The Big Match

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Female Ejaculation

We had often talked about our histories and experiences in the martial arts. In fact, that was how we had met. I would often see you at local tournaments and admire you from a distance. Now, nearly fifteen years later, we were together and I could admire you from any distance I so chose.

During one of our conversations, the joke had come up of who could have beaten whom should we have ever competed against each other. As the joke had been raised, so had our curiosities. Even after months of talking, we were still curious.

Unlike a similar discussion would have been with any other man, I was never once threatened by your boastful jests that you could have easily beaten me. Instead, I was intrigued. I thought long and hard upon the possibility that you may actually be able to beat me and not once did it bother me at all.

Finally, one day, the opportunity arose in which to test the question. We had attended my old class, watching the fluid grace of the experienced students and the struggles of the new. Somehow I had been roped into closing up shop but I did not complain.

After everyone else had departed, leaving us alone to clean up what little was left to clean, you smiled and shoved me playfully. You assumed your stance and challenged me, beckoning forward with your hand in a manner reminiscent of Bruce Lee. I smiled and shrugged, assuming my own stance.

And we moved, attacking each other, testing the other’s canlı bahis defenses. You were taller than me and, not being used to competing against women, your center of gravity and balance was not what I was expecting. My slight confusion left you an opening and you took it.

But I had not managed to earn my black belt for nothing. Seeing that I would be unable to avoid the throw, I moved with it, sliding away from you before you were able to control me to the ground. My defensive actions left you slightly off balance and I made an attack of my own.

Although you never officially advanced far in rank, that did not reflect on the actual level of your skill. My attack was countered and I barely managed to keep my feet. We stepped back, smiling wildly at each other. Your grin enflamed me in a way I had never before felt on the mat.

And again we met, striving to off balance the other, to control the other. Throws were attempted and either blocked or countered. We parted again, this time breathing slightly heavier than before. Our grins were both even larger than before as well.

Then it happened. I went down. But not as a result of anything you did, which did not stop you from immediately pouncing on me for a pin. I had been so distracted by your smile and the carnal thoughts racing through my mind, that I tripped over my own two feet.

You slid into me, attempting a pin. Despite the clumsiness that had led to this position, bahis siteleri I quickly recovered and pulled you into my guard, not allowing you the control that would have granted you a pin. For the next several minutes we struggled for dominance, for control.

You fought to pass my guard and I struggled to turn you to your back. For several long minutes we fought with neither managing to gain the upper hand. Then I managed to finally turn you but was unable to close the distance fast enough and I would up wrapped up in your guard. All I had managed to do was switch positions with you and still neither of us had control.

Unsure of what possessed me, other than the overwhelming desire I always seemed to feel in your presence, I leaned down to kiss you. Expecting some kind of attack or deception, you were unprepared for the kiss. Not that you would have resisted any way.

My tongue danced with yours and our hands began to fumble with our gis and belts, quickly stripping us naked on the thick, soft mat. Normally, I preferred more foreplay, more build up. I preferred to get you so worked up you either begged me to slide into you or you simply took me when you wanted.

But not this time. This time, I simply plunged myself into you, kissing you deeply. Your nails raked down my back and your legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me in deeply. You moaned as we broke the kiss and I thrust in and out of you.

Your moans bahis şirketleri grew even louder as I leaned down again and bit your neck in that spot where I knew you so loved to be bitten. Our motions were frenzied, my thrusts fierce and quick while you ground yourself against me, savagely. Suddenly, your breath caught and then you screamed, my name barely intelligible, as you came violently.

This merely caused me to thrust harder until another orgasm followed your first. I slowed finally, allowing you to catch your breath. You grinned up at me and then shifted your weight, throwing me to the mat.

I was unprepared for the move and I laughed as I hit the mat, unceremoniously. Your grin never slipped as you climbed on top and slid my rock hard cock into your tight ass. You ground down on me from that position, your hand reaching down to massage your clit as you did so. I leaned up and took your little nipple ring, the tiny hand cuff dangling from your delicious nipple, into my mouth.

I pulled gently on that cuff, smiling as you moaned. You ground harder and harder as you felt another climax building. The beautiful sight of your breasts above me and the sensations you were imparting to my body with your motions were proving too much for me. With a groan, I reached up, grabbing you by the hips and ground myself into you as I exploded. That set off your orgasm and we exploded together.

We collapsed against each other, panting from our exertions and smiling at the after glow. You cuddled into me, kissing my neck and sighing contentedly. We lay there for some time, never truly knowing who was the better and not truly caring in the least.

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