The Clan Ch. 00-01

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At the end of every year on Boxing Day, there was a camp for boys without dads. They were a group of boys who had been coming for as long as they could remember, and of these there was a strong core group of twenty. It was the last night and the twenty all aged eighteen – who called themselves ‘The Clan’, were gathered in one of the huts. It was a squeeze but they didn’t mind, and were farewelling each other with their ‘party’. They had been going strong for a few hours, and as they ran out of steam they began to talk.

“Oh, I’m not looking forward to going home,” said Jack as he leaned back against the wall. Many of the boys sniggered and some others nodded sympathetically. They all knew Jack’s mother was a little over the top. Benny had been watching his close friend Jeremy, and saw his brow furrow.

“What’s going through your mind,” Benny asked and all the other boys went silent, because when Jeremy thought it paid to listen. It was he who came up with the great plan of each year, and this year’s plan got them across the river to watch the older, eighteen year girls of the ‘all girl’s camp’ showering.

“What Jack said,” Jeremy replied and his brow was still furrowed.

“What? how Jack can avoid his mum tomorrow?” Daniel asked, who was also another close friend of Jeremy’s. Benny, Daniel, Bobby and Jeremy all went to the same secondary school and had grown up together; they were extremely tight. Now all four would be attending the same university together.

“No, quite the opposite,” Jeremy told Daniel.

“WHAT?” bellowed Jack.

“Have you read Dr. Michael Abbotts?” Jeremy asked Jack with a serious expression.

“Who the hell’s he?” Jack shot back.

“You’re kidding?” asked Benny of Jeremy with a look of awe on his face, and all the other boys were all ears.

“So you know what he’s talking about?” Jack asked Benny.

“Yeah,” he smiled broadly at Jack.

“So what’s this about?” Sean, Jack’s best mate asked both Benny and Jeremy.

“I think I know where you’re heading with this,” said Benny and his eyes were filled with excitement, “so tell them.”

“Like myself, Benny has read Abbotts, who is a psychologist in a particular field, and considered an expert in this field. His field is ‘sexuality in families’, and his specially is ‘single mothers and their sons’.” All the boys except Benny were sitting, mouths open looking very bewildered.

“What are you saying?” asked Jack.

“Well according to Abbotts, women who are single with one son at home, and only one son and no other children, who then show a particular behaviour are…” he paused for effect, “shall we say vulnerable.” The others looked ay each other and Brian asked,

“What the fuck did he say?”

But Daniel understood.

“Are you serious?” he asked Jeremy, who nodded at him and Daniel’s face reflected the awe he felt.

“Bloody hell,” was all he could say.

“What,” screamed Brian, voicing what all the others felt.

“Let me translate,” said Benny and the others gave a collective sigh of relief. Jeremy was very smart, but they had all needed Benny.

“Abbotts had a theory that single mothers with only a son at home, who never goes out on a date, harbours sexual desires for their sons.” Benny just loved the impact this had on the others. Their expressions were priceless.

“What?” Jack said.

“This Abbotts thinks our mums want to fuck us,” Benny said evenly. Jeremy was grinning.

“What,” yelled Brian, “that’s bullshit.” Brian looked angry, and many of the others were voicing and nodding their agreement with him.

“Well,” broke in Jeremy, “Abbotts to support his theory did exhaustive experiments. Want to hear about them?” All the boys were silent and nodded as one, even Jack and Brian.

“Ok then. He interviewed two thousand women of all ages, because he wanted to see if his theory would hold up for the past generations. What he found was that… the mothers with one son at home and didn’t go on dates, did harbour sexual desires for their son.” The boys all expressed their wonder at this.

“But that’s not all.” The boys were all ears. “Most of the mothers had fucked their son.”

There was a collective intake of breath and then some said softly, ‘no way’ or ‘you’re kidding’. Jeremy allowed them to express their disbelief and shock to each other, and as the volume rose he spoke.

“Now think for a minute. We are all only sons, with no other siblings and our mum’s don’t date, so who thinks their mum shows them too much attention and especially to much affection?” Jeremy knew he would have to lead these guys to the truth, everyone put up their hands.

“Who thinks their mum is a little fixated on them?” All hands in the air.

“Now before you answer this one think about it properly, just don’t copy others or say what you think the others would want you to say. Tell it like it is and trust me.” He waited a couple of seconds.

“How many of you have had sexual thoughts about keçiören escort your mum.” To Jeremy’s surprise everyone put their hands up at once, without even looking at each other.

“Good,” Jeremy smiled. But Brian wasn’t convinced.

“Ok, so some of us jack off to thinking about out mums, that doesn’t prove a thing.” Benny, Daniel and Bobby grinned at each other, ‘wrong thing to say’ all three thought.

Jeremy proceeded, as he knew he would have to and he would lead them from one revelation to the next, and by the time he was finished they would all be believers.

“You’re right, but,” he paused again for effect, “how many of your mums constantly tell you how much she loves you, how much she needs you, misses you, and some may even says ‘want’ you?”

All hands up again.

“How many of your mums put their hands on your arms, shoulders and the like, a little too much?” All bar three boys (Benny, Bobby and Daniel) looked at each other shaking their heads, and they all voiced the opinion that this was not the case.

“Now I did not ask you to consider this on your own, and not answer as you would expect the others think you should, and oh, I meant touch you more then boys with fathers that you know.” Jeremy’s last words were like a bombshell. The boys stopped talking, looked at the floor or somewhere in front of them, as they thought and Sean was the first to answer again.

“You’re right. Mum’s always touching me, holding my hand as she talks to me puts her hand on my knee, even inside my thigh just above the knee. Sometimes she hugs he for no reason, and other times when I making her laugh she gives he a little hit – nothing hard.” As Sean went through his list, all the other boys nodded, they too experienced the same things from their mums.

There were low spoken ‘yeah you’re right’, or ‘she does too’.

“So Abbotts found that this was the particular behaviour that predisposed mums to having sex with their sons – in fact he found all mothers who had sex with their sons acted this way before doing so. However, he further theorized that the mums who showed this behaviour, but didn’t have sex with their sons, didn’t because the sons were unable to read the signals.” Again all breathed in heavily as one.

“Now since that study, Abbotts interviewed the sons who hadn’t had sex with their mums, and guess what he found?” The boys were eating out of Jeremy’s hand now, and all heads shook and they leaned forward like a wave.

“He found that these sons had made not one single move on their mums, not one. So he believes that the mums give the signals and if the sons respond to those signals… you can fuck your mum.” Jeremy left it there.

Nineteen boys were wrapped up in their own thought – mouths open, and every now and then they would look at another boy and both would shake their heads grinning like idiots. Jeremy waited for them to work through their own thoughts.

“So,” Jeremy brought their attention back to him. “How many of you think your mum could be one of those mums?” All the boys expressed that they were unsure.

“Ok, so how many of you would really like to fuck your mum?” Slowly at first the hands went up, until all hands were up.

“Now according to Abbotts,” Jeremy began and waited a second or two until all the boys were hanging on his next words again, “if a son indeed does make an advance to his mum, she will respond and spread herself for her son, willingly and lovingly.”

Jaws dropped throughout the hut, and there were ‘fuck’, ‘unbelievable’, ‘man, oh man’ and the like to be heard. Then some boys were sort of laughing.

“So where are you going with this?” Jack who started all this asked.

“The question is, ‘where do you want to go with this?'” Jeremy asked.

“I’d fuck my mum in a heartbeat; she’s such a cutie,” Daniel blurted out and all the others laughed. Jeremy could always rely on Daniel to speak his mine, not caring what others thought.

“Then I have a plan for you to do so.” These words by Jeremy hit all the boys like a sledgehammer. They stared at Jeremy as if he was a prophet promising them the ‘late teenager promised land’, and you could have a pin drop as they waited for Jeremy to tell them his plan.

“So how many of you want to hear my plan or at least plans?” Hands flew up in the air like they were all in Primary school again and they all knew the answer. Jeremy smiled, as did Benny and they exchanged a look.

“Ok, Abbotts actually tells us what to do. Based on his findings all we have to do is respond to our mother’s signals… when she gives them off, or we could blow it. Now, you have to bring your mum to the point where she will spread her legs for you, even you Kyle.” He wanted to lighten the mood a bit and everyone laughed because Kyle had ‘the monster’.

“When your mum tells you those things – she loves you, misses you, but especially needs you, you tell her the same thing back with meaning. You do this the moment you see your keçiören escort bayan mums tomorrow and don’t stop, because some mums will take longer than others, and she will be yours – and my money is on Daniel’s mum cracking first.” Again they all laughed.

“Now, from the time you’re back in your mums company, you too place your hands on her, like she would on you. According to Abbotts, once you do this your mum will become more forward with how she touches you, without even knowing.” Jeremy could see a few confused faces.

“Your mum will touch you more and more intimately as you follow her lead. For each of you there will come the ‘fuck me my son’ signal from your mum. Each mum will give her own signal, but it will be so obvious not even Jack will miss it.” Again laughter, because Jack did miss the obvious so often.

“Because each of your mums will give an unconscious signal that they hope you will pick up on. Do not hesitate, or the moment may pass and if she gives another signal, you’ll have to work very hard for it. So who’s in?” Hands flew in the air again.

“Now my plan is, follow your mums lead as she becomes more intimate, you become more intimate, this could mean touching or speaking. Oh by the way some mums will become sexually suggestive – go with it, do the same when she does. But I have a Plan B to try and speed things up, want to hear it?”

“YEAH,” came the thunderous response from all boys.

“Ok, and here’s the cleaver bit. After you’re started uni for one week, come home one night all depressed like. When your mum asks you what’s wrong, tell her that some of the guys you know say they have special relationships with their mums, one that has mum and son doing everything together, and where the mum has her son doting over her. Now this is very important, you must tell her… you must tell her that you wish you and her were like that. Seeing you upset and hearing what the other’s have, will upset your mum and she will want to ‘make things right’ with you; she will want the same type of relationship with you.” Jeremy left his words on The Clan. For a few seconds there was silence, and then the boys began working out their strategies with each other. Jeremy allowed this for some time, and then they began to quieten down.

“Now, I suspect if you use Plan B, it will give you success within five to seven days from when you start uni. In other words, Plan B should give you success that night or over the weekend. If you use Abbotts’ theory it could take many weeks, even months. So lets report-in the night of our second Monday at uni, ok.”

Everyone nodded. They all knew to ‘report-in’ was when they cam together for a conference hook up with everyone on their chat site on the net.

“So, who has to release some pressure?” Daniel asked with a grin and several hands went up.

“Take it outside,” said Sean and everyone laughed, but several of The Clan left, including Daniel.

In the late afternoon the next day the mums came to pick their young me up, and The Clan watched the behaviour of the mums who date or had another kids at home, and compared it with the mums who don’t date and had only a single child at home – a son. None of them had said they were going to compare, but each was curious in his own mind. The difference in the behaviour of the two groups was astounding. They all saw it at once and looked at each other and they all burst out laughing with delight, except Jeremy, he only had eyes for his beautiful mum Jenny, as she hurried to hold her son. Nineteen boys were giving each other the thumbs up and each were lead away by their mums, who were telling each of them how much they missed them, loved them and some even said they ‘needed’ them.

On the eighth night after uni started, at the designated time of 8.30pm, The Clan was on line and everyone was arguing with each other. None of them wanted to be first, they all wanted to hear the other guys’ stories before telling their story. In other words they were all voyeurs. So as usual Jeremy sorted it out.

“Does anyone want to go first?” was his simple question.

“Yeah, I do.” It was Josh. Little Josh.

Chapter 1 – Josh

Josh waited with the other guys for his mother, and he stood with his close friend Kyle. The two boys looked like David and Goliath, as they couldn’t have been less similar. Josh was tiny at 4 feet 10 inches, and Kyle at 6 feet 4 inches. Everyone said Josh should have been a jockey, but he would have none of it. And their mothers were the same. Beth, Josh’s mum is 5 feet 10 inches, exactly 1 foot taller than her son. Josh is skinny, where his mother is very solid in build – that sexy type of solid build. Beth was waiting for her little man to be her big man, but sadly it had never happened. On the other hand, Kyle’s mum was only 5 feet tall with a very slight build. The two sets of mother and sons were very close, and many of the boys teased Josh and Kyle a little that they must have been switched at birth. escort keçiören The jibs hurt both boys as they loved their mums with intensity. However, none of the guys ever persisted in their teasing because they were too frightened of Kyle, and Josh had a heart of gold and everyone loved him too much to go on with it. When Beth and Heather arrived almost at the same time, they chatted as their boys said their good-byes and put their bags into their respective cars.

On the way home Josh was very quiet, which was odd for him as he usually loved to tell his mum all about the camp. His mind was wrestling with how he was going to seduce his mother, and he had no idea. Beth tried to engage her son into conversation, but to no avail; he was far too busy with his dilemma. He so wanted his mother; he loved and wanted her so much. Later that night as Josh and Beth sat at the kitchen table, drinking their coffees, to say a light bulb went off in Josh’s head would be an understatement; the whole fireworks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve went off in his head. A number of things had been floating around in his mind, seemingly unconnected until his cleaver mind had suddenly found the link. It was something Jeremy had said. He told the boys the signs to look for in their mums, which would show they were being aroused and therefore able to be seduced by their sons. He had said to watch their eyes, as they would either widen, become dreamy or both. Their mum’s would probably squirm if they were sitting – a sign they were feeling excitement in their pussies, and their mouths would open slightly. Josh had seen his mother’s eyes widen and then become dreamy, and this had been the link his mind had been searching for.

Some months ago when Beth’s sister Jenny, had been visiting, the two women sat in the kitchen as they always did drinking Irish Cream. They chatted for hours, and as the alcohol loosened Aunt Jenny a little more then usual she relayed a story to her sister. The story was one of mother and son incest that had just broken down Jenny’s way. Josh had looked sideways at his mum to see her eyes fly open and her expression was all interest in Jenny’s story. Aunt Jenny was a local reporter and knew all the juicy details, which she now related to her older sister by two years. Both women had forgotten about Josh – sometimes his size came in handy. The son was nineteen and his mother 37, and they had been caught by her husband and father of her son.

“So what happened, how did it start, tell me everything,” Beth pleaded with her sister and Josh could hear the excitement in her voice. When Jeremy had spoken to them, this night had instantly been recalled in Josh’s mind. Aunt Jenny had smiled like a naughty little girl with a very dirty secret. As she gave her sister a blow by blow account Josh watched his mum’s eyes go from very wide to very dreamy and she squirmed on the kitchen chair. Yet, not only was his mum Beth reacting this way, but so was Aunt Jenny. Now, weeks later, a plan developed in Josh’s mind within an instant as he drank his coffee. Beth had seen her son’s sudden change of expression.

“What is it?” she asked hoping her son wanted to talk now and gave him her undivided attention. This was the second thing that was floating around is in his mind. Beth loved to listen to his stories, and Josh was a great story teller; he could draw his mum into his stories so she felt though she was there, and her emotions went with her; he also would act out different scenes with his listeners for emphasis. Josh concentrated; he wanted to get this perfect.

“Well on all the nights on camp, the guys told stories,” he began and Beth could imagine the scene, as she knew all the other 19 boys who stayed in the same dormitory.

“Did you tell stories?” a proud Beth asked, because she knew how good he was at story telling. Josh looked disappointed.

“I couldn’t, because they all told stories about sex,” he told his mum with a frown on his face, “and I don’t have any of those. But guys who did, told good stories,” he said this with enthusiasm, leaning toward his mum for emphasis with a big grin on his face. Beth’s eyes widened the first indicator.

“They were good stories were they?” she asked with as much enthusiasm as her son. Beth was on board and her emotions were with her.

“Oh yeah,” Josh said and gave a far away look as though remembering them.

“Well go no, tell me some,” Beth encouraged her son and Josh knew he had his mum hooked. Now he was in unknown territory.

“Are you sure you want to hear them, they’re very explicit, very detailed?” Josh asked his mum giving her an exit, but also attempting to heighten her arousal.

“Yeah, give me all the juicy details,” Beth gave her son permission and that’s all he needed. He grinned up at his mother and leaned forward a bit more, and Beth did the same; the movements of co-conspirators to a deep dark secret. Now Josh had to make up a series of stories, but that was his forte, and he knew how to keep anyone engrossed in his stories, especially his mum.

“Well Jeremy started the whole thing off on the first night, as he always leads and that set the tone for every night and every story.” Josh was dragging this out deliberately, as he knew this worked best on his mum. Beth nodded for him to get on with it.

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