttered and hit the call button. “Hey, mom.”

There was silence and then a choking sob echoed through the car speakers.

Frowning, “Mom, what’s wrong.” Mary released my cock and sat up. “Mom?”

“Mark,” a strangled, dead voice said. It was barely recognizable as my mom’s voice. “I…I…”

“What is it, mom?” I asked, panic starting to squeeze my heart.

“You’re father…he’s d…” She took a deep breath. “He’s dead, Mark.”

I blinked. “What, mom?”

Stunned incomprehension rolled through my mind. He’s dead. The bastard’s dead. Why did I feel so strange. So empty. I hated the man most of my life. Once he hurt his back and went on disability, he changed. He started drinking, and then he started hitting. He treated me like garbage, always beating me for bullshit reasons. He used to beat my mom, always for the same stupid bullshit. Dinner wasn’t done, the house wasn’t clean, there was no bear in the fridge. It was the worst when he was drunk, and he was always drunk. So why didn’t I feel happy, elated. Hell, why didn’t I even feel sad. I felt nothing, just emptiness. My father was dead and I didn’t seem to care.

“How did he die?” I heard myself ask. Mary squeezed my hand, sympathy painting her face.

“I shot him.”

To be continued…

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