That Damned Island! Pt. 02

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Oh we landed alright my brothers! We made it safely. It wasn’t the smoothest of landings oh my brothers, oh not by a long shot. But here we were again, a naked teacher and her clumsy student unfastening our seat belts for the 3rd time during this trip and heading towards the unknown. I had no idea what to expect. Actually to be more honest, all my expectations had been shredded to pieces and trampled upon the moment my teacher, the woman of my dreams, the light of my life had decided to take her shirt off and expose me oh my brothers to the highest forms of carnal delights that I have ever experienced and have been continuing to experience since then.

As we stepped hand in hand outside our plane I found it peculiar that I could walk butt naked under God’s sun just 10 hours after freezing my ass off in New Zealand. This instantaneous summer feeling made me feel a gush of energy running through my veins and washing away all the negative feelings that have been bottling up inside me back home because of my stressful work oh my brothers and that old gloomy weather. The island’s fresh air that I inhaled with my first breaths had a similar cleansing effect on my soul and the green palm trees and the blue -oh so blue- water color were as soothing as a mother’s lullaby. This state of bliss made me forget for a moment my nudity and as I walked by my gorgeous guarding angel upon the burning sand and was trying to savior every moment, I grew a bit worried that this moment would eventually come to an end. But brief moments like these are what eternities are made of and such states are what make us feel as if we transcended our ephemeral existence into something much larger.

‘So Bella which way are we heading?’

‘Oh honey don’t you worry about that. Just follow my lead. We’ll reach our destination in no time.’ Oh how I wanted this moment to never end my brothers, how I wanted us never to reach any destination but to go on like this suspended in an infinite journey, the sun over our heads, the sand at our feet, the sound of the sea in our ears and a hint of the salt’s taste taking shape on our tongue. But all journeys should come to an end, and the shape of a distant hut over the horizon was the signal to me that a new stage was about to unfold and an old one to be left behind, a more and more distant speck with every step we were taking towards that curious little building.

It was a wooden house with palm fronds sewn together to make up the roof. As we came nearer we had to make a small detour to reach the door that was facing the sea. And there oh my brothers and dearest of friends, I would live the moment that would change my life forever. The moment that was to torment me for the rest of my life. As I walked escort kartal through that door I would step through the gates of Heaven and Hell all at the same time.

My guarding angel stood beside me grinning as I finally was able to take my eyes off the three other angels that were fast asleep all completely naked and to make eye contact with her. And then removing her gaze from me and looking towards the three sleeping beauties she said:

‘Hey sisters look what I’ve brought you here. Why don’t you all wake up and come and say hello to good old uncle Johnny.”

So these were her sisters, the ones she used to chase “the shiest of men with”. I had come to realize that beyond any doubt, as I glanced at one then the other and noticed how similar they all looked.

Their names were Talia, Lana and Balma and they all had a more or less similar physique. Talia was the shortest but had unarguably the biggest pair of boobs of the four sisters, even my good ole teacher’s breast looked somewhat humble in front of Talia’s. She had a nice pair of legs and she looked at me with the same green eyes that were common to all 4 of them it seemed. Lana was the tallest her boobs were smaller than my teacher’s but her slim waist and tall legs made look like a real tall and slim model. Balma was almost identical to Bella and I assumed they were twins despite some small differences in their lips and noses. They were all lying down, Balma and Talia on their sides with their faces facing me and Lana on her back with her tall legs pointing towards me.

‘Oh sister, that’s a nice package you brought us this time.’ Said Lana biting her lower lip.

‘Oh yeah! I hope his skill are as good as his looks. Sometimes looks can be deceiving.’ Replied Balma in a challenging tone.

‘Oh come on Balma, don’t be so harsh on him. He just made it here, he must be really tired.’ Lana defended me.

‘Well if he’s tired then he better come lay next to me, I’ll make his fatigue disappear in no time. Isn’t it right young stud?’ Talia said fumbling with her tits and nipples that were now becoming erect.

‘Oh I would love to Ms Talia!’ I said as I went to lie down beside her.

I sat in Talia’s proximity still glancing at her sisters and trying to make sense of it all. But soon all sense would be thrown away as Talia would start massaging my shoulders asking me to relax as Lana left her seat and headed towards us. Bella was now sitting comfortably next to Balma. It wasn’t long and to my great great delight oh my brothers before Balma and Bella started making out passionately and glancing at the rest of us as were now all on the same bed. Things were soon to take a turn for the best on our side as well. As I was maltepe escort supporting my self sitting in front of Talia who was still massaging my back Lana raised her right leg as she was standing in front of me and shoved her foot down my throat. ‘Why don’t you start licking and kissing my toes like the good boy you are.’ And kiss and lick her toes I d. And believe me oh my dearest of readers when I tell you that her toes tasted better than any delicacy I have ever put in my mouth.

As I proceeded from Lana’s toes to her feet and then to her thighs kissing and licking them “like the good boy I was”, Talia was now holding my cock with her right hand reaching from behind me and hugging me around the waist. My penis started growing stiffer and stiffer and with me glancing towards Balma who was now sucking on my teacher’s breasts and making her let out all sort of moans, I felt like there were no limits to what my erection could grow into. Now suddenly my long-legged princess took a step away from me and kneeled down taking my erection in her mouth as Talia helped her navigate it down her throat. She was sucking me even more sensually than my teacher a few hours ago did on our airplane. And watching Balma now eating Bella’s pussy passionately didn’t help in keeping my excitement in check. I could see my teacher now convulsing under her sister’s relentless licking and kissing. It was a scenery that would have sent me into full orgasm myself hadn’t my teacher emptied my nuts on our way to the island.

Now Bella was heading towards us as I felt Talia slipping from behind me to go and join Balma on the opposite side of the room. ‘So young boy, let’s see what this dick is really made of.’ Said my teacher as Lana reclined a bit to the back and helped her insert my penis into her now wet vagina.

‘Oh Balma!’ Was the sentence that came from Talia’s mouth as Balma was now working on her pussy really well it seemed as Talia fumbled with her own gigantic tits.

For me it was easy work from there on as I laid back with my teacher riding my cock and her sister with the hottest legs I’ve ever seen smothering my face with her ass and pussy that I tried to please as best as I could with my tongue and lips. On the other side of the room Balma was now fingering our busty friend and making her utter all kinds of moans and screams. In that moment my teacher and her sister exchanged places and I proceeded to fuck my long-legged goddess as I’ve never fucked anyone before. With her lying on her back and me thrusting as hard as I could between her legs. My teacher and light of my life was of course helping her sister orgasm by rubbing her clit and sucking on her boobs. I then brought Lana’s right leg up in extension pendik escort bayan so I could suck on her toes as I was pounding her really hard and fast.

‘Oh BALMA! Please don’t stop! Oh please don’t!’ Was all that Talia could utter as her sister was fucking her brains out with 2 fingers now as she orgasmed under our furtive looks. After finishing her real nice, Balma now led her sister holding her hand towards us. The 2 of them stared sucking on my teacher’s boobs, each on every side as Lana was sucking on her clit while being fucked by me. It was at this moment oh my brothers, that I have reached the peak of happiness in my life, a peak that I would have never ever come close to. With my dick going in and out of Lana’s hot pussy and my teacher being pleased by her sisters in front of my eyes, there was not much more that I wished for on this planet.

A few minutes later Balma was in a doggystyle position and Bella and Talia were sucking on her breasts as I proceeded to insert my dick in her asshole while Lana was fingering her pussy and I was fingering Lana’s tight asshole as she stood beside me leaning over to help pleasure her sister. Balma was the calmest of the four and even while being pleasured by 4 people she was almost silent biting on her lower lip and to our great surprise it wasn’t long before she came all over Lana’s fingers signaling to her big breasted sister that her time has come for the fucking of her life.

I carried Talia instantaneously off the couch and proceeded to fuck her carrying her off the ground with her legs around my waist and her boobs bouncing around. The other girls soon joined us taking turn massaging my ass and balls and making out with there hot sister and me as we fucked like there was no tomorrow. Soon with my teacher massaging my nutsack and my penis pumping really hard into Talia’s tight pussy I knew that I couldn’t take it anymore so I laid my busty goddess gently on the ground and as soon as I said that I was about to come the 4 sister where kneeling in front of me fumbling with my testicles and massaging my ass cheeks as I was rubbing and pumping as fast as I could until the whole world went blank oh my friends and I let out the loudest moan of my life squirting hot sperm into my 4 goddesses faces, open mouths, breasts and hot bellies. I came like I would never come again my whole life I came and I came and I came again until my 4 queens were covered in hot sperm from the waist up. And when I was done my friends, oh my friends, I was thrown back into the airplane and flown back to New Zealand, no huts to build, no aboriginal people to help, just me and my memories that were now nothing but a distant reminder of a moment when your humble narrator was the happiest man on earth.

And that was the end of my story my friends. Oh yes that was the reason why I barely enjoy sex anymore, the reason why my erections are not remotely close to what they used to be and the reason why I have been dysthymic for the last 3 years.

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