The Beginning Of A Great Summer

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*This is a true story events have not been changed and names have been*

It was the beginning of summer for me. I’m mike. Im 5’11 165lbs and very muscular and built from football and volleyball. Im 16 years old. I started puberty when I was 11 so ive had a fair amount of growing. I have fair amount of chest hair. And hairy legs and thighs. My cock is 8 inches. Anyway to my story and I might switch to telling the story from the 3rd person so bare with me.

It was the second week of summer. I had just woken up with a my cock throbbing. I sleep in the nude all ways good to let the boys hang free. I got up went to my draw and pulled out some see through briefs since I figured no one would be home. I walked down the stairs and noticed my dad sleeping on the couch. I had forgotten my mom went on vacation with her sister for 3 weeks. I continued and looked over at my dad and saw his beautiful tight ass with just the perfect amount of fuzz over it. I have a thing for my dad. Im not completely gay. I have had sex with girls before and experimented with guys. But my dad was different. My cock was even harder now. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water when I heard my dad yawn and sit up on the couch.

Oh no I thought im bursa escort ragging hard and he probably is too. Morning wood only good if you have a horny girl. I put my glass down turned around and my dad was standing there with his cock hard and his balls hanging and looking full. “Uh morning dad” I said “ no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed son. Were both men and erections are normal and so is being horny and nude. Son for the next 3 weeks its just us guys. Let everything hang loose.” He paused and I couldn’t believe this was happening. He stared at my cock through my briefs and said “ Hmm thick large and loads of precum just like your old man.” My dad was no old man he was 37 great body. Very muscular 6 pack and everything was so defined. His cock was at least 10 inches. He had hairy legs and thighs like me. Nice hairy chest with a thick treasure chest line leading to very little pubes. Like I said before his ass was nice toned hairy.

“Son listen, im a man with needs. You as a teenager are horny all the time. Your mother isn’t here to help me. So listen anything you need just talk to me in fact im going to shower than go to the store to pick up a bottle of lube, if you want to you can come.” “Sure dad ill come” “Great im going to shower if you want to join bursa escort bayan me you can”
I was in major shock but very horny and followed him to his shower. It was huge like a shower for a gym. He got in turned all the heads on and got it nice and hot. I slipped off my underwear no longer shocked but excited and my cock sprung to life. I got in and at that moment my dad dropped the soap and he bent over. Exposing his nice pink hairy hole which at that moment I sat down and started jerking off. My dad said “ you know son when I was your age I always wanted to do sexual things with my dad but he never would I know you have it for me the way you eyed my cock this morning. I wanna try something and I know your gonna love it. Get up and bend over for me.” I agreed and bent over. I was waiting when I felt a warm presence in my hole. My dads tongue plunged deep in my ass and ate me out. It felt amazing he stopped and stuck his fingers in my ass. He finger fucked my ass and I started moaning and screaming while he was saying “ Yeah babe you like that. Your ass is so warm and tasty and tight.”
My dad had little benches put in the shower which I could only imagine for fucking my moms pussy. He sat down on the bench and so did I. We started jerking off with the escort bursa water sloshing and the sounds of our fists against our balls I started to moan really load and I was close to cumming. My dad said don’t and told me to cum on his chest. I got up and he laid across the bench. Damn I looked at him his legs spread apart muscular hairy legs great body huge cock I imagined him fucking me when I erupted. I screamed and moaned cum hit the wall and cum dropped on my dads mouth chest and chin. Little drops fell to the floor. I was so horny than I didn’t wait for my dads reaction got on the bench and sucked my dads cock. It was so thick warm and veiny. I could feel he was close when he started breathing heavy and his cock pulsed. He moaned louder than ever and at least 6 thick white ropes of sweet cum went down my throat and on my chin. My dad got up kissed me hard licked the cum off my chin and his chin and said “ Mikey, Son, Were gonna have a great 3 weeks” “ Now lets get washed up get that bottle of lube. Maybe hit the gym later tonight come home and have some late night fun?. Your uncle Mark is coming tomorrow. We used to have a lot of fun together as kids. Since your mom and her sister which you know is his wife are outta town he’ll be staying with us only for a little bit and staying in the guest room next to yours. He’s a moaner”

*There are gonna be many parts to this watch out for part 2 and yes this was a true story!!*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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