The Accountant

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It was a few months after my wife left that I started dating again.

I was in my late 30’s and had married at 19 so I was not in the habit of dating and had little sexual experience outside of that wife my wife. It was therefore with some trepidation that I began dating.

The first woman I met was an accountant. She was 35, a little over-weight but dressed well and took immaculate care of her pale white skin and dark, shoulder-length hair which was cut one a month at a very expensive salon.

Her name was Donna and she was of Welsh background, though she had lost any hint of an accent from her country of birth.

Donna had described her best asset when flirting with me as her breasts. She said she was very proud of them. I was unsure why this might be as our first dates were on wind swept beaches in early January and she was so well wrapped up I couldn’t tell much about her.

After a few weeks we agreed to have a weekend away in an alleged haunted hotel. We had been well behaved to this point, doing no more than kissing and I hadn’t even gone as far as groping Donna’s breasts, even though they looked ample under her various thick-knit woollens jumpers.

The weekend soon came around and we met after our prospective jobs and made the one hour drive to hotel together, travelling in a rather flash Mercedes that Donna had as part of her remuneration package. I found the smell of the leather and speed and comfort of the car strangely exciting, perhaps because it surpassed my own functional vehicle and gave Donna an air of power.

We checked in to the hotel which was built some 300 years ago. It was not unduly busy for a weekend, though this early in the year it was perhaps not surprising.

After a trip out to a very good Chinese restaurant we returned the hotel for a few drinks. Donna was dressed casually in a pair of jeans which showed of her curvaceous hips and arse along with another woollen pullover from her large collection. However, this pullover was tighter than she had worn on out previous dates and it high-lighted a pair of large breast which seemed to be held high by a very good push-up bra.

Around 10pm Donna suggested we go back to out room, a cosy double with en-suite bath and period wooden rafters in the ceiling. It also had the benefit of a large open fire and in front of which was a white fake-fur but luxurious rug.

Donna told me she was going to freshen up and disappeared in to the en suite where I heard the bath running. canlı bahis I poured myself a drink from a bottle of good single malt whisky I had packed and I then sat on the bed and waited, unsure what would happen.

After 10 minutes Donna called me in to the bathroom. I opened the en suite door and entered, seeing Donna naked for the first time. She was in fact only the third woman I had see naked in 20 years. She had her arms crossed over her chest and as I got close to the bath she let them fall so I could see her breasts.

I drew in a breath at the sight as these were the largest breasts I had seen in the flesh. Not only were they much larger than my wives had been, but there was no apparent sag in them.

Donna beckoned me towards her and as I drew near she put her arms round my neck and pulled me forward to kiss me, her tongue filling my mouth.

She then released me and stood up in the bath and asked me to get her towel and dry her.

I got hold of her large pink towel and when she stepped out of the bath she turned her back on me so I could start drying her. I started at her shoulders and worked down to the small of her back where she had a large tattoo, a symmetrical design crossing the spine and extending almost the full width of her back just above the crack of her arse. This fascinated me and I couldn’t help but stare as I moved the towel down to dry her ample cheeks and the backs of her legs.

As I worked the towel down to her calves and kneeled on the ground to do this, Donna turned to face me so I could start drying from her shins upwards.

My eyes followed my hands and the towel as it worked up her thighs and as I rose up I was face to face with her pussy, covered with a well trimmed bush of dark drown hair, the same as that on her head, cut short so that there was little curl in it.

I did not stop there though and worked the towel over Donna’s slight pot belly and ribs before it came in to contact with her breasts.

After a minute drying I discarded the towel and just had to grasp hold and squeeze her nipples gently, playing with them as finally stood up from my kneeling position.

At this point Donna pushed me back towards the bed and as she did this she grabbed for the belt on my trousers which she undid.

I left go of her gravity-defying tits and pushed my trousers and shorts down and revealed my erection which had been there since I entered the bathroom.

There would be no foreplay this first time bahis siteleri to speak of and Donna fell backwards on to the bed, pulling me between her legs. I penetrated her wet pussy with ease and was soon pounding a good rhythm, fucking her hard and feeling like a prisoner getting his first action after a long sentence.

Donna writhed beneath me and I leaned my upper body forward and craned my neck so we could kiss whilst fucking. Donna chewed and bit my lip and between kisses encouraged me to fuck her harder, harder, harder.

In minutes I couldn’t hold back and was soon shooting deep in to her accommodating crack, though I sensed that Donna didn’t orgasm.

I withdrew my dick which despite coming so recently did not flag as much as I thought it would.

We poured a couple of drinks and Donna went back to the bathroom to dry her hair whilst I built up the fire. I felt a little self conscious and put a clean pair of shorts on before sitting by the fire.

Donna came and joined me after 10 minutes or so. She had slipped a pink bathrobe on and she sat next to me on the rug and sipped her drink.

We made small talk for a while and then Donna grabbed me again and kissed me. As she did this I felt bold enough to reach for her breast through the robe which had fell open slightly. Still sitting, Donna pulled the robe entirely open and leaned back on her hands, offering up her breasts to my face.

I began to lick and suck her nipples. Whilst her tits looked perfect her nipples were quite unresponsive and as I worked on them Donna encouraged me to bite them gently. I did this, very carefully at first and then a little harder as my efforts were rewarded with some stiffness.

At the same time I was squeezing her tits, one in each hand and as her nipples began to grow Donna told me to pinch them. I stopped biting and sucking them and pinched each one in turn. I was not as gentle as I thought I should have been but to my surprise Donna told me to pinch harder. I tried but was still careful, so Donna took hold of my left hand with her right hand, waited till my thumb and fore finger were closed on her right nipple then squeezed surprisingly hard to show me what pressure to exert.

This had the effect that her right nipple grew hard and erect now.

I repeated the exercise on her left nipple and was pleased to get a similar result.

Donna was starting to moan a little more and shrugged off the robe entirely. She then laid back on the rug and bahis şirketleri I began kissing her belly and quickly moved my attention to her pussy.

I nuzzled her pubic patch and quickly slipped my tongue down between her lips to seek out her clit. As I did this and started to make small circles around her clit with my tongue, I continued to squeeze and pull at her nipples. Donna opened her legs wider to let me get deeper inside her and as she did this I felt her hands take over the nipple tweaking as she started to moan and thrust her pussy towards my face.

I then backed off a little and slipped two fingers in to her vagina and let them move quickly upwards until I found her G-spot. Donna clamped her legs together on my hand and asked me what I had done. I explained I was just searching for her G-spot and she admitted no one had touched her there before.

I pulled my fingers out and told her to relax. I then went back to kissing and licking her growing clit until she was almost dripping wet and I then again slipped two fingers in to her and worked upwards until I found her G-spot again.

This time Donna reacted by thrusting her hips forward as I massaged her G-spot with little strokes and circles and alternated this by pressing fingers harder in to it.

By this time Donna was beginning to thrash around more energetically and was now only fondling her breast with her left hand, her right dropping to her cunt where she was desperately fingering her clit as I pressed and rubbed her G-spot.

I could feel her climax building as I continued to rub and I suddenly felt her body tense and the fingers of both hand pulled her vagina lips apart. She then bucked forwards and backwards a couple of times before I felt a stream of hot liquid cover my hand as she squirted at the moment of her orgasm.

I stopped rubbing and withdrew my fingers.

Donna apologised and told me that hadn’t happened to her before. I told her not to worry, that it happened with some women. (I was of course bluffing to some extent as I had only seen it work on my estranged wife who would squirt like this occasionally.)

As she lay back panting Donna told me to straddle her after removing my shorts. I was now fully erect again and she slid down beneath me until my cock was between her tits. She squeezed the flesh together and told me to fuck her until I came over her, my spunk hitting her neck and chin as it spurted out.

I was exhausted and happy and thankful my wife had ran off with someone else. If she hadn’t I would never have met Donna and would never have got to fuck someone who I later found out had such perfect tits because of good quality implants. Thanks Mr Cosmetic Surgeon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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