The Bet

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Danielle didn’t know exactly how got into this position. Everything happened so fast that she could only remember blurred segments of what brought her here. All of her inhibitions had faded shot by shot, wholly emptying the bottle of Jack that she had bought earlier. She wasn’t alone in finishing the bottle though. She hated to drink alone, so she invited Jeff into her bedroom to do shots with her. Her memory was getting fuzzier by the second, as her body started to perspire. Her head was beginning to spin, but it wasn’t due to the alcohol; it was because of the tornado of emotions running through her head.

“How did I get myself into this again?” She thought to herself. “Oh yeah, that stupid bet.”

She prided herself as a self proclaimed fellatio queen. She loved to please men, mastering her skills through various different boyfriends of the past. But this wasn’t a boyfriend, and the stakes were high on this bet. If she couldn’t get Jeff off in less then 5 minutes, then he could do as he pleased with her body. And if she accomplished her goal, then Jeff would have to lick the alphabet across her button and then masterbate himself to orgasm over her chest. It was a win-win situation for both of them, at least physically. It was more or less just a drunk game to add some excitement to the night.

As Jeff dropped his boxers from his hips, his semi hard-on had flopped down hitting Danielle on the bridge of her nose. They both broke out laughing at the spectacle, as Danielle swatted his manhood off to the side. After the laughter had calmed, and a seriousness had taken over the situation, Danielle slowly reached up and palmed Jeff’s manhood.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked Jeff.

“Are you chickening out?” Jeff answered.

“No, I’m not chickening out.” Danielle replied “But once we do this, we can’t undo it.”

“It sounds like you want to chicken out.” Jeff replied.

“This is your last chance to back out.” Danielle told him.

“The bet’s on.” Jeff told her.

“Okay, time starts…….now!”

Jeff hit the timer button on his phone’s stop-clock, as Danielle turned her palm and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. She leaned in to the tip of Jeff’s cock, and traced it’s tip across her lips as she looked deep into his eyes. She parted her lips slightly and pushed the very tip of his manhood into the opening. The tip of her tongue danced on the hole of his cock, before she clamped her lips down and sucked it like she was trying to get a strawberry up a straw. Jeff’s pre-cum shot into her mouth, coating her tongue. Danielle released her suction on the tip of his cock, causing a loud smacking noise from the release. She swallowed down the appetizer that she was given, and then ran her head down his shaft until her lips met her hand.

She coated the shaft of his cock with here saliva, then backed her head off it while sliding her little hand down towards his tip. As soon as her hand would clear his tip, her hand and mouth would slide back down his shaft while tightening her grip. And though her hand could not wrap entirely around his thick cock, she made sure that her fingertips were tracing the big vein on the underside of his cock.

“4 minutes” Jeff moaned out while his half closed eyes shifted between the timer and Danielle. Jeff thought he was going to explode when Danielle started sucking his dick like a straw. He felt his balls contract like she had a direct root to them. He knew that if he had any chance of winning canlı bahis this bet, he would have to put his mind in a different place. He tried envisioning his elderly teacher being the one that was on her knees. But everytime he looked down into Danielle’s eyes, the reality of the situation would knock out any dick-limping thoughts he could muster.

Danielle knew Jeff was trying desperately to hold back. She could feel his cock slightly softening in her hand. This only encouraged her. While staring into Jeff’s eyes, she pushed the tip of her tongue through her lips once again and curled it…tracing the sensitive rim of his circumcised cock. She put the sexiest grin on her face, as she rubbed the tip of his cock across her cheek.

“3 minutes.” Jeff said through clenched teeth. He was losing the battle with his willpower. His cock was lurching on it’s own as his legs trembled. As Danielle rubbed his cock across her cheek, his cock lurched towards her still parted lips. It wanted back into her warm and wanting mouth. Raw lust was driving Jeff’s cock, leaving his mind to fend for itself. His cock knew what it wanted, and back in that warm wet mouth was it’s target.

Danielle took her free hand and traced her fingers down her naval, and down through the valley of her freshly shaven pussy. Danielle parted her pussy with her middle two fingers, and rubbed circles around her little nub. She arched her back slightly, giving Jeff full view of her fingers dancing across her clit. She then released his shaft from her grip, and reached down palming Jeff’s sack. Danielle needed his balls like dough, as she feverishly worked her fingers on her nub. Once she was sure that his balls were primed and ready to burst, she released her grip and grabbed back onto the shaft of his cock. She lowered her hips down until her pussy reached the back of her foot. She started grinding her pussy into her heel, bringing herself to the edge of orgasm.

“Two…” whispered out of Jeff’s lips. Danielle masturbating in front of him, while grinding her pussy into the back of her foot…was too much for Jeff. Danielle stuffed Jeff’s cock back into her mouth as her body trembled in a great orgasm. She used Jeff’s cock to stifle her scream, causing her lips to vibrate on the tip of his cock. Jeff’s cock could last no longer. Jeff felt his balls contract, and the race of come run through the vein on the underside of his cock. “Nooo…” Jeff let out as his body betrayed him. Rope after rope of cum shot into Danielle’s mouth, filling the back of her throat. She clamped her throat muscles down and used her mouth like a cup, as Jeff’s balls unloaded into her. After the final spurt spammed inside her mouth, she pulled her lips away from his cock. It took Danielle a couple of swallows to empty his cum into her belly. Danielle put the tip of Jeff’s cock back into her mouth. She flattened her tongue against the roof of her mouth, sucking every last drop out of Jeff. Once she was sure that he was totally cleaned out, she dragged her teeth across his sensitive tip. Jeff’s legs collapsed beneath him, causing him to fall back against the wall and onto his ass.

“That was mean!” Jeff exclaimed.

“What?” Daniel said. “I was just making sure I did a thorough job!” she said with a sexy and wicked grin on her face.”

“Oh, and you owe me the alphabet, as soon as you recover!”

“Your right, you won.” Jeff answered.


Danielle got up, from kneeling on the ground, and crawled bahis siteleri up onto the bed. She layed on her back, slightly spreading her legs while bending her knees. Her bald little pussy was splayed out for Jeff to see. She pushed a pillow under her head, while she enjoyed the cool breeze from the air conditioner blowing against her pussy. She was still on fire from the orgasm, and a little sore from grinding her pussy into her heal. The cool air helped take her mind off the throbbing ache going on between her legs.

Jeff got up off the floor and walked over to the other side of the bed. His spent cock slapped against his thighs as he walked. Once at the unoccupied side of the bed, he turned around and then dropped backwards into the empty space. As he hit the bed, his cock came down and slapped against his pubic bone. The noise echoed through the now silent room. Danielle and Jeff looked at each other and laughed at the broken silence. Jeff pulled a pillow under his own head, while trying to calm his rapid breathing. His chest was still heaving from the massive orgasm that had knocked him on his ass. Danielle turned on the television to occupy the time while they both recovered.

After watching an hour long show, Danielle reached up and ran her fingers through Jeff’s hair. Once her fingertips got close to the scalp, she wrapped his hair into her fist and tightened her grip. Jeff looked at Danielle, confused about the hair grabbing.

“Now eat it!” Danielle told Jeff as she pulled his head towards her bent knees. Jeff had no choice but to follow her fistfull of hair. He sat up and crawled in the direction his head was forced to go. Danielle maneuvered her leg around Jeff’s head, spreading her legs further apart. She guided Jeff between her legs, and pressed his face down to her pussy.

Jeff was in shock from what Danielle was doing to him. He followed her lead until his mouth was pressed against the lips of her pussy. He felt Danielle raise her hips, grinding her pussy into his chin. Jeff was in unfamiliar territory now, since he had never seen or participated in anything like this. He felt his lips getting pushed down hard onto her pussy. He felt a slight throb go through his lips, and knew he would end up with two fat lips from this rough play.

Danielle closed her eyes and arched her back. She took her free hand and entangled a handful of hair into that hand as well. She had total control over Jeff’s head. She pushed his face down hard into her pussy, seeking any kind of contact with her clit. Once her clit found Jeff’s lips, she grounded herself hard against his closed mouth. She was getting turned on just by taking control of Jeff’s head. She changed her mind about the alphabet. She was going to fuck Jeff’s face until orgasm.

Jeff had absolutely no control over his head once Danielle introduced her other hand to his head. He had know idea what he should be doing, and was basically a little scared at what Danielle was doing. He knew his lips were going to swell from the force of her grinding into them. Jeff took a deep breathe, and relinquished all control to Danielle.

Danielle’s orgasm was starting to boil in her groin. She held Jeff’s head hard against her pussy while she bucked her hips up and down. She used his chin to stretch the opening of her hole, while his lips pressed hard against her clit. As her stomach began to tense and the explosion had built up, she started to fuck his face as hard as she could. She heard Jeff exhale, and then take another bahis şirketleri gulp of breathe. She buried his chin into her hole as her orgasm exploded. Her body convulsed as her legs spasmed. She quickly pulled his head away from her pussy because of the sensitivity that consumed her groin. As she freed her hands from Jeff’s hair, she clamped her legs together and crawled into the fetal position. Her body was at the most vulnerable state due to the over-sensitive nerves that flooded her lower regions.

Jeff took his forearm, and wiped the fluids from his lower face and chin. He felt like a glazed doughnut, as the fluids started to dry on his face. He closed his eyes and wiped away any residue that was in the area. Once Jeff had finished getting most of Danielle’s fluids off his face, he finally spoke.

“What the fuck?” Jeff asked.

“That was your alphabet.” Danielle mumbled as she was barely able to lift her head from the pillow.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it because your cock is saying otherwise.” Danielle continued.

Jeff looked down between his legs and sure enough, his dick was pointing straight up into the air. His sack was no longer paper thin against his balls as his body had already replenished some of the fluids he had lost earlier. Jeff startled his knees across Danielle’s body until he was just below her breasts. He turned Danielle back over onto her back, and dragged the tip of his dick around one of her nipples.

“Not now. I can’t.” Danielle told Jeff.

Jeff continued his teasing of Danielle’s nipples using his dick to circle them going back and forth between the two. Jeff then put his hands on both sides of Danielle’s breasts, pressing them together. He guided his cock between the middle of her breasts, humping his dick in and out of them.

As Danielle opened her eyes, she could see Jeff’s cock sliding between her breasts. Her mouth started watering immediately, as her pussy started to heat back up. She stared lustfully at the cock poking in and out of her breasts. She gave into her body’s cravings as she reached her hand down between her legs. She separated the petals of her rising bud, seeking out her nub. Once her fingers found their target; she started rubbing her button profusely.

Jeff started to get close to his second orgasm. He let go of the pressure that held Danielle’s breasts together, and wrapped his hands around the shaft and tip of his cock. He masterfully started masterbatimg himself, squeezing as he thrusted and loosening as he pulled back. A drop of pre-cum built up at the tip of his cock, then dropped down onto Danielle’s nipple. Danielle’s mouth turned to cotton, as she panted hard. She wanted Jeff’s orgasm in her mouth to remedy the cottonmouth. Jeff started increasingly the speed of his stokes as he was on the verge of orgasm. Danielle sensed that Jeff was close, and opened her mouth wider to take his seed. Jeff grunted as ropes of come came shooting from his cock. The first strand of cum had shot across the air and landed a line that went from Danielle’s hair, down to her chin. The second shot of cum hit Danielle in the chin, and pearled around her neck. Jeff shifted his body and guided the third strand of cum across her breasts.

As soon as Danielle felt the hot liquid christening her face, her pussy spasmed into it’s own orgasm. Her fingers stayed on her clit until Jeff emptied himself over her breasts, neck, and face. Danielle’s mind had brought on multiple orgasms. Everytime she closed her eyes, she seen Jeff’s cock erupting his seed causing her to orgasm repeatedly. When her body fully exhausted itself; Danielle passed out. Jeff grabbed his boxers and left the room, giving Danielle the peace she needed to recover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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