The Day Our Lives Started – Activities

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This is the third, and last, chapter of The Day Our Lives Started. It is primarily a series of short vignettes of some of our activities. I hope You like them.


Shortly after the events previously described in ‘The Day Our Lives Started’, BrayAnn’s Senior Prom occurred. I encouraged her to get a date and go with a classmate to share the experience and the parties with her school friends. She looked at me as if I had completely lost my mind. “You’re my date. Why should I go with someone else and be miserable? I’d make him miserable. We’d make everyone around us miserable. Why should I spoil it for everyone?” I went.

We often went to the lake to enjoy a day of skiing and water sports with friends who had a boat. Before the first trip that Spring those two foxes modeled their identical skimpy suits. We had to stop on the way so I could buy some loose baggy swim trunks in order to hide my perpetual erection.

Bray was driving Mom’s four-door sedan as we returned home from that first trip . I was in the front while Mom sat in the back. She had her chin on her hands on the top of our seat with her elbows hanging between Bray and me. Mom giggled and asked, “Is poor Little Feller still hard?” I wondered if our friends had noticed.

“God, yes. I’ve almost got a stone-ache.”

“Let’s see.” Mom grasped my erect dick. “I think I can fix that.” She crawled bare assed over the seat. Undoing my drawstring she pulled my suit off as Bray drove down the twisty curving road.

Mom pulled my ass to the front edge of the seat as she moistened my dick head with her mouth. Lubing it up, she straddled my legs facing me. Placing my dick against the mouth of her pussy she started wiggling, working it in her. As wet as she was it didn’t take much squirming until I was surrounded by her tight cunt.

“Good. Marvelous. I’m so full.” Sitting on my thighs and her calves, her knees against the seatback, she started bouncing up and down. Her breasts jiggled and flopped until I captured them with my hands.

The up and down motions were enhanced by the sway of the car as a grinning Bray drove the twists and curves of the road. It only took a couple of miles until I groaned, “I’m cumming.”

My pumping set Mom off. She slumped against me for a moment then lifted off my still rock hard dick. As I popped out Mom grabbed her crotch and collected a handful of our combined juices. Sticking her hand in front of Bray’s mouth she asked, “Want a taste?” Bray licked the hand clean while looking down the road.

“There!” Bray shouted and pulled off the road at a wide spot on a curve. Grabbing a towel from the rear seat, she handed it to Mom, yelling, “My turn.” She jumped out of the car running around to jerk open my door.

As both of their suit bottoms tied on the side, a pull on the string ties left them bottomless. By the time Mom slid behind the steering wheel Bray had mounted my slick dick and was bouncing up and down just like Mom had done. Each rode me again before we got home.

Luckily the garage door had been left open so Mom drove right in. The neighbors did not get a chance to see two bare asses running across the lawn to the house while the laughing nude man chased them.

We tried to go to the lake at least once each month when the water was warm. Splashing, horsing around, playing grab-ass until tired, we then lie on our towels soaking up the suns rays and letting our anticipation of the ride home build until it almost consumed us. The physical pleasure of the sex accompanied by the adrenalin rush from them being bottomless and me nude driving home through traffic was a fantastic high.

I started to shave them because of the small amount of cloth in the bottoms of their eryaman escort suits. We discovered the shaving had an unexpected bonus. It made them even more sensitive. We had enjoyed our oral ministrations but this new sensitivity elevated their oral pleasures to a new plateau. Needless to say, I enjoyed both the shaving and the playing, however, shaving cream does not have a good taste!

On that first 4th of July after our return from the lake and going to bed, I went down first on Bray. Licking and wetting the cuntal mound until it was shining with my saliva, nibbling and biting the pussy lips with my lips and teeth, licking and running my tongue up and down the cleft between the lips, trying to drain the copious juices from her love tube into my mouth, sucking the engorged clit and rubbing it with my tongue, I brought her to a climax.

Keeping my unmoving mouth and tongue on her clit as she slowly descended from her high, I then moved to Mom who had been waiting patiently while stroking Bray’s hair and playing with the nipples of her tits. I performed the same actions on Mom until she orgasmed.

I then went back to Bray repeating my original sequence of events. I alternated between them, over and over, for almost five hours. I stopped only when Bray went to sleep with Mom’s nipple in her mouth and her head on Mom’s chest.

My erection subsided as I pleasured my lovers and did not return until the next morning. I awoke to the sensation of two mouths and two pairs of lips playing with my hard dick while two hands fondled my balls and rubbed and pinched my nipples. The sensations did not quit until after I came twice, once in each mouth.

One night I was first in bed, Mom joined me, knee walking up to straddle my face with her pussy. I was busy licking and sucking and playing with Mom’s breasts, with my erection standing tall, when Bray came in.

Bray promptly lubed my dick up with her saliva and sat down on it. Mom turned around to face Bray and I pulled her pussy back to my mouth. Kissing and playing with each other’s breasts and clits, Mom rocked on my face while Bray rocked on my dick. I blew first which set Bray off, Mom quickly followed as if she did not want to be left behind.

I was last in showering and getting ready for bed another night. As I entered the bedroom, Mom was on top of Bray in a sixty-nine embrace. I sat on the edge of the bed watching my lovers pleasure each other.

Little Feller was patiently standing tall while waiting his turn. I began stroking Mom’s ass cheek, then kissing, nibbling and licking the taut skin. I started lightly scraping my fingernail from the ‘taint’ up passed her anus, getting a shiver out of Mom each time.

She looked over her shoulder. “Stick Little Feller in. Fuck my pussy.” She went back to her sucking and licking. Bray guided me home while licking my dick as it entered Mom. As I began moving in and out I reached for Mom’s tits, massaging, rubbing, pinching and rolling her nipples. Bray returned to sucking Mom’s clit. A rolling climax hit Mom with wave after wave of contractions flowing through her. The effect on my dick was exquisite.

Mom finally collapsed to the side saying “No more. No more.” Then she reached for Bray saying, “Let’s swap.” I moved behind Bray and we three began again. Needless to say, we often repeat this scenario.

We were in the Mall for some reason. Mom was not with us. We observed a girl with two guys. From the way they were acting, touching, being together, we knew they shared something special, something similar to we three. “You know”, I mused, nodding toward them. “You have only been with me. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with someone else?”

“Well, escort eryaman not really,” came the response. “Not in the way you mean. Maybe in a sort of ‘what if’ mental exercise, a what if I didn’t have you and Mom; but then I think of Little Feller.” She blatantly rubbed my crotch as we walked through the crowd. “I know that nothing can compare with what I have with you and Mom.”

We are mostly sans clothing while in the house. I do most of the yard and outside work. They do most of the housework as I am too easily distracted. I love to watch them. The sway and the movement of their breasts, the play of muscles rippling the skin as they move, walk, bend, and stretch performing their daily routines is endlessly fascinating to me.

They put an apron on while cooking to protect tender skin and sensitive parts from stove splatter. Each of them, when retrieving items from the lower areas in cabinets or the bottom shelves in the refrigerator will bend over from the waist with their knees locked and their feet spread. This gives me an opportunity to sneak up behind them and put an unexpected tongue to an exposed pussy. They usually freeze in shock and surprise enabling me to take my time and do it right. I’ve wondered if they do this on purpose?

I read a story about an interesting way of eating fruit. Friday afternoon on the way home from work, I stopped and bought fresh strawberries, cherries, grapes and bananas, a can of chunk pineapple, a couple of aerosol containers of whipped cream and some liquid chocolate. When we woke Saturday morning, I told them to stay in bed, that I would fix breakfast. I went to get my ingredients.

Bray and I stuffed Mom first, spraying that cold whipped cream on her pussy and tits, and proceeded to dine. Mom was very good at expelling the items one at a time. Then Mom and I did Bray. I have never had a better meal. My favorite became the banana. I could take a small bite and push the rest back in, fucking them with it as I ate. I was stuffed when I quit eating!

We do not watch much TV. The inaneness of most programs, especially the so called situation comedies is a definite turn-off, but there are a few dramas, news magazines and specials we do like. We soon developed an every other night routine while ensconced before the boob tube.

One night I will sit in my recliner with Bray on my lap leaning back against my chest with me in her. This allows both my hands free rein to fondle and caress the entire front of her body. I can lightly scrape my fingernails up and down the inside of her thighs sending tingles, as she calls them, to her pussy. I can idlely rub her occupied cuntal mound with fingers of one hand and tap the exposed clit with a finger of the other. Each tap will cause a contraction deep within her which feels fantastic to my buried dick. I can caress and fondle both tits at the same time. I play and play.

The next night Mom sits impaled in my lap with her legs over the arm of the chair. Her side rests against my chest. I can barely reach to pinch and roll her left nipple with my left hand. My right arm lies along her thigh. I can rub her clit or lift my hand to play with the unoccupied breast.

We rarely climax during these times. They play with my dick with their pussy muscles, squeezing, rippling, milking, while I’m flexing my dick. We do not try to get each other off. We basically just enjoy the intimacy, the closeness, the joining. It is part of our foreplay before retiring to the bedroom and the games we play before going to sleep.

I have read that for most couples the sex acts dwindle down to weekly or possibly two to three occurrences per month after being married for a while. I consider myself eryaman escort bayan wed to my lovers; a ceremony could not make my commitment to my partners any stronger, deeper or more meaningful.

We have never lost our hunger for each other. Although we are often spontaneous, where a look or a touch during the day will either call Little Feller to attention or will activate a tongue, there have been few nights over the years, other than illness or their monthlies, when I did not make love to, have sex with, fuck, both of them when we went to bed for the night.

Women are supposed to be multi-orgasmic while men are not. Well, I suppose I’m an exception to the rule. When we’re together and I finish with one, I’m not done. I usually do not loose my erection. I must then have the other to be satisfied. My lovers, my wives, my mom and my sister say they feel the same. Their satisfaction is not complete until the other is also.

A position I love is for them to lay one on top of the other. As they kiss their breasts are mashed together and their mounds rub. I mount from the rear, entering the lower pussy for a few strokes, pulling out and entering the top one for a few.

I can reach between them, taking a set of the joined tits in each hand, squeezing, caressing and fingering the nipples.

I alternate stroking into the two wonderful receptacles until I blow my wad in one. I never know in which I will deposit first until it happens. I do not stop. I continue my stroking and alternating until I come for the second time. It is invariably in the unfilled hole. I do not consciously try to do this, my body does it for me. It is heaven. I have both my lovers at the same time.

I normally lay on my back in bed with an arm around each of them. Their heads rest on my shoulders with their entwined hands resting over my heart. Bray is snuggled on my left side with her breasts against my chest. Her left leg drapes over mine with her sex pressed and rubbing gently against my thigh.

Mom is in the exact same posture on my right. They say this gentle rubbing prolongs their orgasmic high, keeps them floating on a cloud. It is our usual cuddling and sleeping position.

As we lay one night, satiated, I had just made love to both. Not fucked, although at times we did just that, fuck for fuckings sake, but mostly we made love. Glorious, uplifting, soul soaring LOVE. I worship at their portals. Bray asked, “Mom? What is your favorite position?”

Silence for awhile, “I’m not sure I have one. I’ve enjoyed everything we have ever done. I also like to try something different occasionally.”

“If you could do it only one way, forever, what would you choose?”

“Well, I guess it would be the Missionary. I can lay and watch Bri’s face, watch the expressions he has and read his feelings, see the love in his eyes. You?”

“I think, Bri sitting in a chair. I can rub my whole front against him, or just my tits, or just my pussy. I like to watch him too. Bri?”

“You two on top. For basically the same reasons, watching you, feeling you, letting you control the tempo, slow and gentle or hard and fast. Also, that way I can have you both at the same time, one on Little Feller and the other on my face.”

On another night I mused, “You know? The only arguments, plural, arguments, I can ever remember us having?” I paused. No response… torture. They knew I wanted to say something and knew I would. They knew I couldn’t keep my shut, but they were not going to encourage me. I finally repeated, “The only arguments we ever have, YOU TWO ever have… is… the other… is… to-fuck-me-first!”

I rolled into a ball as they began beating and punching me. “Oh, You.”

“You pervert!”

“You louse!”

“You devil!” Laughing, I armed them up. I hugged and kissed each lightly. “I love you two.” We sighed. Cuddling back into position we sank into sleep.


I hope you enjoyed the story of my life. Please let me know if, and, what you liked or did not like.

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