The Cocky Coxswain Pt. 05

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After fucking my hot Italian teammate, I felt on top of the world. But since Dario was exhausted, I told him that it was fine to head back to the dorm and rest for a couple hours.

I then joined my teammates for lunch before heading to our afternoon workouts. Today, everyone in the group was much nicer to me, and both Juan and Michael let me work out with them. As the three Americans lifted weights together, both boys showed me a lot of respect and also kept trying to steal glances at my bulge, which was mostly concealed by my athletic shorts on top of the lycra.

After our workout, it was time to hit the water once again. Dario joined us after his nap, though I noticed he now walked with a a limp. Once we started rowing, however, all of the guys listened to my orders and rowed in unison—all that is, except for Damion.

The tall, Irish stud was the only rower on the team who hadn’t yet seen my dick. And while everyone else was now respectful of the cocky coxswain, Damion was brash and arrogant and always thought that he should be in charge. He was the best rower on the team, but he also needed to learn that the coxswain is supposed to call the shots. And later that night, I planned on teaching him a lesson that he would never forget.

After rowing practice, we all ate dinner as a team, and Damion complained about me the entire time. “We need a better coxswain,” he said. “He’s always going too fast, too slow, or just missing the mark. There’s no way we’re going to win the Sussex Cup with Drake on our team.”

No one else on the crew backed Damion up, but he continued criticizing me nevertheless. After dinner, we all headed to the gym once again—this time, for a little light cardio. I hopped onto a treadmill and to my surprise, Damion jumped onto the treadmill next to me. I just couldn’t get away from this arrogant Irish stud.

As I ran on the treadmill at a pretty good pace, Damion went much faster. Since he was over a foot taller than me (6’6″ to 5’5″), his legs could take longer strides, and he was also in better shape overall. As Damion sprinted on the treadmill, he started to rub it in.

“Guess you can’t keep up,” he noted. “But you think you’re so tough—don’t you—calling all the orders on the boat.”

I ignored Damion until the end of my workout. But as I stepped off the treadmill—25 minutes and 3 miles down—the Irishman stopped his workout and followed after me. “You only did 3 miles?!” he chided. “I did 4 in the same amount of time!”

“What’s your problem!?” I asked, turning around. “Stop being such a jerk!”

“Ooooohhh, are you scared, little man?” Damion asked.

“I’m not scared at all,” I replied. “And I ‘aint little, either.”

Damion stepped forward and towered over me. It was obvious to everyone in the weight room that he was waaaaay taller—and significantly stronger—than the short, scrawny coxswain.

“You are little, my man—both in height and where it counts the most.” With that, Damion took a step back and grabbed the bulge in his lycra, showing off what looked to be a pretty sizable dick print in his trou.

Since it wasn’t too far below my eye-level, I glanced down and have to admit that I was impressed. The Irish stud was hung like a horse and had what appeared to be a 6-inch snake going down the leg of his lycra. On the other hand, I was still wearing my athletic shorts that didn’t show any bulge at all.

“That’s pretty impressive,” I said coolly to Damion. “But I’m willing to bet I have you beat.”

Damion laughed at what he thought was a ridiculous proposal. “There’s no fucking way—little guy. I bet I’m at least twice the size of the little boy penis that you’re hiding in your shorts!”

All of our teammates were now finished their workouts and listening to our argument, but none of them said a word.

“You’re on,” I replied. “I bet I’m bigger than you in both length and girth. And if I lose – I’ll be your slave for the rest of the week, doing whatever you want me to do.”

“But if I win,” I continued. “You will shut your mouth and follow my every order for the rest of the week. You will call me ‘sir’ and do whatever I tell you.”

Damion looked around at my teammates but couldn’t tell much from their facial expressions. Turning back to me, he said, “You’re on. I can’t wait to make you my bitch.”

Just like that, Damion and I headed to the locker room for our little contest, with all seven of our teammates following close behind.


Once we got to the locker room, Damion and I faced off in the middle as our teammates formed a circle around us.

“You’re going down,” Damion told me. “Hope you’re ready to suck on my big, massive cock!”

“How’re we going to do this?” I asked. “And what are the rules?”

Juan stepped forward and held kartal escort up a ruler that he’d found in the trainer’s room. “I can be the judge,” he said, “But how’re we going to measure?”

Dario, the sexy Italian stud who I’d fucked earlier, stepped up with a proposal. “How ’bout length, girth, ball size, staying power, and the amount you cum?” he asked. “The winner is declared with 3 out of 5.”

I could tell that our teammates were getting horny, since a few started to adjust their bulges in their trou. Damion and I both agreed to the rules, with each of us looking confident that we would win.

At 6’6″, Damion was the tallest rower in the group and also the most muscular. As he stripped off his shirt, his shoulder and arm muscles glistened in the locker-room light, while his pecs were completely huge above a 10-pack of wash-board abs.

I took off my shirt at the same time as Damion, but my body wasn’t much to look at. Even though I was skinny and toned with a hint of abs, I didn’t come close to this Irish Adonis. But thankfully, whether we could model for Abercrombie or Calvin Klein wasn’t a requirement of this 5-part contest.

As I stood in my athletic shorts, Damion just wore lycra, and everyone’s eyes were glued to his enormous bulge. I have to admit that it was damn impressive, and he’d likely gone through his entire life having the biggest dick on his rowing teams. But in this moment, I smugly and confidently told Damion to “take off your trou and show us what you got.”

Damion happily started lowering his trou to show us “The Beast,” as he called it. And sure enough, it looked like a sizable chunk of man meat. Next to Damion’s muscled legs—which looked like tree trunks themselves—his thick Irish snake hung down at least 6.5 inches.

“Not bad,” I said. “But I bet I still have you beat.”

Damion started laughing but stopped as soon as I ripped off my shorts. There, in my lycra trou, was a bulge that seemed unbelievable.

I kept going and started lowering my trou to the floor. Just like Damion, I unfurled my mammoth man-meat slowly, until every inch came into view. Damion stayed silent this entire time, but some of our other teammates gasped and a couple started cheering.


“Show him who’s boss!”

Even in their flaccid states, my dick looked larger than the cocky Irishman’s. At nearly 7.5 inches, it looked completely absurd on my short and scrawny coxswain body.

As I stepped towards Damion to compare our massive softies, he looked shocked by the massive hunk of man-meat hanging between my legs. Damion was used to being bigger soft than most guys’ hard, and he’d never seen a flaccid dick as huge as mine.

Once it was obvious to everyone in the room that my soft cock outmatched Damion’s by at least an inch, I asked if we should get hard to compare. “Time to start stroking.”

But before I could grab my anaconda to start to jack off, my studly German roommate, Charles von Lassendorf, made a beeline for my cock. “I’ll help!” he said. And before I knew it, this 6’5″, blond-haired stud was on his knees fondling my balls and dick.

Not to be outdone, Michael went over to Damion and started doing the same. The 6’0″ twunk from Illinois was now jerking off “The Beast” as Charles helped coax my massive man-meat into a throbbing erection.

For the next five minutes, Charles and Michael jerked us off as Damion and I stared at one another. And as I soaked in the sexy sight, my dick started to rise…and rise…and rise…

Pretty soon, both Damion and I were fully hard with our dicks pointed to the ceiling. Charles and Michael had finished their handy-work, but both looked disappointed as Juan pushed past them with the ruler he’d found in the trainer’s room.

“Time to compare, boys!” he said. “Or should I say…men.”

As I glanced at Damion’s dick, I have to confess that it looked pretty fucking impressive. Jutting out past his belly button and towards his washboard abs, that uncut Irish cock looked imposing and domineering. But I’m sure that Damion was thinking the same thing as he looked at my colossal cock, especially on my short and skinny American body.

Juan started off by touching Damion’s dick and laying the ruler on top of it from base to hilt. “9.4 inches!” he blurted out.

Turning around, Juan did the same to my dick. From base to tip, the ruler read “10.6” inches—the largest that I had ever measured.

Damion looked crestfallen as he stared at my longer dick. It had been close, but I’d beaten him by more than an inch.

“First victory goes to Drake!” Juan declared. “Now time to measure girth!”

At this point, I started getting nervous because Damion’s dick appeared to be incredibly thick. In fact, it was so girthy that Juan couldn’t even get his hand around it as he tried kurtköy escort to measure the width with a piece of string. Once Juan finally got the string around the base of Damion’s dick, he laid it out on the ruler and yelled, “6.5 inches!”

“Damn,” I thought. “That’s really fucking thick.”

Juan then did the same thing with my dick, which looked slightly thinner since it was longer and towered over my thin body. But when Juan measured the base and laid it out on the ruler, he announced that my man-meat was “6.6” inches around!

After holding my breath, I exhaled a sigh of relief. My dick was miraculously a tenth of an inch thicker than this horse-hung Irish stud.

Our next competition was ball size, and Juan asked us both to stand on the bench in the locker room so that he and our other teammates could get a good look at our testicles. Once again, Damion’s balls were pretty huge, but I felt confident that mine might be bigger. One by one, our teammates checked out our balls and gently touched our low-hanging nuts. And once everyone had time to “inspect the goods,” they took a vote, declaring me the winner.

Damion looked shocked and demanded a redo. But as I shoved my balls against his, he looked down and couldn’t ignore the fact that mine were bigger. Even though his were the size of limes, mine were more like lemons, and I couldn’t help but gloat that I’d beaten this cocky stud in length, girth, and ball size.

“That’s 3 out of 5?!” I asked. “I guess I’ve already won!”

As I stood on my tippy toes, I started to slap Damion’s dick with my own massive man-meat. “Do you still want to do the last two parts of the contest?” I asked him. “Maybe to preserve some shred of your manhood?”

Damion nodded his head but also seemed caught in a stupor. Since he couldn’t take his eyes off my cock, I suggested that he try dropping down the floor to get a better view. As I kept standing on the locker room bench, my incredibly thick, 10.6-incher was now at the height of Damion’s chest.

“Why don’t you start sucking it?” I asked. “That way we can see who has staying power and who cums the most.”

This cocky Irish stud had never before in his life even considered sucking some dick, but he also couldn’t take his eyes off my man-meat staring him in the face. So as all of my teammates looked on, the tallest and strongest rower on our squad swallowed his pride, gave up some of his manhood, and kissed the head of my cock. Just like that, he bent over and started submitting to my dick.

While standing on the locker room bench, I was taller than everyone on my team for the first time in my entire life. And as Damion started sucking on my massive cock, it was clear to everyone that I was the literal and figurative king of the locker room.

As Damion kept worshiping my dick—swallowing about half my man-meat down his throat—my other teammates removed their trou and started to jerk off. My roommate Charles was now completely naked and jerking off what appeared to be a sexy, uncut, 8-inch cock. This was the first time that I had seen him hard and I have to admit that I was impressed.

Right next to Charles, Amri jerked off his thick Turkish cock that was slightly more than 7 inches. And to Amri’s right, Michael was furiously jerking off his 5-inch dick—the smallest guy in the group. Next to him stood Diego and Dario, the studs from Spain and Italy, whose dicks were each just a hair smaller than Amri’s around 7 inches. And then stood Juan, with his 6-incher throbbing at attention, and Erick, who boasted a very sizable and sexy 8-inch dick.

All-in-all, our team was well-endowed, with the average dick in the 7-8 inch range. But I was clearly the biggest and was the only one getting a blowjob while everyone else jerked off.

Damion did a surprisingly good job sucking my dick and swallowed more than anyone else. At one point, he almost made it to the hilt before beginning to choke. But as I looked down at this sexy Irish stud—who was jerking off his own man-meat while sucking me off—I felt an overwhelming urge to fuck him in front of the team. Based on the terms of our bet, Damion was my bitch for the rest of the week, and we still had two parts of the competition left.


As I stepped down from the locker room bench, I told Damion that I was ready for the next parts of the competition. But as I said this, I was reminded how much taller this Irish stud was than me, since I had to look up to him to say it.

“Why don’t you lie down on the bench?” I told him. “I have a little treat for you that will help with the final parts of the competition.”

Still in a stupor from sucking my dick, Damion lied with his back on the bench while all of our teammates looked on and continued jerking themselves off.

Even maltepe escort though my dick was nice and lubricated from Damion’s blowjob, I slipped on another of my XXXL condoms and added a bit more lube from my secret supply to both my fingers and my throbbing cock.

As Damion laid down in a state of bliss, I grabbed his Irish horse-cock for the first time and started stroking it. At the same time, I also pressed two of my fingers against his virginal hole and started pushing them inside. Damion started moaning as I started jerking his cock while fingering his tight hole. And as his moans grew louder, I slipped in another lubricated finger and stretched him out just a little bit more.

I loved the feeling both of Damion’s dick and asshole. This stud was truly a sex god and I briefly wondered what Damion’s enormous Irish dick would feel like inside someone’s ass or pussy. But I had to focus on the task at hand and started to line up my own raging horse-cock with Damion’s quivering hole.

As I pushed my dick inside him, I released Damion’s dick and stopped giving him pleasure. He tried to grab it himself, but I slapped his hand away and told him just to be patient. Inch after inch, I pressed my dick inside him, until it found the bottom of this sexy Irish stud.

We must’ve looked like quite the sight. A 6’6″ muscled stud sprawling out on the bench with a throbbing 9.4″ erection, with a short scrawny coxswain balls-deep inside him starting to make him my bitch. All of our teammates kept furiously jerking off and some were getting close to cumming.

Damion moaned loudly as I started pounding away at his tight and sexy hole. Throwing his legs up in the air, he rested them on my shoulders, but even they looked huge compared to my short and slender body. I didn’t care, since the one part of me that was massive was now buried deep inside Damion’s hole.

As my dick repeatedly hit this Irish stud’s prostate, he started cursing like a sailor. “FUUUUUCK!” he yelled. “YOURE SO FUCKING HUUUUUUGE!”

The best part of fucking this sexy stud face-to-face was that I could watch his own enormous 9-incher leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. Damion’s dick was now throbbing and red as it spewed pre-cum all over his washboard abs.

It was such a sexy sight that our teammates were on the brink of orgasm. Michael stood right across from me, near Damion’s head, and looked like he was about to cum, so I smiled and nodded at him, giving him a silent “okay.” And just like that, my sexy twinky teammate from Illinois unleashed his load all over Damion’s face, neck, and chest.

If Damion minded that he had just been showered in cum, he didn’t say anything. He was too busy enjoying the deep-dicking he was getting from me and even licked up some of Michael’s seed at the edge of his lips.

This pushed Juan over the edge. Standing to Damion’s right while watching me fuck him, Juan unloaded all over the Irish stud’s chest and abs. Amri and Diego then both made their way towards Damion’s face. With their 7-inch dicks strained to the max, the Turkish and Spanish studs both covered Damion with their seed.

Dario then went a step further and brought his own 7-inch dick up to Damion’s lips. And as I fucked his sweet little hole, Damion opened his lips to swallow some of Dario’s dick. The blonde-haired Italian stud didn’t last long and pulled out his cock after 30 seconds to blow yet another load on Damion’s studly, muscled body.

As Dario stepped away, both Erick and Charles wanted Damion to get a taste of their big, massive cocks. While I continued pounding his prostate, Damion greedily took both of these studs in his mouth, one by one, and swallowed the first few inches of their thick, 8-inch dicks.

Damion was now surrounded by huge cocks on all three sides, and his own massive man-meat was on the brink of cumming. As I picked up the pace and kept pounding his hole while Erick and Charles fed him their cocks and dick-slapped his cum-covered face, Damion’s body started to shake and he screamed “FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” in between sucking on Erick and Charles’ dicks.

Damion’s dick then exploded and shot volley after volley of cum. His powerful Irish horse-cock shot so far that he hit both Erick and Charles in the abs, which caused both of them to cum in turn. As Erick and Charles’s cocks erupted and covered Damion’s face with seed, I also started cumming deep inside Damion’s hole.

As I’d done with Dario, I quickly pulled out my 10.6-inch dick and ripped off the condom that was already full to the brim. Shot after shot of my seed soaked Damion’s body, until the Irish stud was covered in semen from head to toe.

My teammates watched in awe as I laid my dick down on top of Damion’s. I was so caught up in the moment that I hadn’t kept track of who’d shot the most cum, but it was clear that I’d dominated him in four of the five contests: length, girth, ball size, and staying power inside his tight, sweet hole. This Irish 6’6″ Irish stud had now become my bitch and a bukkake boy for the entire team, and I told him as I rubbed my dick on his that he should never challenge my authority again.

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