The Chava

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No sooner had I recovered from my wife’s new found sexual assertiveness I found myself exploring new avenues with her apparent blessing.

There I was stood outside a small maisonette on the fourth floor of a dingy apartment block in the wrong end of town. I was considering what I had let myself in for and why I volunteered for this. I worried that I return to the smouldering hulk of metal that was once my car as I pushed the doorbell to the right of the dark green door half way down the dimly lit and desolate corridor.

I heard the dull sound of the bell ring behind the door and thought of my wife and Victoria’s new venture, a volunteer service for young mums, isolated and in need of every type of service for free. I was the first of, hopefully, many.

I clutched the piece of paper that had the instructions and waited nervously in front of the door, tracing the path of the peeling paint lazily as I heard footsteps approach from behind the thin veneer. The person paused and peered through the spy hole just below the plastic number in the centre of the scratched and badly battered door.

“Who are you?” A gruff female voice hissed aggressively through the door.

“I’m here to fix your computer. I’m from the volunteer agency.” I retorted in shock and held my id card up to the spy hole.

Chains and bolts clanked and clunked as the occupant released the door from its shackles, it slowly creaked ajar.

“Let me see.” The voice demanded rather edgily.

I handed over the card and looked on as a pair of hazel eyes scanned the image and then me.

“You’d better come in then.” The voice responded in no less a harsh tone’ The safety chain clanked against the guard and the door was pulled fully open.

I offered my hand but the young occupant backed away. She was reasonably attractive but wore a dark expression and a deep frown.

“You must be er….I’m John.” I stuttered as I tried to scan the piece of crumpled paper for the client’s name.

She stepped back to give me a wide berth. She was a slightly built girl, not the kind I would normally mentally undress but fairly attractive with a square jaw and sharp features. She was perhaps 5 feet 4 tall and looked to be in her early 20s. She wore a white tee shirt, black tracksuit bottoms and pink bunny slippers. She sported the orange hue of a fake tan, had shoulder length jet black hair, laser straight and centre parted.

She obviously took great care over her appearance and was meticulous in her every detail. Her eyebrows were plucked pencil thin and her teeth where pillar box straight and porcelain white. She had slim hips, slim lips and was chewing gum, open mouthed – a real charmer I thought to myself as I stepped forward and into the small lobby.

As she backed off and turned I saw the ubiquitous large golden hooped earrings. She had plenty of other bling too; large fake rings on her hands and a wrist full of sparkly golden bracelets.

As she walked in front of me I studied her slender frame, she was rather boyish in appearance from behind. She hid rather thin and spindly legs and what little female figure she had in her baggy attire. Her arse, slight though it was, seemed taught and was quite pleasing on the eye, as she swung her hips and made her buttocks flex with each step.

She smelled surprisingly good, although I was perhaps a little over powered with the cheap fragrance but it was pleasant enough over the inevitable smell of babies and stale nappies.

I stumbled past a pushchair and associated paraphernalia stacked along the narrow passage to the small lounge. It was almost devoid of any furniture and certainly of any homely touches, ornaments and the like. The tiled floor was cool and was quite unwelcoming save for a small rug adjacent to the two seat sofa which lay opposite us and pulled away from the back wall. An equally compact coffee table was in front and a large cot dominated the wall to the right.

To the left was the kitchen area, comprising a red worktop, small hob, sink, a kettle, a cupboard and precious little else.

“Hi I’m John.” I offered my hand again and leaned forward. My voice echoed in the small and stark space.

She eyed me up and down disdainfully as if to size me up and after a substantial and deliberate pause offered me a seat.

“I’m Leanne.” She said clearly and abruptly, her voice cutting through the near silence in the room. She nodded in the direction of the cot. “I’ll get the laptop. You’ll have to be quiet, the baby is asleep and it takes ages for him to get off. He’s not a good sleeper.”

She spun and left by the door behind the sofa. After a couple of minutes she re-entered with freshly applied lipstick and a small black laptop tucked under her arm.

“It should be OK for power, but the charger is through there if you need it.”

“What’s the problem?” I asked trying to establish a level of professionalism.

“It just got slower and slower until now it takes ages to start up and I can load anything at all.”

Computers adıyaman escort are my thing and it didn’t take me too long to find out what the problem was. Between pauses for powering up and as she looked over my shoulder I tried to strike up a conversation, it was hard work.

“Lived here long?”

“A couple of months. Father Vic got me the place, bless her. My er, the boy’s father, was locked….sent away for a while and so I had to get a place quick.”

I tumbled to the situation but kept to my task as she opened up further.

“Jack, my son, is about 6 months old. He doesn’t sleep and keeps the neighbours awake. The bloody walls are paper thin. That’s why I keep the door bolted. The bastards keep banging on my door, as if I can do anything about it, all they do is wake him up and make things worse.”

Eventually she offered me a coffee and as we sat we chatted on and off whilst I effected the repair. I studied her perfectly manicured fingers as they wrapped themselves around the warm cup and almost massaged it. Just the tips of her perfectly shaped nails were painted white in what I believe is called a French manicure. I had already come to the conclusion that the nails were probably false in any case.

I must admit to having a wicked and aimless daydream about long and elegant fingers wrapping around my shaft and my manhood being taken into a warm and welcoming mouth.

I re-focused as she looked over my shoulder whilst I tended to the troublesome device balanced on my knees. She was trying to make sure I wasn’t harming her most precious toy and maintained her vigil at my side.

After a few minutes waving my magic wand, I blurted out, “”Bingo!” as I triumphantly identified the culprit on her PC. “There you go, all fixed.” I said as I pressed the sequence of keys. It had turned out she had no anti-virus software and the PC had been attacked.

“Wow that was quick!” She exclaimed. “Thank you, thank you very much. This is the only source of enjoyment I have.” Her voice had changed and she had lost her “attitude.”

I hadn’t noticed the lack of entertainments and as I glanced around the room indeed there was no evidence of a television or even a radio.

“I use the Internet to download things. I get a signal through there.” She pointed at the door behind the sofa.

I hadn’t noticed that there was no phone either. I checked and there was also no wireless signal on the laptop.

“I’ll need to check your connection and will download you an anti-virus, so this doesn’t happen again.” I said as I stood, with the laptop on my arm, and motioned her into the room.

She turned the light on and closed the grey door gently behind her. The room was again small, it had a single bed on the right hand wall, and opposite it was a small chest of drawers. A single wardrobe was on my left opposite to the small window covered by thin red curtains.

At least this room had a carpet and didn’t echo as we both shuffled through the door, but again there was precious little to make it a personal space. Leads and cable festooned the floor and led to an ancient and very large monitor balanced awkwardly and dominating the small chest.

Leanne took the laptop from me and plugged a selection of leads into the back.

“There you are.” She said as she turned the mammoth screen on with an audible clunk from the electronics within it.

“How long have you been without it?” I asked gesturing at the laptop screen.

“About 3 weeks, it’s been driving me mad. It just got slower and slower. It’s all I have. I watch it like a tv, chat to my mates and ….”

It was an older machine and took a little while to power up. As I waited I glanced down to see four of five tall stacks of CDs, in cases, next to the bed.

“This is comfy.” Was all I could think of to say as we waited for the software to load. I bounced up and down, indeed the bed was comfortable and it had a deep mattress which elevated me high enough off the floor as to make my feet dangle.

Sure enough the laptop had acquired a wireless connection – an unsuspecting neighbour had an unsecured network.

“Do you get many visitors? What about your family?” I said trying to keep up a conversation but immediately wished I hadn’t said it, I had touched a raw nerve and Leanne threw a mini tirade.

“Family? I don’t have one. My father, that bastard, left me when I was 2 and my mother, the pissed up cow, chucked me out when I was fourteen.”

I glanced at her face; she wore an expression of mixed rage and abandonment. Her cheeks were flushed red and the glow in her eyes changed from fire to sadness as she lowered her head down and away from me.

“There you are,” I said changing the subject as quickly as I could and seeing the PC was fully powered up.

I clicked on the Internet.


I nearly jumped out of my skin as the screen opened in front of me. It showed a hardcore porn site with picture of an older guy fucking a young girl doggy style. Plenty escort adıyaman of other shots, all with a similar theme, older guys and younger girls, popped into view as the website opened up. I blushed red as I was powerless to stop the pictures of cum soaked girls, ass fucking, dick sucking and clit licking from emerging on the screen.

“I think your browser has been hijacked.” I added as I tried to turn the screen away from her, forgetting the large 22 inch monitor on the drawers opposite.

“Oh that! No, that’s fine. That’s what I usually have as my home page.” She said in a matter of fact voice. She looked back at me and deep into my eyes almost defiantly, almost inviting me to pass a comment.

“Oh.” Was all I could manage in response as I quickly clicked off the site, fumbled with the keys and prepared to download the anti-virus software.

“Whilst you are on, I can’t play this video. I wonder if you could have a quick look.” She said in a lighter tone as she dived forward to the top of one of the piles of CDs.

Such requests aren’t unusual in the IT game but often lead to a real headache of a job. It didn’t seem that I had an alternative. Grudgingly I nodded in agreement but wondered what corner I had been backed into.

“You’ve got a lot of films there.” I said as I put the disc in the drive. “It will probably be a missing codec.”

She nodded vacantly, not really understanding the technical jargon. “I’ll just be happy if you get it to work. It’s a special tape from a friend on the net.” She winked and cracked a wicked and playful smile.

It was the first time she had smiled, she had a nice smile and I warmed to her as her eyes lit up with excitement and anticipation. Sure enough the message flashed up. I tapped in a few lines and started to download the correct file.

“Oh you use chat rooms then?” I asked trying to keep a conversation going.

“Oh yes. It’s the only way I can meet people. I have joined a few groups here and there.” She said keeping things vague and trying adding an air of mystery.

The conversation remained stilted and, although it was obvious that we had little in common, she seemed to want to drive it in a particular direction. I decided to try to keep things light and after a few more minutes of small talk the downloading had finished and all the software had installed itself.

After another re-boot I handed the laptop back over to her.

“There you go. That should work now but I would like a longer look at it later, to make sure. “

“I’ve got a lot of videos and images saved on the hard disc that could do with a good sort out.” She added as she clicked the buttons and concentrated on the screen as the video player launched.

“Ideally it needs a good clean up.” I blushed again as I realised the involuntary double meaning. My timing was immaculate; the video sprang into life as Leanne pressed on, ignoring my faux pas.

It also sprang into life on the big screen and the sound of the girl screaming in ecstasy almost knocked me off the edge of the bed. Leanne quickly pressed the keys to turn the volume down as my eyes adjusted to the scene before me. My thoughts turned to the neighbours listening through the paper thin walls.

The images were rather hypnotic and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen. This time a rather well endowed older guy was clearly ass fucking, what looked to be, a tiny and slim, short haired, blonde, teenager on the screen. I didn’t say anything but my face must have betrayed my mood, my jaw hung open but I just couldn’t look away.

I dare not look up to catch Leanne’s eye but my cock had started to stir in my pants. It wasn’t pedo stuff and this not usually my thing but the girl did seem to be genuinely enjoying it and there was a professional edge to the filming.

I finally glanced across at Leanne. She too was fixed on the screen and wore a wry and distant smile. She noticed me looking, turned and beamed at me.

“Wow. Thanks John. I thought I had lost this for ever.” She said in excitement as she shuffled back on the bed, her head still and eyes fixed on the big screen.

The action moved to the front of the girl. Her slim fingers were wrapped around another large cock whilst she continued to be pumped from behind. I recognised the white tips to her nails and her as mouth gaped over the tip of the rampant tool I was sure I recognised her.

I looked closer. It wasn’t just any girl, it was Leanne, all be it with short fair hair but there was no mistaking her. My eyes widened and my mouth just hung open wider. I tried desperately not to look across at her to confirm my observations.

She must have noticed that I had recognised her and broke the silence as I struggled to find a way to exit the room.

“Do you have you any idea how hard it is to score a shag with a kid in tow?” she blurted out. “This is all I have to keep me sane and satisfied. Sometimes I have to I wank off three or four times a day to this kind of stuff. I did this adıyaman escort bayan a couple of years ago with Jack’s father. Do you like it?” She said trying to provoke a response.

I wasn’t sure what to say or do. I didn’t want to be judgemental and thought silence was the best option but it was getting to me, or rather my cock, which, with a great sense of timing, visibly twitched in my pants at just that moment.

“I’ve got a real thing for older men. Jack’s father is fifty. How old are you?” She said glancing down and fixing a stare at the jumping bulge in my tightening trousers.

I glanced across at the action on the screen. She had been joined by another couple of older, fatter blokes, both balding like me. Three were doing her in all of her holes and she was clearly enjoying it, whilst the fourth filmed with a spare video camera.

“Much the same age as these guys I suspect.” I said shrugging my shoulders not knowing how else to respond.

“Just right then. Father Vic told me you might be up for it. That’s Jack’s father there with the camera.” She seemed genuinely proud of the tape.

“Up for what?” I thought.

Leanne gently put the laptop on the floor and stood. She lifted her tee shirt up and revealed her flat and lithe torso. She didn’t look to have an ounce of spare flesh as she lifted the baggy cotton shirt higher.

A pair of small and pert breasts lightly bounced free from the white material. Her nipples were pink and swollen and protruded proudly from her petite chest.

It was a shame I thought to myself wickedly, I could fit the whole of one of those into my mouth and still have room to spare. I collected my thoughts and continued to watch as she peeled the tee shirt up and over her head. Her shiny black hair flopped back down over her slim and naked shoulders as she turned slightly, as if to allure me.

She opened her eyes wide, battered her eyelids and pouted a little, trying to look sexy. I chuckled to myself at her clumsy attempts. She looked over her right shoulder to reveal a collection of tattoos on her back and upper arms that matched those on the girl in the video. I wondered if the fake tan was an all over job as she swung to face me. Her tiny boobs bobbed and her hardened nipples reached out expectantly before her.

“I need a good shag, I haven’t had any for over a year, not really since this and not since my boyfriend got sent down. Father Vic told me you could do the job.” She must have noticed that her feminine wiles were not working and reverted to plan “B”. She stood in front of me and pulled my head directly to her chest.

“But I am old enough to be your father.” I protested.

“I know, but older guys really do it for me and you are at the moment. Am I not allowed to enjoy a good fucking then?”

She forced my head closer to her tits.

“Suck me hard. Bite them. I want it rough.”

My life flashed before my eyes, I paused and considered bolting but eventually succumbed, after all I am a man, Victoria did tell me to offer any services and go the extra mile, Leanne seemed to be very demanding and besides I am a sucker when a girl talks dirty to me.

I opened my lips to let the soft orb enter. Leanne eagerly accepted the heat of my mouth on her tender nipples and pressed forward almost pushing me back on the bed.

Her small tits were unbalanced by her extravagantly elongated nipples; they must have extended almost a third the length of her tits as I sucked hard on each in turn, drawing them out yet further. She jumped and gasped in delight as I sucked and swirled them inside my mouth. Still connected, in as fierce a suckle as I dared, she kicked off her slippers and fumbled with her tracksuit bottoms.

“We won’t have long. He’s asleep now but soon wakes up, especially if there are strangers in the flat.” She sighed as she flung her bottoms down, stood back and paused to allow me a good look at her naked form.

She wasn’t wearing any knickers and my question regarding the tan was answered. She stood back and allowed me to feast my eyes on her private parts. I noted that the tan was indeed all over, even her bare pussy lips were the same strange orange colour as the rest of her. I wondered if she might smudge I thought cheekily to myself as she mounted the bed beside me.

She was no shrinking violet and not subtle either. She lay back on the bed, lifted her knees to her chest and spread them wide with her hands, one on each shin.

“Now suck my clit good and hard. Go on bite it. I want it fucking hard.” She ordered in a heavy whisper.

I rolled off in meek obedience and sank to my knees before her, with my head directly in front of her crotch. She smelled of soap and talc, was cleanly shaven and had obviously planned the evening’s events meticulously.

“Go on then.” She demanded as she tucked her hands behind her knees and titled her hips upwards to meet my trembling lips.

I complied. I lent forward and unfurled my tongue. She gasped as the soft and warm surface made contact with the moist folds of her generously fleshy cunt.

Her clam yielded to the probing of my soft and wet tongue. Her lips spread and separated as if an opening petal and, oh, the taste of her juice was so sweet. I drank deeply and drew back to savour the taste, the view and the moment.

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