That’s My Girl

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I lay sprawled out on the bed, dripping wet from the shower; with my hair falling around my face. My wet skin glistens in the sunlight as if covered from head to toe in oil. My chest rises and falls with every breath I take, and the cool air touching my breasts makes my nipples immediately go hard. My heavy breasts ache as they long to be touched and fondled, and teased.

The sheets, so cool and soft, leave my skin covered in goose bumps with every movement I make. The scent of lit French Vanilla candles on the dresser, work my senses like natural aphrodisiacs, while soft music plays in the background.

My body is so full of longing and my mind can focus on nothing else but you as I run my hands over my body, to my chest. I slowly cup a breast in each hand, rubbing and kneading them gently, and softly teasing each nipple with my fingertips. The pleasure attacks all of my senses and my body responds naturally by writhing on the sheets as a soft groan escapes my lips.

I raise my head casino oyna and hold a breast up to my lips, flicking my tongue over the hard nipple, smelling of lavender and chamomile soap, and tasting like Heaven. I begin to suck on the nipple, slowly and gently at first, while continuing to fondle my other breast with my hand.

As my body continues to become more and more aroused, I start sucking harder and harder, tracing my tongue around the nipple over and over, nibbling ever so slightly. I can feel my hot pussy starting to become moist, and instinctively spread my legs apart, across the bed.

Removing the tender, wet nipple from my mouth, I blow on it, gently, sending my body into a deep shudder as the cold air teases my hard, wet nub to the point of sheer ecstasy. My fingers trace down my chest and stomach to my aching pussy below, as the smell of my own sex fills the air.

I gently push my forefinger through the moist folds and let out a tiny gasp as my fingertip touches my warm clit, and I canlı casino begin slowly stroking and teasing it, closing my eyes and picturing you in my head. I can almost feel your warm body next to mine as I pinch down hard on my clit, arching my back, and rocking my hips back and forth.

Unable to contain myself any longer, I reach beside the bed and grab the vibrator next to me, and turn it on, tracing it along my breasts and up my neck to my wide open mouth, licking the tip and running my tongue over it in small, tight circles. I imagine I am holding your huge, hard cock in my hand, and as the urge overcomes me, I slide the full length of the vibrator into my mouth, loving the feel of the soft rumbling it makes as my tongue lingers from its base to tip.

I begin sucking on it harder and harder, thrusting it in and out of my mouth, feeling my pussy getting even wetter than before, my finger still stroking and teasing my clit over and over to the point of complete arousal.

I remove the vibrator kaçak casino from my mouth and slowly slide it deep into my pussy. Arching my back again with longing, while moaning out your name, I thrust the vibrator deeper into my pussy over and over again. My fingers continue rubbing hard on my clit, and the vibrator pulsing deep within my pussy, as my whole being is overtaken by lust.

My legs begin to tighten as I thrust the vibrator in and out of my dripping wet pussy, and my entire body starts to tense as I rock my hips back and forth, fucking the vibrator as if it were your huge, hard cock.

Overcome by pleasure, my body tenses more, and starts to shudder, as I scream out your name, cumming so hard that the bed beneath me is soaked with my hot, sticky juices. I can almost feel your hard cock spewing out deep inside me as my body writhes in pure ecstasy, bucking hard until the last drop of cum drips down my thigh.

Silently and spent, I lie there on the bed, my heart racing, as I watch the flickering lights from the candles in a quiet trance. Finally, I hear you moan softly and say, “That’s my girl,” as you adjust the camera and come to bury your face in my hot, dripping wet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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