The Barefoot Maid Ch. 02

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Diane had always wanted to dominate a woman, and Janice had a thing about black women, ever since her lover Penny in college. Janice’s husband Dave did know about her desires and was cool with it and they did have an arrangement. But her children did not know about their parents. Diane’s husband had left her for another man, and after that Diane had decided to explore her attraction to other women.

“I guess we had better get dressed.” Diane said.

“Must we? I would love to stay naked with you.” Janice answered.

“I would too. But your son will be home from school soon. So move it, bitch.” Diane said firmly and smacked Janice on her ass.

“That is only going to turn me on, sweetie.” Janice said.

“That’s ok. I want you horny at all times. So you are always ready for me.”

“Yes Mistress.” Janice said smiling broadly.

As they started to get dressed, Diane stopped Janice before she put her panties on. “I have something for you.” and strolled over and filled Janice’s pussy with ben-wa balls. “These will keep you nice and hot all the rest of the day. You’ll love them. And there is a surprise about them.”

“I love the idea, but my son, Barry, will be here.” Janice protested.

“Then you’ll just have to get through it, without him finding out. Bye Baby. I’ll call you later.” Diane said when she finished dressing and strolled out the door.

Janice finished getting dressed, and about 30 minutes later her son Barry came home from school.

“Hi dear. How was school?” she asked. Trying to be non-chalant but already feeling the pressure in her pussy from the ben-wa balls. Janice knew she would not be able to last very long with these things in her. She would go out of her mind with lust.

“It was okay. Nothing much happened.” Barry said.

Typical teenage response Janice thought. Just then the phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Diane calling. Janice picked up the phone.

“Hi.” Janice said into the phone.

“Hello, Slut. Ready for the surprise?” Diane taunted.

“This is really not a good time. Can you call me back later please?” Janice asked.

“NO. You find out what the surprise is right now.” Diane said.

The ben-wa balls in Janice’s pussy began to vibrate, driving the woman completely batshit with lust. She grasped the kitchen counter to steady herself. She bit her lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy. The vibrations just grew stronger and made her wetter.

“Like my little surprise?” Diane taunted. “They are remote controllable up to a range of 500 yards. That means that since I live right next door, I can tease and torment you as long as I please.”

“UHHNNNNN” was all Janice could muster to say. She bowed her head, and closed her eyes tight. To the casual observer, she appeared to be in pain.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Diane laughed. “Barry will be going to the game tonight right?”

That was the plan. Diane knew Janice’s family’s schedule. “Yes.” Janice answered.

“Excellent. Get him his dinner. Tell him he has to get another ride to the game as you have a migraine. Ten minutes after he leaves, get your ass over here. Enter through my garage. Close the door. Strip. Leave the ben-wa balls in. Put on what you find there. Kneel by the door into the house. Knock on the door and wait.” And with that Diane hung up. A minute later the maddening vibration of the ben-wa balls stopped.

“What’s wrong, Mom? Barry asked.

“Just a migraine.’ She said. “Can you find another ride to the game?” Janice used to suffer from migraines all the time, but she hadn’t had one since she and Diane started playing.

“Yeah. Charlie said I could go with him. It’s no problem at all, mom.” Barry said.

“It’s 4:00 PM now. The game starts at 7:45 PM. What time do you have to leave to get to Charlie’s?”

“Around 6:30.” Barry said.

“Have you done your homework?” Janice asked. Knowing full well he probably hadn’t

“No, Mom.” Barry said.

“Well, Dinner will be ready at 6:00. You got two hours. So, Move it.” Janice said.

Barry left the room. Janice picked up the phone and called Diane.

“WHAT?” Diane said loudly into the phone.

“Mistress, why did you do that? I almost came right in front of my son. Please don’t do that to me anymore.” Janice said. And just as she said that, the ben-wa sultangazi escort balls started vibrating again.

“Listen, bitch. Your ass is mine. I decide what happens with you, and what does not. It’s a good thing you didn’t cum with out permission. You are ALREADY going to be punished for calling me up and whining like this.”

Janice groaned with lust and collapsed on the kitchen floor. She heard the vibrations from the ben-wa balls as her pelvis hit the floor. She desperately wanted to get naked and come right there. But she knew that she couldn’t.

“PLEASE, MISTRESS. I CAN’T DO THIS, RIGHT NOW.” she whispered huskily into the phone.


Janice took a deep breath to compose herself, and got up to fix dinner. It took a bit of doing but she got through it. It wasn’t easy, especially just when her overwhelming horniness began to subside, the damn ben-wa balls would start vibrating even stronger than they did before, so making the lasagna took a bit of doing.

She called Barry down and told him dinner was ready.

Barry came downstairs, saw there was only one place setting laid out.

“Aren’t you eating, mom?”

“I am not hungry. Migraines can kill your appetite.” While it was true, she wasn’t hungry; a migraine was not the reason. The butterflies she felt about whatever Diane had planned for the evening and also she didn’t dare sit down on the wooden kitchen chair in case the ben-wa balls started vibrating again, which would make Barry ask too many questions.

“Dad isn’t coming home?” Barry asked.

“He called, said he had to work late on some big proposal.” Janice said, knowing full well, that at this very moment, Dave was probably flogging his slave Wendy. “Lucky bitch.” She thought.

Barry finished his dinner and got up to leave to go to Charlie’s for his ride to the game. Janice took five minutes cleaning up after dinner. She locked up the house, and went next door to Diane’s.

She entered the garage and pushed the button to close the door. She looked around the garage and saw something over by the door to the house. When she got over to the door she picked it up. It was a collar with word SLUT fastened to it. The collar was attached to a leash. That was all Janice was to wear when she entered Diane’s house.

Janice took all of her clothes off, put the collar and leash on, got on her knees, and knocked on the door and waited.

It was a good ten minutes, before Diane opened the door and “Ah, my horny little slut has arrived. Come on in and meet the gang.” Diane was naked except for her thigh high, high heeled leather boots and a belt around her waist that held floggers, riding crops, paddles and other weapons of ass destruction.

Diane picked up the leash and Janice crawled after her Mistress.

Diane took Janice into her sumptuous living room, and Janice was shocked to find out that the room was filled with some of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. And they were all naked. Some were seated in chairs and sofas, others were on there knees beside some of the seated women.

Diane led Janice to a couple of women, both brunettes and they looked like they were mother and daughter.

“You know Marie and Claudia don’t you?” Diane asked.

“Only slightly, Mistress.” Janice answered.

The 22 year old daughter Marie sat in the chair, while her 43 year old mother Claudia knelt beside her.

“Marie enslaved her mother 6 months ago, with my help. Marie is paying for college by whoring her mother out to other women.” Diane said.

Janice looked concerned for her acquaintance.

“Don’t worry, Mommy-Slut LOVES it. Don’t you, Cunt?” and grabbed her mother by her hair, jerking her head up.

“Yes Mistress. I love being your whore. And ALL the depraved things Mistress’s customers make me do.” Claudia answered.

“Have fun, Ladies.” Diane said grabbing Janice’s leash and pulling her along.

Diane took her over to the sofa, where a gorgeous older blonde was sitting. She looked familiar to Janice.

“You recognize Kimberly Franklin, Anchor of Channel 13 News don’t you?” Diane said.

“Yes. Of Course. Nice to meet you.” Janice taksim escort said, not knowing what else to say.

“What her Channel 13 bio doesn’t tell you is that she is a total piss slut. She loves to get peed on by women .It turns her on like crazy. We will all be joining in later.” Diane said. Janice noticed the Anchorwoman, squirming in her seat, obviously getting turned on. Janice and Diane moved on, promising to see her later.

There were 6 young women from a sorority from the local college, that Diane introduced Janice to noting “what is a lesbian orgy, without sweet, young thangs.”

Two other women came into the room and shocked Janice. There was an older butch woman dressed in a corset and boots, moving a very attractive and very naked younger Asian woman by slapping a cane against her firm ass cheeks, what shocked Janice was that she knew both of these women. The butch woman was Lisa Sparco, the coach of the girls’ high school basketball team. Janice’s daughter Stephanie played for her. The other woman Ellen Tsu. Miss Tsu was her son Barry’s Home Room teacher.

Lisa broke the ice. “Hi, Janice nice to see you. I always had a suspicion about you. Nice to know I have not lost my gay-dar. I believe you also know my little slave Ellen. Your son Barry is in her class, isn’t he?”

“Yes. He is.” Janice said tensely.

Diane broke in. “Listen. We practice the MAD Theory around her. Mutually Assured Destruction. No one talks about what goes on here. We keep each other’s secrets, because if anyone did talk, we all have enough on each other to make life extremely difficult.”

Janice took some solace in that.

“Don’t sweat it sweetie. You will be cool with it after the nights’ over.” Lisa said.

Diane grasped Janice’s leash and moved to the center of the room.

“Good evening, Ladies. Let the games begin.”

“You all have now met my slave, Janice. She is such a horny little dyke-slut. I can make her beg to cum without even touching her.” Diane took the remote for the ben-wa balls out and punched it up to full.

Janice fell to her knees on the floor, and was very close to cumming. “MISTRESS, PLEASE MAY I CUM? PLEASE. I AM SO CLOSE. I’LL DO ANYTHING. PLEASE!!!!!!!”

“You will do anything? Will you join Kimberly in the tub as all the rest of us pee on the two of you?”

“YES. MISTRESS.” Janice answered.

“Will you service every pussy and asshole here, with that sweet mouth and tongue of yours?”


Lisa came over and whispered something in Diane’s ear. Diane flashed a VERY evil smile.

“Would you seduce other women?”

“YES. MISTRESS” Janice answered; the thought of that alone caused her pussy to quiver.

“How about these lovely college girls?” Diane asked.

“OHHH, YES MISTRESS. Any of them, or all of them.” Janice answered enthusiastically.

“How about your gorgeous daughter, Stephanie.” Diane asked.

That brought Janice back to reality. Would she? Could she? Stephanie was gorgeous. Janice didn’t know if Steph liked girls. The ben-wa balls vibrations were not making it easy to think about the moral implications, especially when an image of Steph naked in the shower popped into her head.

Diane hit her square across the sweet spot of her ass with a stroke from a cane. “ANSWER ME, SLUT.”

“I will do it if my Mistress orders me to.” Janice said.

“THAT WAS A YES OR NO QUESTION, SLUT” Diane said, while giving Janice another stroke with the cane.

“YES MISTRESS.” Janice panted.


“Yes, Mistress.” She said softly

“I didn’t hear you.” Diane said.

“Yes, Mistress.” She said a bit louder.

“I might even take her as my slave as well. How about that slut? Both you and your daughter as my naked slaves serving and servicing me, pretty hot idea isn’t It.?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Janice said

“Oh, so you lust after your own daughter. How long has this been going on?”

The humiliation Janice felt at that moment caused her clit to throb. She blushed clear to her knees. She DID like the idea of turning Stephanie into a naked slave to Mistress Diane. Too bad Steph was away at college.

“You really are a horny slut aren’t you? ” Diane said. “You should be beaten for that, get topkapı escort over that ottoman with your slut ass in the air. I am going to give you twenty with this cane.”

After Janice was bent over the ottoman, her wrists were secured to the foot of one corner, and her ankles were secured to another. Diane selected a very thin rattan cane. “It will be stinging Janice’s ass something awful and will also raise some lovely marks” Diane thought. Janice’s pelvis was leaning on one corner of the leather ottoman, and the fact that the ben-wa balls were still humming along was driving her insane with lust. She was so horny she would have fucked the entire football team at her son’s school, the coaching staff, the cheerleaders and the grounds crew as well. Janice was also still thinking about turning Stephanie into a slave for Mistress Diane and what a turn-on it would be.

THWACK. The first stroke from the cane struck the bound woman across her ass.

“One. Thank you Mistress.” Janice cried out. The stroke caused Janice to move grind her pussy into the ottoman, which just made her all the more excited.

THWACK. The second stroke landed on the backs of Janice’s thighs where the skin is REALLY sensitive.

“UHHHHNNNN Two. Thank you Mistress.”

Diane rained down blow after blow from the cane on her bound slave’s ass and thighs. Janice struggled, squirmed, screamed, and kept counting. Mistress Diane gave Janice an additional five strokes from the cane because as she explained. “I’m the Mistress and I can.”

While Diane was caning Janice, Marie grabbed Claudia by the hair and pulled her face into the young Mistress’ pussy admonishing her mother “You know what to do, and it better be good.” With that Mommy-Slut Claudia started lapping her mistress’ pussy.

The spectacle of Janice being caned inspired the other women to pair off. Kimberly Franklin was furiously rubbing herself raw until two of the girls from the college, Heather and Jill, to her. Heather came over and started playing and sucking on Kimberly’s tits while Jill went down on Kimberly. Two of the other girls, Grace and Beth, fell into a furious 69 on the floor right in front of everyone. Megan, a black girl from the sorority pulled her roommate Kathy, a buxom blonde, across her lap and started spanking her. Coach Lisa Parco was fist-fucking Ellen Tsu. The Asian teacher was squealing with delight.

After all the women except Janice had cum, Mistress Diane said it was time to move the party to the dungeon.

Mistresses Diane, Lisa and Marie grabbed their slaves in various ways. Diane grabbed Diane’s Leash. Lisa grabbed Ellen by the chain adjoining two vicious clover nipple clamps. Marie pulled her mother Claudia by the hair. The three mistress frog marched their slaves down the stairs to Mistress Diane’s extremely well–equipped dungeon. Kimberly and the six sorority sisters scurried their naked little asses right behind.

Mistress Diane led Janice to a St. Andrews cross and attached her wrists and ankles to the cross so that her backside was to the assembled throng. Then Diane stuffed a ball-gag in Janice’s mouth, and placed a blindfold over her eyes. This was followed by Diane stuffing Janice’s head in a leather hood, and with only two holes where her nose was so the slave could breathe. Janice’s senses of sight, hearing, and speech were completely cut off from the rest of the room. Janice then felt sharp little points rolling down her back, across her ass, down the backs of her legs, then the sensations doubled and went all over her naked body, there was not one part of her body that was not touched by these maddeningly erotic devices. Then that stopped and two firm hands that felt like they were covered with pebbles stroked, pulled, and grabbed her naked body. Just as Janice thought her skin would be rubbed raw, the hands stopped.

What was going on was Mistresses Diane and Marie was using twin wartonberg wheels on Janice. Then the little blonde Heather was using the pipe fitting gloves on Janice. Janice’s flesh was tingling and sensitive. Perfect. Jill, a doe eyed mousy brunette, picked up a razor strop and began to savagely whip Janice’s naked ass. As this was going on, Mistress Diane turned the ben-wa back up to full again. They had been turned off to walk down to the dungeon. Between the flogging and the vibrations Janice was screaming to cum through the ball-gag. Of course it came out as “mfmfmdmemmemgheahhhs”. Finally, the slave could stand it no further, and had an explosive orgasm that made her pass out.

When she came to about five minutes later, the hood, the blindfold, and the ball-gag had all been removed.

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