The Beach

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“What a beautiful day!” Sandra says excitedly.

“Sure is.” Her friend, Betty replies. “I can’t wait to get set up on the beach & enjoy it.”

“I wonder where everyone is.” Sandra says, sounding a little confused.

Sandra & Betty are best friends. They have been since high school. They won a free trip to the Carribean. They’ve set up on a remote beach farther south. There are very few visitors to this beach. Perfect for Sandra & Betty.

“I’m gonna go change, Sandra.”

“Okay. See you in a bit.”

By the time Betty returns, all of the other visitors have already left. Betty returns in a light blue string bikini.

“Okay. I’ll go change now. You can watch our stuff.” Sandra tells her.


Sandra runs up to the changing tent. She puts on a string bikini as well, only hers is extra small & her nipples show right through.

“Ready for a swim, Sandra?”

“Sure thing Betty.”

They go out & splash around in the water for about half an hour.

“Ahh! I’m gonna get you!” Betty yells out as Sandra splashes her with seawater.

Betty chases Sandra up the beach & by their umbrelas.

“I’m gonna tan, Betty.”

“Okay.” This is one of Betty’s favorite parts of their days. When Sandra tans, she removes her top & lays on her belly on a towel. Though Sandra may not realize it yet, Betty tuzla escort can’t help but to look her friend up & down. After all, Sandra is a CC cup.

“I think I’ll grab a soda.” Betty says, trying not to sound too embarrased as she looks at her friend’s chest.


When Betty returns, she sees Sandra in the ocean. Splashing off in the cool water, topless.

“Sandra!” She yells. “What if someone sees you! This isn’t a nude beach ya know!”

“There’s no one here for miles.” She replies. “Besides, I thought you liked me topless.”

Betty instantly turned beet red. She was so embarrased. Sandra knew Betty’s feelings. But Betty would soon find out, those feelings were mutual.

“Lets head back over to our spot. I’m starving.” Sandra suggests.

They have lunch, but Sandra’s still hungry.

“Say Betty,” She asks. “Wanna run around the beach topless with me?”

Betty is suprised by this question. But reluctantly she agrees. She knows she’s love to see Sandra’s breast bouncing up & down as they run around the beach.

They run around for about 10 minutes until they’re both too tires to keep going. Sandra falls on top of Betty.

“Some fun, huh?” Sandra chuckles.

“Ya, some fun.” Betty replies.

Sandra looks into Betty’s eyes as they lie there. She softly ümraniye escort kisses her cheek.

“What are you doing?” Betty asks.

“Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

Sandra sees the want in Betty’s eyes & kisses her again, more passionately. Eventually, Sandra’s tongue finds its way into Betty’s mounth. Betty grunts with pleasure. They’re wrapped around each other, kissing passionately, rolling around in the sand. Sandra soon heads downward, suckling Betty’s nipples. Betty is moaning time & again.

“If you like that, wait until I get lower.” Sandra says with desire in her eyes.

Sandra moves down Betty’s abdomen, licking & kissing every inch. She reaches the other half of Betty’s bikini & unties it. She slowly licks Betty’s lips, making sure to cover every inch. She goes up & down, side to side, enjoying & savoring every taste. Then, she goes in for the kill. She slides her tongue, slowly & deeply into her best friend. Slow at first, then faster & harder. Betty can’t help but moan out in ecstacy, loud as her voice will carry. Her legs buckle, her eyes roll back, she cries out again.

“Ohhh, Sandra! Ohhh, I can’t breathe! Deeper Sandra! Harder! Ohhh, go baby, go!” She cries.

Sandra enjoys all her friend is offering. She laps up all she can.

“Ohhh, my God! Ohhh!” üsküdar escort Betty cries again.

Sandra goes in, deeper & deeper, harder & harder, faster & faster, until Betty explodes. Her cries in ecstacy could’ve been heard for miles, Had there been anyone around.

“Ohhh God, Sandra! Ohhh! That was sooo good! Ohhh!” Betty is so out of breath, so pleasured, so satisfied, she can’t move. Her legs are limp & the rest of her pulsates as she cums.

“My turn.” Sandra says with grin.

Sandra straddles Betty’s face. Betty begins to slide her tongue deep inside Sandra. Deeper & deeper she goes. She can smell Sandra’s desire, & she’s more than happy to fullfill it! Though she knows she won’t be anywhere as near as good as Sandra, she feels she’s doing just fine.

“Mmmm, Betty! That feels great.” Sandra tells her.

Eventually, as Betty goes in deeper & harder, Sandra cannot support herself any longer & she falls forward. They are now in a 69 position. Sandra can’t help but eat out Betty one last time. Faster & faster. Harder & harder. Deeper & deeper. They are both exhausted. Their cries pierce the ocean.

“Ohhh God, Sandra! Deeper!” I want you inside me! Faster, Sandra! Ohhh God!”

“Betty! Ohhh Jesus! I can’t breath! I want you in deeper baby! Ohhh!”

They both cum at the exact same time. They’re spent. They are both so exhausted, they can barely breath. Once they gather their strength, they head back to their spot, get dressed, & carry everything back to the hotel.

“Same time tomorrow, Sandra?” Betty asks excitedly.

“You read my mind.” Sandra replies. “You read my mind.”

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