That’s a good boy!

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That’s a good boy!
I put an ad on a Silver Daddy site looking for a boy to come and help me with household chores. When he came for his interview, I made it clear that sex was optional. He would not be required to have sex with me unless he wanted it. I told him his pay would be based on his work, not on his willingness to have sex with me. He agreed, and began work that week.

As he began working for me, he showed himself to be a trustworthy person, so I gave him his own key to my place so that he could be there even when I wasn’t. When we were both there, we got to know each other very well. The discussions we had were nice, and often turned into talk about sex, not because I led us there, but because he brought it up. As we talked, I found out what kinds of things he likes in sex, and found he liked a lot of the things I like, and like to do.

The third week he came to work, he took off all his clothes before he started. I wasn’t home yet, so when I got there he was already naked and sporting wood. I had never seen him naked before, and the sight was – stimulating. Very stimulating. Instead of telling him to put his clothes on, I walked up behind him and asked him if this was some kind of hint. He answered by pushing his ass back into my cock. So I began to run my hands all over his body.

I kissed his neck as I ran my hands over his chest. He wasn’t ‘built,’ just your average boy with an average body. Not fat, not thin, just right. His boy-tits were not too large, not too small. They were a nice hand full that felt so good in my hands as I caressed and squeezed them. When I pinched his nipples, he let out a little yelp, and then a nice, contented moan. He loved that! I continued to play with his tit while I moved a hand down his hairless chest to his stomach, finding his neatly shaved and trimmed pubes.

I did not immediately grab his cock. There would be time enough for that later. I rubbed around his crotch, and found his taint, and moved my finger over it. I was on my way to finding illegal bahis his hole from the front, and when I did, I rubbed it gently causing him to moan once again.

I turned him around in my arms and kissed him deeply. Our tongues dancing. I moved my hands to his ass and started caressing it as we kissed. We stopped long enough for him to pull off my shirt so he could run his hands over my hairy chest. I pulled him back in for a kiss, but he kept his hands on my chest and started playing with my daddy tits. I played with his as he played with mine. now we were both moaning.

He was getting a little impatient. He wanted what is in my pants, and now he was undoing them so he could pull them down. After he got my pants off, he seemed to get a bit more excited. He couldn’t wait for my now throbbing cock that was hidden beneath my boxers. So, he did what any boy craving daddy cock would do: he grabbed both sides of the fly, and ripped them open!

As he started to stroke it, he could feel the pre-cum leaking out of my cock, that was now slick in his hand. He was breathless as we kissed, then he suddenly broke the kiss and said: “I want to taste it – NOW!” And he immediately dropped to his knees and licked the pre-cum from the head of my cock.

He licked the head, licked around it, and took it into his mouth to suck it. We had talked, and I had told him how much I love a good ‘knob-job,’ and he was doing his best to make this one the best I ever had. But he was hungry. He wanted my whole cock, and in one quick motion, he took it all balls-deep. I grabbed his head and stumbled back, and got on my knees with my cock still firmly planted in his mouth. As I leaned back on my hands, he continued to suck my cock like he was going to die if he didn’t.

If he kept this up, he was going to make me cum. And I wasn’t ready for that just yet.

I stood-up, and pulled him into my arms. Then I grabbed his cock and led him to the bedroom where I pushed him down on the king-size bed. I could see the illegal bahis siteleri head of his cock covered in pre-cum even though he hadn’t touched himself. I squeezed the head of his cock and wiped his pre-cum on his fingers, and fed it to him. He licked my fingers clean of his pre-cum, and moaned. What a good boy.

I was getting ready to go down and lick his boy clit, but as I did, he grabbed his legs and pulled his knees up behind his head. I got the hint. He wanted his taint licked. And that’s just what he got! I started out lightly going over it with my tongue. I flicked my tongue over that hot spot between his cock and ass like it was a pussy, and he loved it. He squirmed with pleasure as I flicked my tongue over his hot spot. He squeaked and moaned as I went on.

He was still leaking. his hole was pulsing before me. I knew what he wanted, and I knew he wanted it bad! So, I rubbed two of my fingers over his leaking cock-head and got them slippery wet with his own pre-cum. And then used my fingers to rub his hole. As I rubbed his pre-cum into his outer ass ring, he writhed and squealed in ecstasy. As I started to run my tongue over his hole, he came without touching himself. So, I did what any daddy would do: I scooped up his cum, rubbed it on my cock, and shoved it balls deep into his ass with one move!

As I bottomed out and rubbed his prostrate: he came again. I had to pull out to keep myself from cumming! I wanted to fuck this boy, and I wanted it to last.

“Oh, please, please daddy, fuck me… please”

But I knew if I entered his hole again right then, I would cum, and I wanted to make this last.

So, I gave his ass a good slap and told him that I would fuck him like he had never been fucked before, but I wanted to play with his hole first.

FUCK! I was HOT! And I wanted to explode right then, But fuck, I didn’t want this to end! The boy was smooth. His cock was trimmed, and his ass was shaved. He just came, twice! I knew his cock would be sensitive, so I canlı bahis siteleri took it in my hand and started to rub his still wet cockhead between my thumb and forefinger. He about hit the ceiling! I smiled. His cock was small, only about 5 to 5 1/2 inches, and thin. And ROCK Hard! he could have drilled a hole through an i-beam with that hard little cock of his. He was sensitive after he came, and I fucking wanted to make him squirm in ecstacy. I wanted him to be so hot when I fucked him that he wouldn’t be able to control himself!

So, I rubbed his cum into his cockhead as I worked over his hole with my tongue. then, i started to flick my tongue over the head of his cock. He squealed again! So, I lubed yp my fingers with some of his cum, and started playing with his hole again. Then, I shoved three of my cum covered fingers all the way into his hole, while I sucked his whole cock into my mouth. Then, swallowed the cum he shot into my mouth as I did it.

I was getting to the breaking point. I wanted to cum. And I wanted to cum NOW! and I was to the point where I really didn’t give a fuck just how long it would last. So, I grabbed his hips, and aimed my cock at his hole and pulled him onto my cock, balls deep in one move. He clenched his hole tight, and milked the cum out of my cock. And as I shot my load deep into his ass, he lost control of himself and started to piss. he couldn’t cum again, so he pissed. Not much, not enough to get the bed wet, but enough to pool in his belly-button.

I collapsed on top of him, and as we kissed, we rubbed our bodied together spreading his piss and come all over us.

When I rolled off of him, he turned to me and smiled, then he said: “I’m yours now, daddy.”

We got off the bed, and went into the bathroom where he washed every inch of my body. Then, he sexily washed himself.

We decided the arrangement would stay the same. He would live at his place, and be free to cum and go as he pleased. Neither of us wanted to be tied down in a relationship. Well, not right at the moment. But he ended by telling me I didn’t have to pay him for his work anymore. He wasn’t doing it for the money anyway. He just wanted to find a daddy. And find one, he did.

And if you think he’s a good boy, wait till you meet his twin brother!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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