The Deal Ch. 17

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Diana padded down the hall looking at each of the closed doors as she continued on into her kitchen. Quietly, she went about getting some coffee brewed. Hearing a door open, Di leaned over and watched the naked back of Cindy walk into the bathroom. Diana walked back over and grabbed a second mug from the cabinet.

Soon the sound of a door and shuffling feet heralded Cindy coming into the kitchen, “Morning, mom. That coffee smells great!”

Diana smiled at Cindy, “Morning, sweetie. It’ll be ready in a moment. So how’d you sleep in your new room and bed?”

Cindy beamed widely, “It was great. Took me forever to get to sleep since I was so jazzed up to be here, but I woke up cozier and happier than I’ve been since I was twelve.”

Diana looked down the hall, “I’m glad. So is sleepyhead stirring yet?”

Cindy shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. I smelled the coffee and came right in here. I didn’t check his room.”

Diana looked up and down at the young girl before her, “So how does it feel to be a true native running around totally nude?”

Cindy looked down at her body, “Pretty weird but what a constant sense of thrill. Sometimes I totally forget I’m not wearing anything at all and then something will happen to remind me and I get such a tingling. It’s so wild.”

Diana smiled, “And it never stops being like that. So what are your big plans for today?”

“Are you kidding? This is my last day off from work for a week, so I’m going to explore my new home!” Cindy really did have an excited look on her face.

Diana smiled broadly, “I’m glad you feel that way. Remember — it’s your home too so you can go anywhere and poke into anything that you want. Now, pancakes or eggs for breakfast with ham or bacon?”

“Oohhh, pancakes and bacon, but only if I can help make them.” Cindy was already bouncing up, bringing a very pleasant jiggle to her breasts, and heading over to the cabinets to help pull out the food and utensils for the breakfast.

The girls, wearing aprons, were laughing and flipping pancakes, pausing when they heard Matt stirring.

Soon, a fully showered and dressed Matt came into the kitchen. He walked over and kissed both women grinning, “Just enough time to eat before I head in to work.”

Cindy turned and hugged the smiling boy tightly, “Well, have a seat, and I’ll serve my hard-working man a hearty breakfast before he goes.”

Diana looked on happily as both kids radiated their happiness.

Cindy and Diana piled the food on the table and then both shrugged off their aprons and tossed them on the counter.

Soon all three were seated, eating and laughing until in a mad dash, Matt left, stopping just enough to share deep kisses with both women.

Cindy sighed with pleasure, “So mom; the place to ourselves — what are you doing today?”

Diana sighed, “Cleaning day and before you offer; I’ll take care of it. You enjoy exploring.”

Cindy laughed, “Okay, this once I’ll let you off the hook, but I do plan to pull my weight around here.”

Di smiled back, “I happily accept the offer.”

Cindy jumped up as Diana stood and gave the older woman a strong bear hug before turning toward the hall. Di watched the young girl bounce down the hall into her room before turning to attack the sink full of dishes shaking her head and smiling.

After several productive hours, Diana sprawled on the couch relaxing while looking at her clean house. Her head snapped up when she heard a knock on the door. Looking around she realized she hadn’t left her robe on the door knob.

Crap, thought Di. “Just a minute” she called out loudly.

Kim Hamilton called back through the door, “Don’t get your robe on just for my account.”

Di stopped and stared at the door, then turned and, standing carefully behind the door, opened it enough to peek out at Kim and Chip standing on the steps.

Kim smiled broadly, “Hey there Di. Don’t worry, I know all about you hanging out naked in your house and how my son has already seen the goods — let us in.”

Diana stepped back and held the door open as Kim and Chip walked in. Kim took a good look at Di’s bare body and smirked, “Yep, still the same old Diana.” Kim moved forward and hugged the surprised, naked woman tightly.

“You call me, mom?” an equally naked Cindy stepped into the doorway between the kitchen and living room and stopped in surprise. “Oh shit! I’m sorry.”

Cindy turned and fled back toward her room.

“Cindy; it’s alright. You can come here.” Diana called.

The three in the living room watched silently as the young, blushing girl reappeared in the doorway standing against the wall so only a bare shoulder and a sliver of her head appeared to those in the living room. Cindy stared at Chip.

“Chip, you’ve already met Cindy, I believe. Kim, this is Cindy — Matt’s girlfriend. Cindy, this is Chip’s mother, Kim, another one of the participants in our old fun days that you’ve heard about.”

Kim smiled again, “Well that explains the ‘mom’ part at least. eryaman escort Hi, Cindy; pleased to meet you.”

Cindy shyly smiled and waved, “Hiya. Sorry I don’t have any clothes on — I didn’t know you were here. Uh, nice to see you again, Chip.”

Chip was still glaze-eyed, “I thought Matt was at work?”

Cindy nodded, “He is. I just moved into the spare bedroom next to his yesterday. I live here now.”

Kim looked at Diana questioningly.

Diana smiled, “Cindy is a very welcome addition to the family. Some time when she’s ready, she can tell you all about herself, but I am proud of all that she has done at such a young age. I find that I really love her very much myself. It was me that invited her to live here with absolutely no hesitation.”

Chip laughed, “So… if you live here now….that means …you could answer the phone. Hah! I knew I could get your phone number somehow!”

Cindy burst out laughing. She took a deep breath and, still blushing, stepped out from behind the hallway opening to join them in the living room standing close to Diana clasping her hand in both of hers.

Kim looked at the two shaking her head, “only Diana Hughes can get into so much mischief and make it all seem so normal, so I guess that explains the lack of clothes part. Well, based on what Di just said welcome to the family; I really look forward to getting to know you.” Kim stepped forward and hugged the startled Cindy.

“So other than to give hugs to a couple of naked women, what brings you here today? I take it Sue has filled you in on what has been going on lately.” Diana said.

Kim gave a huge grin, “I’ll say. She came over the other day and attacked me and my son. You’ve had quite an effect on the neighborhood lately. So I understand I’ve been missing out on all the fun.”

Diana laughed, “Believe me it wasn’t planned, but it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. Just like the old days”

Kim nodded, “Well, Sue just filled me in earlier in the week about what’s going on now, so I figured since it’s such a glorious day that Chip and I would go for a walk and stop in to see if things really were like Sue said they were.”

Diana laughed “Well, it was never intended to be a return to the old days, but yeah things have gotten a little wild around here lately.”

Kim smirked, “You know surprisingly, I’m looking forward to us all getting together again especially with all the new members of the families to add to the fun. I assume by the lack of your attire that you’ve joined right in on the fun, Cindy?”

Cindy blushed again, “Actually, I am new to all this and not really ready to join in yet.”

Kim smirked, “knowing Di here it won’t take you too long.”

Diana smiled, “I don’t plan on rushing her nor does Matt. We’re following her lead.”

Cindy grinned widely and reached over to put her arms around Diana and hugged her from the side tightly. Diana returned the smile and rubbed the arm that was around her front. The two were a sharp contrast in colors with Cindy’s soft pale skin and Diana’s deep full body tan.

Chip pointed at the two embracing nude women, “Matt lives here with this? How does he not go crazy?”

Cindy and Diana laughed as Cindy hugged Diana tighter, “I love him so much. He’s great. No pressure at all.”

“You know, I’m really curious about things and would really like to get to know you better Cindy. Since Adam’s away on a last ice fishing trip of the season, would it be too much if I invited Chip and myself over for dinner. We’ll bring the food.” Kim was beaming.

Diana looked over at Cindy who nodded and said, “Sounds great to us. I look forward to getting to know both of you better as well.”

“Great, this should be a lot of fun,” Kim walked up and hugged both women as they separated before she and her son walked out the door waving back as they headed home.

Diana and Cindy watched the couple leave. Diana reached over to put her arm back around Cindy. “So, you really okay with all this?”

Cindy nodded, “Definitely. It is my home now too, so I should be a part of things. It seems so bizarre but so exciting at the same time. I actually came out and let a boy I barely know get a good look at my entire body leaving nothing to the imagination with his mother standing right next to him.”

Cindy stopped to look down at her body. Her nipples under Chip’s scrutiny had sharpened to dark, hard points on her full breasts. Her ribs and stomach gently curved along with the smooth curve of her hips to the thick, black triangle of hair between the tops of her legs.

She shook her head as she rubbed her hand over her stomach, “Man, those butterflies are going crazy inside my stomach right now.”

“Well. I guess things certainly aren’t boring here. Hey, speaking of stomach — want some lunch?” Diana looked at the girl.

“Why not? The butterflies could use some nourishment.” And the two headed off to the kitchen.

It wasn’t long before Cindy was back in her room, and Diana was settling escort eryaman back into the couch with her latest book when the doorbell rang again.

As Diana was getting out the couch she watched as the door opened slightly.

“Di? It’s only me. Don’t go crazy getting dressed or anything.” Sue’s head peeked through the opening.

Diana smiled at the sight of her best friend, “Come in, Sue.”

Sue and Diana met in the middle of the living room embracing in a power hug. Diana eyed her smiling friend, “Coffee?”

“With girl talk? Love it.” Sue responded.

As Sue was grabbing the mugs and spoons, Cindy walked into the kitchen from the hall.

Sue looked at the nude woman, “Holy shit, Jeff wasn’t kidding. Look at you. You are absolutely stunning. None of us had figures like that back in the day.”

Cindy didn’t know what to make of this and just stood with her hands clasped together in front of her.

Sue and Diana watched as a patch of red appeared in the center of her chest above her breasts and spread up her neck and down into the globes of her full breasts.

Diana giggled at the sight, “Poor girl had no idea what she was getting into moving here. She was already on display today for Kim and Chip.”

Sue brought up a hand, “I’m so sorry if I’m making you nervous, Cindy.”

Cindy shook her head as her left hand went down to her stomach and softly rubbed her belly.

“It’s fine Mrs. Lynn,” Cindy told her. “Honestly, it’s scary and amazingly exciting at the same time.”

Diana smiled as Sue laughed.

“By the way, Mrs. Lynn? Oh, hell no. It’s Sue.” Sue moved forward to hug Cindy who after a moment reached her hands up to return the embrace.

“Coffee, sweetie?” Diana asked Cindy.

Cindy beamed, “I’d love some.”

Soon the three women were seated at the kitchen table.

“Well, first off I was going to clue you in on Kim being back into the fold, but it seems she beat me to the punch.” Sue started.

Diana nodded, “I heard something about an attack earlier in the week.”

She looked at her best friend with a quizzical look.

Sue explained what had happened to the giggles of both Diana and Cindy.

Diana shook her head, “You went down on Kim? That’s not something you ever did that much of in the past.”

Sue nodded, “Yeah, we women were more the kissing cousin types. It was the boys who we attacked the most.” She explained this to Cindy.

“So how was the experience?” Di asked still picturing the scene in her head.’

Sue smiled, “It was great. Definitely something I’ll do again. That’s what’s so amazing. We had all those crazy times in the past but we were definitely four couples being couples together. Now, it’s just so open and free. It’s different with having our sons involved and us being so much older, wiser, more experienced.”

Diana nodded, “I feel much more confident when actually I’ve never been in such an unexpected and unknown territory before.”

Sue agreed, “I know, I have no idea what to expect but it is so much more emotional and satisfying then what we did in the past.”

Cindy shook her head, “This is so strange.”

Sue laughed, “I know, right? Just like Kim was saying earlier in the week, if you had told me we were going to be having sex with our own sons I would have been so many shades of disgusted and shocked, but look at me, I can’t wait to jump both of them again and probably will tonight.”

Cindy just smiled.

Sue looked at Diana with a funny expression, “But enough about me, anal sex with Jeff? Where did that come from Miss only with David?”

Now it was Diana’s turn to blush. Even with her deep tan, Sue and Cindy could see the flush in her face.

“Jeff and Craig, actually.” Diana chuckled.

Diana grew a pensive look, “More and more I realize David is gone. I miss him so much, but he’s never coming back. I know that. I died with him, Sue. I just didn’t realize it until this year with Matt. I want to live again. Matt has Cindy which is incredible, but they need their own life. I need to find my own.”

Diana put her hand on Cindy’s as the younger woman started to shake her head, “I know you’ll share him and trust me I’m in, but I’m still outside looking in and that is fine. Just like I am with the other couples. Last night was me testing the waters. It was fun; it felt great. Honestly, I still prefer doing that with someone I love whole heartedly just for me but I went to sleep without any feelings of regret.”

“I have a regret,” Sue spoke up.

Diana looked carefully at her best friend and waited.

“I wish I could have been there to see it,” Sue laughed. “My best friend finally getting royally fucked.”

Cindy chuckled, “It was pretty amazing.”

Sue laughed louder, “Living here you are going to get quite an eyeful, I guarantee it.”

Cindy laughed, “And I love every bit of it.”

Sue looked carefully at Diana as she was taking a sip of coffee. As Diana put her cup down Sue eryaman escort bayan put her hand on Diana’s, “I’m going to worry about you honey. You are alone in a crowd. That’s not good.”

Diana put her other hand over hers and Sue’s and squeezed, “I’m okay. Watching and being with Matt and Cindy is wonderful. I know I’ll find someone else someday, but I am certainly not going to rush into things. I’ve tasted life and I want it.”

“Well, anytime you need Jeff or Craig, hell even me now, you just have to ask, sweetheart,” Sue smiled at Diana.

“Thank you,” Di said touched. “Last night was fun as I said, but not something I’m going to make a habit of doing. I still am the old me, just a bit new and improved.”

Sue smiled and raised her cup, “Here’s to the one and only Diana Hughes, long may she live and enjoy it.”

Three mugs clinked together and more girl talk ensued for another hour much to the delight of all three girls.

Much later Matt walked into the kitchen to find his mother and girlfriend setting the table for dinner, “Wow, this is a wonderful sight to come home to after a long day of work; are we expecting some company?”

“Matt!” Cindy skipped around the table and threw herself into his arms smothering him.

Diana waited until the two came up for air and then walked over throwing her arms around her son to drink deeply of his lips as well.

Cindy looked at Di and her boyfriend with a glint in her eyes, “Yes, Kim and Chip are treating us to dinner so they can have a chance to get to know me and check out our new living arrangements that Sue told her about earlier in the week.”

Matt was stunned, “Mrs. Hamilton? She’s in on this too now?”

“Other than Lacey, who has burned too many bridges between us, the whole gang is back together it seems.” Diana nodded.

“So are you two staying naked to give them the honest look at the living arrangements?” Matt looked at Cindy questioningly.

Cindy blushed, “Well, they’ve already seen all of me so I figured why not.”

Matt gaped, “Both? Have seen… all of you?”

Di laughed, “As for Chip, well, his eyes were bugging out from the moment Cindy walked into the room naked.”

Matt looked at Cindy grinning, “Are you kidding me? And I missed that?”

Cindy blushed a deep red, “I didn’t realize any body else was here and thought your mom was calling me when I heard voices. She told me it was okay to come in so I did.”

Matt looked at his grinning mother, “Yep, that’s my mom — the troublemaker. So how was it standing around other people while naked?”

Still blushing but with a big grin on her face now, “Oh it worked me up something awful. I see why your mom does it. It is such a rush.”

All three turned at the sound of the doorbell.

Diana looked at Cindy grinning, “Ready for a lot more of that rush?”

Cindy grinned back, nodded and bounced off into the living room to answer the door both Matt and Diana enjoyed watching the pale, full globes of her ass bounce and sway as she left the kitchen.

Cindy, Kim and Chip all walked into the room. Kim was carrying a large casserole dish while Chip was holding a big oval ceramic bowl and Cindy had a full grocery bag. Soon the five were seated at the table eating homemade lasagna, tossed salad, bread and wine and chatted away.

Kim looked at Diana and Cindy, “So Sue told me you have some kind of deal with Matt and have to stay nude. I take it you are in on that deal too Cindy?”

Cindy looked down at her naked breasts, “Actually, I just got so used to seeing mom naked that I thought I would join in as well and am loving it.”

Kim smiled, “I can’t get over how you so easily call her ‘mom’ like she really was.”

Cindy looked down at her plate then with a soft smile looked at Diana, “Kim, my mom threw me out on the street when I was fifteen because her boyfriend didn’t want me around. And that was after she had already left my dad and me three years before. I only went back to her because my dad died. This woman here has already been more of a mother to me than my real one ever was and more than deserves the name from me over the other one. I love being able to finally call somebody ‘mom’ and have so much love behind the word.”

Kim had a stricken look on her face, “I’m so sorry; I had no idea. Fifteen? What a rotten thing to do. Wow, I see what Di meant about you having been through a lot. I’m so glad that you’ve found each other now.”

Kim looked at the two women and drank in their nudity, staring straight at Diana she spoke, “So much has changed in such a short time – how exactly did this all come about?”

With the input of Matt and Cindy, Diana explained the whole story to Kim and Chip.

Kim grinned, “That is so wild. Gee, I wish I had thought of that. Chip can’t get anywhere but the community college. So what do you think? Maybe I could do a deal like that with you for some better grades when you go to college? I’m sure your father would love to see me prance around naked all the time randomly attacking you both.”

Chip looked up grinning, “Thank you, God; It’s a deal mom.”

Kim got up and went towards the hall, “excuse me a moment gang” and went into the bathroom.

Diana smirked at Chip, “Something tells me you are going to be studying a lot in the future.”

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