Testing their Limits Ch. 01

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She couldn’t help herself. The way he laughed, blue twinkles in his eyes, his he way he laughed, and blue twinkles in his eyes, his massive…..

‘Ruby!’ Harriet clicked her fingers in her friends face. ‘You’re miles away. You need to stop working so much.’

‘Huh?’ Ruby blinked and focused on her friend. Harriet hadn’t figured out that she’d been staring at Andy, watching his muscles, through his shirt. He seriously needed to get a bigger one. Then again, if he picked her up and pushed her arms above her head, trapping her against the wall, he might just rip through it completely. That wouldn’t be so bad…

‘Dear god, Ruby, focus!’ Charlie had joined in now. Together they spun her round and marched her to the bar. Ordering her a rum and coke, they plonked her down on a chair and stood facing her.

‘Ruby, seriously think about taking some time off. We’ve got a week until the campaign goes live. Take a couple of days off, relax, go to the gym, see family. Your mum’s been on at you again, to see her?’ Harriet questioned Ruby.

‘Yeah, she has. Sorry.’ She shook her head took a slurp of her drink and smiled at her friends. They had her back, even if she couldn’t tell them the very worst of feelings. ‘I’ll speak to Trevor tomorrow. He shouldn’t say no, you two know what you are doing.’ Her friends smiled at her, glad they had finally made her see sense. Over their shoulders, she saw Andy slip out for a cigarette.

‘I’ll be back in two minutes.’ She hopped off the stool and made her way for the smoking area. It was cordoned off with trellises, hedges donned fair lights that twinkled in the evening. Ruby couldn’t even remember what this night out was for, a birthday, an anniversary of the company. It didn’t really matter, she took every opportunity to talk to Andy.

‘Now, if I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that you didn’t even work for this firm. You look like a totally different person.’ Andy twirled her round. She had to admit, she did look good. Long chestnut waves, curvy figure that went in and out at all the right places. Piercing green eyes that had made many canlı bahis a man stutter over his words and lost his chance. Andy took his chance to tease her again. ‘I was beginning to think that you had started to grow a penis.’

‘Well, even if I had, it would be bigger than yours.’ Colleagues were listening and gave a cheer of enthusiasm at her comeback. Andy laughed and stood by her, casually smoking.

‘No missus tonight then?’ Ruby asked, trying to tug herself into remembering why she couldn’t wrap her arms round his neck and kiss him.

‘No, didn’t feel like it. At least she’s stopped coming out with bullshit excuses. Before, it was headaches, no babysitter, she had plans. At least now, I don’t have to suffer from her foul moods all night.’ Andy sighed. Ruby had been Andy’s confidant for as long as she could remember. They had been friends since the minute Ruby had started at the PR firm. They bonded over sarcastic humour and love of films and couldn’t keep away. Ruby had been sorely disappointed when she found out about his girlfriend and had subtly backed off. But, she had continued to tease herself, every day, with his looks, just by being close to him, the endless messages they sent back and forth. Some dirty, some flirty, some downright filthy. She had thrown herself into her work as a distraction and as a result, ended up being promoted to Campaign Chair.

‘Have you even tried talking to her? Letting her know exactly what you’re feeling.’ Ruby took another drag and stubbed out her cigarette.

‘Of course, I have, but it turns into an argument about why I’m selfish, that I don’t think about her needs, that she looks after the kids all day long and I expect her to do everything.’ He sighed. ‘I don’t, just a quickie every now and again would be nice.’

‘How long’s it been?’ Ruby tried to control her tone, not seeming too interested.

‘Three months.’ Andy gave her a dark look.

‘What?!’ Ruby spluttered. ‘That’s seriously pushing it! Jesus!’ She looked at the floor. She hadn’t expected it to be that long. Would explain the continuing dirty theme of their texting bahis siteleri sessions. ‘If I didn’t think I’d get my throat slit, I’d offer you my services.’

‘Don’t tempt me, you know I think you’re hot.’ Andy stubbed out her cigarette, whilst Ruby felt a little bubble of excitement rise in her. ‘The amount of times I’ve thought about your tits….’ He faced her directly and stared at her breasts.

‘Err, Andy?’ Ruby poked him.

‘Shhh, let me enjoy the moment.’ He laughed at incredulous expression. ‘What I wouldn’t give…’ He seemed to realise he’d gone too far as Ruby put her arms over her chest.

‘Anyway, I should be heading home now anyway.’ He hugged her to him, her chin over his shoulder as she hugged him back.

‘You know where I am if you need to chat.’ She held him at arm’s length, unwilling to let go.

Andy disengaged herself from her arms and strode off, waving over his shoulder at her.

”Get a grip Ruby!’ She chastised herself. ‘You can never have him, stop making yourself look like a fool.’

She waved goodbye to Charlie and Harriet, jumping in the first taxi home.

Just as she was settling into bed, her phone beeped.

Thank you for listening to my nonsense. Xxx Andy

Not a problem, you know I’m always here for you. xxx Ruby

Wish you could be there for me in more ways than one. Xxx Andy

Don’t think she’d approve of that. Xxx Ruby

I know but you do drive me mad, you know that right? Xxx Andy

I didn’t realise I was that bad. Do you realise what you do to me? Xxx Ruby

Just some of the tops you wear leaves a lot to the imagination and I can’t help but imagine what I would do with them. Xxx Andy

Ruby laid in bed, at home in the dark. This was dangerous territory. They’d come close to this before, but there had been something in his tone earlier that made Ruby want to push him just that little bit further.

Oh yeah, and what’s that? Xxx Ruby

She sat in the darkness for a bit longer and didn’t receive a reply. After 20 minutes, she came to the conclusion that she’d over stepped the line and bahis şirketleri he was now ignoring her. Don’t blame him, she thought bitterly. She’d shake it off on Monday, blame it on the drink and she’d be fine. Ruby rolled over and tucked herself in.

5 minutes later, her phone beeped. She leant over and read the message.

I would tease your nipples through your shirt and gently kiss your neck. I’d work my way down your chest kissing and biting every inch of them. I’d pull one out of you bra and slowly tease your nipple with my thumb. I’d use my tongue to trace round and round it. I’d slowly play with your other breast and then suck your nipple into my mouth. You won’t be able to stop from gasping. You’ll need to squeeze your legs together because I’m making you so wet.

Ruby stopped reading. Definitely overstepping the mark. She slip her hand down into her pants and started to play with clit. She was already wet and carried on reading.

I would suck on your nipples until they were raw. I’d bite until you cried out for me to touch you. Id flip you on to the bed and rip your pants off you. Kneeling in front of you, I’d touch you so gently, just above your clit, covering you in your own juice. I’d ease my finger into your hole, so you moan wanting me to go faster. I’d be slow and gentle to make you grind on to my hand, urging me to be harder.

Ruby could feel her hand covered in juice and played her vibrator out. She played all round her clit, listening to wet noises it made on her pussy.

I’d play with your tits until they were red raw. I would get faster and harder, using my fingers in your pussy. I’d shove my fingers in and out until you were gasping for mercy. I wouldn’t stop until you cum on my hand, screaming my name.

As she read the last bit, Ruby came, gasping out, clutching the vibrator to her, grabbing the bedsheets. Wave after wave of heat rushed through her and she could feel her pussy throbbing.

That’s what I would do. 😉 xxx Andy

She came down from her orgasm and stared at the screen. Just as she went to reply, her phone beeped again.

You’re either a really slow reader or you’re so turned on your playing with yourself 😀 xxx Andy.

She text back and put the phone under her pillow.

That’s all very well, but what would I do to you??? Xxx Ruby

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