The Abduction Part Three

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Authors Note: This is the first story of its kind that I have actually put to words, and if you enjoy it let me know. My mind is always working on devious stories, and as my screen name implies, I have more time than sense…

The Abduction

Part 3

My body feels weightless after an orgasm the likes of which I have never known, yet there is no time to waste on an afterglow before the steady rhythm of having both holes worked reawakens my nerves. Just as I begin to explode, I feel strong hands pick me up, and my cunt looses the grip it had on the rod that was pistoning my core. Sweat is everywhere, mine theirs, I’m slick with it but it doesn’t matter.

I can tell someone is moving onto the mattress, and before I can question what is going on, I realize it is yet someone else’s turn. A hard penis slides across the crack in my ass before finding my gaping hole. Strong arms lift me as easily as a rag doll and my back slides across a hard, solid chest. I can feel the blunt head pressing into my already loosened ass, and despite my openness, I let out a yelp of surprise. This one is much larger, and as my tender tissue tries to stretch to accommodate it, the stinging pain is back. I place a palm to his hip, silently asking him to slow down so my ass has time to accept his girth. He couldn’t have more than an inch or two inside, bursa escort yet I feel like I am being torn in two. A low mumble comes from somewhere in the room, but I’m too busy to pay attention, and suddenly I feel a breathe on my outer pussy lips. The shock of having such a huge dick going into my ass is nothing compared to having such a huge dick going into my ass and having someone eat me out. As I concentrate on the feel of wet velvet drawing circles around my clit, I realize that my body has welcomed the entire length, yet I’m not feeling much pain. Instead, my entire being focused on the gentle swipes, and soft nips to my clit. My muscles are straining, tightening, trying to grab hold of something as my body prepares to orgasm again. A finger slides through the moisture, testing me before cool air caresses my skin, and I sigh as my orgasm slips away.

Fully embedded, the guy with the huge cock starts to move, his cock going where no man had ever reached. Once, twice, and as he bottomed out on the third, I can feel the movement in the room. Someone steps between my legs, and my pussy flexes as it welcomes another pounding. Am I over sensitive, or does this feel abnormally large as well? I feel like I am ripping in two. Using shallow thrusts he works into my already sensitive vagina, and these two fuckers must belong to the same club, because I am so full bursa escort bayan that I’m not sure I can breathe. Then they start to move and the friction is amazing! I let out a low moan, not of pain but of surrender.

When my hand gropes around trying to find something to hold on to, I bump a hairy leg and suddenly I move my hand looking for the penis that belongs at the juncture of those thighs. Wrapping my hand around a thick shaft, I make the motions and feel the mattress dip closer. With my tongue, I circle the head, before trailing my tongue from tip to scrotum. On the return trip, I open wide and nearly swallow the entire length. Someone grabs my other hand and fills it with another cock, and I moan my approval. With two thick rods working my nether parts, I try to accommodate the two in hand with my mouth. As saliva drips down my chin, I work my hand to the same rhythm as my mouth. I can feel his dick growing thicker as I continue to work my lips, tongue and throat, intentionally drawing the come from his core. I’m a greedy bitch, I want it all! Within moments, I feel the warm, slick, slightly tangy come hit the back of my throat and I swallow every drop. Still working to pull the last drop, a swift intake of breath, and I’m satisfied, so I let go before shifting my focus to the cock in the other hand. While my attention is on servicing these escort bursa men, I hardly notice that a sure hand has found my clit, until the orgasm washes over me rendering me boneless for the moment. Something the guy with the cock takes advantage of, as he grips my hair and roughly fucks my mouth. Once the final tremor has subsided, it’s clear that my orgasm triggered several more as load after load of come is spewed across my stomach, my breasts, and even my face. I swallow another load that explodes on my tongue as even more step up to aim at my flesh.

As the final grunt echoes through the room, I’m given a hand, and once I am in a sitting position, someone lifts my blindfold from my eyes. The room is so bright it takes me a minute for my eyes to adjust, but when they do, I’m astonished to see my husband -nude- standing across from me, with a smile on his face. At first, he doesn’t say anything, and I am able to finally see the men who so thoroughly worked my body, and fucked my every hole. I recognize a few of my husband’s friends, but not all. The awareness comes to me slowly, and although I’m exhausted, I have to laugh.

My husband Blake and I have often held debates on the merit of fantasy. My view is that fantasies are better left to the imagination, while Blake believes they should be fulfilled. As I look about at the room full of men, friends of my husbands, I have to admit –Blake was right. Some things just have to be experienced, and with the video, I’m able to experience it again and again…

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