The Barbeque

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Big Tits

Kim awakens to the smell of coffee brewing, rolling onto her side reaching over to touch Darnell when suddenly her eyes open as he wasn’t along side her, she could hear something down stairs wondering what he was up to, moving over onto his pillow all she could smell was the scent of the man she loves so much.

Hearing him coming upstairs she roles onto her side cuddling into his pillow, pretending that she was still asleep. She hears him walk into the room placing something down on the night table on the side of the bed, feeling his fingers softly run down the side of her face pushing her hair back off her ears, leaning in he kisses her earlobe gently.

“Good morning beautiful, I brought you something!” he whispers softly in his sexy voice.

“Good morning baby!” Kim replies softly as she roles onto her back looking into Darnell’s gorgeous hazel eyes.

Looking over at the table she finds Darnell had brought up her morning coffee, sitting up Kim just sits back staring at him, his smile is breath taking she motions to him with her finger, leaning in toward her Kim wraps her arms around his neck, holding him close to her, nibbling on his earlobe softly, her nails tracing up and down his back gently, Darnell moans softly, his head leans to the side as Kim kisses his neck lightly.

“I love you baby you are soooo good to me!” she whispers in his ear.

“I love you too baby doll, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you!” Darnell replied.

Taking her face into his hands his eyes lock onto hers, kissing her softly her lips part, their kiss deepens, their tongues explore one another feverishly, his hands slide slowly up and down her back, her back arches to the feel of his hands as her nipples now hardened press into his chest.

“My baby girl we just can’t start this now, we have company coming in a little while!” Darnell whispers almost in a whimper.

“Oh like hell we can’t!!! Our company who ever it may be is just going to have to wait, when I woke up you weren’t here for me to hold and now you are and darn it I want you and I want you now!!” Kim replies with a devious tone in her voice.

Slowly her hands work inside Darnell’s tank top, her nails raking up and down his chest, she nibbles at his neck gently, kissing over his shoulders lightly, his body shivers to her touch, canlı bahis she pulls his tank top up and off him, kissing her way down his chest, teasing each of his nipples he moans softly, she stops only for a moment, looking into his eyes, she straddles his lap.

“Oh my god baby what are you going to do to me?” he asks softly.

“You know what I’m going to do don’t you baby?” Kim replies.

Slowly she pushes Darnell back onto his back, her nails tracing down his love trail, her tongue follows in sync, his breathing deepens as he moans a little louder, gently her fingers slip into the waist band of his shorts, lowering them over his hips, she encases his hardening member kissing and licking at the tip lightly, sucking it into her eager mouth, her tongue tracing around the head, dragging her teeth gently over the tip, his back arches off the bed, her tongue tracing his entire shaft, licking and nibbling at his balls, his member hardening in her hand as she licks the special spot that drives him crazy between his balls and his ass, Kim sucks his balls into her mouth sucking each one inside out gently, popping each one out of her mouth like a cherry being plucked off its stem, his body spasms slowly working her way back up his shaft her tongue tracing his main vein, sucking the head back into her mouth once again she devours his entire length deeper into her throat.

Locking her lips around it he holds her head slowly fucking her mouth, his pace picks up as she looks at him, his member swells in her mouth, his balls tighten in her hand and his body tenses.

“OHHHHHHHHH FUCK BABY DON’T STOP!!!!!!!!!” Darnell screams as the grip on her head gets tighter, with one last thrust into her mouth his member explodes into the back of her throat, swallowing every drop, feverishly she continues to suck his member getting all that’s left for her to get.

She cleans him up, licking his balls and all looking deep into her eyes, licking her lips lightly, she stands up turning around running her hands over her ass, she knows Darnell is watching her as he sits up wanting to grab at her ass, she moves away looking over her shoulder at him she winks, walking into the bathroom to get ready for their company.

Darnell proceeds to get up and redress himself as he heads off back downstairs, getting all the bahis siteleri stuff ready to go out to the grill, just as his mom and dad and brothers arrive.

Kim joins them a few minutes later dressed in her tight light blue short shorts and one of his tank tops, walking out to the back yard she finds Darnell at the grill, walking up behind him she wraps her arms around his waist, her hand sliding slowly down onto his member, his body jumps slightly as he moans softly.

“Baby girl what are you doing?”

“Oh I’m just doing the one thing that I know you love!” Kim replies in a soft whisper.

“ Damn it girl we just did this, don’t you be naughty now!”

“Since when has that ever stopped me?” she replies, kissing up his back softly, her hand massaging his member slowly bringing it to life again.

With his family being behind them she slips her hand inside his shorts her thumb finds that very sensitive spot right under the head teasing it gently, his breathing deepens as his hips move to the feel of her hand on him, she strokes him ever so gently, her thumb tracing over the tip, he fights to hold his voice back.

“Oh baby I am soooo going to fuck you sometime today, company or not I will have you inside me!!!” she whispers to him softly cupping his balls in her hand she massages them gently.

“Oh shit baby girl if you don’t stop you’re going to have me Cumming in your hand in about 2 minutes!!” Darnell replied in a soft moan.

“So do it, who’s going to know!” she continues to stroke his member only a little harder this time.

“Ok that’s it you win, let me get my brother to come and watch this, you want to be a lil naughty girl well your going to get it!!”

Darnell calls to one of his brothers to come and watch the grill for a moment, standing sideways trying to hide his massive hard on that Kim has created, taking her hand they walk into the house, he takes her upstairs to their bedroom, he wanted her so badly he even forgot to shut the door, taking her into his arms he pulls the tank top off her laying her down onto the bed he removes her shorts and her thong as one, getting in between her legs he places them over his shoulders.

“God damn it you naughty girl I wanted to do this earlier but I didn’t have the time, well now your mine!” Darnell devours her pussy bahis şirketleri like it was the first time he saw her all over again, he buries his tongue as deep inside her love tunnel that he possibly can licking all her inner walls, her hands locked into his hair as her pussy grinds against his mouth, her back arching off the bed, his thumb rubbing over her clit sends her body into spasms.

Her moans getting louder, her body twisting and thrashing all over the bed, her pussy grinding harder against his face, looking up at her he knows she wants more, he stops.


“Hell no I am by no means done with you baby girl, get on your hands and knees for me little one!!!”

Doing as he tells her as he removes his shorts, getting on the bed behind her, taking a hold of her hip with one hand he guides his rigid bulging member to her love tunnel, teasing her clit with it lightly.

“Give me that fucking thing and give it to me now, fuck me like the naughty little girl I am!”

“Oh yeah your naughty alright your daddies little naughty girl aren’t you, you want daddies cock all the way inside that little wet pussy don’t you baby girl?”

“I want my daddies cock inside me sooooo badly, he feels soooooo good I just cant get enough of him” she hunches back against him wanting him inside her.

Very quickly he rams his cock all the way inside her, her body stiffens, and she lets out one hell of a scream to the feel of his cock filling her completely, taking both hips into his hands he pumps her hard and fast, his balls slapping against her clit, harder and harder he rams his cock inside her, feeling his cock swelling inside her she cries out for more, with every cry he gets harder and faster.

“What do you want my naughty girl? Tell daddy what you want baby!!”

“I want my daddies hot cumm inside me I want it all daddy!”

“Oh well baby girl you’re about to get it” feeling the tip of his cock hitting against her cervix with one last thrust his cock explodes inside her shooting all his hot love juices deep inside her, her body shakes and trembles as her orgasm rips through her body like a knife through tape, as his body begins to settle he pulls out of her taking her into his arms kissing her softly.

“Let’s get dressed and you had better behave this time!”

“I wouldn’t count on it” Kim replies softly with the look of desire.

And does Kim behave this time…well that’s the question to be answered!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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