The Carny Pt. 11

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Big Tits

Part Eleven:

By mid-April Roy and I were in Cordele, Georgia, working our way up I75 on our way to Tennessee. Roy got us through the advance work for the stand there in time to have a day off. He knew of a swimming hole outside of town he said would be ideal for a skinny dip.

It was our first since the one that preceded him inviting me into his bed. That seemed so long ago by then. I couldn’t wait to enjoy one in the context of our recently revived love affair.

There was a romantic glint in Roy’s eyes the entire ride there. Our surroundings were very secluded and serene. Before we had even stripped he pinned me against a tree and dove in for a session of deep kissing that quickly had us grinding our hard cocks together.

We finally stripped out of our clothes and spent some time just fondling each other’s hard-on. I wrapped my arms around his chest and leaned in for another kiss.

We reminisced about those previous experiences and laughed about how quickly my sense of modesty had evaporated from the first to the second.

Roy reached his right arm around me and sank his middle finger in my crack to tease my hole, eliciting an aroused moan from me.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when you bent over and flashed this little pink thing at me…and hanging right below it was the smoothest, most beautiful set of balls I think I’d ever set eyes on. That little boy who always seemed so crazy about me had grown quite a pair it turned out…he’d become a man…a good looking one too!”

“You made me feel so comfortable around you…I never even thought about it,” I confessed to his laughter with a blush.

I resumed stroking his cock and continued, “Even when I turned and saw this thing sticking out from under your belly…it never occurred to me I had anything to do with it.”

He laughed even louder and increased the pressure of his finger as it played over my pucker.

“You hollered ‘Feels great, Roy. You’re going to love it.’ Hell…I had no idea what I was supposed to make of that!”

I belly laughed. I hadn’t realized the double entendre in what I’d said till he pointed it out.

“I had to figure out some way to learn if that handsome young man had the slightest inclination he might like to share my bed.”

“He did…”

I kissed him.

“…and his whole life changed for the better.”

I kissed him again. He pulled me tighter to him.

“Mine too, sport…mine too!” he assured me.

I rested my head on his shoulder and basked in the intimate thrill of his probing digit.

“But you sure played your cards close to the vest,” he claimed.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, nothing I’d tried in the way of showing I was interested had worked to that point. When I saw I wasn’t going to able to sleep that night before our set up, I realized I was going to have to just bite the bullet and take the direct approach. Never been so scared in all my life.”

I was shocked. What had he tried? How could I have been so blind as to miss his signals?

“I’m awful glad you did,” I sighed as I cupped his balls in my other hand while continuing to stroke his dick, “I’m apparently too dim to catch anything less obvious.”

He laughed and opened his mouth, inviting me in for a kiss. It seemed to be his admission that, to him at that time, I had been the one with the upper hand. I delivered it as tenderly as I could in hopes he would understand that in my eyes the truth was exactly the opposite.

“Let’s get wet,” he suggested when we broke from it.

He took me by the hand and led me into the water with him. It was a small branch of some river I can no longer recall the name of. The banks and riverbed were sandy and friendly to our feet.

Our cocks weren’t yet under water when Roy pulled me in for another kiss. Their heads rubbed together and we both sighed.

I turned around in his embrace and leaned back against his front. He locked his hands on my belly and snugged me to him.

His cock head teased my crack while we talked in hushed tones about the beauty of our surroundings. My contentment soared.

“You feel so good,” he sighed.

I rested my arms on top of his and relished his warmth.

“I want to suck you…out here…right in the open,” I quietly confided.

“I’d be a fool to say no,” he playfully replied and then nipped at my ear.

I turned and slowly dropped to my knees before him in the cool water.

He looked magnificent. His cock was raging hard by that point.

It was beautiful and his masculine musk was faintly tinted with the smell of me. I found that incredibly arousing.

I stuffed my mouth on him so deliberately slowly as to tease him with my show. After I had myself securely fitted on him he sighed his contentment and ran the fingers of both hands through my hair.

Once again I felt small and submissive.

The soft lapping sounds of the water around us were wonderfully soothing. I tightened my suction on him and took his balls in one hand while I wrapped the other topkapı escort around the base of his swollen member.

I made tender love…to that one-of-a-kind man, and his one-of-a-kind phallus.

A crowd could’ve gathered around us at that point and I wouldn’t have cared in the least. He made me feel that safe. The kindness in his expression as he looked down on me only enhanced my sense of security.

My sucking noises and our contented moans reverberated in the trees. I took my time and slowly edged him to a gusher of a climax.

His strong hands stayed on my head while I nursed his cock till it was completely flaccid and every drop of his delicious seed was inside me where it belonged. I let the limp thing fall from my lips and rest against my face while I happily suckled his plump scrotum, by then hanging loose again.

“Nobody’s ever sucked me like you, Ed…so full of love,” he sighed.

I pecked each of his spent orbs with a kiss and then peeled his skin back to lap up the last pearly droplet of semen that had leaked from his slit. He helped me up when I was done and kissed me.

“Thank you so much,” he softly intoned.

I leaned in for another kiss.

My cock was rock hard and poked him in the belly. He giggled and wrapped a hand around it when we parted.

“I think I’d best return the favor,” he said as he gave it a tug.

With that he dropped to his knees before me. He asserted himself by slipping his arm between my legs and pressing his thick finger to my hole again, barely penetrating it.

In his own way he proceeded to make me feel like a king, gazing up into my eyes while he nursed my erection with a show of reverence that bathed me in his love.

By the time I’d spent my load I was so weak I could only drop to my knees as well.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and we knelt together, playfully tongue rasslin’ for several minutes. When we broke from that we splashed and swam for most of an hour and then headed back for dinner.

Looking back on the version of events he recounted, I guess I see how I could have been oblivious to his overtures. I remember feeling so alone in my particular attraction to men since I didn’t seem to fit the stereotype of ‘the homosexual’. I felt more like some kind of unique ‘aberrant other’.

I can’t help but wonder now if, maybe on a subconscious level at least, I hadn’t hoped to tempt him into some such action with the words and deeds he spoke of.

No such thought occurred to me at that time, however. I was just glad to be one with him again; glad he’d found the courage to reach that huge hand out to me in the darkness to let me know I wasn’t alone after all.

By that point in our travels, the novelty of being back in his arms had slowly returned to the norm it had been when we parted company the previous August. He patiently waited and indulged me the dominance I’d been craving from him in his absence until the assertiveness he had grown to love and expect from me resurfaced.

In spite of his natural physical advantage over me we were equals once again, and it seemed Roy couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Near the end of May we were making preparations for the stand outside of Bristol, where I had joined the crew the previous summer. Roy and I arrived three days ahead of it.

I had been on the road for nearly three months at that point and, throwing myself into the work as I had, was once again in shape. The musculature I’d been so proud of was back in spades and I had developed the appetite necessary to fuel its growth.

For the first time in my life I broke the 200 pound barrier in body weight, tipping the scale at 202. On my nineteen year old frame, still maturing, it was starting to look stocky. I was very proud of it.

The night prior to the set up Roy and I were lying in bed. Well, he was lying. I was sitting on his lap playing with his nipples while he squeezed our hard-ons together and gently stroked us.

However big I’d grown during the spring, I still marveled at how small I felt looking down at the titanic dimensions of his massive build. He was in a very playful mood that night and I was dying for a ride on the fat dick he pressed to mine.

I wheedled and cajoled him for it while he played coy and denied me. I began grinding my balls to his and could see his resolve begin to weaken.

Suddenly he sat up with me on his lap and turned his legs off the bed, his arms around me snugly holding me against his magnificent belly. It caught me by surprise and I wrapped one hand over the other behind his neck to dive in for a kiss.

Before that could happen he further shocked me by effortlessly standing up. I laughed hysterically like an awe-struck child, clinging to his enormous neck and flinging my legs around his hips as he slid a hand down my back and under my butt to support me.

It was a show of physical dominance he had never treated me to before and he laughed at my utter amazement.

“This what you want?”

“It tuzla escort is now!”

I opened my mouth. He stuffed his tongue in it and I moved my hands to the back of his head to press my face to his. I felt like little more than a sack of groceries in his strong arms as he hefted me higher up on his belly.

He had no problem gracefully turning around to face the bed with me. When I broke from our kiss I saw his incredibly broad backside in the dresser mirror.

All I could see of me were my shins with my heels dug into the tops of his huge haunches, my forearms with my hands clasped behind his bull neck, and my face from the eyes up peering over the expanse of his right shoulder.

Anyone in his right mind should’ve been terrified at the prospect of a man who could toy with more than two hundred pounds like it was nothing preparing to have his way with him. It made me ecstatic.

“This time I want to look you right in the eye while we do it,” he said in a lusty groan.

He gently lowered me onto our bed. My legs remained locked around his hips when he straightened up and revealed my hard-on lying on my lower abdomen, swollen like I’d never seen it before.

He looked magnificent gazing down on me; his arms hanging at his sides, his hands balled into massive fists, his chest heaving, his vein studded cock leaking profusely.

“No slick ’em,” I insisted, succumbing to my lust for what stood before me.

By that time he had given up using the stuff in favor of my natural lubricant to intensify the pleasure he found in having me inside him. It made him feel more stimulating on me too and was a step I suddenly felt ready to take for him.

Roy smiled and gave me a look that could only be asking if I was sure.

“I want to feel you…REALLY feel you!” I passionately confirmed.

He pulled my legs from around him and managed to secure my ankles in one hand. Between my knees I could see his raging organ. He kept his eyes on mine while he reached down with his free hand and swiped a couple of fingers over his oozing urethra.

The giant smeared the catch around on them with his thumb and pulled them apart to show me the glistening strand that stretched between them. He smeared it over my tiny pucker and it lurched into uncontrollable spasms.

The corners of his mouth lifted in a sexy smile and he repeated the procedure several more times. During the last two he worked his fingers in; first one, then two.

He withdrew them and pinched his foreskin together, then began flexing his cock. It was a stunning display of sexual potency. He rolled his hood back to show me the light playing off the gleaming surface of his well-lubed cock head.

Roy then repeated the maneuver again…and again. The extra care and preparation he was taking reassured me. He appeared confident that he could make my decision a rewarding one.

Still, my heart was pounding. On the one hand I was afraid the pain might be more than I bargained for. On the other, I secretly hoped it would be.

Roy let go of my ankles and squatted down, allowing my legs to come to rest against his wide, powerful shoulders while he lined his yawning slit up at my quivering hole. I shivered at its touch.

He grinned and leaned over me, planting his fists in the mattress on either side of my rib cage.

“You can still change your mind…I’ll understand,” he assured me.

“NO!” I exclaimed, my passion at high tide.

He pressed for entry. My sphincter pointlessly rebelled, engaging his glans in a contest of will they both knew was hopeless.

It finally relented to his persistence and he pried me open, sliding in until my ring submissively cinched him behind his pronounced corona. My cock, as usual, withered under the pressure.

Roy’s eyes began to flame. He slowly filled me with his turgid member until his big, warm balls were firmly pressed to my upturned butt. My flaccid cock helplessly regurgitated my load out onto my pubis.

He shivered and a lusty moan rolled up from his massive chest.

“You feel so GOOD!” he said, sounding and looking victorious.

I couldn’t speak from the intensity of the pain. I closed my eyes and simply nodded while clutching in vain at his enormous arms.

He set his hips in motion and gradually lengthened his stroke until he was retracting all but the head from my thoroughly paralyzed ring of muscle. I vaguely recognized the voice crying out as mine.

My aching chute clung to the unforgiving girth of his cock as if pleading for its mercy.

I continued to sing out in blissful torment. Roy raged on toward the ecstasy he knew awaited him. I fell further into submission, welcoming his devastating thrusts with earnest complicity.

He raised up and grabbed my legs, pushing them out in front of him and holding my ankles together. I’d never seen him look more assertive.

I had asked for the experience he was giving me and was determined to ensure he didn’t regret granting it. To ümraniye escort my relief the stabbing pains from his fervent thrusts soon subsided to a dull throb.

I was fully formed to him at last, freely giving in to the overwhelming pleasure of his persistent assault. The satisfaction beaming from his handsome face had never looked so complete, and my sense of pride at helping him get there had never felt more rewarding.

The steady slap of his weighty scrotum on my butt felt incredibly good. It was both humbling and intensely stimulating.

I had never seen his face before while he fucked me. His determined expression was incredibly handsome.

“It’s so good…oh, god…fuck me, Roy!” I urged him on.

He paused and carefully considered the urgency in my plea. Placing his trust in it, he leaned in and bore down on me with unrelenting force. My howls and his deep, lusty groans reached a crescendo.

Suddenly he let go of my legs and fell forward onto his fists again, slamming his furry loins to my ass while he sounded out his ecstasy.

Jammed to the hilt in my pulverized chute, his demanding member began insistently flexing. I had never heard him so vocal in his orgasm.

When he returned to earth he collapsed onto his elbows, marginally sparing me his full weight, and drilled me on his powerful kiss. I threw my arms around his neck and gratefully received it.

Just then somebody began furiously pounding on our door.

Roy jumped up, dragging his half-hard cock from my ravaged hole, gleaming in the generous coating of my deep anal juice it bore. The sex crazed aroma of the stuff suddenly flooded the air around us.

“That can’t be good!” he announced.

He grabbed my clothes from my chair and threw them at me, then pointed at the bathroom.

“Pitch me a washcloth and get yourself presentable!” he ordered me in a hushed tone.

I immediately obeyed, quickly dampening a cloth for him. He swabbed his smelly cock and balls with it and pitched it back to me.

He was pulling on his pants as I closed the door, not bothering with the boxers that still lay on top of his shirt on the dresser. I heard Roy crack the front door open.

“Bruce! What are you doing here?!” he said in total surprise.

“What am I doing here?! What the hell are YOU doing here?!”

His tone was accusing and his voice sounded choked with tears. I heard the door close. It locked and then there were muffled voices. I knew Roy had stepped out and, after quickly swiping the rag over myself, yanked my clothes on and exited the bathroom.


“He’s your nephew, Bruce…you have every right to see him. I have no intention of trying to stop you, but you’re not getting past me until I’m sure no harm can come of it. Now…please…calm down…let’s all talk…like reasonable men…okay?”

“Reasonable! How am I supposed to be REASONABLE after hearing what you were DOING to him in there?!

“Okay?” Roy calmly persisted.

There was a pause. My heart was racing.

“Goddammit!” Bruce bellowed, sounding totally disgusted.

“Okay?” Roy pressed him yet again.

There was another long pause.

“Okay,” Bruce finally acquiesced, still sounding none too pleased.

The door unlocked and cracked open. Roy backed into the room, still shirtless and holding Bruce at arm’s length.

I suddenly remembered Roy’s boxers. It was too late to do anything about them.

“Reasonable…right?” Roy reminded him.

Bruce tried to step around Roy but he quickly blocked him.

“Right?” he calmly admonished Bruce.

“I’ll do my best,” Bruce replied in an agitated tone.

Roy stepped aside so my uncle and I could see one another.

“I know you’re upset, Bruce, but please don’t try anything. I don’t want to hurt you…not any more than I already have at least,” Roy gave his final yet compassionate warning.

Bruce was still fighting back tears…and losing. I couldn’t quite tell if they were tears of sorrow or rage at that point.

Deep anal still faintly lingered in the air, dashing any hope I had of smoothing things over with a lie. I was caught red-handed and knew a confrontation over my sexual conduct was ahead.

“How could you?” Bruce asked.

He was so emotionally wounded my heart ached for him. The problem was his eyes were closed so I wasn’t sure who he was posing the question to.

When he opened them he turned his head to Roy, who was resting his butt on the dresser with his arms folded over his chest and looking down at his feet.

“How…COULD…you?” he repeated, looking directly at him.

It probably sounds comical, but even in that incredibly tense moment I couldn’t help noting how unbelievably huge and handsome Roy looked.

His big arms were folded and resting on his firm, hairy belly. They forced his pectorals together to form that deep, fur lined cleft that always made my mouth water. In his left trouser leg sat that massive lump with a growing wet stain from the leaking remnants of the load he’d just planted in me.

He started to respond but Bruce cut him off.

“I trusted you to look after the boy…not turn him into a GODDAMN FAGGOT!”

Roy cleared his throat and rose from the dresser to his feet.

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