The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 08

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I want to thank MrWhiteTiger for loving this, editing this, and making it so sexy. I highly recommend you all listen to ‘The Gentle Rain (RJD2 remix)” by Astrud Gilberto. It takes it to a whole new level. Trust me. MrWhiteTiger thought so, and I trust his opinion implicitly. I cannot play the song without thinking of this.

After this chapter I need to really get to work on writing more, so enjoy this until then. ~MJ

“What do you mean remixes are trash?” Lucy huffed.

Hugh was insulting her recent choices of music, not that he was listening to them. No, she had loaded them onto her iPod player.

“I mean, why couldn’t they leave the song well enough alone? That Lena Horn song was perfectly fine without the rap music.” Hugh’s disgusted tone made her smile.

Lucy laughed. “God, you are so old,” she teased. “Okay mister. You have Astrud Gilberto’s ‘The Gentle Rain’, right?”

He nodded at her.

“Remixes are good for something. You have a cord I can connect this to your speakers?” She held up her iPod.

“Behind the stereo is a jack and cord.”

She looked behind and connected her player, turning it on at the same time. She selected the song she wanted, glad Hugh knew the original. As she clicked play, she turned up the volume so she could get a nice loud beat. He didn’t enjoy loud music, unless he was playing either CCR or the Beatles, but she wanted to make a point. She had a feeling Hugh might change his mind about her music after this.

The first strains came on and she turned slowly, pulling the combs from her hair. She ran her hands through her hair, then swayed her hips as the bold piano rocked the room. She didn’t look at Hugh as she swayed and undulated her hips. She didn’t care how he was watching; for the moment she concentrated only on the rhythm. She needed to feel the music in her body. The pumping, throbbing song was her only focus as she closed her eyes partway. She swayed as she stalked towards Hugh where he was on the sofa. Her body throbbed as she glanced at his face.

His jaw was slack and he watched her with a piercing intensity.

She grinned and slowly popped the buttons on her shirt to the punctuation of the words the husky-voiced singer was dripping out. She slowly pulled the shirttails from her slacks and when loose, shrugged out of the shirt. She was glad she’d worn one of her demi-cup bras. The lace lovingly cupped her mounds, cut so low a teasing hint of nipple could be seen through the ivory lace. She heard Hugh groan softly and her lips twisted in pleasure. She toed off her heels and padded towards him as she loosened ikitelli escort her slacks. She worked the fabric down over her hips, then turned suddenly to push them all the way off, facing away from Hugh. She bent at the waist, her bottom thrust high as she pushed the fabric from her feet.

“Lucy,” he groaned and she looked back up over her shoulder. She blew him a kiss, then slowly stood. She ran her hands over the naked skin of her waist, turning and gliding her hands up to cup her breasts. She pinched her nipples through the lace with her thumbs and forefingers. A tingle ran down her spine and she pinched again, rocking her hips.

Undressing and dancing for Hugh had turned her on and aroused her. A burning desire to glide her hands down her body to feel how wet she was played with the fringes of her mind, but she resisted. Instead she stepped into Hugh’s spread legs, kneeling to straddle him.

His hands reached out to grip her waist, but she firmly pulled them from her skin and spread them back out across the back of the sofa.

“Don’t touch,” she warned. When he started to protest, she gave him a ‘hands off’ look. He shut up, but she saw how hard it was to do as she ordered. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

Lucy started to rock and swirl her hips to the music, trying her hand at a lap dance. She sank lower and just barely brushed her damp panties over his straining pants. She wanted to grind herself against him, releasing some of the pressure that was building. She gave in to herself and rocked her hips against him.

Pleasure exploded up her body and she couldn’t contain the soft moan that escaped her lips. Hugh hissed in a breath and thrust his hips up to meet hers. She shivered as the pressure zeroed in on her button. Shaking fingers reached back to unhook her bra and she flung it off her body. The lace landed on the coffee table with a soft splat, but she could care less. Her hands fluttered on his shoulders as she shifted closer. She leaned in, answering his mocking grin with one of her own, and pressed her open mouth to his.

She sipped at his mouth, her lips clinging, rubbing. She pulled back and arched a brow at him.

“Now can I touch you?”

“Please,” she groaned, slightly begging.

Immediately his hands went to her hips and he pulled her down, rocking her body against his.

“Keep rocking and don’t stop,” he whispered in her ear, sending a shiver through her body.

As she rocked and undulated on him, his hands reached up to cup her breasts. His thumbs massaged circles into her skin, occasionally istanbul escort brushing over her apricot nipples. She arched into his palms and he gave her what she wanted, pinching and twisting her to hard peaks. She let out a soft cry and let her head fall back.

She was no longer in control as he worked her body into a tighter knot of pleasure. His hands left her breasts and slid into the lace of her ivory boy shorts. He pushed them down off her body, his hands sliding over her rounded ass and gripping as he ground her more firmly. She panted and sighed as his mouth closed over one of her nipples. His mouth sucked and pulled, his tongue flicking.

Her fingers held his head to her breast as she rocked harder on his body. In mere moments she shattered with a cry and slumped against him, jerking as the waves of pleasure rolled through.

He tucked her close and simply held her as she slowly came down. When she stopped shivering and panting into his shirt, he quickly shed his clothes, tossing them every which way. He grabbed her lace panties and pulled them the rest of the way off her legs.

His cock bobbed as he knelt between her legs. He kissed her slowly, lingeringly as one of his hands reached between her thighs. His fingers brushed and slid on her slick core.

“God, you’re so wet,” he murmured against her mouth. He thrust two fingers easily into her sheath and she arched up. He slowly pulled out with a wet, slurping sound, only to return with three fingers.

She met his thrusting fingers with her hips, but lost the motion when he rotated his thumb over her clit. She grabbed a hold of his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin.

“Please, Hugh,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please,” she arched into him again, unable to say the words out loud.

“Please, what?” he prompted again, this time stilling his fingers.

She looked up at him helplessly and saw he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted unless she said the words.

“Please,” she paused then leaned up to whisper in his ear. “Please fuck me.”

She pulled away, feeling the intense heat suffusing her cheeks.

In one smooth movement he kissed her, pulled his fingers from her body and sank his cock into her waiting cunt.

They both let out a groan as their bodies fused fully. Lucy pressed her bent legs into his smooth flanks and wrapped her arms around his back.

She thought he would seek his pleasure right away, but he stilled, bracketing his arms on either side of her head. He kissed her gently, softly, his thumbs stroking her cheeks. He kissed her kadıköy escort eyes, her cheeks, her temples. He dragged his lips along her jaw and she murmured her approval. His mouth moved to her throat as he began to slowly move, his hips giving her shallow thrusts.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear as the shallow thrusts became harder and deeper. “I love how creamy-soft you are. I love sinking into you and feeling you squeezing me tight.”

He slid out of her slowly until the head of his cock rested just inside her entrance. In one fluid motion he thrust in firmly to the hilt, grunting as he bottomed out.

She let out a cry of pure satisfaction that turned into a sobbing whimper as he began to pound her body. It felt so good being so filled. Surrounded by his scent and warmth, the full feeling extended to more than just how his cock filled her. It was metaphysical. Everything about being in his arms filled her. It defied logic, but she didn’t care.

His body pumped into hers, pistoning for moments before he slowed the rhythm to long, deep strokes that felt like they were going to shove up and out her throat.

She begged him for release with her eyes. He ignored her as he sped up for a moment before slowing again.

Suddenly she realized what he was doing. Oh, he was good.

Where she had used her music for dancing, Hugh was using it for his form of dancing. His body filled hers in timing to the beat of the new song playing. A song where the rhythm kept changing. Similar to the first one she had played, but so much more wicked now that he was fucking her.

The song changed again. A deep bass that was sultry hot. Hugh’s hips undulated and rotated, his groin grinding into her engorged clit. He leaned down and bit one of her nipples lightly. She arched into his mouth, her pussy clenching him. She felt his groan vibrate through her breast and she clenched again.

God, she was so close.

Hugh must have read her mind because the next thing she knew, his fingers pressed on her clit, thrumming and pressing. His thrusts became more centralized and in moments she was flying.

A sob escaped her and she moaned his name over and over.

She felt him follow her, his lips close to her ear as he groaned, his body emptying and filling her with a warmth that felt so right. He jerked against her; one, two, three times, before sinking down over her.

Her fingers gently stroked up his back in long even strokes. She kissed his forehead and temples. Rubbed her nose in his hair behind his ear.

Finally he shifted his weight off her, even though she wished he would stay, and cuddled her close.

“You win,” he murmured. “I like your remixes.”

“Told you,” she sighed. She felt very smug.

“However, no young man could have lasted as long as I just did, so don’t complain about me being old.”

Lucy just laughed and kissed him.

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